IS IT TRUE January 29, 2014


IS IT TRUE January 29, 2014

IS IT TRUE that we have all seen or heard about the new name that the performing arts center formerly known as The Centre?…most are even aware that the Vanderburgh County Commissioners signed a naming rights deal with Old National Bank for UP TO $14 Million?…the reality of the situation was made very clear yesterday when the City County Observer published the agreement and the minutes of the meeting that the deed was ratified by a 3 – 0 vote by Commissioners Abell, Melcher, and Kiefer?…the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County are not getting a red cent for the naming rights?…ONB may be making an investment of UP TO $14 Million in a new downtown convention hotel?…for that investment they will find some sneaky but legal way to own a proportional share of the hotel with all of the rights and responsibilities that ownership brings?…our County Commissioners actually gave  ONB roughly a million dollars worth of tickets, free use, etc, in the performing arts building formerly known as The Centre to make a private investment in a commercial enterprise?…while this is a slap in the face of the taxpayers of this county it is an absolute stroke of genius and has taken SNEGAL (sneaky but legal) to a new level?…these commissioners, if they actually thought of this, are wasting their talents?…these commissioners or whomever came up with this SNEGAL scheme should be playing with the big boys on Wall Street creating credit default swaps and other SNEGAL paper products to make enough money in a week to build a downtown hotel themselves?

IS IT TRUE that the State of Indiana has now passed an ordinance to control those noisy but inexpensive micro-crotch-rockets known as scooters?…Evansville was recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal for as one of Americas scooter zones?…the reality of the situation is that scooters are cheap transportation and are the only affordable way for some people to get around town?…if scooters are stamped down by the long arm of the law both people and the businesses that employ these scooter people will feel disruption?…while we understand the need to regulate that legislative bodies often succumb to we think that scooters should be as easy to register as a dog because they provide a vital and needed transportation alternative in a city that has low pay and limited public transportation?…scooters are a good solution for much of Evansville and need to be embraced as an alternative form of transportation?

IS IT TRUE that President Obama’s opening salvo in his 5th State of the Union address sounded more like George Bush or Ronald Reagan than what we have become accustomed to from this President?…when the statement “FIRST CLASS JOBS GRAVITATE TO FIRST CLASS INFRASTRUCTURE” came from the President’s lips it got this writer’s attention?…hopefully it got the attention of the powers that be here in Evansville too?…President Obama did not say one word in his economic comments about parks, temples to sport, tourism, or hotels?…that alone should be a word to the local government?…the President went on to call out the CORPORATE TAX CODE for paying American businesses to offshore jobs and cash?…the words opportunity, innovation hubs, patent reform (so business can invest in innovation and not litigation), streamlining the permitting process, and my favorite “the best measure of opportunity is access to a good job?”…these words on the economy have been needed for many years?…quite frankly if one compares George Bush’s 2007 SOTU address to President Obama’s 2014 SOTU, one would be amazed at the similarities?…this writer was shocked, amazed, and encouraged from last night’s speech?

IS IT TRUE the efficacy of these grand notions will however come down to execution and implementation?…with program after program and most recently the roll out of the ACA that the Obama Administration has failed miserably?…if one is challenged to find a way to make a website work in 3 years for over $600 Million, the innovation and business building exercise may be insurmountable?…Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary commented after the SOTU that the President is “swirling in a mire of executional delusion?…many other op-ed writers from both sides of the aisle have pointed out this administrations history of failure to launch anything at all?…the CCO hopes this time the President comes through on the economic side as to wish for anything else would be like accepting another 3 years of stagnation?…this writer runs the innovation hub in Palm Springs, CA which was the first innovation hub formed 3 years ago?…the person who wrote that initiative is the same person who went on to become the COO of the federal EDA and put this bug in President Obama’s ear?…the story of the CViHub and the federal Innovation Hub initiative will be the subject of an op-ed that was written last week and is in the editing rooms of three national publications now?…of course the CCO will have reprint rights next week?…it is very supportive of the new President Obama but does concentrate on the need for excellence in implementation?…the title is “to build the impossible dream” taking the next step necessary to avoid the fate of Don Quixote who only “dreamed the impossible dream” but never executed it?…last night the President reminded us that the dream was still alive?…it will be up to all of us to ever see it implemented?


