IS IT TRUE? January 8, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? January 8, 2012

IS IT TRUE that the first request that we have today is with respect to some of the postings on the comment boards on the City County Observer?…that a small number of the postings have recently addressed Councilwoman Missy Mosby in a personal way?…that the CCO would like to request that before making a post that is personally denigrating about anyone that you think twice about whether or not such comments are truly in the best interest of furthering a discussion that is about furthering good public policy?…that Councilwoman Mosby is the elected representative to the Evansville City Council from the 2nd Ward and was elected for her second term by a substantial majority?…that many of us while not agreeing with every vote that she casts consider her to be a friend and recognize that her votes often really do reflect the will of her constituents and herself?…that the beauty of a republic form of government is the duty of our elected officials like Missy to cast votes as they think is right for the City of Evansville?…that we shall not always agree but Councilwoman Mosby is truly a person who for better or for worse really seems to love the City of Evansville and works very hard as a Councilwoman to do her best to make this place better?…that where she works in an honest effort to make a living should not be fodder for denigrating posts?…that she deserves respect for staying off the dole and doing what she can find to provide for herself in this bad economy as opposed to many who milk the system?…that the CCO wishes our friend Missy Godspeed in her personal goals and good judgment as a Councilwoman?

IS IT TRUE that in our recent reader’s poll about 60% of the respondents believe that the conditions are right for the Winnecke Administration to put the political game playing of the past behind and really make some positive things happen?…that Mayor Winnecke made a great gesture yesterday by putting together a cast of over 100 good citizens to make a dent in the litter problem on Main Street from the Ohio River to Garvin Park?…that the volume of garbage retrieved and disposed of what enough to be embarrassing as it should be but for now it is gone and we call upon the people of Evansville and especially the merchants along the corridor that was just cleaned to keep it clean?…that 5 minutes a day from each merchant and resident along that corridor will be enough to keep that street clean?…that at this rate that sometime in the next four years Evansville can really put an end to the litter problem?…that we also call upon the people of Evansville to just stop littering?…that it is time to stop this nonsense?

IS IT TRUE that by a 3 to 1 majority that our readers think that it should be above the Office of the Mayor to cuss out members of the Evansville City Council?…that does mean that 25% of our readers voted that a Council member may need a good cussing on occasion?…that while in our most emotional moments we can relate to wanting to cuss a Council member or five on occasion that we think making cartoons and calling them out for block voting or poor judgment is a more effective way to effect positive change?

IS IT TRUE that the last recent poll regarding the City of Evansville and the Evansville Redevelopment Commission adopting a minimal procedure that can be done in house to VET suppliers and projects should be done by a 25 to 1 majority?…that simple VETTING really is simple and that with the number of banks in Evansville that have goodwill toward the City that a preliminary VETTING procedure should and will be put into place in the very near future AND that this will be public information that all will have access to?


  1. If Missy is genuinely upset about the personal attacks on this board why hasn’t she said something to her side? Specifically her campaign leader Alex Jarvis who has done and said these exact same type of insults on here? He was even caught by Aroundtheworld trying to act like he was another poster on here. And if I remember correctly, her pal Waldroup did the same thing last year.

    I am so sick of her double standard. Cry me a river Missy. You are a joke, deal with it.

    • I have posted several times and now there is an “Is It True” article and you still don’t seem to get the message. FireTheDemCentralComm…. Why don’t you quit hiding behind your screen name and add some credibility to your posts by using your real name?

      • Don’t get the message? What am I suppose to be in compliance with Queen Missy? Should we have to send all of our posts to you to get double checked just to make sure they don’t speak out against you or King John?

        Why don’t you get the message that you are a hypocrite, that you let law breakers and trouble makers run your campaign and come on here and make personal attacks on anyone they feel compelled to?

        When you speak out against Jarvis posting the crap he posts on here, then I will speak out against someone posting against you. But until then, you better find someone else to listen to your swan song.

      • Missy, the only thing I saw Fire call you out on was working for a bar that had multiple health inspection violations. I’m sorry if that offends you but unless you do not work at this establishment I don’t believe there is anything wrong with calling you out on working for this bar whose health inspection is public record.

