IS IT TRUE January 28, 2015


IS IT TRUE it was just peachy to hear Mayor Winnecke exuding confidence that the downtown convention hotel will get it’s collective act together and will be built this time?…this whole confidence thing from elected officials on what is now the fifth rendition of hotel/motel is getting to the point of hilarity?…the reality on the state of the downtown convention hotel project is that it has been in the realm of delusion, deception, and dreamland for so long that no officially involved party has any credibility at all?…that in spite of all of the delusional musings of the powers that be the City County Observer does wish them well and hope they can make something happen on the fifth try, which is the second go around with HCW of Branson, Missouri whose words have been about as accurate as the character Robin Williams played in “Jacob the Liar”?

IS IT TRUE what was portrayed to the people of Evansville as a “4-Star hotel with no taxpayer incentives, if only we build an arena” by former Mayor Weinzapfel has morphed into a borderline between a 2-3 Star hotel that will be stick built instead of using construction techniques that allow for expansion upward?…to remove all doubt, we wish to remind our readers that a stick built structure is a typical freeway off ramp hotel that are prevalent on the east side and rent out for $80 a day across most of America?…the next barrier that the powers that be will run into will be reconstructing the pro-forma to reflect the lower rate that this kind of property will command?…that new pro-forma will be showing a 60% occupancy rate at $80 per day that will translate into a price to revenue ratio of 8.6 based on a $36 Million cost and 240 rooms?…it is curious that while similar hotels were recently built in Owensboro for a reported cost of $100,000 per room but over here in Evansville the cost is $150,000 per room?…one would think that such a hotel could be built for $24,000,000 which is about what it will be worth when it is finished?…another question begging for an answer is whether or not that $36 Million price target includes the $1.6 Million already spent on the previous design and the $110,000 paid to Hunden to regurgitate the opinion that Mayor Winnecke told them to regurgitate?

IS IT TRUE the other thing that came through loud and clear in Monday night’s City Council meeting is that there is not and never has been an executed franchise agreement between Hilton International and HCW?…there have been documents and some money change hands but the deal was never sealed as multiple mainstream media outlets reported as coming from both HCW and Mayor Winnecke?…we hope that all of our readers remember that the CCO has consistently called this claim out as being false while others danced the dance without asking any questions?…this whole sordid series of events is so similar to the flim-flam bait and switch routine the the powers that be fell for when Earthcare Energy came to town, that it really makes the City of Evansville look like a bunch of rubes?

IS IT TRUE that former Evansville Redevelopment Commissioner Jay Carter will be facing a judge to receive his sentence for 7 counts of laundering money for drug dealers tomorrow?…it is possible under the law that Carter will get more time than he would have for dealing drugs instead of laundering drug money?…we hope to see justice done and would err on the side of leniency for this otherwise gentle man who chose the wrong path?…Mr. Carter has been found guilty and should pay a price but not as much of a price as a drug dealer?

IS IT TRUE in a bizarre move, the Evansville City Council has stripped Councilman Jonathan Weaver of three board seats that he has been serving on?…this is a step that is not taken often and was in all likelihood structured to send Mr. Weaver a message about his aggressive demeaning behavior toward other council members?…he does retain two board seats on parks and recreation and law enforcement?…Weaver has been embattled in his public service career as both the County Assessor and as a City Councilman exhibiting both brilliance and aggression?…his style is apparently wearing thin on his fellow council members?

IS IT TRUE the news that Indiana Governor Mike Pence is starting an official state news agency took lots of people by surprise as it has not ever been a task of any state to report the news?…the responsibility of the state and federal government with respect to news is to protect the freedom of the press so that truth is reported and not to decide which truths to report?…one constant among dictatorial regimes is a state owned and/or controlled press for the purpose of deceiving the general public?…while some private publications are openly biased, they are at the mercy of the free markets to keep publishing?…for Indiana to have an official news source paid for by taxpayer dollars ranks right up there with Pravda and other ministers of propaganda?


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  1. …Mr. Carter has been found guilty and should pay a price but not as much of a price as a drug dealer? I disagree. Just because he was not personally distributing the drugs does not make him less culpable. It seems to me he was the boss. The boss dont get his hands dirty. I do not believe these drug dealers just gave him this money to launder. Should the person who hires the drug dealer get less time then the drug dealer.

    • Just depends where one’s social status/wealth is on that ladder/food chain of life!
      Those “Justice statues” showing the blindfold is only a “fooler”!
      That nose can smell money, the stronger the scent(money), the lesser the repent(sentence)!

    • If the drug dealers didn’t have people like Carter to launder their money, they would have more obstacles to overcome to peddle their poison. Carter deserves the same sentence the dealers get, because he enabled them to do what they do. Many career, white collar criminals are “gentle” people “who chose the wrong path.” On top of everything else, Mr. Carter betrayed the public trust. I guess he thought holding a seat on ERC would lend him an air of respectability that most criminals don’t have. He might even have thought it would keep him from being arrested, because the administration wouldn’t want the embarrassment.

