IS IT TRUE January 9, 2013

The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE the argument regarding the building of a new downtown convention hotel in Evansville so the Centre and the Ford Center can stop losing money and start to thrive has begun to be floated again among the inner circles of the Civic Center?…the people of this fair city need to be reminded that the Centre has been losing money since it was built in spite of the fact that there was a 600 room hotel called the Executive Inn sitting right next to it for its first 8 years?…the people of this fair city also need to be reminded that Roberts Stadium actually made money for 50 years with no hotel within a mile of the place?…making money at a place like the Ford Center is about people through the turnstile at a price point that pays the bills?…outside of the visiting teams or the headline entertainers most of whom never have slept in Evansville anyway arenas do not fill hotels?…in the case of the Centre the tables would be turned if Evansville were seen as a great place for convention attendees to go for other purposes than attending the conventions?…a shiny new hotel while helping with that problem will not solve it?…what is needed to revitalize downtown as was told to a group of local leaders in 2009 is minimally 10 different kinds of restaurants, 10 stores that are not at the Eastland Mall and are unique, and 10 places that are open after dark?…this simple formula is still not satisfied but we have dumped well over $200 Million on things that were never on the list of what is needed for success?

IS IT TRUE that after all of the money, the TIF Districts that have been drawn, and Front Door Pride homes within walking distance downtown is still not a “destination”?…we have recently seen Stoney’s close its doors only a year after Fast Eddy’s closed?…there are many reasons that have been offered for these closures but the ones that make the most sense have to do with the unacceptable behavior of the customers?…police reports and news articles about fights in parking lots and even a shooting inside of Fast Eddy’s are what did these places in?…having been to both this guy can testify that their beer and burgers were as good as most and that except for the heavy smoking in Fast Eddy’s that the atmosphere was not terribly threatening?…it was the news of the violence that drove this guy away from those places?…downtown Evansville also lost Stratman’s which was as close to a everything store that has been downtown for many years?…Stratman’s served the downtown with a pharmacy and a small stock of groceries both of which are necessary to be a viable place for residential living?

IS IT TRUE perhaps the City of Evansville would have been more successful if a real full development like Branson Landing in Branson, MO would have been developed with private money?…that small town does have a quality developer that has done much of the work that has made Branson into what Branson is?…that 60 years ago Branson was basically nothing but that a vision was hatched to be a little piece of Nashville in the Ozarks?…perhaps anyone who is in charge of revitalizing Evansville should start out by reading up in the history of Branson that was making itself into a “destination” while Evansville was fiddling while the job base of the town was being decimated?…there are many places in this country that have redefined themselves while others did not?…it would be better to be among those who did that following a group of places that have a 50 year head start?

IS IT TRUE that a couple of Civic Center Moles have advised us that words have been spoken within the place that the City County Observer would not be getting any more information without filing a Freedom of Information Act request?…to withhold information from one publication while doing it out to another that is rapidly becoming a cheerleader for the Winnecke Administration sounds more like the tactics of Lenin or Stalin that of a modern American city?…we are not concerned because the Mole Nation will rise up and tell us what is happening anyway?…we could even publish where people sat in the room and what they were wearing if we wanted too?…the best course of action for the Winnecke Administration is to adopt the transparency that he campaigned on and keep up the press releases?…they need to realize that the CCO wants Evansville to prosper more than most but realize that correction of a legacy of problems is the best path to prosperity as opposed to having a self congratulatory party for repeating the mistakes of the past?


  1. Amen Mr. CCO Editor.

    The CCO enjoys oustanding support with the rank and file workers at the civic center.

    Fact,the the civic center is the hub of the “CCO MOLE NATION” and shall continue to be.

    It is extrenmely obvious that you can expect the civic center moles continue to watch Mayor Winnecke’s every move. He would be amazed to find out how many “CCO MOLES” he has in his administration.

    Three cheers for Councilmen Al Lindsey stance on the hotel issue. Long live the truth and open government.

    • I do not agree with Al on this one. No matter the issue, there should never be a reason not to meet with the Mayor one on one on any topic.

      • It smacks too much of a serial meeting of the council. If the mayor wants to try his hand at arm twisting let him do it in public. I doubt that his skills in that department are up to his predecessor’s.


  2. Evansville is what it is,won’t be any way, no matter how much money you pour in it.By the way,how many times has aztar hotel been booked up?When main st was taken away was big mistake.Where is all the parking for the people,all dealership moved,dr offices gone.Stop no more big ideals for evansville,keep up with what you made,all people don’t want to go downtown,just saying…..

  3. The “GoalLine”—identifyed, by, Forethought, Conseus,and Leadership,–A Goaline that would lead to a Growing Community, has been, as if non-existant for sometime. It has taken a backseat to Self-Interest, paired with Snegal in too many of Evansville’s Aministrations. A Decision process, to put in a prioritized goal list, and a timetable to go with it, has been highacked by an “Elitist Attitude”, coupled with a pillaging the Public coffers smuggness, that has marked the “We know what’s good for You Government” that has driven this town DOWN for over 40yrs. Without the advent of the internet, and Forthright publications exampled by The Great CCO, there seem to be no stopping this death spirel at the hands of the “Gifted”.
    Welcome to the 21st Century looks like some,minds are taking it rather Hard and won’t acknowledge the Party is Over. Their influence is fadeing fast and they grasp at straws try to save the old way of Life.
    CCO, and Moles,–Keep up the GOOD work! All of us appreciate your reporting.

    P.S.–Old Downtown will never have a chance at thriving until the “Palace” is torn down, and Main Street reconnected.

  4. The Ford Center is losing money because they have more Chefs than Indian..
    I was there the other night for the Iceman game and they have more people walking around with radios than they do working….all they do is walk around talk and chatting with friends but they work for the Ford Center because they all have radios with them.. Very poor management…

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