        Like he said, if something like that offends you, then you really haven’t read what your side has been saying on this site. It is beyond me why you associate with those type of people and then come on here and complain about others. Do you even remotely see a problem here?

  2. Thank you for your post. If the CCO is going to continue to allow bloggers to post without using their real name, then you might want to add a “please remove” button and try to filter some of the slander/lies your readers are posting. Thanks again!

    • You better check with your boys Jarvis, Waldroup, Jeffers, and Owen first. They might not want to part with their 1,000 names on here.

      • All I ever used are jgwj2407 and waitamin. You have acussed me of using many other names but your wrong. I offered you a small wager to prove me wrong but you didn’t accept it. Shouldn’t be surprised, you don’t have the guts to sign your post.
        Jack Waldroup

        • So now you are denying that you used Mfcdkw after admitting to us that you were Mfcdkw? Which is it?

      • Fully agree Fire…and Missy, I like you as a person, but you must understand how upset a lot of us are with you for your decision to support Mayor Winnecke in the past election. It was your decision who to support, but many of us see it as treasonous. Just a thought from a former constituent and a former supporter.

        • I said something mean about Missy, and I apologize-politics should not be personal, so my comment about yak was mean, and an unneccessary personal attack. I am sorry. It was not nice, and I won’t do it again. Missy’s never done anything to me personally.

          Politically I’d have to say: I think you initially meant well, but your actions spoke volumes-you tell folks you’re a Democrat(For Winnecke?), and a leader? You did as you were told, and turned your back on people who deserved YOUR support-when you could have done what was right.

  3. Not denying, I made a mistake. On this site I have only used Mfcdkw and waitamin. The jgwj2407 is what I use on ECC. Still sign my name on all of them.
    Jack Waldroup

    • A mistake. How lovely that you can’t remember all of your different names on here. As always, you only come on here when one of your political buddies needs to be backed up. You never come on here with any ideas or discuss any issues. I really do wonder what you will do with your time when all of your Mosby and Central Comm trouble makers decide to call it quits. You certainly won’t be working on anything for Evansville.

      • Fire…have you ever had any ideas or discussed any issues? I think it’s time for the CCO to disable remarks on this article.

        • If we’re disabling all comments that offend the democrats can we go ahead and ban all IP addresses that Jarvis comes on here using?

      • Your the one who bought my name up. My friends don’t need me to back them up with the likes of you. I love to talk issues with people who matter. You don’t make that list.
        Jack Waldroup

  4. What bothers me most about this whole exchange is that our 2nd ward councilwoman is too busy reading message board posts instead of taking care of the city’s business. The 4 problems in the above poll are just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re dealing with.

    We elect politicians with the trust that they will spend their time solving the woes of the district they are chosen to serve. It looks though like we have elected a self-serving prima donna who is more concerned with her own image on a message board than her 2nd ward.

    I reluctantly voted for Missy in both the primary and general election. I am now second guessing those decisions.

    • Sorry Gary, but I will back Missy on this one. People have been saying some pretty nasty things on this board about her, and she should be able to respond. Wouldn’t you?

    • Agreed Gary. The conduct on this board is less than stellar but one shouldn’t expect much from an online chat board. The conduct of the Mosby’s on the west side has rubbed just about everyone the wrong way and it looks like the rest of the family is working on the east side. I tried talking to miss Mosby a few times only to be rebuffed. I’ve learned not to waste my time trying to talk to anyone in any of these political circles.

    • So because she posted a few sentences on this board you think she is neglecting her duties as an elected official? I would like to see more of our elected officials reading and posting here. To me it shows that they are listening to what the people of the city are saying and that they are making themselves accessible. A city council member is a part-time job that most of them put full-time hours into. She might have spent her Sunday morning reading the news and responding to your slanderous remarks, but she spent her Sunday afternoon in a hot crowded gym at the CK Newsome Center showing her support for the 2nd Ward voters that elected her by a landslide.

    • GaryPaytonsGlove…..I usually don’t get on here and read the posts but I received several phone calls, emails and text messages with people who were so upset with these recent blogs that I felt it was necessary to reply. When the bloggers attacked the restaurant/service industry, it upset a lot of people that work in this profession. So, I was representing my constituents for they were the ones that made me aware of these ridiculous blogs.