  2. In this country we have people serving life in prison for drug dealing. The executives at Eli Lily are telling us to eat cake. We don’t live in a free country, folks.

    A new evaluation of viability and ANY commitment of Public Funds is in order

    This may be the “second shot” with HCW but I also count it as the fifth, overall.
    Remember when, … Browning investments was to renovate the back half of the Executive Inn?
    Remember when, … Woodruff Hospitality was set to build a Hyatt Place on the site?
    Remember when, … the City Council signed off on a deal with the Kunkel Group that planned to bring the Sheraton brand Downtown?
    And remember when, … HCW went fishing for a $39,000,000 taxpayer contribution in exchange for building this non-public-equity project downtown? (which has now fallen through)

    We also need to face the fact that the money losing Downtown Arena was a mistake and that the dated-obsolete-money-losing Centre needs to be dozed over. Even with a commitment of $57,000,000 in Public Funds the IU Med Center being built in downtown Evansville is extremely doubtful. Throwing more good money after bad at this critical point in Evansville’s history is out of the question.

    We need leaders who will cultivate and nurture the whole City. We are throwing money away …
    on the Downtown District. …

    • Please defend your position regarding The Centre (I refuse to refer to it as the ONB Events Plaza because that would mean to me that payments have been made for the naming rights). I mean razing it.

      You seem to have the idea that ALL city/county properties must make a profit. When do you want to begin charging for fire protection, police protection, a stroll in a park, a round of golf, EVSC, streets and their mainenance and many other services.

      Someone once said that government should be limited to services that we cannot provide, individually, for ourselves. Think about that.

      • pogo, Fire & Police are not discretionary, have to have them regardless. The Centre was constructed for a specific purpose and collects user fees (i.e., tickets, concessions). The Centre needs to at least break even on Operations. Ditto for Muni Golf Courses. Ditto for the Zoo. If they can’t break even, shut them down and stop wasting taxpayer money. I can’t answer ‘a stroll in the park’, except to say that if the parks aren’t maintained they should also be closed, and let neighborhood organizations adopt them. Streets and Maintenance are paid for through gas taxes and other means (both Fed & State)–and I guess they pay their way through that means or the work isn’t completed.

        • I agree. Once tax dollars get involved things take on a different flavor. Users Fees should be the primary funding source for unnecessary but nice things to have. If tax dollars pay for golf courses then tax dollars should pay for all hobbies and recreational activities. The original community corrections under Judge Miller was self supporting through user fees, it changed hands, politicians and unions got involved, now it’s tax payer supported with user fees going for pay bumps and slush funds. Makes a person start to understand why the county is having payroll problems.

      • We already pay for fire protection and police protection. It’s called city taxes. Geeze.

  4. Looks like the Weaver and Mosby show is about to be cancelled, there may be hope for Evansville yet.

    • I think you’re right. Name recognition got Weaver elected in the first place. Now the recognition connected to his name is not a positive thing.

      • When you play with a sword some times you cut your self. Ain’t politics fun? 🙂

        Missy and John don’t know how to play well with others. There are consequences when you bash fellow city council members in public. You get surprised when it comes time to call on those same people to support you for things you want. Bash those other city council people in public too many times and they won’t support you anymore. Better get in line or look for a new job is the message I’m seeing.

        • Move- I think you said youe watched the Council meeting Monday. Why didn’t you tells us about the children acting up when they wouldn’t reappoint a council member ?

          • Missy acted up, but she’s only one “child”. Weaver just pouted. They are not obligated to reappoint anyone.

          • My question was for Move. He mentioned he was there or watched it. I would think you or some of your ladies in waiting would jump all over that. The local paper quoted someone as saying that Mr. Weaver was stirring things up an attacking other members or something like that. I think it was Mr. Lindsey and Ms. Riley making those remarks. That would be a big case of the pot calling the kettle black. I guess they need people to follow along and not ask questions so they can protect the good ole person network.

          • Is it true that I did watch the city council meeting on TV last week. But I never said that I watched the entire gong show now did I. Why didn’t you tell us about this before now? If I had know that this was going to happen after the Mayor’s talk I would have stayed tuned but I really had much better things to do with my time.

            And if you were paying attention you would have seen me pointing out how bad Missy and Johnny have been acting in many other posts in here. Snap. You have got to do a better job of keeping up. Snap.

          • Move on without org., First i knew about it was the C&P article Wed. You shouldn’t be so defensive. Blood pressure thing, you know.

