IS IT TRUE January 31, 2014


IS IT TRUE January 31, 2014

IS IT TRUE that with the temperatures back in the single digits and the wind chill factor even worse the Evansville Water and Sewer Department is back on the streets and in the yards dealing with yet another round of water main breaks?…it is a shame if the worker bees are getting any of the blame for this record setting month of water main breaks as they are simply the foot soldiers who are responsible for duct taping and bailing wire repairs of an aged decrepit water delivery system that has been neglected for decades and in some cases over a century?…while these people are doing an admirable job they have been sent by our leaders to battle a dragon with pixie sticks?…if the City of Evansville had done their job and executed a planned replacement program for the last 50 years the $500 Million water main replacement needs and the minimum $540 Million sewer upgrades would have already been done and the disruptions of service would be manageable?…repairs to the distribution of water alone including sewers will be costing the people of Evansville well over a BILLION DOLLARS in the next 20 or so years and will add perhaps as much as $1,000 per month in living expenses to the budgets of everyone caught up in this trap of negligence?

IS IT TRUE when you hear people on TV warning about how the excessive spending and borrowing of today at the federal level is like sticking it to our grandkids the people of Evansville need to take this warning seriously?…WE ARE THE GRANDCHILDREN OF PEOPLE WHO NEGLECTED TO ESTABLISH OR MAINTAIN EVEN BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE?…we are in this BILLION DOLLAR CONUNDRUM because our ancestors were too cowardly and short sighted to pay a few more dollars in taxes to correct these problems on a pay as you go basis for in some cases a full century?…we are also the children of and the peers of a delusional leadership that has broken our bank by spending nearly every dollar that could be borrowed on unnecessary extravagances?…we have collectively dug a hole for ourselves and it is time to stop digging and do something to correct the sins of the fathers so that we do not visit them on our own grandchildren?…it is time to suck it up and fix the infrastructure of Evansville whatever the cost?…to fail to do so is to condemn this fair city to a future that will look and function like Calcutta?…the fun and games have got to stop and reality must rule the decisions of our leaders?…the same goes for Washington DC?

IS IT TRUE the symptoms of a crumbling society made front page news again yesterday with the effective sting operation that local, state, and federal law enforcement has made 22 arrests of what amounted to a gang based crack cocaine distribution network?…those arrested all were young and male who by all rights should be working at entry level jobs and preparing to become responsible members of society?…the gang was also the gang in which the three arrested in downtown Evansville for a gunfight outside of Hammerhead’s hang their hats?…we wonder if this is a wake-up call to the people of Evansville?…the area where this seems to happen is nearly always the south side but it does affect us all even if we live safely in the county?…all of these things are connected?…the dilapidated housing, the dearth of job creation, the tolerance of lawlessness, and yes the smell of failed sewers all drive the anger that eventually drives young men into the brotherhood of a gang?

IS IT TRUE that the Coachella Valley Innovation Hub scored another $780,000 federal grant yesterday for furthering the efforts of the Palm Springs Accelerator Campus?…it was also learned that President Obama will be coming to Palm Springs on February 14th?…a visit is possible and the CCO will be the first to publish if that comes about?…the President has embraced the idea of innovation hubs in two recent speeches including the state of the union address?…there is an exemplary operation in Palm Springs that will welcome his visit?


  1. “IS IT TRUE that the Coachella Valley Innovation Hub scored another $780,000 federal grant yesterday for furthering the efforts of the Palm Springs Accelerator Campus?…it was also learned that President Obama will be coming to Palm Springs on February 14th?…”


    Congratulations Joe, and I guess Happy Valentines Day!

    With every achievement and milestone CVIH reaches it makes the political powers here in Evansville just look dumber and dumber, this could have been Evansville’ news if they would have supported your efforts.


      • Editor,WTG!

        Looks like the innovation stream is beginning to flow steady for CVIH,thats good stuff,one thing for sure you guys have a clean water problem big time the whole state does,thats not flowing,,I have family out there,as well,So.

        There are some solutions to incrementally solve that minor issue,of available clean water management.

        Last nights broadcast news,I observed some people out there about to lose some heritage agricultural ground, other people saving shower water in buckets irrigate the plants in the greenhouse,usage restrictions.
        “Oh boy”,did those plants look “medicinal”. I guess if that was in Denver,new found,as taxable to.