  5. Lets get it under control here people. We are wasting a lot of bandwidth to no good end. There are ISSUES, and there are PERSONALITIES; lets leave the personalities out of the equation. It is not as if this city doesn’t have enough on its plate in the way of issues.


  6. I want to thank the editor for expressing integrity with regard to posting derogatory comments about a person making an honest living as a server, bartender or food service industry employee. It’s bad enough the trash talk and abuse they have to deal with from the riff raff and cheap-ass low-lifes that occasionally make their workday a nightmare.

    Moreover, I frequent the Main Gate sports bar and have never had one moment’s poor, uncivil, or surly service from any of the servers, bartenders or kitchen workers … not once. Yes, every food service establishment has its problems, and I know this first hand from owning a restaurant. No one wants a bad report, and most owners and managers strive to correct any violation that’s handed down. Every new place has kinks to work out. And I’ve seen nothing but steady progress at Main Gate.

    • The dems have gone so low as to send Bill Jeffers in to defend them? I guess working at the Main Gate is a step above running a cheap nasty pizza place. Vote Republican!

      • First of all, no one sends me to do anything. I do what I do all on my own.

        Secondly, if you’re disagreeing with my defense of servers, bartenders, and food service workers in general, then man up and say so.

        Lastly, if you didn’t like the pizza I made, I understand that, taste in pizza is a personal thing. But if you don’t like me or have a low opinion of me in any respect whatsoever, please don’t confuse me with someone who gives a rat’s arse what you think.

  7. Honestly, I enjoy reading CCO articles and reader posts far more than those on the C & P largely because the level of discourse is (generally) far more cordial and thoughtful then that which passes for ‘discussion’ on the other site.

    It would be unfortunate for our community if the comments section of this online publication begins to touch the depths of idiocy and personal name-calling that our local paper web forum exhibits.

      • Self moderation would be much preferable to a referee. Ask some of the people who have had posts removed from C&P because the content did not fit the paper’s “world view”, or found the entire article quickly buried because the posts took a direction contrary to that world view.


        • We do not wish to be the referee unless there is cursing or maliciousness. We do request and expect respectfulness.

          • I guess I missed the memo (worked all weekend) on the bash Ms Mosby subject so I don’t have a dog in this fight but would like to add a thought.

            Ms Mosby and others are always saying that people should give out their real names, I fail to understand the point in giving out a real name when posting on the CCO or the C&P for that matter, what purpose does this serve other than putting yourself in a position for retaliation.

            Some folks will say that if your comment is to have any merit you need to take ownership of the comment by giving your real name? how about the moles? lets have their real names also…

            Point being is if the comment is important or relevant to the topic or conversation then who posts it is mute, it really doesn’t matter and is contrary to how the CCO works. Granted personal attacks are and should be off limits, it serves no purpose to call people names.

            It is my personal opinion that a screen name serves several purposes, a lot of us have business dealings with the city or county governments and publicly acknowledging a derogatory comment that is true but embarrassing could jeopardize that business, it also stops political harassment, personal harassment by public officials, also some of us actually work for the city government….to me if your speaking about a true event or occurrence the only reason someone like Ms Mosby would want your name is to retaliate against you.

            I know some of you may disagree….it is your choice/right to do so, but think about the folks asking for real names, what is the intent or purpose of wanting that name?…some of you have made snide personal comments and have apologized as well you should have…but to post your real name, it would be my last post on the CCO and also the end of the CCO as a power to change things.


          • Blanger said “…some of you have made snide personal comments and have apologized as well you should have.” Where is your apology? I believe you (Blanger) are the one that has made remarks about Missy regarding her hair, eyeliner along with many other inappropriate remarks. By the way…where’s your smiley face?

          • Nope, not me I didn’t even call her “Big Bird” as other have you need to pay closer attention, I have called her to task about texting during council meetings, taking ownership of the 2nd ward sewer project, supporting a republican for mayor while being a democrat, not supporting the democratic mayoral candidate, and more, but her personal appearance I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned….if I have I do sincerely apologize for a out of context comment.

