IS IT TRUE January 6, 2014


IS IT TRUE that incumbent Marsha Abell of the Vanderburgh County Commissioners along with Tom Shetler, Jim Raben and Pete Swaim of the County Council have all decided to seek re-election to another term.?…Republicans currently hold a majority on both the County Commission and the County Council?…this team of incumbents will be filing to run together on Wednesday at 3:15 PM in the Civic Center Election Office on the 2nd Floor in Room 214?

IS IT TRUE at least one of these candidates is facing a primary challenge and that would be Commissioner Marsha Abell who will be facing Bruce Ungenthiem who was instrumental in the defeat of the consolidation of city and county governments that Commissioner Abell supported?…despite having a primary candidate against Ms. Abell who engineered a 2 to 1 victory to defeat consolidation against a well funded and incumbent supported PR campaign, Vanderburgh County Republican Chairman Wayne Parke has already endorsed Abell for the position?…it was just last week that Mr. Parke wisely withheld his endorsement to allow the five candidates for the house seat vacated by Suzanne Crouch to be determined by a vote?…in the case of the County Commissioner seat Mr. Parke would have been better served to let the Republican voters decide whether Ungenthiem or Abell should be the candidate for office?…both of these candidates for the party nomination have enough performance history in the public arena to be capable of campaigning for themselves and raising their own contributions?…what Mr. Parke has really done here constitutes a ringing endorsement of the STATUS QUO?

IS IT TRUE it was widely reported this weekend that the Obama Administration having been stung by the failures of the rollout is considering forming a new federal unit to deal with big tech projects?…this is all well and good and has been proven by the 3 year nearing a Billion Dollar debacle of a website that really was saved in only 3 months when private business leadership came in to pull the President’s fat from the fire but there are several hurdles that will have to be overcome to make this work?…the first of which is that in the private sector the kind of people that will be needed already earn a higher salary than cabinet members and even the President?…secondly the stifling nature of federal employment is like kryptonite to technology developers?…such people typically do not like or respect how the government is run and even if more money were offered may reject the opportunities offered?…as the federal government spends $77 Billion per year on information technology every year they certainly need a team of competent engineers to keep more debacles from happening?

IS IT TRUE that there is strong precedent that the federal government can actually accomplish big technology related tasks?…from the Manhattan Project to the Space Program, President’s had technological excellence at their disposal for over 60 years?…as long as NASA was doing big things in space and bringing in new blood the USA could compete in the technology world?…with the decommissioning of the last space shuttle and the aging workforce of federal tech agencies that is no longer the case as the Obama Administration proved on the front pages for 3 continuous months?…if the federal government is to return to a position of technological prowess the powers that be will have to snap back to the realization that writing specifications from a position of ignorance does not constitute technical achievement?…they will also have to calibrate themselves to the real world where more than words are needed to actually make something happen?

IS IT TRUE that this evening the Evansville City Council shall elect John Friend, CPA Council President for 2014?… Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley shall be elected Vice President?  … that Dr. Dan Adams will be elected Chairman of the ASD committee?…Al Lindsey will be  the next chairman of the Public Works Committee and Conner O’Daniel will be the next Budget Chairman?


  1. “IS IT TRUE it was widely reported this weekend that the Obama Administration having been stung by the failures of the rollout is considering forming a new federal unit to deal with big tech projects?”

    So you have one branch of government that has the ability to manipulate the internet in just about any direction it desires (NSA), and the rest are total idiots when it comes to IT, so we will have yet another expansion of big government to deal with tech issues? How about they pull some of those techies from the NSA and put them to work doing something other then figuring out new ways to spy on Americans.


  2. I think there is a fair chance that Mr. U will beat Ms. A in the primary. I hope so, because it will make the general election a lot more interesting.
    As for the whole federal tech situation, maybe an agency to oversee it is appropriate, as the field makes advances so quickly.

    • The problem with the feds and technology is that we the people have elected a stooge to be our President. Obama does not understand or appreciate the hard work it takes to make technical advances. Anything over 2 sound bites is lost on this PR guy. As long as the White House is occupied and staffed by song and dance people we will not have any tech ability at the federal level.

  3. Abell supported consolidation, a $37.5m hotel, and gave away naming rights to the Centre with no minimum payment required in the contract. What a fool.

  4. Can’t believe Marsha is running again and doesn’t see the writing on the wall. She is the biggest “old school” politician left in the Evansville system… backroom dealings, power-egos, bully, out of touch with reality, no “common sense” logic to her policies… she’ll get waxed!

    • Yes, she is definitely a hold over from the dinosaur era in politics…oh yes, welded to the hip with Mr. Winnecke…remember the backroom deal struck with old Jonathan Wienzapfel, Bill Futey, Lloyd Winnecke, Keith Jarboe, Marsha Abell, and Curt John were our homestead credit was secretly omitted from our property taxes. Transparency, hell Abell doesn’t know how to spell the work, less practice it…let us not also forget the consolidation efforts of the Winnecke/Abell combo…boy the hits just keep coming….good luck Bruce!!!!