        Back in the Indiana local there, extra water is where you’re previously,unattended,beat-up old infrastructure leaves it.

        Running out unto the ground pretty,much wasted.

        The increased cost per household for Sewer and Water is now directly billed to the customers,so you are affected by paying forward for what is going down the street before your meter. The infrastructure that is supposed to be improving is flooding the streets with it,after you have paid to treat the stuff more,due, Climate Change voracities that no one can control,or even conceptually accept “yet”.

        Water supplies vs sourcing temperatures and extra treatment timing as required. Midwestern rivers are really cold right now.

        Like the Prez said,”I to believe,{climate change},is a fact”.

        If you are the leadership in The Atlanta regional if that fact was accepted,when it should have been..It could have been, an “excuse”,as well. 🙁

        The source.The Ohio River,in the “Evansville’s water sourcing system basically stinks,you spend way too much to treat it for viable use,then the lousy blend of combined storm sewers and increasing voracity in storm events of actual atmospheric climate change further “stinks it up” for everyone else to pay to incrementally fix that,downstream. 🙁

        And,not one of these systems produce actual return revenues to the consumer to achieve anything ever approaching sustainable balance.*

        The whole issue has a blended solution,and I have it as a combined,thus blended scientific environmental process.

        Funny about that unique blending process,thermodynamically and troposphere applied,so does the planet,everyday,anywhere on it,and as a species,being humans,nobody else,owns it,”yet”…….can though.

        >Right now in evansville,due to the voracity of the weather,if,you have water pressure and its clean,not under a boil order,store some,keep enough for basic potable needs,do this always,[emergency preparations] just to have some that you already paid forward for,through the extra treatment system,saves buying bottled. 😉

        > Find a good contractor[you have lots of them,in that metro they can help your forward cost balances,a bunch!],schedule a preventive assessment and estimate for installing or improving your water supply balances. That “dot connects” to energy savings as an increment,also 😉

        Best done when everything is hunky dory and the systems conditions aren’t vexed as they are now. 🙂

        > Consumer Water Filtration systems have come a long way in the past decade. Having that,and a source like the ORDB,and the systems that supply you,and the next step is just plain better for the family in the incremental balance today.
        Look back,a couple of weeks,one such event,as such,and a few weather related main breaks,they’re you have it,your system is severely challenged. 🙁

        > Key point. Blaming,the people who are working so hard to maintain the system now,does little good,looking at what put them in the situation does,and thus solves the issue incrementally, forward.

        Try this,heck show the kids,run some warm water into a plastic bottle,lukewarm is fine,fill it to the brim,then put the cap on tight,now run the cold water long enough put 4-5″ in the sink and close the drain,put your warm water bottle in the cold,now watch,the bottle. Collapses,vacuum..”thermodynamics” thermal expansion,thermal contraction,pressures.thats all, just whats going on with the water pipes,pretty tough,and pretty costly conditionals there.especially to wade around in and repair 🙁

        Thats how an old mason jar works to seal itself to preserve the summers surplus fruits from the orchards back to a bowl on the table. The orchards that are in Californias? In a Dust bowl right now. 🙁

        “The faster you go,the shorter you are” (Albert Einstein)

  2. Maybe Evansville needs to take a strong dose of reality, even if it tastes really, really, bad! We may do well to “scrap” committments to pie-in-the-sky projects that might improve the City finances a little, and stimulate the service and retail economy in a very small way.
    Spending our available cash on infrastructure instead of hotels is more likely to have a better outcome. By offering a modernized utility delivery system that functions at reasonable costs to consumers, coupled with tax incentives, we might get some REAL jobs that will stem the population decline.

    • If I had the magic wand, I would replace side walks. Good sidewalks make even bad neighborhoods look better. And I would put a cross on every side walk. 🙂

      • Sidewalks don’t make burnt-out, dilapidated houses look better. It just serves as a contrast. I have an idea about where you can put your crosses, though, :-)!!

        • Put the “new” subsurface infrastructures in “then” put in the “newer” sidewalks….over,them.

          Staged process improvements,more bang for your buck.
          Wands,we don’t…need…. no stinking wands!

          Pixie dust!

          Kinda like what I would picture if one dropped Miley and the wrecking ball on the sidewalk. “Affected infrastructure”.

      • Sidewalks improve the value of every home adjacent to them. However, I am not in favor of an arbitrary replacement of all sidewalks. We should have a comprehensive sidewalk plan and replacement schedule. The plan should reflect the needs of the city, not just the wants of a neighborhood.