    • If the party comes out against Weaver or Missy it could further divide the party and cause additional problems. They must have had a good following to get in office. Missy will out campaign Davis. The party is still divided and the part that supported Winnecke over Davis is going to reward those who support Winnecke. Except for Missy, SBR and Weaver, the rest of the CC is playing partisan politics.

      • Weaver and Missy are already dividing the party which is why they just got the boot. Either get in line with the majority or get left out. This will better unit the party. Maybe some prominent Democrat could give Missy a better job that the Mayor’s wife?

    • and then they’ll only be 1 point of view. That worked out fine for the germans but the jews got screwed.

      • You mean like Romney did when he ran for President. He kicked out anyone wearing a pro Obama T shirt in his political rallies. Is that not what the German Government of WWII did?

  5. Looks like the C&P decided to extract a little payback yesterday on one of their former employees who now works for a competitor. Yep, a real classy article C&P. But then, after the job they did on SBR we should expect no less.

    • Yep … I saw that Dutch.
      No-place else on Earth would such a routine mundane story get such rich treatment.
      Sad and embarrassing … to see and smell such tripe. …

      • The difference I see is that Friend is an elected official, and the ex-employee is a private citizen. They didn’t do that when my neighbor got his DUI a few months back.

      • Never mind I see it. They report in private citizen DUIs all the time, especially when they’re excessively plastered and have crazy sounding accidents. I’m sure if you searched their site you’d find several examples.

        • It used to be that all traffic and other offenses of school age offenders reported name, address, offense as well as school attended.

  6. Weaver: getting nailed by a couple of good posters on C & P, well deserved !

    IMO, this guy has mental health problems. Guessing he’s a narcissist, a wifebeater (known fact ) and serial adulterer. Has been married/divorced twice in four years. Poster on C & P says he propositions married realtors all the time.
    In his C & P interview–he probably loved the attention–he comes off as a petulant child; claims that the Council’s efforts have ‘backfired’, and that the Mayor and his department heads will always take his call . . . . and that he (Weaver) ” will be around for years to come”. WOW, WOW, WOW ! This guy must go in November.

  7. Glad to see CCO take up the cause for the wrong of a “partisan run” state funded news source!

    Will you be taking up the cause of the wrong by state legislation, the “outlawing” of the voters right to select one button instead of multi buttons for their party of choice?

    Can we see in the future the current state legislators outlawing “ordering fast food” by the number? Imagine wanting everything on #3 sandwich meal! I have the two buns, 1/4 lb burger, ketch up, muster, lettuce, unions, wrap the sandwich, I want French fries in a bag, soda cup, ice, beverage of choice, put this all in a larger bag. Also a straw and napkins.

    • Indiana made national TV for Pence’s Pravda yesterday. It has been well publicized that our Governor is a great favorite of the Koch brothers and that they are all he has going for him in pursuit of higher office. I wonder how impressed they are with this stroke of genius that he rolled out. His state run news agency is absolutely frightening. It will be his undoing in any national run he may attempt. Even the far, far right TPers know that this is NOT what we do in America. It’s going to be interesting to watch him walk this fiasco back.

      • LKB, I think you might admire a well managed state like Illinois. They have had a state agency for quite some time. How is that working for them ?

        • You’re babbling senselessly again, Cowbozo. Illinois is a mess thanks to lots of criminal governors.

          • LKB, Make that the Sen. and House being dominated by one party for two many years. I don’t know if Ms. Reicken releases anything from her Urbana district through Springfield or not.

    • “Will you be taking up the cause of the wrong by state legislation, the “outlawing” of the voters right to select one button instead of multi buttons for their party of choice?”

      In the majority of states, voting a “one punch” straight ticket is no longer an option. It doesn’t keep anyone from voting for all candidates of one party, they just have to do it one vote at a time. I think it’s interesting that this is being pushed in IN, as republicans are much more likely to vote a straight ticket than democrats. Evansville bucked that trend in the last election, but overall, straight tickets are a GOP thing.

      • It was a thing of beauty to see this despotic ass get scolded all over the national media, including Fox! I guess it was more than even they could swallow and one Fox commentator called it “disingenious”. Now he’s backpedaling changing the description of the website from a “news source” to a “resource”.

        Nothing says fascism more than state run media.

      • I knew we were one of the last 10 states. Past two city election the demos had the higher percentage of straight ticket. The past 2014 county wide which includes the city, the repubs had the majority.

        The question is the “motive” behind this bill! In this day of age, streamlining on what we do is the norm.
        One has to realize that it will take a longer wait in line because those straight ticket voters will have to take more time making their vote. I feel it is a political strategy, or it would not had been persuade!

