IS IT TRUE? January 31, 2011

The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? January 31, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the sunshines bright in the old Kentucky home but that the sunshine (as in laws) may be getting blocked by the doors to the back rooms on this side of the money saving bridge in the City of Evansville?…that sunshine laws have a purpose that is only fulfilled when they are allowed to fill the back rooms with the light of disclosure?

IS IT TRUE that the State of Indiana has open door (sunshine) laws that are defined by Indiana code 5-14-1.5-2?…that a principle purpose of these laws is to assure that closed door meetings are not used by politicians to determine what to do with taxpayer dollars?…that a public agency is defined , among other things, as “Any advisory commission, committee, or body created by statute, ordinance, or executive order to advise the governing body of a public agency?…that there are a few exceptions contained in 5-14-1.5-6.1?…that it is subject to legal review as to whether or not the stadium management advisory committee and the Evansville Redevelopment Commission are defined exceptions to this law?…that the meetings of the advisory committee have not been announced, posted, or open to the media?

IS IT TRUE that Indiana Code 5-14-1.5-2 is accessible through the following link?

IS IT TRUE CITY COUNTY OBSERVER MOLE # 3 earlier today predicted that a political battle looms between Mayor Weinzapfel and the Evansville City Council about yet another back room deal done outside of the halls of government to select the new firm to manage the new Downtown Evansville Arena?…that this clandestine action has become a fever pitch political issue? ….that City Councilmen, Dan McGinn’s e-mail we received from an confidential source and published earlier today concerning the fact that SMG lost the new arena contract has elected officials fuming?

IS IT TRUE that an Advisory Committee to study and recommend which marketing firm should promote the activities at the new Downtown Arena was appointed by the Mayor? ….that the members of this Committee are City Councilman, John Friend, Arena Project Manager John Kish, New Downtown Arena Project manager, Dave Rector, Vanderburgh County Building Authority Director, Andy Goebel, retired Vectren Executive, Sara Miller, Old National Bank Executive, Ed Hafer, retired architect, Wayne Henning, Retired banker and Past Chairmen of the new arena study Advisory Board and Kathy Kleindorfer an independent consultant?

IS IT TRUE that this Advisory Committee met several times to discuss which firm should manage the new Downtown Arena? ….that the last meeting of this committee was held at Vectren Corporation’s offices in downtown Evansville on the 2nd floor?….that when the committee seemingly decided to make final recommendations who they decided to manage the new arena that they were escorted the 8th floor Vectren Conference room? ….that Mayor Weinzapfel was already sitting at the head of the table in the conference room to hear the advisory committee that he appointed tell him what their final decision would be?…that this meeting was not announced, posted, or open to the media?

IS IT TRUE we wonder if this Committee took minutes of the discussion and actions taken at this gathering….we wonder since this meeting was to discuss the “People’s Business” and shall make their choice public to the Evansville Redevelopment Commission this coming Tuesday shouldn’t this adhere to Public Access (Sunshine) laws?

IS IT TRUE we wonder how this Advisory Committee can make a decision on who the best firm to Manage the new Downtown Arena since they didn’t discuss any of the terms of the contract to be offered by all the bidders for this project?

IS IT TRUE we predict that the Evansville Redevelopment Commission will be surprised who show up to make comments and ask questions about this political “Hot Potato” ?


  1. Is it True?

    Is it true that when City Council weighs in on the issue of awarding a contract for mangement of the new arena, they should disclose their acceptance of free concert tickets and free basketball season tickets from SMG for over 20 years.

    Is it true that a pair of free season tickets for UE basketball would buy two bottles of Opus One?

    Is it true that pair of free concert tickets would buy two bottles of Frog’s Leap Merlot?

    Is it true this cozy relationship with SMG prevents elected officials from being objective on this issue?

    Is it true this has been going on for years and neither political party will disclose these gifts as it may appear to be improper and preclude acceptance of free tickets in the future?

  2. is it true that this will probably only be a fever pitched issue among those very few city officials who are not owned and operated by Jonathan Weinzapfel? Dan McGinn, Doc Adams to name a few? This election we have a unique oppourtunity to break the Democratic machine, which includes lapdog Lloyd Winnecke, and elect Rick Davis for a change

      • Careful there vvc1…

        We just heard about another secret meeting that wasn’t open to the taxpayers – at 1 vvc square.

        Last thing we need to hear is the future election results, according to 1 vvc square.

        We don’t want to start looking like Egypt… do we?

        • a lot of things you and I don’t know about go on at 1 Vectren Square, I don’t like them any more than youo do. I’m surprised they even let weinzapel in the building

          • Well, there is no doubt about that. But I was hinting about you going by the “vvc1” name.

            Some of us are wondering if you’re typing from that mysterious 8th floor board room?

    • Possibly, but didn’t the previous days “This is True?” say 7 of 9 council members were upset with the decision.

      Whoever they are, they owe us some disclosure.

  3. we know that one member is not upset, evidently John “rubber stamp” Friend is not upset with the mayor’s descision to get rid of SMG.

  4. We know others who are not upset. Just a few months ago the CCO was going on and on about how wired SMG was and it was a done deal. Wonder how they just switch horses. According to CCO, they have a personal vendetta against the Mayor.

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