        Brent Jackson

  3. Editor has four comments here today, the first three (somewhat) advocate government investment in infrastructure to strengthen the foundation of our local economy and living environment and the long term return on investment in each: roads/transportation systems, water/sewer infrastructure, job-creation that helps inhibit crime among emerging working-age youth. The fourth? Maybe suggesting that doing the same by investing in an innovation hub designed to help create jobs is a bad idea? Good idea? Anyway, all four comments have the same theme running throughout. The ideal of long term return on investment to the community and business environment as a result of government investment (taxable resources) in infrastructure.

    I’m glad to see the advocacy if I’m correct in what I’m reading. It’s a good role of government to support business and infrastructure.

  4. It will be more interesting to see our Joe meet Obama than it was for Obama to meet Joe the plumber.

  5. I think you will find that the eight or so that were connected with the “Wag” gang were young. Most of the other dozen were not young, and there is no excuse for them except stupidity and addiction.
    The young men, unfortunately, were lost to society a long time ago. Some of them were lost at birth. Having been engaged in human services for nearly 40 years, I know the families of most of them two generations back. If we don’t stop sending the not-so-subliminal message to the young people of the South Side that they are somehow “less” than others, this is only going to get worse. It should be the business of the “village” to step up for youngsters whose parents won’t. I know, that idea will inflame the TPers here, but I’d rather see them inflamed than a whole section of the city in flames.

    • I agree, but with one caveat – that the help needs to come privately and through the churches. These young people have been written off by the system as well as by their parents. The feelings of entitlement in the welfare system and the absence of fathers in the home is a generational malaise that was created by the government in an effort to solve a very real problem. Government involvement hasn’t been successful in meeting its stated goals. It has exacerbated the problems. With one hand it gives and discourages work, with the other it wears the iron glove of inequality through enforcement of drug laws, which treat addiction as a crime and many young men, who might otherwise be successful entrepreneurs, as criminals only good for locking away and ruining any chance they might have had for breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence.

      • Why do you specify churches? There are plenty of organizations, including, but not limited to churches that need to join in this effort. I did make it clear that I don’t think this would benefit from big, government involvement, at some point in the firestorm that followed.

        • I didn’t mean to limit it to churches. I said ‘private’ organization and included churches because i think they have a role to play that, frankly, they arent performing very well right now. Church outreach is a shadow of what it used to be in this country in the days before everyone expected government to do it all.

          Anyone stepping up to help is going to be preferable to more government intervention or escalation of the drug war. Surely you’ll agree with that.

          • Okay, we’re on the same page. I wouldn’t mind writing a grant for some financing for some recreational projects, because I do that rather well. We have churches, two Universities, numerous civic groups, and a lot of good people. A sensible, coordinated effort needs to be made, in my opinion.

        • EBK- There you go again. Write a grant and figure out how a few people can make a few bucks for themselves. The grant will hire a few people who will work a couple of hours a week, get into their little cars and drive to Newburgh or some other gated community. I have never seen a grant that was sustainable without continuous influx of tax dollars. The church community is the only community that has been constant over the years. For most of the years I’ve spent in social services the only real sustained recovery I have observed with addicts has been a 12 step program with a Christian higher power. The ones that can help have moved out of the city. The NASW has lost it’s focus on the down and out, it has been captured by the LBGT and Feminist groups as their political arm. The best recovery programs in this city are faith based and free.

          • There has always been a part of society that wants to be criminal. It would be interesting if someone would interview these men and ask them questions about their youth.
            Did they participate in the midnight basketball league that was suppose to keep kids off the street corners and something to do. Did they interact with Officer Friendly at school Did they attend events sponsered by private organizations that promoted drug free lifestyles etc.. of course the big question WHY did you pick a criminal enterprise? Did you ever have a career opportunity or did your friends drag you down into the criminal activity? If course there is a lot more questions and my question were the first to come to my mind.
            You can blame the economy/the mayor/the president/the school system/video games/churches/lack of father figure or man in their lives. Some people just want to be criminals !

  6. Local government has neglected our infrastructure for a century. The feds had to step in and the locals currently running the circus wasted no time in passing the cost of the neglect to those who were never responsible for maintaining it –– us. It’s not all bad for everyone, it opens new opportunities for graft. Favored contractors are eager to send their men down into the mud. Money, your tax money, will flow both up and down the chain but not back to you.

