IS IT TRUE July 17, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE July 17, 2013

IS IT TRUE it seems that both Mayor Winnecke and Sherman Greer who was recently dismissed by the Mayor were a bit presumptive with respect to the purchase of the truck that got Mr. Greer into hot water?…Mr. Greer and the Mayor both seemed to think that the truck purchased by Mr. Greer in 2013 was already in the 2014 budget?…we do not recall any 2014 budget hearings having happened yet?…we are certain that the City Council has not approved a budget for 2014 which means that the truck was not in any approved budget at all?…presumption of passage is not something that should ever become standard practice by any Mayor or head of department for high dollar capital equipment?…the Earthcare Energy deal was presumed by Mayor Winnecke and others when they were handing over $200,000 without City Council approval?…former Mayor Weinzapfel also presumed City Council approval when he was signing on the dotted line to commit the people of Evansville to spend $57 Million with Johnson Controls?…the former Mayor was also presumptive on his way out of the door in announcing a $2 Million Centennial Park in downtown Evansville?…this seems be a way of life among the government of Evansville and it is poor public policy?

IS IT TRUE that when the issue of putting the issue of gaming on Riverboat on the ballot for the Evansville to approve or reject it was pushed by then Republican Party Chairmen, Joe Harrison,Jr. and other political and civic leaders?…that the state political powers agreed with them and approved their request to put this issue on the ballot?…this issue was approved by the voters by a slim margin?…we feel now is the time for Vanderburgh County Republican Party Chairman, Wayne Parke and local civic leaders to use their political influence to convince Governor Pence to allow our gaming boat to come ashore?…we firmly believe if we can have land base gaming in downtown Evansville it shall declare accrue financial benefits for the taxpayers of Evansville and Vanderburgh County?…this move is not expanding gaming but only making our gaming more modern and attractive to our out of town visitors by having a new state of art gaming facility on land?…that the City of Evansville shall be losing about $600,000 in revenue this year because the decline of gross revenue generated by our gaming boat?…the time is now to unite and to bring our gaming boat to the shore?…it is our strong opinion that Mr. Parke and others can take advantage of the super majority his party has in both houses and control of the Governorship that this issue can be resolved in short term? …the CCO believes this can be done because we are Evansville!

IS IT TRUE the McCurdy Hotel is really looking neglected these days?…at least the grass is mowed and the beanstalk is gone but windows are open all over, an upstairs door is open making inside access easy for anyone willing to climb little, and graffiti is in many odd places?…the sad tale of the McCurdy is a perfect example of a project that local government made worse?…with interest rates rising and the sands of time accelerating the deterioration of the old classic hotel, the cost to do the necessary repairs is growing daily?

IS IT TRUE Obamacare is falling apart before our eyes due to the inability of the Obama Administration to execute?…the latest news revolves around the legality of picking and choosing pieces of the law to defer and others to allow to proceed?…there are many asserting that the President has overstepped his bounds by making random deferrals and that the launch date of ObamaCare was made by Congress and either has to go forward as planned in full or deferred in full to a later date to be established by Congress and not the President?…this bill however well intentioned it may have been has proven our federal government to be inept and impotent when it comes to actually doing what it signs on to do in a timely manner?…the real question is whether this is a leadership problem or a systemic problem?


  1. Finally got the point you are trying to make about the projected $600,0000 loss from Riverboat gaming this year. I would guess that this figure of loss revenue will carry over to 2015 also.

    The projected was cause by not what our elected State officials did, it was what they didn’t do when they didn’t approve on land gaming. Fact is that increased competition from surrounding states hasn’t helped the bottom line at our gaming boat.

    I agree with you CCO that Mr. Parke can spearhead this effort to bring land base gaming to Evansville because of his political connections and the super majority his party has in the state house.

    • Oh, it will get better….if the boat is being challenged, be prepared to see a significant reduction on the lease between the boat and the City….prediction…1.5 million less, the loss of the admission fee 2.6 million, 700k due to the changing dynamics of gaiming, so, instead of receiving 13-14 million annually, try 9-10 million…so, let the party continue, kool-aid, anyone??

