IS IT TRUE January 9, 2014


IS IT TRUE January 9, 2014

IS IT TRUE the four official endorsed candidates by Wayne Parke the Chairman of the Vanderburgh County Republican Party took a trip to the Civic Center yesterday to formalize their candidacies?…incumbent County Commissioner Marsha Abell who is facing a primary challenge when asked by Tri-State Homepage why she was running stated, “No, it doesn’t change my campaign at all. I’m running because I’m good for the office, and I’m running for myself and Vanderburgh County. I’m not running against anyone?”…this one will play out for all to see as Bruce Ungenthiem and Marsha have had a battle of the ballot box before during the consolidation referendum?…Ungenthiem led CORE handed Abell, Winnecke, Kasha, and the rest of the pro-consolidation movement a whipping they will never forget?…we will all know in the next several months just how much the residue of consolidation and the recently announced naming rights deal for the Centre that really is not a naming rights deal at all will play out among registered Vanderburgh County Republicans?…the real item of interest will be “if Ungenthiem wins the Republican primary, will Abell supporter Parke throw his support to Ungenthiem against a Democrat challenger?”

IS IT TRUE Knight Township Trustee Kathryn Martin received what amounts to a de-facto endorsement from the Vanderburgh County Republican Party for her re-election campaign as a Democrat this week when they tried to entice her to change parties?…Chairman Parke has gotten lots of heat over this move that he did not personally participate in but the reality of the situation is that Kathryn has done a masterful job in cleaning the mess that her predecessor left at the trustee’s office?…in the business world the best place to go to hire a good person to any job is to a successful competitor?…that is precisely what the Vanderburgh County Republicans did by trying to get Ms. Martin to switch parties?…the winners here are Kathryn Martin and the people of Knight township?…with the de-facto endorsement of the opposition party and the certain endorsement of the Democrat party, Martin should have a cakewalk against any strawman candidate the Republicans may choose to run against her?…if there is indeed a Republican candidate that opposes Martin that person will be the Republican’s SECOND CHOICE for this elected position?

IS IT TRUE that the whole issue of selling the naming rights to the Centre has been of interest since during the entire existence of the Centre no one has come forward to buy the flagship marquee?…if the naming rights are really worth $14 Million for 30 years then the County Commissioners during the last 10+ years have been derelict in their duties by not selling this valuable brick billboard to someone?…if however this is a big smokescreen the responsible parties are off the hook?…the downtown Mole Nation tells the CCO that the responsibility for selling these naming rights was placed with SMG years ago by the County Commissioners and that they have attracted NO TAKERS?…the whole deal bears much need for scrutiny by the shareholders of the Old National Bank as paying this much for a commodity proven to have no value needs to be examined before going forward?

IS IT TRUE when the downtown convention hotel groundbreaking was postponed the first estimate of delay given by Mayoral Chief of Staff Steve Schaefer was 2 weeks, quickly followed up by Mayor Winnecke in an interview with WFIE to be a month, but the reality is these guys really don’t know?…the back peddling after the “irrational exuberance” of prematurely scheduling the golden shovel moment is becoming laughable?…when one reads statements from yesterday that say “Officials say it’s hard to have a groundbreaking when you can’t get the shovel in the ground” coming from the same mouths that scheduled this circus on the coldest day of the year, one has to wonder if the temperature in the Civic Center has gotten so cold that the electrical impulses needed to think are not functional?…there are problems with the lot and the golden shovel moment needs to be delayed until the problems have been solved, the permits are approved, and all financing is in place?…if that pushes the opening date beyond the 2015 election cycle then so be it?…Evansville has waited over 5 years for this golden shovel event and another quarter or two will make no real difference?…doing things right would have constituted testing and characterizing the lot 5 years ago?…as we have come to expect, no planning has been done this time either?


  1. The naming rights contract is nothing more than a giveaway. I believe it also constitutes a smokescreen designed to push this project forward even when all the funding is not in place.

    No one should be surprised when the parties involved return to the City Council in a year and a half with a half-completed project asking for more public money.

    This will end up being a bad PR deal for ONB if they can’t come up with the money. A blade is being held to the throat of ONB shareholders on this one. I wonder if they had a shareholder meeting to discuss the plan beforehand…

  2. The city can get some advice from Willard Library on how to conduct a proper cold weather groundbreaking. Of course Willard had its financing in place before calling in the load of sand. I am proud to have contributed to the library expansion.

    Normally you could expect some damage control today in light of the three discrete excuses for the delay dribbling out Tuesday. These are arrogant folks, they owe us no believable explanations and more importantly are giving the Hadi Clown Car a bad name. Apparently not a dime put up anywhere for the hotel they pretend to be honing their shovels for. At this point if ground is ever broken for a hotel down there, no amount of gilding can make it a golden shovel.

  3. “The golden shovel moment”


    Sounds like “Touchdown Mr. Greenfield”

    Maybe the Winnecke-Weinzapful allinance can raise the $11.5M the same way Debbie and her friends did.

  4. The answer to having a groundbreaking when the ground is frozen is to bring in a couple of loads of horseshit. The camera cannot tell the difference.

      • It’d be a fitting cap to Leno’s run on the Tonight Show.