    I don’t remember any city administration giving more than lip service to maintenance of our nasty combined sewer system. Agaves flower more often than meaningful attention is given to the vital underground processes in Evansville.

  7. Ziemer and Schaefer need to immediately file lawsuits against the beneficiaries of the Estate of anyone who has died in Evansville the last 50 years, and recoup some of the money they should have paid in to the infrastructure.

    These two gentlemen are uniquely qualified for such an assignment.

    ” We’ll make Millions !!”

  8. Ok ELB, just whom do you refer to in the “We” that’s sending the “not-so-subliminal message”(?) specifically to the young people of the South side(?), that they are somehow “less” than others? What Rubbish! There definitely is a “Cultural Problem” identified here , but where that responsibility lies is the question, when the #1 cause of death for young Blacks is Homicide. Again, what is the “not-so-sublininal message you are referring to? Spell it out!

    • “We” are a society that sends a pretty clear message to the children born into poverty that they don’t “matter” as much as those born into the middle class, by making them know that WIC, SNAP, and TANF families are inherently “bad” and “less”. It gets to them pretty early in life. I know of fifth-graders that are embarrassed to go to the store for their parents and use a SNAP card. When their middle school teams go to play the teams of higher income schools, their less-expensive shoes and clothes are openly made fun of. I am telling you what I have witnessed first-hand. Some of those kids just stop trying, some decide to fight with whatever tools they have at their disposal. We need to arm them with feelings of self-worth within society. There is always a gang-member there to mentor these youngsters, if they think that is their only way out.
      I used the example of the “South Side”, because that is where this gang is based, although I know that such situations exist in the other, poorer parts of the city as well.
      The problem lies mostly with parents who are not stepping up to the plate for their children, but that is not the fault of the kids. So, how about you “spell out” your solution. Should the kids born to bad parents (and there are plenty, of ALL races) be left to fend for themselves? You can blow your dog-whistle and look down your nose, or you can recognize that there are a lot of children who need help, and do something.
      FYI, I am NOT advocating a huge, federally-funded program. I am suggesting that the good, moral people of the community band together to open doors and broaden horizons for the kids who didn’t win the “Parentage Lottery.”

      • ““We” are a society that sends a pretty clear message to the children born into poverty that they don’t “matter” as much as those born into the middle class”


        The very same message is sent to middle class children when compared to the children of the wealthy. There will always be people who have a advantage over another class, the wealthy have the same peer pressure from the 1 percent’ers loaded with money from all the past generations of their families.

        …granted their plight or struggles are not the same but the feeling of being less than equal to the people on the next plateau is very much real and has a lot of the same consequences in their lives.


      • Too bad those 5th graders parent(s?) aren’t embarrassed enough to get a job & lift themselves up. Poor kids are destined to follow the same lazy path. Help wanted signs all over the place. Learn a skill & get to work!
        No those children aren’t expected to fend for themselves-but I’m sad to say many probably do.
        For your information the good, moral people of the community HAVE banded together in church & the churches give a LOT of time, money & other resources to combat the wrong imposed on these children AND lend a helping hand to their parents in many instances. I know how much you despise churches but they ARE doing more than their fair share to help those less fortunate.
        Can you & any groups you belong to say the same???

        • Most of those parents ARE working, and the point is that the children CAN’T make the difference, because they are children.
          Yes, I can say I do plenty for others, without any “pay” of any sort. Btw, I do not “despise churches”. Many of them are good organizations that do a great deal for humanity. Some of them, not so much, though!

  9. I am conservative in thinking, far from a TPer. But to blame the masses for the problems of a few is ludicrous.It’s about choices, responsibility and the desire to do the right thing and live your life as a productive member of society. These guys know the difference between right and wrong, they choose not to care. They choose to take the easy route. Not saying that the situation has no cures, but to blame those of us that choose to live our lives in a responsible manner for the ills of others is a sad testament towards the direction in which our society is transitioning. “Yes your honor, I did rob that bank, but it’s not my fault. The people on the other side of the tracks have always led me to believe I am not as good as they are, that I am inferior. It’s their fault I robbed that bank”. Shame on them. Not so subliminal message; bull hockey.

    • The east side has a growing affluenza problem and it needs to be addressed as well.