      • As a democrat party worker of long standing you know straight ticket voting is a democrat thing. Knowing you’ve worked the polls in some capacity over the years and have a good feel for the voting population. I’ll bet you can determine how a person is going to vote when they enter the voting area. Some voters go through intensive training prior to elections, two flash cards are used, one with a D, one with a R. When the potential voter is able to correctly identify a D, 9 out of 10 times they are given a bottle or a baggie, picking the R gets you slapped up side the head. I’ve also watched workers help the elderly and disable with absentee voting and that is also a sham. With the underhanded tricks and outright criminal activity of democrat party workers it’s surprising a Republican ever gets in office. It should be as simple to vote as it is to get a ebt/snap card. Try getting an ebt card without ID. One of the reasons I would like to see everyone on welfare get a guaranteed payment with real money is so they have limited contact with welfare caseworkers. Caseworkers are the best campaign workers the democrats have, always scaring the most vulnerable of our society into believing the Republicans are trying to steal their benefits.

    • Great analogy. It will be akin to ordering a new car or truck. Do you want fries with that ac? There is nothing wrong with the current voting one party tickets. It actually speeds up the voting process and gives others time to vote. We should have more time to casts votes not less. Everyone should be able to vote if they are a citizen in this country.

    • Not sure an “Official state news agency”, what ever that may turn out to be, is a good or bad thing. I know as an Evansvillian I would like to see the “local media” less biased. A full 3/4 or more of the articles in the Press and on local TV news, are actively promoting the anti American Liberal/Socialist point of view ( the City County Observer does it) . Seldom does the American Conservative view get the same play. When force fed a certain viewpoint the population accepts it as the gospel. Few people given the chance, will spend the time necessary, or has the time, to seek out the truth in order to make intelligence based informed choices. One of the reasons the wrong pols keep getting elected.
      One good thing about the Liberal news media – It has made Fox overwhelming Number 1! Something it would have never attained without the Liberal media. Same can be said of the Tea party, extremist Liberals and socialists gave us the Tea party.


        The CCO promotes a social/liberl agenda!


        Can’t stop laughing.

        John’s your killing me!

        • Wu’ll you know we knew that. laughing out loud to much is sometimes funny but mostly , we just record. So. There you have it.
          The local political machine is about to be hit from a side or angle they cannot or ever have conceived . . . Man they’re going too go down hard . No bounce forecasted. “Whap and down.”
          So” Brains” us knowing your inputs, and standings, just what’s the answer?
          Where should we as an Un-biased over sight drive this now hardened spike in? You know, we’ve concluded that answer.

          But, but. That’s going to be a relentless actuality . You localized Evansville politicos might as well just add that to the equation.
          And do understand the terminology incurred by the recoveries .

      • John, you’re an idiot. You’re so delusional that anyone who doesn’t advocate zero taxes and forcing every woman to wear a skirt is a damn dirty hippie pinko commie liberal.

        • It is common knowledge that democrats are more respectful of women than republicans. If you do the research you will find most pimps are democrats, most drug dealers are democrats, most strip club owners are democrats, most child abusers and molesters are democrats. I think there is a former democrat sheriff living out of state that has been charged with child molesting. The hero of the democrat party is a prime example of the love and respect democrats have for their wives and children. Can you imagine the emotional pain and stress young Chelsa endured because of Bill, her teenage years living under the control of the secret service and have a father be an international pervert. Child abuse at it’s worse. There’s no words to describe stand by your man Hillary being the doormat, yet being held in high esteem by feminist.

          • More generalizations. Thanks to conservative thinking prostitution is illegal. Make it legal, pimps are no longer necessary. Oh and there are PLENTY of conservative child molesters (most religious leaders.) Don’t be a moron.

      • You must be reading the C & P with your rose colored glasses. I read the C & P and rare is it that they support progressive causes. The American neo-con view point is constantly delivered by the C & P. Methinks what you really want is a version of the Pence Pravda. As far as Tesnuts go, that movement is dying a well deserved death. Even the GOP leadership keeps the teanuttier ones in Congress at length-that 10′ pole you have heard about is being used.

  8. “Vanderburgh County Democratic Vice Chair Connie Robinson endorsed Republican Lloyd Winnecke for Evansville mayor. Robinson supported Winnecke over Democratic candidate for Mayor Rick Davis. Republican Mayor Winnecke defeated Democrat Rick Davis 11,664 to 10,009 to become only the third Republican to serve at the head of city government since 1955.”

    • Oh fu**, not this again!
      Please spell out in one or two sentences the beef, is it a 2011 or a 2015 endorsement?

      • I’m ignoring all of this off-topic stupidity. It was dealt with yesterday. It’s clear they can’t quit looking back, and that is sad, but it is all the Winnie’s Wigglers have to cling to. Hope is fading fast for them.

        • Winnecke is a failure as Mayor. True.

          It is also true Republican Mayor Lloyd Winnecke has the endorsement of Democrat Councilwoman Connie Robinson.

          • Anyone with half a brain understood what took place during the 8 years of the last administration, and how fortuitous timing allowed him to waltz right out the door before the payments for all his schemes started coming due.