  1. Anyone else watch the GOP response? What an idiot! We’ve found our new Sarah Palin!

    • There you go again with personal attacks and name calling. We have been forced to call that idiot Obama “President” for 5 years now even though he is useless for anything but chatter. Man up and call this woman Congresswoman. That is what she is and the people of Washington voted her in. Is she an idiot? Well that depends on whom she is compared to. Compared to Obama, Pelosi, Ried, or Biden, this lady is the smartest kid in the class.

      • Smarter than them? Not a chance. She just fits your mold. A subservient woman who says Jesus this and Jesus that and will fall in line with whatever her Koch bro handlers tell her.

        • You are too eaten up with mindless hate to listen to anyone outside of your small extreme left world. Life in the echo chamber has rendered you useless in a world that needs collaboration to succeed.

    • Rep. Rodgers is not nearly as charismatic as half-Gov. Palin, nor does she speak as well. What she said was delivered in a stilted manner, as if she was hoping for “atta-girls” from her masters to cheer her on.
      That being said, she is a lot classier than Palin, and giving the answer to SOTU is a rough job. Her speech didn’t amount to anything, except to point out how hard-up the GOP is for women to represent it.

      • Even though it was a completely vacuous repsonse, the ‘Baggers Rand Paul and Mike Lee made McMorris Rodgers look good. There’s nothing like hearing Aqua Buddha’s little voice squeal out. He actually thinks he could become president. Nein, nein and nein.

        • I think competing rebuttals muddle the republican message and left people wanting less.

          Her using her child as a way to gut punch the ACA was distasteful to say the least.

          Ya think her appearance mauled her chances of steeping into the tea parties spot light?

          I do.

          • ANd Obama bringing in all the sob story cases to promote ACA wasn’t distasteful. I just love how hypocritical the left is.

          • I see, no one is entitled to their own opinions and any such thing is viewed at fragmentation. I see you do not uphold the Constitutional freedom of individuality.

          • @dveatch: out of order d/t silly format.

            Of course I uphold an individual’s right to think and speak about those thoughts. I was referring to the optics of a political party that can’t seem to find a leader. In politics, optics account for a lot.

          • You REALLY believe that the people are the leaders, and the politicians are their servants. In theory, yes. In reality, not so much!

          • According to the founding principles of this country, yes. It is those like you that prefer the tables turned. Then spend your time in threads like these moaning over the decisions made by your leaders.

            Note the context of that sentence. They are not my leaders, they are my public servants and as such should act accordingly. Few do and the rest are only interested in cajoling the easily “led” to further their own gravy train with you paying the ticket.

            In regards your to perceived dissonance with some Republicans not towing the line, that’s called hashing/talking, ie discourse through issues. It is how you properly solve problems.

            I think you need to clean the smudges from your optics.

          • And let me add the good fortune of such dissonance that occured in the Whig party of the 1800s else slavery would be an institution put in place by the Democrats.

          • Dveatch if you really don’t realize the parties switched in 1964 you’re terriby behind the 8 ball.

      • It appears that someone is a little bit scared of the congresswoman. Why else would you be so demeaning and condescending towards her. Leftist hate. Oh and was that a racist remark you made? “masters”? If anyone on here with a differing point of view had used the term you would be throwing a hissy fit.

      • Republicans and christians, a toxic combination of ignorance and arrogance.

        We’ll pray for you and hold a raffle for you, other than that “We go Butpkiss”

  2. No mention of the republican nut job threatening a reporter after being called out for his illegal activities? Typical.

  3. I believe that POTUS has long been preaching the gospel of improving infrastructure, and that is one of the things that keeps me supporting him. We just need a Congress to commit to infrastructure up-dates, and the economy will experience a significant up-turn. That is the traditional way we get out of recession/depression.
    Sometimes I wonder if an economic upturn is feared by some of the farthest-right among us, because they would rather see the US fail, than see this President succeed. It is time for reasonable conservatives and centrist liberals to steer the ship in the direction it needs to go, and do it together.