    • If you don’t think self-image shapes behavior, you’re wrong. If you think societal attitudes shape self-images, you’re stupid.
      I’m pretty sure I didn’t blame “everybody”, but you sound like you may should some of the blame.

      • Excuse me, that should read: If you DON’T believe societal attitudes shape self-images, you’re stupid.

        I think faster than I type when I’m mad.

        • I agree with you about societal attitudes mattering; however, I would argue that the way they have changed, especially now that 60’s generation is starting to now retire with both money and power, is going to further the decline in societal values. From the civil rights movement being corupted, to moral equivalency of any norm or mores, we are reaping what has been sowed.

  10. ” If we don’t stop sending the not-so-subliminal message to the young people of the South Side that they are somehow “less” than others, this is only going to get worse. It should be the business of the “village” to step up for youngsters whose parents won’t.”


    Interesting comment, I’m curious as to how you feel we as a village can help these folks? and what aspect of society has let them down?

    The reason I’m asking is that as a business man I have helped people in situations like these young men over the years by giving them jobs, trying to teach them a trade, and help them improve their social skills while earning a decent wage.

    The problem I’ve always ran into is the number of them who actually want a job is very slim, some show up hours late and take personal offense when questioned why they were late. One particular fellow who showed a lot of talent repeatedly showed up late for work but I kept working with him until he just gave up and quit because a job was just too much of a hassle (being at work on time) and the rewards (a paycheck) were too little for the effort, he told me he could sell drugs and make more in one day then working all week at a job.

    Funny thing, the day these fellows were arrested I saw another past employee got arrested who also showed a lot of promise but had problems with jobs interfering with his “thug life”, this will be his third strike and a sure trip to the big house.

    My point as a community we can only do so much, if the people do not want to elevate themselves then it is a wasted effort, all the chances, special effort, special considerations, charity, freebies and assistance really doesn’t work in trying to give people the skill set needed to not only be a good citizen of the community but a good employee, they have to want to break the mold, take the high road and better themselves first.


    • I ran a jobs program for “at risk” youth, many years ago. It was far-and-away the most rewarding job I ever held. It’s really a great feeling to see a kid with low-self esteem blossom because they are able to get positive feedback from positive role-models while “on the job.” When they have the added bonus of a little money in their pocket and a couple of “extra” things the EARNED, they really “got it”. I see a lot of those kids these days, grown up, at the grocery or mall, with their families in tow and they take great pride in telling me what they do for a living.
      I’m not claiming a 100% success rate, but it was way better than the alternative.
      That, Blanger, is NOT opinion. It is first-hand KNOWLEDGE.

      • Thank you Ma’am, not only for your service to the community but your reply.

        I too have felt the joy of seen folks you have helped blossom and progress as individuals not on your scale but it’s the same feeling of making a difference in someone’s life for the better.


        • EVERY young person needs to know that they have SOMEBODY who will “go to the mat” to help them do the right things in life. I was just really, really lucky to get to be one of those people for my five “blood” children and a few hundred “heart” children.

  11. Editor:

    When the President walks through the front door of the Innovation Hub on 2-14-14, will you:

    1) Receive him warmly, and get the handshake photo op which will adorn your CVIH facility wall for the next decade plus; or

    2) Refuse him admittance, with an obscenity-laced tirade–shown endlessly on Fox News–about what a useless SOB President he has become, especially his nerve to propose the Affordable Care Act ?

    Do you have the balls for # 2 ? Your writings appear to be along those lines.

    • This is a brilliant couple of alternatives.

      Like/Dislike, Agree/Disagree…greeting the President of the United States with respect and having a picture of you doing it shows self-respect and you are capable of being a peer…including a peer that wants to see someone else other than him in the Office.

      #2 sounds like an idea from an obese, drug-addicted radio entertainer with no children, no family and four marriages behind him. It is quite becoming.

    • Easy answer #1 is the only option regardless of your opinion of the man or the job he is doing, reason being #2 not only could get you on numerous lists that you really don’t want to be on, and it’s not the right way to handle the situation, it could have much more dramatic effects to your health.

      Your talking about the leader of the free world who is proclaimed to be the most powerful figure in the world, read that again and think about it.


    • Ridiculous comment. Your post is indicative of a black and white, no gray, authoritarian worldview.

      I am a strong supporter of the ACA, it’s far from perfect but it is far better than what we had before.