            Winnecke, for whatever reason, decided he wanted the job, but he had to have known that he was inheriting a super sized shit sandwich. Some people believe that a deal was struck, between Weinzapfel and Winnecke, whereby the pipeline from the city treasury to the usual suspects would remain in place.

            Regardless of whether a deal was struck or not, the pipeline has remained in place, and the new debt just keeps expanding with each additional nonessential project.

          • PK
            He could had saved face had he attempt to expose the financial wrong of the past administration in that first year. Maybe in bed with past administration? Who knows.

            My thought is that during this time frame, I believe he had his blinders on and was only focus on that merger attempt. Remember he was a County Commissioner while pushing the start of the merger agenda.

            In fact, the whole city was asleep while the bi-centennial slipped past. The 1962 sesquicentennial event was said to be eventful!

          • Pressanykey…..keep it up. You know exactly what you are talking about on this. There are debts to be repaid, and they extend into to Connie Robinson. Democrat Connie Robinson is on RECORD endorsing the Republican Lloyd Winnecke. P-A-K, there is NO record to dispute that. None. Keep it up. You are dead on.

          • Connie voted with all the other democrats to make board members live inside the city. She and most all the good democrats ( United) voted in favor of Connie’s motion.

            Now it seems that even after the Dem’s over rode the Mayor’s veto of this new city ordinance the Mayor is not giving up and is challenging the legality of the ordinance in the courts. I wonder where Missey and Johnny stand on this issue? Probably with the Mayor and not the rest of the Dems? Who knows what Missey will say until she goes home to talk to her Constituents (boss Carolyn) Only God himself knows what Johnny will do next.

      • Here’s the beef:
        “Vanderburgh County Democratic Vice Chair Connie Robinson endorsed Republican Lloyd Winnecke for Evansville mayor. Robinson supported Winnecke over Democratic candidate for Mayor Rick Davis. Republican Mayor Winnecke defeated Democrat Rick Davis 11,664 to 10,009 to become only the third Republican to serve at the head of city government since 1955.”

          • Agree.

            Now he’s just trolling, and being delusional. He’s behaving exactly like the TP clowns and RW nutbags that post here whom he mocks and scorns.

          • Careful….Connie Robinson is on RECORD giving her endorsement to Lloyd Winnecke.

            There is no record to dispute that. None.

          • River…..

            Then would it be true that it is on “RECORD”, Ronald Regan was originally
            a “Democrat”, and anything since that he should be condemned for?

            You need to “save face” on this issue and let it go!

          • She is also on RECORD for voting for rezoning, funding and other issues regarding Brownsfield Corp. projects while she was serving on the board and on the city council. It is also well known BK Smith assisted her winning a council seat to begin with. She had zero problems biting the hand that fed her when she went against Davis for the great party divide. How much money in court cost did we eat with her first election scandal? That is what she does. Sway things to her benefit, create issues and play innocent when said things come to light. There is a long list of deception and we choose to keep acting as if she is a upstanding council member. The entire county has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars with screw ups and shady contracts she was envolved in. We are still paying for Shaggy’s towing court battles. Wiped her hands clean in that one too. Voting approval for Earthcare before researching the company or technology and wiped her hands again. Let someone else do the work and look like queen b when it is done. Let that one get eaten alive after saving her butt too. Weinzapfel started the water meter shenanigans under her watch and poof she is innocent again.

        • COWBOY:

          It appears there are quite a few people….ARMSTRONG and ELKAYBEE…among them, that are totally unfamiliar with Niccolo Machiavelli.

          Brains B probably has because he still maintains a healthy sense of “I could be wrong.”

          Worse, they think Democratic Councilwoman Connie Robinson is unfamiliar with Machiavelli too.

          The naiveté is astounding.

          There is a reason Connie is NOT on record CHANGING her endorsement of Republican Lloyd Winnecke.

          • Shemmed again: “Machiavellianism” a widely used negative term to put into character inept unscrupulous politicians of the sort Machiavelli described in “The Prince.”

            The written book itself sported ginormous notoriety in its own time and had open and less casted readership.
            Only because the author seemed to be endorsing behavior often determined or damned “to be” {{{{{{ as evil }}}}}} } and immoral.
            Because of this, the term “Machiavellian” is often associated with deceit, deviousness, ambition, and brutality.
            Only a fool would open that door, however today mostly its a back door.

            **** **** **** *

          • I disagree with the “inept” inclusion. The strong survive, and succeed, with their wits, and their self-interest. An inept person wouldn’t be aware of using Machiavellian strategies and tactics.

            My point stands, however. Connie Robinson is clearing her own path. She is NOT on record changing her endorsement of Lloyd Winnecke for a reason. Elkaybee and Armstrong and others – shake your heads and holler “BUT! BUT!….”

