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IS IT TRUE? July 12, 2011


IS IT TRUE? July 12, 2011

IS IT TRUE that for the 10th day in a row the trailing calculation for time online using the 3rd party measurements of Alexa.com and trafficestimate.com has the City County Observer slightly ahead of the Courier & Press?…that the lead has actually expanded from 1% when we passed the CP last week to 9% as of this morning’s traffic reports?…that the newest underdog that we are identifying with is the US Women’s Soccer Team that really pulled that win over Brazil out of their guts a couple of days ago?…that we congratulate Team USA’s women but still have to smile and pinch ourselves regarding out trafficking the Courier & Press in online minutes?

IS IT TRUE that the new superintendant of the EVSC now has a contract?…that this contract looks very much like the contract signed by his predecessor Dr. Vince Bertrum’s last contract?…that the deal for the new superintendant that the extensive countywide search unearthed pays him a base salary of $160,000 with bonus and auto allowances that will bring him up just shy of the $200,000 mark?…that Scrounger Dogs of Evansville are howling loudly about how excessive this pay package is and that “this guy don’t need dat much money”?…that if Evansville would have been paying competitive wages for school officials and teachers when they were pups that the Scrounger Dogs of Evansville may not use words and phrases like “don’t need dat”, “ain’t got no”, “I seen it”, “baby its code outside”, and “I toad you dat I sowd dem taters to dat preacher man from Kentucky”?…

Is this somewhere in south Henderson Co.
IS IT TRUE that as much as the “Scrounger Dogs of Evansville” may envy the new superintendants compensation package and really believe that it is excessive, that in reality it is at the lower end of acceptability for this position?…that it still pays less than the superintendant’s job across the money saving bridge in Henderson that is about 25% the size that EVSC is?…that it is substantially below the average for comparable sized cities?…that it is only slightly higher than the overall national average that includes every rural county and micro school district in the country?…that it is better than the Otters pay in the big scheme of things but that it is not even close to the big leagues?…that if the new guy does a great job, which we certainly hope he will, has ambition, and is willing to relocate that we can expect to be looking for his replacement in 3 – 4 years when he “Brain Drains” to a locale that is willing to pay for talent on a national level?…that if history is our guide that another school board will start yet another extensive countywide search in 2015?

IS IT TRUE that Mole #3 still tells us that there are a couple of sitting members of the Evansville City Council who are being stonewalled or even flat out refused to see the insurance report regarding the insurance advice that the City of Evansville spent $100,000 for?…that for sitting members of the governing body of the City of Evansville that approves the budget to be refused any financial information is simply not acceptable?…that the City County Observer has offered to do their bidding for them by writing a FOIA request for them but that they have not taken us up on our offer?…that we are beginning to think that it is more fun to complain about that which they are refused than it would be to actually use legal means to beat it out of those who refuse to supply the information?…that any member of the City Council that is reluctant to use applicable state and federal laws to get documents that they have requested and been denied needs to think about why they asked in the first place?…that writing a FOIA letter is a five minute job that anyone who is capable of serving as a competent member of any City Council should be able to master for the first time in 15 minutes?…that we will do it for them in 5 minutes for FREE?


  1. Re: Mole # 3 and the $ 100,000 insurance consulting contract:

    I believe this to be a ‘smoking gun’. The ‘Insurance Consulting’ contract was awarded to OLD NATIONAL BANK INSURANCE on 7/21/2009 (see C&P). That struck me as odd when it was awarded: any Broker in Evansville, Indy, Louisville, etc. would have GLADLY DONE THIS FOR FREE (re: getting competitive quotes for coverage) in exchange for the sizable commissions which would result from placing these policies. The fact that the City had to pay someone to get quotes troubled me (both now and then). Did ONB Insurance also receive commissions on top of the $ 100,000 ? The approval of this Insurance Consulting contract would have had to come before the Evansville Redevelopment Commission (ERC). Since ONB employee Sarah Miller is a member of the ERC, she would have had to sit out that vote based on a conflict of interest. It is my understanding that Greg Elpers of Harding & Shymanski CPA firm is the City Council’s representative on the ERC. Whichever City Council guys are being stonewalled in getting a copy of this report need to publish a public letter to Greg Elpers in his capacity at the ERC and tell him to get with the program ! Clearly, the City Council folks need to have access to all of the information they request–not just the ‘non-embarrasing information’ they are apparently being provided.

    CCO: if the City Council folks cannot find the stones, please spend “5 good minutes” and write the FOIA request as a public service to the citizens of Evansville (apologies to the guys on ‘Pardon the Interruption’ on ESPN for co-opting the ‘5 good minutes’ tag). All of the foregoing, in my opinion. As the country singer Miranda Lambert is fond of saying, ” . . . the truth comes out a little at a time . . .”.

  2. For the good of the citizens of Evansville, can’t you write the request and choose to share that information with the City Council members?

  3. It is strange how the editor of a certain local newspaper (not this one) carries on about the compensation of a CEO who has created this kind of wealth since 2009:


    That same editor has consumed much ink in lamenting that the former superintendent of the local public school district was under payed for heading a corporation in which the students consistently, over the last 3 years, tested below the state average in every subject tested and for every grade tested.

    One person performs superbly and they want to punish him. The other person performs miserably and they want to add to his remuneration!



    Selling class warfare to your children.


    These people believe that the current financial crisis will bring about their much awaited “social revolution”, and they believe that they have a friend in the White House.

    Perhaps the best thing that can be done for these wayward minds is to give them a copy of The Gulag Archipelago. They can then get a taste of what the socialist worker state was all about.

    I don’t know about you, but I am to old to do a 10er!


  5. B4 U git all hi and mitey ’bout sumbuddy elses Anglish, U’d better larn how 2 spell S-U-P-E-R-I-N-T-E-N-D-E-N-T!!! It aint “superintendant” as U spelt hit severul tymes. Also, wen refurrin 2 his sallarie, U got 2 use a apostrophy 2 makes “superintendent” possessive, dude.

  6. beerguy:

    Sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands. In that regard may I offer the appropriate form for the job?:


    Make two copies of your information request and keep one for your records. The most effective way of handling the request to is hand deliver it to the agency or individual from whom you are requesting the information and ask them to time stamp both copies, as their response time is set by statute. Be as specific as you can about the information you are seeking. Any ambiguity on your part will further delay your receiving the information you are after.


  7. Maybe it’s time for the Administration’s flunkys to use President Nixon’s line,
    “I’m not a Crook”. I’m sure that would garner lavish praise from the Courier and Press, and unquestioning support from the Local elitest pigs that Worship the Dollar, lack a Moral center, and have pushed this Community’s Bonded Debt to the point of approaching 3/4 of a BILLION DOLLARS,—and counting.
    “The John” –What an inspiring Success story!
    Really? For Whom?

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