    • In California, four massive grid level solar projects are held up by permits and silly regulations like 4 turtles live in this space. Infrastructure is vital to economic activity. If it takes 10 years to get a permit to build something that was needed in 2 years we are chasing our tail. The past five years or more we have been chasing our tail. If the President wants to use his pen and phone to do something positive he should start with getting rid of the silly regulations and the project killing permitting process.

      It is one thing to preach the gospel of infrastructure. It is quite another to feed the beast that prevents implementation while pounding the pulpit. Progress will depend on both the President and the congress changing their destructive ways.

      • Did the President make those rules and regs? I agree that some of the environmental things go a bridge too far, and some don’t go far enough. I’m guessing that some of the regs blocking the CA project are new and some are not.
        The bottom line is that bridges, roads, and utility grids that already exist need repair, and our International airports are a disgrace! The local sewer mess is probably more typical than we want to believe.
        We can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

        • You hit the nail on the head. Some regs are new and some are not. The President is indirectly responsible for some of the new ones. Of course he does not sit around writing regs. What he does is articulate an agenda that inspires others to write regs that have unintended consequences. That is all too familiar.

          • Why didn’t you call the president out for the three pinnochio lies he told about people signing up for ObamaCare? Why do you believe anything else this proven liar says? Obama finally pulled the wool over the CCO’s eyes. He is not going to do any of those things you praised him for. You see, when it comes to really doing something that involves more than bullshitting this guy is useless.


          • Good grief what you’re talking about is just plain old balance of needs,why no one can apply the methodology “or tend the garden” without smashing someone else’s tomatoes,I really can’t understand.
            Some bad stuff is on every scale just as the good is on the other side,human need always gets short stick’ed,in the middle somewhere.

            The entire universe finds its balance in all its vastness not yet understood by the human race,finding some balance to improve needs for conditions on this piss ant planet really should be a bunny.

            Right now I know exactly where to apply the hoe.
            Carbon Sequestration,clean water supplies on a global scale and those incremental infrastructure developments that follow,bunnies.

            EKB,I can show the “dots connected” on the International airports problems big time. Again,incremental climate change actions.
            The weather logistics slap them to the ground once they land,so basically,that’s “the issue”,and there “is” an answer, its based in pure simple pressure related thermodynamics and we use it “sometimes” for other common infrastructures.

            Its a logistical timing fix for more reliable flight timing.

            Solution,Ground deice the plane six times faster [created an innovation] and with more actual inspection related AN safety measures,and,less carbon use with,cleaner more viable processes,and less chemical incursion to the environment.
            Could be an objective for exploration there. I have an aviation background,as well. Know this stuff from experience. You can have the best airport given to mankind,the absolute best aircraft on the planet,if the planet dumps ice and snow on the sucker,you are there,ramp queened,until they get it off,and you can taxi. And if,the planet doesn’t reapply its cold little crystal nasties unto you,before one gets cleared onto the runway for flight operations. uck!

            Oops! Think I need to talk to Boeing…sorry.

        • You can’t build or rebuild an infrastructure with a 501c3 mentality. This president is a great divider and at the rate we’re going I can see this country having,”No go zones” in a few years.

      • In regard to your latest “Have-you-stopped-beating-your-wife-yet” poll; Is that a typo in your last bad choice? Don’t you mean that the President CAN’T do anything?
        A choice that reflects the readers of CCO being reasonable people who would like to see things get done by government, without an inappropriate “slam” at the President would be nice.

        • My source is the project manager for Brightstar and it is for the Ivanpah project that President Clinton visited last year. Actually the person who told me these things is the very person in your PBS article who gave a talk in my Renewable Energy Roundtable. Your cost does not include the costs of litigation, permitting, impact studies, and dealing with aggressive protesters. The Palen and Blythe projects that are larger than Ivanpah are currently on hold for the same damn reasons and eating our tax dollars daily for no apparent benefit.

    • EKB,Editor,I listened to the SOTU,as well. I also heard the fella say…VERY CLEARLY “climate change is a fact” .

      While looking,actually,mulling over all the “politically bent fact checks” this morning. The only thing the talking profiles are barfing out about the speech is the compounding geopolitical economic issues that really,”in fact”,Climate Change is driving,and will continue to do so with absolutely little or no regard to whom is in power in Washington D.C…and, certainly not in Indiana,or evansville,for sure. You can count your “change” on that one.