            This is the salient FACT: Connie Robinson is ON RECORD with her endorsement the Republican, Lloyd Winnecke. A 100% Machiavellian move.

        • In “your” mind!

          ** could possibly meant zz, as in fuzz.

          Good luck thinking of using soap!

          • Arm, Didn’t know you knew my mother. I’m sure she was proud of my accomplishments. She was happy i didn’t have to resort to foul language around people to make a point. Now when i shut the door on my finger or something like that when i am alone, i have been known to turn the air blue.

    • Unfortunately forgive and forget only applies for some people. Paste some Earthcare, Johnson Controls, Ford Center, shady contracts or any other thing that was voted and approved by this person. It would be a long list. Throwing people under the bus after they support her is normal. Look at that list of Winneke supporters she wrangled and see how many she has trashed after in some way to cover herself. Heck, letting a senior citizen risk jail time to save face is nothing for some. Keep voting in and supporting the same characters Evansville. Political strategy is not forgiveness.

    • Say that again. Play it again shim sam…. Do you know what beating a dead horse means? Now let’s talk about more important issues like the Mayor pouring the tax payers money down a rat hole in Downtown over and over again.

    • For this act connie was removed as vice chair and owens as the chair. The were replaced by Mcneely and hart, both bad choices. It was bad enough that they endorsed Winnecke over Davis for mayor but equally as bad was their endorsement of Kirk over Davis for treasurer. They had to get Davis away from the epicenter to protect themselves. One person that is getting a free ride is the backstabbing Eric Williams. You stated that connie supported Winnecke over Democrat Davis, that election could best be described as a democrat primary race for mayor.

      • Pov,

        We have common ground about that “Eric Williams” !!!!!!!!!
        Your adjective of him is 100% correct!

        • He treated Goedde the same way as the present sheriff handled Byrum. Only it never hit the papers.

          • Onemeover,

            My reason, as so many other county government residents was the fact of the “Benedict Arnold” stunt he pulled, to the very same government that employed him (failed merger attempt).

  9. “that in spite of all of the delusional musings of the powers that be the City County Observer does wish them well and hope they can make something happen on the fifth try, which is the second go around with HCW of Branson, Missouri whose words have been about as accurate as the character Robin Williams played in “Jacob the Liar”?

    The fact that the Administration continues to deal with HCW is proof of just how desperate it is to maintain the fantasy of a hotel. Apparently more reputable developers are not willing to play “pretend” with the elitist children that insist this will be the “turnaround” old downtown needs. Winnie feels he has to “keep the dream alive” in order to get re-elected, and he is fully aware that if HCW builds anything next to the Fraud Center, it will be a shabby, flimsy “flop house”.
    Beware the Ides of October, because there must be another sand turning by then if the Mayor is to keep holding onto his fleeting fantasy of being re-elected. It remains to be seen if the grand event will be for a not-so-grand hotel, or the exciting, innovative new Downtown Evansville Convention Campground and RV Park.

  10. Weaver got a personally tailored version of what all bullies eventually get. In his case he was publicly depantsed. We should simply avert our eyes. Once hubris takes these folks over, the clock starts ticking. There are no exceptions. I’d guess the meteorologist in him says it’s going to rain.

    As Weaver starts to try to rehab his image in front of his date with the electorate we must not forget his shoddy behavior or the reason for his supposed turnaround. As the blazers say, ‘it’s time to close’.

    • I wonder if this public flogging in front of the entire city will have any effect on his ability to sell real estate in the future? I personally would not want him as my Realtor.

      • It’s hard to tell what effect a lack of ability to feel shame will have on a person. That stiff upper lip can cut both ways.

    • Weaver is a double-fail. He can’t handle his public or personal life in an acceptable way. I’m not one to condemn a public figure for a personal transgression, but Weaver’s life is a series of both public and personal transgressions the likes of which are rare. He lets amazing things show up in social media. If he respected himself or any of the series of women he involves himself with, he wouldn’t be running again. He must really need the money and the recognition. I guess it helps him with the chicks.

  11. Did anyone else notice that Della turned on Winnecke over the hotel? They posted on the C&P that the a stick hotel was not acceptable and included the press release put out by HCW
    The Mayor blamed ONB, and HCW blamed City Council for not borrowing enough. The relationship is tenuous at best between the Mayor and HCW.
    I actually agree with Della. We were sold a high rise hotel made of stone and steel with a lot of bling for the public’s $20 m contribution. The equivalent of a Holiday Inn Express doesn’t cut it. We should indeed start over.

    • I saw that and thought it was very telling. Similar to when Johnson said (re: Vietnam war) ‘If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost middle America’.

    • The turning of Della is the end of the road for Winnie and the phantom hotel. I even checked out the Courier comments and noticed the absence of Nancy Drake, too. She is Winnie’s other main cheerleader.