  2. It makes you wonder if there is someone interested in river front property and was willing to wait. We seem to have a habit of letting things deteriorate with other projects in mind. After all this city is like Manhattan in needing a dog park with the lack of yards due to our highrises and such. Pittbull park is a must!

  3. Editor: Base on what I know now, I agree with you on allowing our gaming boat activity to come ashore. I will work on it.

    Wayne Parke
    Chairman VCRP

    • In other words I have a dog in this race so let me see if I can grease the wheels for some I know or owe!

      • Pretty much RK812. Isn’t it amazing how dedicated these politicians become to a cause when it’s their tails or their buddies tails in on it? And they think people are really going to believe they are doing this type of stuff for the common good? Please!

      • Dear Mr. Park….where was our Mayor during the last General Assembly…according to the House Ways and Means Chairman, Mr. Brown…the only interaction Mr. Winnecke portraited was when the admission fees were on the table and Mr. Winnecke’s only focus was, in deed, that exclusion, no action to obtain land based casinos…was he concerned about his far right base? and to hell with the health of our boat?

    • Great, so we know now why Curt John closed Fast Eddie’s. Unless he leased that building never mind. A big pay off again for the good ole boys club.

    • My issue Mr. Parke is that you seem to be saying that the Repub Party will work to “allow” the gaming activity to come ashore. Shouldn’t a conservative party fight to allow freedom for these businesses to make their own choices without government granting permission?

      • Removing legislative hurdles that prevent a free market is always a good thing, and a step toward a more libertarian form of government. I applaud Mr. Parke’s choice to pursue the removal of this legislative hurdle. This is one area where I know Libertarians and Republicans can work in accord.

    • Finally, I find myself in agreeance with Mr. Parke and Mr. Winnecke both! It’s nice to be able to cheer for your own team for a change.

      Thanks, Mr. Parke, for your support on this issue. If there’s any way I can help in this particular effort, let me know.

  4. Winnecke gets a big fat F from me.

    Someone told me Rick Davis was our only hope – but that he was now making the jack as a stock broker and most likely won’t run again. That to me is sad. He was a terrific person and I slept good at night knowing he was at the civic center watching over our stuff.

    I guess we are stuck with the likes of Winnecke, Mosby, Weaver and Robinson. I used to like Eric Williams but he lost my respect in the last consolidation effort. He sold out to the man, just like Weinzapfel and Winnecke.

    • But sticking it to Rick Davis, his supporters, and the City to show everybody who is boss was SO worth it.

  5. Someone may want to research on what effect land-basing the casino may have on the county council’s budget. I may be wrong, but I think current riverboat legislation, whether state or local, somehow divides the “boarding fee tax” between the city and the county, with the city getting the larger portion.

    The boundary at the riverfront between the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County is a certain water level mark on a certain day back in the 1800s. And I think most or all of the water at normal pool along the former riverfront park was outside the city limits.

    But when the mooring for the casino boat was excavated, the engineering plans made doggone sure the boat floats partially inside the city limits, with the boarding facility securely within the corporate boundary, which has some sort of impact on how the boarding fee tax is collected and distributed to the two jurisdictions. That’s how I understand it. Again, I may be wrong.

    In any case, both the county council and the city council have a stake in how legislation and tax distribution would be handled w/regard to a land based casino 100% inside the city.

  6. I’m pretty sure that if the casino is 100% within the city, then it will also be 100% within the county.

  7. What I would like to know is what Hal Wolford was asking about a few weeks ago- What would happen to the boat itself?

    It would make a nice dinner/scenic boat if they ditched the smoking inside of it. Would really hate to lose it. And knowing how this city works, I would imagine it would be sent down the river (probably behind the LST) if this legislation were to pass.

    • Like the General Jackson in Nashville? Companies can rent it for parties, scenic tours, dinner boat, etc. I like it!

      • I haven’t been on the General Jackson but I’d like to, just haven’t had the money.

        One of the best boats I’ve been on is the Mark Twain in Hannibal, Missouri. It was a pretty good ride with a musician who plays blue collar songs, the most notable one about a mason whose work still stands today…

    • I think you’re right. There might be a viable, and cool, business there in that boat. So long as it’s sold onto the private market and private entrepreneurs are allowed to work without government interference, it might actually succeed as a floating restaurant/dining hall/rental space for weddings, etc.