      What I heard “I did,as an “centrist politically”wholly, agree with,so far.”
      I am encouraged and hopeful that “others’ I have communicated with this morning are “also pleased,as well.”

      Could be science,research,technology,innovation,and plain old American ingenuity,and real some work,can/will become the change people are really looking for,and can lift this country up to a level at which it can perform the basic infrastructure rebuild we are going to have to achieve to remain a leading nation in the stewardship of the only planet the human race can live on for the foreseeable future,at hand.
      “Thats the hope for change I’ve been working on.” Why not?

      Today the news pictures are even spouting the issue, ever,more clearly,look at the southeast! Atlanta’s political provisionists have been all over the I.T.pages with their achievements for “smart city programs” Well I guess when it comes down to real climate change infrastructure and geopolitical management,”not so much.”

      It will be interesting to see how that plays out “down the road” when those people go to the polls.
      Good thing this morning wasn’t election day,probably put new definition aspect on ” Sudden environmental Change”.

      Environmentally based,social economic,geo-political “Clipper” so to speak. The same issue you face there,redeveloping your downtown,actually for what,business,gimme a break you cannot successfully manage your waste as its sent to the gulf effectively enough that somehow you must spent the probable likes of a billion dollars to bring it to the “current requirements”.

      When looking in from afar,well,”that x-splains allot”.

      Agreed with the POTUS with his statement..”Climate Change is a fact”(Barack Obama) circa 1/28/2014/.

      Ok gotcha Prez, now how do we “change” with it?

      Exactly what I have been barking about and finding solutions for,climate change actions and clearly clean water sourcing that is reliable enough that its cost is minimal and available as a planet supplied natural resource should be.

      The models,I have working in Savannah Ga,Charleston Sc,Decatur,Mobile,Waycross Ga,and others in Arkansas,Louisiana,Texas Oregon,Washington.Shoot, I need one in Alaska, lots of their ice,is melting. 🙂

      And up the east coast throughout from the Delaware river down to Chesapeake bay are the models are working just fine,just as predicted.
      Joe,the model I have in the Bay area out in California might also,if it ever rains enough to activate the units “lil,ticker” and get it going.
      No rain? Actually the overall systems network capabilities,built in, would supply the infrastructure as a region,and,with funding return for cleaner water supplies..lots of it.

      “Even under their present planetary conditionals.”

      Regions closest to actual sea level have the most productive percentages to gain from this model type.

      The models observed,in your metro location are working fine,as well.

      The issue with your proposed projects you all are “so caught up in” is going to leave your area well behind,as usual,Sad,the altitude the place could gain as an national show piece model demonstration solves every economic regional you need to be funding there, Your cities problems per infrastructure define that,the EPA mandate drives,it and the system would actually create the revenue to develop and rebuild system model showpiece infrastructure.

      Geographically speaking,its almost an perfect location,politically its almost impossible.
      That is also exactly how,I choose, I will support by donation or any other means “anyones” social economic geopolitical balance for sustainability* myself,from here ,so forth, moving forward. So.

      The rebuilding to create and balance this kind of an system for sustainability* should be a nationwide application,solves many issues today,
      If this was installed in the Atlanta regional metro,the kids could have gone home from school last night,the people wouldn’t be camping out on the interstates,and,the drought conditional they are recovering from would have little or no effect on the clean water supply for the entire region,as affected,either…or the planets.

      So. Yup, Mr.President,I agree with some of the speech content,as well.

      Motto for this,is an good one,


      “struck down,I rise again.”

    • Build did not work in the 1930’s and it won’t work today to get the economy out of this mess. Roads and bridges to places that produce nothing iz a waste. You want infrastructure that produces value; that is related to energy. Build more refineries, mine more coal, increase fracking and finish the Keystone pipeline, and stop burning food. This will result in more disposable income and less money spent on inelastic goods, like energy and food. Gas tax revenue goes up because people can afford to drive again and then you can pay for all the infrastructure you want, instead of bonding the country into oblivion, and getting less of a return due to higer labor costs related to federal contracts.

      • Yeah brilliant! String us out longer on fossil fuels and exacerbate the global warming problem.