      • They could well stash him at Harrison College, Evansville campus. He’d make them a fine chancellor. While there he could take some classes in Veterinary Tech or perhaps find some other field that interests him. If he amasses enough credits while attempting to prosecute his chancellorship he could even transfer, although his credits would not, up to a college that offers hotel management.

      • So is this Hotel about getting into convention/tourism business ? Or rather is it about a big fat gift to the local unions building a spire to Winnecke so his “beautiful crowd” of admirers can go have a steak dinner and drinks at the top and look down on the river and all the “little people”? (Hell they won’t even support Blush)

        (BTW check into the Sewer project and I’ll betcha’ the local unions will not be involved that is why they could give a stick about that project)

        A multi-million dollar ego stroke for these megalomaniacs, who will then slap themselves on the back and call themselves “progressives” and tell the C&P what great progress Evansville is making and the C&P will nod in ignorant agreement. Ugggh.

        • Oh! But when our national recovery plan moves forward….and it will … They will be dirge valued again and left predictably inept and poor to any solution. More fines less downtown valuation, and a metro that is frozen in time circa 1951 ad.

    • If Della is Debbie Dewey of the GAGE organization you might find it interesting that the Gage director is leaving soon. She is parting ways with the Mayor I guess.

  12. Our failed Mayor has to hold on to some hope for a hotel, and he apparently can’t find any other developer sleazy enough to play his game.
    Maybe we shouldn’t start over. Maybe we just ought to cut our losses. When we have a genuine need for a hotel across from the Civic Center, it will be built with private money.

    • In a way LKB, you are right.

      Mitigation of risk management for the hotel project is tied directly to the IU Medical School. This is not complicated.

      You see this day-in/day-out “hotel fiasco” narrative from the City County Observer because it is doing its job.But even EDITOR knows the hotel project is on the same foundation, so to speak, of the IU Medical School project.

      • Meant “mitigation of risk”…..

        Anyway, you see this continued Winnecke public narrative about the hotel project, in spite of it making him a nice, easy, ripe (and deserved) target for the CCO and others…

        ….because Winnecke knows this too. He knows the hotel project is coming, but tied to the IU Medical School’s foundation.

        It’s good politics for him. Winnecke takes heat and the ridicule in the short run, but when the hotel project does finally solidify w/ the new Medical School, he is able to be viewed as “never having given up” and is able to comfortably sit in the sunlight of the continued downtown development momentum.

        It’s not just a tree. Its also a forest, and Winnecke knows that.

  13. Editor et al:

    Give us a break, please report on something new. Even the CP does not headline the same stories for three days in a row, and frequently besides the three days in a row.

    If you want to attract new viewers and readers, report something of substance rather than incite your current troupe of bitching and moaning arm chair leaders and advisors with constant battering on the same subjects day after day.

    • Jeez, I agree. But Editor has an agenda of his own. It’s boring as hell, but part of Editor’s strategy.

    • You’re free to post about just about any subject you would like. Local, state, national… Have at it hoss.

      • Benton, LBK the monitor says we can’t. We have to talk about what the inciter-in-chief puts in the ITT.

  14. Beaver Weaver’s contempt for the liberal moms’-basement-dwellers and the deadbeat Democrat mom contingent is not surprising. He knows perfectly well that if he gets through the primary, which is a pretty sure bet, these very same dim-bulb Demos who are whimpering here now will march to the polls in November and vote the straight Duhmocrat ticket as they always do. Remember, these are the very same people who elected King Jonathan and Linda Durham.

    Beaver’s past willingness to cut the BS and go directly to a massive public subsidy for the hotel is actually a surprising piece of forthrightness. He knows that King Jonathan and Duh Party blew a great big hole in the downtown precisely to leverage not only the Farce Center, but require other big subsidized projects.

    • I’m a Democrat and I won’t vote for Beaver. You’re a straight ticket republican so shut your pie hole.

      • Ghost, 12:16, is this your first post or did i skip over them. Did you have a Doc’s appoint. to check on that personality transplant ?

  15. An incoherent, nonsensical rambling with no basis in reality or in fact. A word salad, worthy of the efforts of the Tundra Tart.

    • Howler World is a really, really bizarre place. I worked with mental patients long enough to know how certain they are that they see things clearly, and everyone else is sick, though.

  16. Hi All, and you to No Brains:

    I was invited by No Brains as quoted “You’re free to post about just about any subject you would like. Local, state, national… Have at it hoss.”

