IS IT TRUE? January 5, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? January 5, 2011

IS IT TRUE that CCO Mole #3 accurately predicted 6 months ago that Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel would not seek a third term?….that the Mayor in his first of what will certainly be many farewell addresses proudly boasted of many accomplishments and of his “love” for being the Mayor?…that the City County Observer recognizes both good and bad in Mayor Weinzapfel’s time as our leader and wishes him wisdom and clarity as he contemplates how to find his next place in this world?

IS IT TRUE that the politically embattled Evansville Convention Visitors Bureau special closed door meeting scheduled for January 5, 2011 has been abruptly cancelled? ….that this special closed was for discussion of strategy with respect to a certain pending litigation? ….that the ECVB Board of Directors should spend to plan a strategy on how to correct the massive public relations nightmare caused by its Holiday bash on December 13, 2010?

IS IT TRUE you can now read our new media partner publication by linking on to …that the Community Observer was launched to offer community information without a heaping helping of politics on the side?….that this is the place to go for “feel good” articles and local event information?

IS IT TRUE we wonder the exact amount of taxpayer dollars the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau spent on the Holiday Board of Directors Dinners in the 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006?….that if it is appropriate to repay last month’s excessive tab that it would also be appropriate to repay prior years tabs where a simple holiday dinner turned into a Bacchanalian Festival to celebrate self indulgence?….that some traditions are not worth continuing?

IS IT TRUE that Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Joe Vezzoso, has now paid back $439.90 and is on record as stating as far as he is concerned that he “owes” the money back to the ECVB?….that Mr. Vezzoso has been affiliated with the ECVB for as long as most of us can remember?….that if he “owes” it back for the 2010 gluttony fest that he may owe 20 or more times that amount back?….that we wonder exactly how far back it is appropriate to audit these self indulgent spectacles to recover intentionally squandered taxpayer’s money?….that the payback of a portion of the 2010 party is a decent first step for the two members who have done so (Vezzoso and Kristin Tucker), but that as both of those are long time members of the board and have attended many times that this is just a down payment?

IS IT TRUE we also wonder the exact amount the Evansville Convention Bureau Board of Directors spent on its fact finding trip to Memphis, Tennessee to look at established baseball fields?….that we have requested receipts for the out of town trips to inspect little league baseball fields in Nashville and Memphis?…that the mode of travel to these events are rather unconventional to a hard working taxpayer?…that we are quite curious about the expenses billed for all of the “exploratory” visits to inspect the little league parks of the United States?

IS IT TRUE that Gray Loon Marketing Group where Jon Ruthenburg who also attended the Bacchanalian Festival of self indulgence works is located in the same building that Dunn Hospitality where ECVB board member David Dunn has a day job?….that Gray Loon has been a service provider to the ECVB for some time?…that we wonder if the other service providers to the ECVB may be slightly envious because they did not have the privilege to attend a $3,079 dinner?….that many local connoisseurs or just curious people would love to have the opportunity to mow the grass or trim the roses for just one glass of that $250 per bottle Opus One? ….ahhh Ces’t Magnifique!!!!


  1. If you were to consult with some police officers or someone expert in
    alcohol consumption…

    Might we find that it is physically impossible for 13 (14 less the one
    declared designated driver) people to consume 13 bottles of wine and 32
    additional drinks, in one setting?

    In addition to the shock at the cost, is a shock at the quantity.

    Prudence might force these attendees to explain how many other tables/people they picked up shots and wine for. (Union officials, political families, Corporate exec’s?)

    Otherwise, you might be unintentionally giving the local fraternities a
    serious new consumption challenge! (I have my doubts that, John “Bluto” Blutarsky, himself and 12 of his drinking buddies could keep up with that pace?)

    Along the lines of wounded livers, do these people get access to the free clinic as a benefit?

  2. “…that we wonder if the other service providers to the ECVB may be slightly envious because they did not have the privilege to attend a $3,079 dinner?…”

    Considering the outcome, I would be those other service providers are counting their blessings that they were not involved.

    “Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Joe Vezzoso,…”

    Isn’t he also part of the French Lick Casino? Don’t you think someone should warn them to check the receipts of any events that Vezzoso hosted? If this party was consider traditional and an acceptable mode of operation, why wouldn’t it also be happening there?

  3. Is it true that if these expenditures have been occurring for over 20 years that the County Council, City Council and Mayor’s Office bear some responsibility for failing to oversee the ECVB’s budget and not providing clear rules as to how the money could be spent?

  4. I agree the amount spent for the ECVB Christmas gathering was excessive however it does make me wonder how in years past the party receipt was not reviewed more closely by the very same politicians that are now acting as if this is despicable. Apparently they chose in years past to turn their heads to the spending of public dollars by the CVB. Maybe they too should be held accountable for what has happened year after year. After all weren’t many of them responsible for the approval of budgets and expense receipts for this public entity? I have to ask which county/city council members let it slide previously and why are they acting so self righteous now? There is alot about what has happened here that is still being left out of the conversation.

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