      I am also a strong supporter of the editors holding the President accountable. Have the editors deterioated and drifted into unhelpful snide comments and unrepresentative anecdotal evidence? Yes, but so what? I am also guily of some of the same sins.

      The editors are doing liberals and the president a favor by holding him accountable, which is more than I can say for some of my Obamabot friends who continue to make excuses for him. After all nothing is riding on the rollout of the ACA other than the future of healthcare in this country, the future of the Democratic party and the elections of 2014 and 2016. Not that the elections should matter all that much but the health of millions of Americans.

      My dissapoint in the editors is with the sabatoge and treachery of the republican party in undermining the ACA. Nearly 1/3 of Hoosiers think the ACA is:

      Illegal in Indiana
      Been overturned by SCOTUS
      Been repealed
      Not available in Indiana

      Both CA and KY had phony ACA websites set up to purposefully deceive consumers. Nice huh? Denying people the chance to health insurance/health care?
      Why hasn’t the CCO covered these stories?

      If the CCO is truly objective they would be giving coverage to the above.

    • Out of respect for the office of the president and in support of the national innovation hub initiative I will choose #1. If a private conversation is off the record I most certainly have the cajones to criticize the implementation failures that have been encountered with the ACA. Unlike some others, I do want all president’s of the United States to succeed and will do what I can to help whether that is raising a ruckus over failures or supporting promising ideas. As for my writings I am sure they will have been investigated and well known prior to touch down at PSIA by AF1.

      • You’d think they’d investigate your writings, but this is the Admin that couldn’t build a website. Nothing would surprise me.

  12. Slightly off topic, but I’m glad to hear they are excavating on the old Exec lot. I hope they are making sure they’re not getting ready to build on the lost African American cemetery.

    Back on topic, when you say “the government should build infrastructure” you’re making way too generic of a statement. Wasting money on roads is expensive, promotes sprawl, destroys the environment, and makes a city unhealthy among many other things. Rails, trails, and even ports promote development within a city’s core by focusing on Transit Oriented Development. So there’s a big difference there and you can’t lump the two together.

  13. Off Topic:

    “EVANSVILLE — Mayor Lloyd Winnecke would like the IU Medical Center to be in a 6-block area Downtown bordered by Locust, Cherry, Fourth and Sixth streets.

    The area covers Deaconess Clinic, D-Patrick and radio building. The location is across the street from the planned convention hotel. Mayor Lloyd Winnecke made the announcement Friday, which is the deadline to submit proposals.”

    Actually, not a bad location!

    • That is a horrendous selection. Taking the D-Patrick lots will now fully surround the Ford Center with incompatible development, and will leave it with zero room to grow.

      Furthermore, the development is far away from the METS Bus terminal and has zero nearby facilities that compliment this type of development.

      I hope they at least put back the canal in the middle of it if they are going to build a green campus.

      Either way, I’m moving my support to Warrick County.

      • This is probably the death knell for Winnecke’s ‘fight like the dickens’ for downtown approach. If IU goes for a NONCONTIGUOUS series of disparate sites peppered over a six block area, I’ll be shocked.

        Can anyone cite a similar plan for a similarly sized school in this country that’s ever won such a bid?

        • I understood it to be all of that six-square block area. It’s just the buildings named in the article, not everything? That’s REALLY insane!

          • Just Google earthed the entire 6 block area. It is not even 8 acres. There is literally no way for the med school to expand or for any businesses to gather around it for support. Compared to the other three contenders, this is one piss poor site.

          • @Surveyor: Out of order d/t format.

            I was figuring it to be less than 10 acres, thanks for the info. The people lauding this pile of puckey have apparently NOT read the RFP. I wonder if the Mayor did.
            If that proposal is chosen, it will simply show how corrupt this state is.

            • I just used another tool that is a geographic planimeter and came up with 17.44 acres for the entire area. I have pretty good confidence in the measurement.

          • This was really the only spot it could have possibly been squeezed into without razing more buildings. Speaking of razing… I’m hearing it will cost in the tens of millions just to buy up the property; that’s before a single building is even razed or a single shovel turned.

            The downtown will the far and away the most expensive site for taxpayers.

          • Editor,

            Was that 17.44 acre estimate accounting for Deaconess Clinic taking up most of the south end of the parcel?