        ‘City Administration Bares It All, Quilted Northern Ultra Plush In Hand. Show Citizens Of Evansville What They Really Think Of Them’.

        (First one to weaken and try warming his hands on the steaming pile gets a free lunch at the Cork with a GOP recruitment attempt for dessert, if applicable).

        • There’s breaking news! Hizzoner is asking the citizens of our unfair city to conserve water until further notice, due to problems with the water treatment system.
          Flushing may become a luxury!
          I almost feel sorry for One Term Winnecke. It sucks to be him!

  5. Ms. Martin seems to be leveraging her lunch date for a higher political office. Is she considering running for Mayor?

  6. Man, it must have been Tim Ethridge appreciation night at the Aces game last night. The Aces got obliterated 80-53 but even worse was the attendance of 3222- The lowest attended game this season not counting the exhibition game against Trevecca Nazarene.

    Since Ethridge’s column appeared just hours before the Grambling game, attendance at the three games since has dropped the regular season average down from 4295 to 4194- Over a hundred fans a game. I can see why it was also fake mustache night as well.

    • Rails,

      Last 3 games (2 at home) are losses of 27, 19 and 28. These are conference games Northern Iowa, IN State and Drake.

      What the hell ?? I’m not so sure it’s the “curse of the Editorial”, but something is UP ?

    • I heard it was too cold to put your foot in a sneaker, and they wanted to postpone the game for two weeks, a month, whatever. But Northern Iowa was already there, so they played. It was so cold, Northern Iowa was afraid to drive to the basket (fear of injury) , and just lofted 3-pointers all night.

  7. Since Kathryn Martin has done such a wonderful job she should run unopposed. I don’t care what initial follows her name on the ballot, she wins.

  8. Looks like Winnecke is caught in a spot harder than being between between Chris Christie and a bridge closure.

    Governor bully now says he was blindsided and hardly talked to his closest political allies and political confidants. Governor bully now apologizes and says he isn’t a bully even though his own PR machine shows him on video shouting down and belitting people who disagreed with him and his administration.

    How long before Winnecke says he was blindsided by whatever and backs off the whole bloody Hotel mess?

    The voters of New Jersey owe Barbara Buono a huge apology.

    • If Christie had “clean hands” in all of this, he would not have been “blindsided” by the emails that are now public. He would have looked into the situation more deeply and found those emails, instead of making an ass of himself joking about “working the cones.”
      He was a US Attorney, he knows about investigating allegations. He knew all of the details. If he didn’t approve the action before it took place, (I think he did) he knew the details before the attempt to dismiss it.
      His problem was not with the Ft. Lee mayor, it was with a legislative leader from that town. Stay tuned, it’s gonna get deeper.

  9. “Kathryn has done a masterful job in cleaning the mess her predeccessor left at the trustee’s office”

    The voters put in a Democrat Party backed mess maker (the “predeccessor”) and the Democrat Party put in the current trustee. The Republican Party wants her to run as a Winnecke Repubocrat.

    There is no need for two separate political partys in Vanderburgh County. They are doing mirror jobs on the voters.


  10. Trustees should be non-partisan races anyway. And threatening her with a potential opponent if she does not oblige reveals the underlying motives of the Republican Party in Evansville. My question to Wayne Parke, or Pete Swaim, or whomever is pushing the agenda, If Kathryn has done a good job, why would you really want her replaced?

    I know the answer, just disgusted with it.


  11. Jobs announcement tomorrow. Who wants to bet me they pay $8/hr no bennies?

    • A terrible travesty. How dare anyone attempt to enter into a voluntary agreement with another free human being at such a wage level! We should kidnap their children until they agree to pay $11 at least. Or better yet, let’s beat up the CEO, or at least key his Mercedes.

      • Brad, get real. If those jobs are what we strive for as a city we might as well go ahead and rename this town Little Beijing.

        • We’re getting closer each “jobs announcement.” I wonder if it will really be new jobs, or existing jobs being moved to where there is cheaper labor.

  12. One would think that when Winnecke took the Mayor’s office and it was clear that the old Executive Inn garage site was going to be the place for the hotel, the way he like to blow money, he would have blown some money doing core samples to see if the site had environmental issues. Mr. Mayor, do you have issues connecting dots?

  13. It’s January 9th, and still no State Board report! I also hear that no one involved in the City audit has a CPA so they aren’t competent enough to do the job.

    Whenever it’s finally released, it will show that both the State Board and the Weinzapfel administration are buffoons. This Mayor and Controller along with HJ Umbaugh are trying their best. It’s the State Board who’s the incompetent ones.

    • Unfortunately +1..I bet it comes out next month..I also bet it will be qualified up the wazoo. I will also bet that comments on its internal controls will be a hoot.

  14. well at least the icemen got a nice center aces they need to work really rea;lly hard on pr thats why baseball tripletts left if you dont promote they will not come

  15. Just because Kathryn Martin cleaned up the train wreck that was Linda Durham does not mean she is the Casey Jones of trustee’s office. I am a little concerned that she is to close to Evansville’s GOB network.

    • We agree on something, IE. Mrs. Martin might do well as a state legislator or even on City Council, but I think the Mayor’s office or even the County Commission would be stretching her capabilities.

      • Let’s be careful about agreeing. My concern is that Evansville politics will ruin her.

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