        However, I do like the idea of producing more inelastic goods.

        So the private sector is more productive than the public sector huh? Hmmmm I wonder what the ROI of the twin bridges between Henderson and Evansville has been?

        The private sector couldn’t deliver ONE pallet of goods without public infrastructure nor one service item.

        • Good post. Sometimes I wonder who these morons think would build roads if we didn’t have taxes. They seem to all want to go back to the stone age. Talking to them is like talking to a brick wall.

          • The 53% of Americans that pay tax are aware that tax dollars build roads and bridges. The private sector pays the tax not the government. Infrastructure does not include hotels and arena which are supported by unions so they can get their contributory welfare. If we do get a jump start on rebuilding the infrastructure we’ll have to open the border to find people willing to work. The private sector that keeps this country going should be livid about the amount of tax that is paid and the condition of our roads. The current administration probably wants to fix the infrastructure but can’t figure out how to write the grant.

          • Nah,The Roman salt and silver paths and finally water road and taxes.

            Conquered slaves,stones chipped and beat in to fit,across Gaul to the land of the Celts. Hell they pissed off the highland horde so then they built the big ass wall,Hadrian made a brick wall,funny the asshole was considered one of the five good emperors. Damn Venus worshiper to,even rebuilt the Pantheon,built the Temple of Venus Roma.

            IT was probably a mean genetic streak in’em from drinking the water from lead pipes and taking raw mercury mix with wime to keep an erection.

            Hell they say his family origins came from region called Pic’e’num in Italy………

            Read about that asshole, and his army,says he made up false attacks just to keep the frigging legions drilled.damn where have we seen that one.

            The guy jacked-up Judea to torqued’um off so bad he had to call in reinforcement legions and the boys all the way from the Briton’s and the Danube to quell the uprising,fool lost a prime legion [wiped out] before he finally won. Killed a half a million or so Hebrews for the emperor army games he like to act out.

            Repeat,repeat,repeat………empirical rule,and roads and brick walls and such meah,what a hoot.

            I was checking out the aqueducts and the reasoning they built that within the region they did when I ran across ole Publius Hadrian the roman asshole,and the said third of their “five good humanist” emperors……geez.


        • Thanks, saved me another essay.

          “butt kick rebuttal, made easy [innovation]

          You ought to license that sucker* 🙂

          • Yea.. real strong arguments calling people morons.

            I’m glad you like Latin; “equi cauda sine causa non rapi.”

            Ad hominem replies of the type above remind me of what comes out when the aforementioned occurs.

          • cdad:

            Ex ore tanquam pullum,hinc nomen vocations cauda equina,sic respondebis de commes quod servus ipsum.

            mea quidem sententia,qui


      • The original bridge was built when Evansville was a growing city and Henderson was one of the more wealthy cities in the US; it was the result of growth and was paid for from toll revenues. The public sector can’t build anything without the private sector funding or building the project. Building roads to places where nothing is being produced is a waste. The argument of ROI on the twin bridges can be offset by an argument about the value of investment in roads far superior to what we have here, in towns like Youngstown, and other similar size cities in the northeast.

        Infrastructure spending suggestions to get the country out of its financial troubles is prescribing the same medicine that does not work. It did not bring the country out of the depression. Given how much was spent on infrastructure with Build America Bonds, all of our problems should be solved. How much more should be spent. The world is not going fund a public works ACA.

        As far as global warming is concerned, no matter what is stated, many scientists, say it is far from fact. I won’t mention the hockey stick or the impact of solar activity on weather that appears to have strong correlation to past warming and cool periods and ocean currents. One day (decade)its cooling next day its warming. The only time I have been warm this week is when I paid Vectren.

        With respect to fossil fuels, especially coal, please share your concerns with the Chinese and Indians about global warming or climate change, who are not really worried about clean coal tech; they are too busy growing and could care less what you or I say about it. Also call up the Germans who are coming back to using coal since they have shut down most of their nuclear plants.

