IS IT TRUE? January 5, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? January 5, 2012

IS IT TRUE that one of the most important things in a leader is to recognize not so much what one knows but what one does not know?…that by the quality of appointments in the Winnecke Administration it is becoming very obvious that this is a quality that Mayor Winnecke possesses and is putting into practice?…that the City County Observer is pleased to learn that the connections and knowledge of the Chief of Staff of the former Mayor will not be leaving the employ of the City of Evansville and that a productive place has been found for Rose Young to continue serving the people of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE that we are also pleased to learn that one of our Mole Awards has a prominent place in the Indiana Statehouse in the Office of Representative Gail Riecken?…that she has provided us with a wonderful picture of the Statehouse Mole standing guard and listening intently to the strategy sessions of the Democrat caucus as that rascally old Pat Bauer has already started making demands for the participation of the Democrat contingent?…that we soundly discourage any hooky playing trips to Urbana, IL or other runs for the border that may be contemplated?…that every legislator in the Indiana Houses of Congress was elected by the people of their district to do a job and that job location is Indianapolis, IN?…that we respect everyone’s opinion but that we call upon all of our elected state officials to do their job in the place that they have been elected to do it?

IS IT TRUE that Indiana is not a Right to Work state but this is a discussion that’s time has come to be had in our statehouse?…that Indiana is an at will state for employment and that regular Hoosiers that refuse to show up for work are summarily dismissed from their jobs?…that we hope that the use of fines and at will employment will grease the skids so that the truths about Right to Work are learned and discussed without bias or outside financial interference so that the State of Indiana can go forward with the right decision for the people of this state?

IS IT TRUE that the status of smoking laws in the State of Indiana are once again being brought up for discussion?…that last year there were so many exceptions to the statewide smoking ordinance that even the cancer prevention societies rejected the bill that excluded, rest homes, circuses, playgrounds, casinos, bars, back alleys, closed door meetings, coming to Jesus tent revivals, and nearly any other special interest group or place where people choose to use tobacco?…that if we as a state are to do this that the myriad of exemptions just can’t be a part of the equation?…that if there are any exemptions considered it should only be casino boats and only then if definitive evidence is presented to support the economic benefit of making and exemption?

IS IT TRUE that to advise those who have asked in the case of smoking it is the most stringent ban passed whether local or state that will be in effect in each local jurisdiction?…that if a county has a comprehensive ban and the state makes an exception for bars where cockfights are held on Saturdays that the county’s stricter law will prevail?

IS IT TRUE that Mole #7 tells us that Mr. Tom Barnett the Director of DMD for the last 3 and a half years is reported to be packing his boxes and heading to hopefully greener pastures to the west of Evansville and closer to his home?…that Mr. Barnett’s informative maps that tell a story of our city will be missed by all those who appreciate graphical representations and that we do wish him a prosperous future?


  1. The position, Transportation & Services director, has yet to be announced! Why?? Are “we” waiting for an outsider to relocate to E’ville? What’s the reason for the delay…would really like to see someone investigate.

    • From the wording of your third sentence, you obviously already know the answer. So why don’t you give it to us rather than passing the buck.

      • “The delay” to which you refer is asking why is it taking so long to either appoint or announce the individual. I’m not an insider, but do know what positions have & have not been filled. I’m just hoping its not an outsider, if it is, so much for ‘job creation’ in EV, eh? There’s plenty of talent in EV to take the helm.

        • I was referring to “an outsider to relocate” in your 3rd sentence. From that I assumed you knew. My bad.

    • Is the “insider”, who has been rumored to be in line for this job, having a difficult time accepting the idea that he must resign from one of his current tax funded positions, as per state law, or stay where he is, illegally?

      Stick to your guns Winnecke. If you allow this one transgression, future actions will fall under suspicion.

  2. Why does every time Jeffers and Jarvis get called out for who they are on this board they change names? What happened to NDKnow and Soon2B Jeffers?

  3. How does anybody defend Gail Riecken and the other House Democrats going on strike again? They were not elected to strike but to legislate? You state your position, vote your beliefs and let the voters decide if they like your position. The Democrats leaders are making a terrible mistake and are going to pay big time this November. Why?

    • I’m not a fan of Gail Riecken because I don’t like the way the LST situation was handled and I don’t like her blind support for that mess they call I-69.

      BUT, I can very easily say I agree with their decision to “go on strike” again. As long as you’re not doing something criminal such as murder, theft, or destruction of property you owe it to your political beliefs to pursue all legal tactics possible. Sure, it doesn’t look good to walk out of the state house (although I find it ironic that this town and this state are full of conservatives that want the gov’t out of everything yet throw a fit when it gets shut down) but the bottomline is are you there to get done what you said you would get done or are you there just to get run over so that you look good sitting in the capitol?

  4. Pat Bauer and Gail Riecken should be very ashamed for their dereliction of their sworn elected duty by desertion from their offices. If the Indiana voters didn’t want the right to work, they would have elected more Democrats. From the desertion of duty Democrats like Bauer and Riecken and their Occupy something sympathizers, this is not the Democratic party my Dad and his Dad supported. If the Democrats had better ideas, they’d be the majority party in Indiana. That’s how democracy works Mr. Bauer and Ms. Riecken.

  5. Her desertion in the face of duty is one of the many reason Gail Riecken was so soundly defeated when she ran for Mayor of Evansville. She has made a mess out of every thing she has ever been connected with. I hope and pray people have finally found her for what she really is and will never consider ever electing to her to any position again. If the legislation wants to protest something that is different but to leave the state stay in luxury and ask the tax payers to pick up the bill is a bit much. They should have been relieved of their position and replaced it the time is first happen. Anytime you find a Riecken involved you will find some sort unhealthy publicity. Look at the shape our parks got in while she was supposedly running them.

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