            Here’s your smiley…. 😉


  8. Ms. Mosby, I’m sorry for the personal attacks that have been directed toward you. From the standpoint of your political position, I’m very sorry that you chose not to support the elected Democratic candidate for Mayor of Evansville. I believe that you and the others chose to do this to selfishly prolong and protect your own political careers much more than any honorable beliefs that it was what was best for Evansville and its people. You’ve been elected to represent the will of your constituents, to make sure that their tax money is put to good use, and to do what you can to bring safety and prosperity to the people that live in your district. If the people felt that these things were your priority, the complainers and haters would be targeting someone else instead of you right now.

  9. Thank you CCO for addressing the issue of personal attacks on individuals, particularly Missy Mosby. I personally know Missy Mosby, both in a personal and a professional manner. I have always found her to be very pleasant, well prepared and very likable.
    I do know that Missy cares deeply about the folks in the 2nd Ward and the City of Evansville. I thought it was refreshing seeing a staunch Democrat step out and endorse the better candidate for mayor, even though he is from MY party.
    “Keep it classy Evansville”

  10. This site uses the term “Sneagle” . That is what most on this site are when they post something and not sign their name. Sneaky but legal. I’d hate to not have the guts to sign my name. To use the excuse someone might retaliate is a easy cop-out. Some people use this site to cut down family members of elected officals so they can make themselves feel better. What a sad life they must live. But they do that when they look at some people lifes through a microscrope while they look at their own through rose colored glasses.
    Jack Waldroup

    • When I think of “Sneaky but legal” I see a big 8X10 picture of Weinzapfel, and I am not sold on the “legal” part either, as we never know what the future holds when we start looking at the dealings of the last 4 or 8 years.


    • Jack….

      Some of us just have more to loose than others, granted people do use this forum (and many others) as a personal whipping post for some politicians or people just in general, tell me though, if you had a business and you were contracted by the city government to provide goods and services that amounted to substantial amount of your businesses monthly income, you saw and knew things that you learned through the course of that business dealings (like waste in government) and wanted to share that info but didn’t want to risk loosing the city account…..would you post the info and sign your real name? would you just keep your mouth shut?

      The old adage of “walk a mile in my shoes” holds true in this case, you can claim that everyone should “man-up” and sign their posts but do tell me what purpose does a real name serve?

      What would you or anyone else do or need that info for? does it add credibility? does it make a comment more or less true?

      I do appreciate the people who post info using their real name, but I do also understand the risks involved….do you? Some people would have us believe that the world is all roses and sunshine, that everyone can voice an opinion even if it is contrary to popular beliefs and there are never any consequences to having a descending comment (although fact), personally I’ve never found that to be true and the fact that info gets posted anonymously and it drives people nuts not knowing the true identity of the poster…well it’s just icing on the cake if you see my point of view.


  11. So there is this waste in goverment that you know about but you don’t want to upset the applecart because you might lose your share.
    Now if people want to complain about how elected officals vote, I don’t care if they sign their name or not. It’s the cowards who use this site personal attacks on the officals and their families. Just sign their name and that way everybody get to look into their lives. Nobody is perfect, we all have issues. Maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to point out other people flaws if we all had chance to see theirs. JMHO

    • LOL….waste in government…naw never happen, as to my portion, nope not in the least bit, you’ve never had to bid work for the city have you? The standard procedure prior to our new mayor was three bids and they take the lowest hanging fruit doesn’t leave much for graft and corruption unless you know someone higher up the food chain.

      Jack…you seem like a sense-able person, you know there are keyboard commandos on the internet that spend their free time creating hate, it’s easy to hide behind a screen name and take shots at people, it’s better to just not acknowledge them or not engage them like the saying goes don’t feed the trolls.

      Everything on the internet from a persona to a IP address can be faked, changed, or redirected to hide an identity (just depends on how many hops skips and jumps you want to make to get here), the CCO could require anything they like it would not change one little thing about posting anonymously here on the CCO it would only mean that a user name is now tied to fake credentials.

      If your the least bit interested in checking out what I’m saying is true or not this link will give you a basic primer.,2817,2363302,00.asp


      • Yes we have had to bid work.
        True what you say about the keyboard commandoes. I just like to call them what they are, gutless cowards who trash people to make themselves feel better.
        Enjoyed our chat, off the Terre Haute, GO ACES
        Have a good day
        Jack Waldroup

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