      • I can’t go for Warrick County, but this site is a mess. USI or the Promenade are far superior, and so is Warrick Co.. If this is the choice, we will see just how crooked Indiana politics really are. Has everybody forgotten that “D-Pat’s” last name is ZIEMER? They named the “Ford Center” and now want to move out of downtown?
        This reeks to high heaven. I think I understand TZ’s big donations to Hizzoner last year.

        • Dpat wanted an arm and a leg for the lots for the Ford center. How is that going to be affordable this time around? And again why fully box in the fc? Just dumb all around. Looks like the ground hog is seeing forty more years of nothing for old central and the entrance to downtown.

        • Why fault D-Pat(O’Daniel?) for seizing an opportunity afforded to them? Isn’t the idea to make profits for your business, as long as those profits are legal? Winnecke has created this opportunity with his very unwise choice for the Med school location. He sees an opportunity to be remembered as the Mayor that finally revitalized the d’town(@ whatever the cost?)This location will make students TRAVEL to & from USI, Deaconess, U of E, Gateway, etc. Where is the new d’town student housing to be located? I agree on (1) thing: if this location is chosen, the smell will begin.

      • This proposal is an embarrassment. It doesn’t fit the RFP in any way. That being said, I’m still not sure the “fix” isn’t in. It could well be crammed in downtown as a way to line the pockets of certain pols with big real estate interests there.

    • I wonder what the soil samples will show? This ought to really muck up whatever traffic flow was left downtown.

      • Where will people park for events like fireworks? Those lots are overflowing every year. They’ll need yet another garage.

        …and can anyone figure out why people keep touting a connection with the hotel? How many University students and faculty stay in hotels? Where is this nonsense coming from?

      • EKB; I really do wonder to how the evansville downtown has any viable cost balance for a viable RFP.
        You’ll want to keep an Eye on that downtown team.
        I did read the evenings C&Ps comments bombing assignments for the usual “toadies” as you all call them.

        Geez,what load of it. The site chosen could possibly be forced into a plan design,kinda a squeeze though, what with the hotel ghost still looming. Brad Linzy,kinda nailed that.
        Better watch’em,somethings gonna get lost in the focus fray, that is when the real fur starts flying.
        The crumby infrastructure your already getting the bill for kneecaps the site before the game. Throughput logistics hamstring it.

        I did see you broadcast news per NBC,National and local The story they did on Owensboro was nice,that place is really taking off,and the plan actually looks as if It can sustain flight long enough to elevate the Riverfront they have clearly achieved expectations with,makes the planned destination a actuality.

        I still see a better site for a IU complex,however the thing that I cannot understand from afar is the whole picture the metro should apply to the RFP developments/proposals.

        First “Indiana” University Medical Studies Campus. Once I said that and thought of the issues needing solved there,something else came to mind. Metro,and that means the whole region they specified as “South Western Indiana”,in case nobody notices that, thats all of you.

        Chandler and Newburgh have a sewer and water issue,court actions and such. Then I read that Ron Bacon was looking for a viable solution for them. Now Martin development sits across the road and they want to develop. What the hell is a couple hundred feet going to provide one way or another when actually regional INDIANA student access for higher education and commerce growth should actually be the main objective driver. duh.

        The area out along that line,has everything needed to set the abstract and move forward.
        The water and sewer infrastructure downtown is garbage,really,so is the environmental footprint,needs real work,and a honest plan for the best application per the people that must support the mess,for balanced cost forward per infrastructure.

        How I would do this? In a State of affairs that acts like a State,rather than an affected state.

        Simple,build the combined throughput transportation infrastructure ,matching utilities to cross and blend the whole metro.
        BTW,More than half of your CSO issues in evansville and “all” Chandler and Newburgh’s two county water and sewer infrastructure supply and stormwater management plus, a visionary,brand spanking new advanced “century open” Medical center design built right into both county lines.

        Supposed sites both to be available for growth and development with an leading edge revolutionary unique campus staged to “evolve with the planet”, as, the planet “will” present it.

        Downtown will grow,as well maybe into the right pockets,however growth would be practically applied per the right plan and the correct venues per the location.

        Those fellas up the river in Kentucky are sporting a pretty darn decent River City model there. Scheezzze.
        You’re downtown is stifled by its own grandiosity of ambitions.
        I’m thinking from the newscast I watched from Owensboro, if I actually had some share of the profitability of the station I’d pull a ole switcher’ew with that stuff.