  5. So some Sheriff that nobody around here has ever heard of endorses a candiate in a local caucus and the CCO says it’s awesome and feels the need to post it on here to sing his praises.
    But the local party Chairman endorses a candidate that is currently holding the office she is running for and that is bad?
    NEWS FLASH CCO….HE is endorsing the person that VOTERS have already put there!! Just becasue it is not one of your gloden boys does not mean nobody else gets to support them publicly.
    This site has made it clear that it’s primary mission is to publicly endorse the people who pander to them and the people that hold very conservative views.
    If Wayne Parke was endorsing someone that the CCO folks wanted in office, there would not be an issue with his endorsement.
    Do us a favor and stop trying to pass yourself off as a news site. Just put your cards on the table and be honest. There is nothing wrong with hosting a website that’s primary function is to promote one political view over another. Just don’t insult everyone by acting as though you are just an “observer” on behalf of all the people. You may have started with that intention, but the train left that station a long time ago.

    • The endorsement came before a period of time passed to see who else may run. That is a way to intimidate most others out of opposing the status quo and running for office. What happens now if well qualified people come out to run against the incumbents? The endorsements were premature and oppressed the process of attracting qualified candidates. Endorsements should wait until debates have been completed and issues are fully discussed. What harm is there is waiting until a couple of weeks before the primary to make those endorsements from a position of knowledge with reasons instead of an empty “good job” proclamation.

  6. City Council paragraph:

    Dr. Dan Adams is chairman of the “ASD Committee”.

    What is ASD ?

      • LOL, they need a COMMITTEE for that ??? I thought it was ‘Alternative Sewer Design’ or the like.

        • Not a bad, committee chair thing, for Dr.Adams,makes sense. Administrative safety and development,pertaining to what administrative definition though. Function?

          Hopefully,the I,i,T scoffing at technical regulatory subjects isn’t the intended purpose. Thats just not smart in today’s presentation of socially elevated metros. Like the jest about the areas sewer problems above,funny, and the CCO brings up NASA and its supposed sequestered funding,and important projects.
          They are moving forward with orbital science and ongoing research,and applications in the studies of our solar system. “Thats real good”.
          For many reasons,thinking forward,and moved ahead with the facts,and observations of the climate science that are now impacting the nations entire cost infrastructure. I would say those evolving technologies are kinda nice to have right now,if for planning purposes,alone.

          BTW, on the climate change thoughts think Toay,Argentina,they might like a few truck loads of snow and Ice down there,now,its partly cloudy today,and a passive 105/F.

          I wonder how the summers going to play out in our upper midwest this summer,any plans locally for that yet? Or is the local political picture,more important to voting public than their “actual well being,and health?” What the balance is in that respect,hopefully,will,somewhat define,just what the political environment looks like,after,your polls close next time.

          Geez, your politics really,what next.

          “tolerabiles ineptiae..?”

          “bearable absurdities..?”

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  8. Conor O’Daniel is being named the ‘Budget Chairman’. Is that equivalent to the ‘Finance Chairman’ position which Friend just completed in 2013, or this a different role/set of responsibilities ?

    Also, why wasn’t Weaver named to head up the Goofball Committee ?

    • If they had such a committee, there would be several experienced candidates to chair it, Weaver among them.

    • The Editor means Chairman of the Finance Committee. Weaver couldn’t chair the Goofball Committee, because it still would be a committee and require reading (even if it was the comics) and at least a 15-second attention span. He is incapable of either.

  9. The City Council Power Structure banishes Weaver, Mosby and Robinson to the GOP kiddie table with Dan McGinn.
    Wayne Parke, why don’t you recruit Weaver, Mosby and Robinson to come over to the Republican side – WHERE THEY BELONG! I see an opportunity for the GOP to grab 3 more City Council seats without even having an election!

    • Connie has earned a break, and Dan McGinn is absolutely relevant and works hand-in-hand with some of the Democrats now leading. There’s only 2 at the kiddie table, and it’s because their manners don’t warrant a seat at the adult table.

  10. This is just a general observation, based on a lot of political activity, but a County Chairman endorsing candidates before a primary is often not a wise thing. It happens a lot in these parts, on both sides of the fence.

  11. Wayne is about to get a dose of reality, he has been fortunate to be Republican Chairman when there has been a Republican upswing in local politics with the good old boys both Republicans and Democrats running this city and county in the ground but people are tired of these same names, same game life long politicians and they will start with Marsha. Bruce will wipe up the floor with her and win easily in the fall.

    • Westside,

      I don’t know if Mr. U will win or not, but I am certainly glad to see some new gladiators enter the arena. Good luck Bruce, would love to see some new ideas in County Government.

      • Once Bruce wins we;ll see if the good’ole boys endorse a Dem. like the R.Davis debachle, only in reverse.

  12. If Bruce & Melcher agree to shutter the building formerly known as The Centre, will there be any $$$ due back to Old Bank ? Can one have naming rights to a parking lot ???? Suggested name:

    Parking at Old National Zone, Inc. (PONZI)

  13. The Battle ground for change has always been in the PRIMARIES, that’s where the “Organization’s” resources have great sway,–where good candidates are winnowed out by “The Machine” of real life politics,–> “The Organization “.

    Wayne is just flexing that “muscle/resources”, power.

    I use the word “Organization” here rather than “Party”, as the line between Democrat, and Republican Politicians (Locally, and Nationally) seems blurred by their seemingly common agenda of spending the fruits of the citizenry’s Labor(money)without conscience, as they go merrily along exploiting –a cunning lust for power and lucre,–without restrain,—EXCEPT FOR THE BALLOT BOX !
    Term Limits,–starts with the Primaries, and the “Independent Voter”–that should be all of us,–supporting/voting for their “Best” candidate choice, IN THE PRIMARIES!—or “Machine Politics” always gets the “Win” locally, and Nationally.

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