        The great thing about the private sector is that no matter how questionable an idea or project is, you usually find someone to finance it, unless government steps in to do something foolish first.
        All one has to due is look at Solyndra and our recent forays with Earthscare, the wind turbine blades in the old Whrilpool plant, and the ethanol plant in Mt Vernon, to see there are issues with government funded or pushed alternative energy. I’m not against alternative energy, but we have to play to our strength, and use our resources to bridge the gap between now and when alternative energy is a more reliable source of energy. If not, this is just a wealth transfer scheme; it will lower the standard of living in the US and result in more pollution.

        • Good reply. I’m all for alternative energies, but they shouldn’t be forced upon us or fiddled with by government. The market wants to get off the grid. Consumers who are able want solar and wind. They are being prevented by protectionism from doing it economically.

          • Another enormous failure of government and Keynesian economics.(Snark)

            The ROI on those bridges has to have been enormous, GIGANTIC in fact

            But, but, but, before they were built we first had to take money out of the private sector!!!(Double Snark)

            Built in 1932 at near the height of unemployment and the Great Depression I would bet dollars to doughnuts the families of the workers on the bridge were probably save from near starvation.

            For causing the great depression our grandparents sent the republican party/economic conservatives and the Laissez faire types to the political wilderness for 40 years….. They should have stayed there.

  4. I am not ashamed to say I didn’t watch SOTU, and I feel better for not having to see or hear that man speak. Just not interested.

    • Oh, how will we continue as a society!? Brad didn’t watch the speech! The horror!

      • I too missed the SOTU. I opted for watching entertaining fiction that has no harmful consequences, unlike president’s policies.

      • I also skipped watching, so many things to better utilize my time like sleeping or playing catch/fetch with our dog,(highlights are always available the next day, or watch it on youtube)at least with not watching I didn’t have to regret the time I spent doing anything else, but to be fair I’ve never watched any president’s SOTU address in the last 20+ years, it’s like watching movie stars honoring each other and I didn’t have my boots on.


  5. Thankfully, We made it thru that Republican “Snake in the Grass”, Bush junior’s 8 years, and now Thankfully, only 36 more months to go, for the Democrat’s “Snake Oil Salesman”.

    Rand Paul 2016!

  6. Moles must have been asleep. No mention of someone running against Lindsey for 6th ward city council. I would think that would have made Is it True.

  7. Editors,

    Do you have any new information as to the status of the Hotel groundbreaking ceremony, aka “The Golden Shovel Moment”

  8. Liberal definition of “reasonable conservative”:the conservative that agrees with the liberal. If the conservative does not agree with the liberal, that same conservative becomes a hater.

    • The arrogance of liberals is that they think their facts and evidence are equal to your fantasy and idealism

  9. BHO states “climate change is a fact”. That coming from the guy that thinks when the weather man says a 50/50 chance of rain actually means that every other time he sticks his out the window he will get wet.

    • Either greenhouse gases trap heat or they don’t.

      Can you accept basic chemistry and physics? or…

      Do you think cease desist letters to the molecules from conservative attorneys will fix it?

      Or is skydaddy gonna come in and rescue us all?

      • Dang,Brains: When compared to your local political solutions. So far. “I’ll,go all in on “Sky daddy.”
        Seems his ratings are already,,the planet “so to speak”,come-on man. 🙂

    • You can get a lot done with a homogenous population with low crime and limited social programs. These 2 countries have a culture of respect, cooperation and a good work ethic. Went Sweden in 87 with a friend to pick up his new Saab, great country. Sweden is well based in this country with Electrolux and Skanska. Electrolux picked up a lot of Whirlpool’s engineers.

      • We could get a lot done too if we stopped demonizing hammers and saws, and like good craftsmen started using the right economic tools for the right job.

        And how much do you think we can get done with jackasses like Mitch McConnell running around telling the whole world his one and only job was to stop everything the president wanted to do and make him a one term president?

        • What are they going to build if you cant afford heat or cool it or drive to it? You can build in fantasy land much like the downtown hotel.

      • “… homogenous population with low crime and limited social programs.”

        Have you stopped to think that low crime and limited social programs are effects, not causes?
        The fact that you felt the need to throw in “homogenous” speaks volumes about you and your outlook. Apparently you have always considered America to be inferior, since you don’t like diversity.

      • You may want to revisit that “limited social programs” statement, too. The Swedes pretty much take care of their own from the cradle to the grave. Everyone has the right to medical care, no questions asked.

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