      How much would people pay to have their lavish wedding on the top deck of the boat, paddling down the Ohio on a picturesque, moonlit evening? I’d suspect a considerable sum. Insurance would be a burden, but still, I’m sure there’s profit to me made.

      • I don’t know about all of that, but I’d like to rent it, put my trolling motor on it and run my jugs and limb lines when Pigeon Creek floods.

        Eat your heart out Duck Dynasty.

  8. If the casino came ashore, could the Delta Queen type riverboats dock where the casino boat was? It seemed a lost opportunity that they pass our riverfront and dock in Henderson.

    • Does anyone know if the casino dock could accommodate the Delta Queen type passenger boats?

  9. I would suggest that, given the presumptive nature of the truck purchase by Mr. Greer and the other budgetary concerns, Winnecke was right to demand his resignation, even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

    I hope the CCO revises its statement from yesterday to congratulate this Mayor’s broken clock being right on time at least this once. This is one of the few times he’s done anything right in my estimation, even if his reasoning is flawed.

    • Winnecke and Trust?
      BL, I find your mastery of drivel profound, right in line with your stilted opinions.

      • Are you lodging a disagreement? If so, please be pointed in your criticism so that I might rebut.

        • Brad, like I told you on fb, I do genuinely believe that when I talk to you you’re telling me something you believe whereas the rest of these party officials are just being lawyers arguing for whatever they’re told to argue.

          But it does sound like you’re trying to be pc and forcing consistency here and it just isn’t working. Firing an official that is well liked , well accomplished (if those are words), and well respected over a simple truck purchase and overtime while keeping every buddy and their brother in law at city hall who have done much worse isn’t the same.

          First of all how did the truck clear all of the approvals? And if it was that big of a deal why not just return it? And I like how when someone gets overtime that appears to genuinely earned the whole city brass is up in arms about it. The truth is they just don’t know what hard work is, they skip out most of the time. At most this is a write up, not something where you go in front of the media claiming all trust is gone.

          I certainly hope the CCO does not retract their stance. If they did it would be because of all the pressure these no name city gov’t supporters have put on them here recently about “being fair.” When they hold their own legends accountable to their own standards is when these kiss ups can come on here and complain about not getting a fair shake here.

          Sooner of later someone has to stand up to these gov’t bullies, and throwing an honest Greer under the bus isn’t the thing to do.

          • I didn’t say there weren’t others who were probably more deserving of a firing. I do not doubt Greer was well liked and may have benefitted from a meeting laying down some stern ground rules about how to conduct himself and his office. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy. I don’t know him, so I can’t say either way. I’m certainly willing to accept there are likely many others in local government more deserving of a firing; however, I couldn’t in good conscience say Winnecke had made a wrong decision here when I know if I were Mayor and found out about a truck purchase that wasn’t approved for budget, I probably would have fired Greer too. The difference is, I would apply the same standards to everyone and expect total compliance.

            For me, this is about consistency and integrity, neither of which I believe Winnecke has, but both of which are attributes to which I serially strive. As much as I believe Winnecke is an overall DISASTER of a Mayor, I’m still not willing to bash him when he does something I think is correct.

  10. The first meeting on the 2014 budget is august 14 for combined departments at 3:30. Both city and county council will be there plus all the combined departments. We plead our reasons for what was requested for 2014.
    Nothing concerning 2014 is in place until later in September and not spendable until 2014. We are still trying to make it thru 2013 with what we got. Come and see this show from some of them ! New furniture, travel cleaning, etc.

  11. So how is a gaming boat that doesn’t leave it’s mooring different than a land based casino? … other than giving an opportunity to the politicians to change the rules…

  12. harley101 writes:
    The office manager “Mary Arnold” was a problem at the DMD. She was moved and put in other positions. Funny how this is all turning out. Mr. Greer has done a fine job and seems to be the fall guy. That’s life in Big Evanspatch.” From the C&P

    LMAO DUH!!!!!! More to this that meets the eye AND Mr. Hooper, better watch what u do and say bub!!! The whole ENTIRE office of the DMD should be FIRED! Sit around on Facebook all day, refuse to answer calls ( eh Doug…waht just what DO you do all day bub) and, well Ill let the crap just come out in the C&P!!!!

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