        Make evansville the satellite location 🙂

        New location station! build it! Where the more positive civic action is,someplace,that has more good news as a balance for reporting than “adjusted” or “affected” news.

        Good throughput also,shoot the drive ain’t nothing and they do have the air helo assets,as well.

        Made me think of the INDIANA farmer grandfather,when watching the young reporters. Told us young men cousins “don’t try to fill the trough all at once,use two buckets and don’t fill them all the way up at once,carry’em out there each 1/2 full,you won’t waste what carring you get more there that way.

        Then! He told the Girls “listen to your Mothers and Granny.
        Do take this advice from your ole Grandfather,don’t waste any good given time,kissing frogs.”
        “Father time, will show you just exactly what I mean by that girls.”
        Today,that advice would likely include the urban forests toads.

        Buckets of water also still work better in increments,like always, you,ll get more on your target,as well.

        • This may well be the one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the public. I don’t think Evansville even has the bonding capacity to purchase the property, much less do a decent job on the required demolition.
          I would bet good money that HCW’s financing for the hotel depends on the downtown site being chosen.
          All that being said, I don’t think this travesty of a plan should be taken lightly. It just might happen. There are a lot of people who stand to profit from this that have influence with IU.
          This would REALLY play havoc with traffic flow for the Ford Center events, the best I can figure.

  14. I’d say CCO is being a bit shorted sight and not so much the taxpayers. Really; “… and short sighted to pay a few more dollars in taxes to correct these problems…”?

    Over the past decades how many millions of Evansville tax dollars have been pissed away with the local politicians whoredom with things like stadiums, dog parks and pick any past mayor seeking to tomb like memorial so they can have their name on some everlasting chunk of concrete. Or how many schemes have past mayors pissed away tax dollars to out of city “experts” to tell them how to revitalize downtown, or, or, or, etc?

    Had the mayors of past focused on the infrastructure like water main then the current problems would not be so many and so costly for repair.

    No CCO I think you are blaming the wrong people.

  15. Governor Bully/Bridge closer just had the finger pointed at him

    He is burnt toast.

    Good riddance.

    • Being an ex-Prosecutor, he’d really be “Prom Queen” in the pen. Of course, he won’t do any time, but Jeb Bush is looking more like a candidate all the time.

      • John Huntsman could have won last election if the Repubs hadn’t backdoored him. He has a good record and is willing to work the isle to get things done. Another bush is not the answer, they might as well forfiet the next election too. A little research on the candidates history would serve the voters well, instead of listening to party leaders.

          • If the truth had been told about how bad Obama screwed up the healthcare roll out in 2012, Romney would be President Romney today and the election wouldn’t have been all that close. The lies of Obama and his minions may just destroy the liberal cause for many years.

          • So far, looking at the R field, I’ll be with Rand Paul. His defense of personal liberty, his calls to end the war on drugs, to end the policy of drone bombing, and his understanding of the causes of international terrorism have not been well articulated by any other R.

            I’m actually quite shocked that liberals give the guy so much hell. My guess is they’re scared of him. He’s well spoken and his social positions encroach heavily on what has traditionally been seen as ‘liberal’ policy territory and his economics sits firmly within the mainstream of where the average American sits. His calls to audit the Fed, like his father before him, have been well received. A Rasmussen poll during the last election cycle showed overwhelming support for this idea. I’m also excited to hear more about his ‘economic freedom zones’ proposal.

            One thing is certain…this country does not need any more family dynasties. No more Bushes and no more Clintons.

    • Brains: One thing for sure,if the most viable finger point is actually from whom I think it very well could be,probabilities,suggests that the rest of the “loaf” is somewhat crispy,as well. So.

      Speculation,or,free thinking,take your choice.

      Think,critical transportation asset for commerce and port security,safety,and such.

    • He’s in even deeper today. He needs to resign from the RGA NOW, and wait a couple of weeks, resign as Gov. of New Jersey and quietly move to Canada.

      • As the forces of accountability surround him he seems to be morphing into more of a square shape than his former truncated bowling pin configuration. He is a bully and a liar and is getting what he deserves.

        If he breaks out in that fleece jacket some tried to iconize on his behalf during the hurricane it will be one of the last signs of desperation before self deporting. He might be on the next train north with Bieber.

  16. Way to go! I am looking forward to a statement about the fight like the dickens site of our Winnecke and the gang of cronies!

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