    Therefore, my topic for the day is Gail Riecken and Run Gail Run, to Illinois that is…

    Below is an actual experience and an actual letter, written and sent, by me, to Mrs. Riecken in early 2012. Needless to say, even though she took the opportunity to call me on my cell phone, and ask for my support prior to the election, she did not feel necessary to respond to my letter, which follows:

    Dear Mrs. Riecken:

    During your last election, you were kind enough to place a call to me and ask me if I had any concerns about voting for you. I am sure you do not recall our conversation. I first stated that I am an independent voter without any political ties to either party thereby being as unbiased in any election as possible. You were then asked if you followed political lines, or do you vote as your constituents would request, that being the citizens of Evansville. You answered that your constituents come first.

    Now here we are, and you have failed to show up for work. There is no excuse for this regardless of any party affiliation or influence. You were placed in office by the people of Evansville, not a political party. You, like any other employee, should be fired for not showing up to your work place.


    Now, I await your comments ( that includes you LKB) and a good explanation by a supporter of how she represented the population ( not unions ) of Evansville and Southern Indiana by leaving her job which we appointed her too, and running off to Illinois. Anyone of us that would choose to do so would no longer be working afterwards.

    Good day to everyone !!

    • We’ve beaten this horse to death here. You must have missed it. Gail did what she did because she opposed RTW so vehemently that she resorted to desperate means. I have all the respect in the world for someone who stands up for their beliefs as strongly as she did.
      You make a ridiculous argument : ” Anyone of us that would choose to do so would no longer be workgoining afterwards.” Her constituents clearly didn’t have a problem with what she did, or they would not have re-elected her with 68% of the vote.
      The “runaway” argument is NOT going to play a role in this election, except in the minds of those who are desperately looking for an excuse not to vote for a Democrat, or a woman.

      • LKB

        Gail deserting the troops and heading to Illinois in the heat of a lost battle is not a dead horse, it is desertion and treason in some aspects. My money is on it being riden again as we get closer to the polls 🙂

      • LKB, You missed on your justification for not reporting to work. It was a publicity stunt that cost the taxpayers a lot of money and didn’t have any affect on the outcome of the RTW. Her and her fellow travelers could have went outside or took a day trip somewhere and held a news conf. That would have achieved the same results. That and other things out of her past will not go away.

    • It is apparent you do not understand legislative process. When there is a super majority of either party in the legislative branch in conjunction with the administrative branch there is literally anything they can pass. Right to work is tremendously bad for average people. The Democrats did exactly what the needed to do to keep overreaching government in check. Regardless of your politics you cannot dispute the following video. Right to work is just another tool to brainwash people. Please watch this video from beginning to end. Thank you.

    • Yeah a good day it really was, sun was out, knew it would be as well dummies . And that in itself has absolutely nothing to do with the perceived or actual valuation of that shitty old downtown Evansville real estate failure. Or does it? “Breaky booie” Its still a extreme crap assed infrastructure , everybody knows that, and its still not worth shit.
      So good day too you as well . Crony bought easy. Its about the failed ass infrastructure and that’s actual costing to those that have been screwed into supporting that for the dumbasses that thought to play that shit onto you.

      Oh hell. Pick a party of choice, holy crap, that shit means nothing in that poor towns expected and screwed forward infrastructure presentations . Shoot straight and waste not, you all know the problems source, take them down legally. show America what home rule really is.

  17. The depths of Demo delusion and denial (or should I say “Duhlusion” and “Duhnial”?) are hard to fathom. The people whining here about Beaver and Missy are the very same ones who put them into their current positions, have voted for them repeatedly, and will vote for them again as long as they are on the Democrat ticket. Why bother to deny it? They shrieked in ecstasy over King Jonathan; in what should stand as an everlasting memorial to their shamelessness and stupidity, they elected Linda Durham. They pretend that the status quo must go, but their candidate for mayor is an insider-of-insiders who faithfully served King Jonathan without so much as a peep of resistance.

    Keep in mind that there are some aspects of local Duhmocrat party management that I grudgingly admire for their cynicism. The sleazy David Nixon caper? The Tweedledee vs. Tweedledumb vs. Tweedledumber mayoral election last time? The Johnny Two-Step dance of property-flipping and demolition that went along with the Farce Center caper? Packing their mentally ill small fry off to the state hospital and making them believe that they were (heh) “staff members” was a brilliant touch and allowed their embarrassing behavior to be monitored and their meds topped up when necessary. There are things here for even the big city machines to contemplate.

      • That’s scat sported by the wailer is a penanced valuation. Its the machined version Laura, really, just smile and toss a pinch of salt over the shoulder,
        And god forbid that be a IU Med Center downtown Shoulder, and that incurred kazoo’d mess.
        What a fail. “Everybody knows that. ”
        “Well did you know,” the downtowns combined sewer infrastructure determines its valuation in today’s world? Woops…
        That’s when the commercial shows the massive load of human, pigeon’s and all other organic, and industrial, pharmaceutical waste overflowing into the entire clean water balance left today in the whole of the United States of America. Everybody knows that, as well.

        Salt once was a well being measure. With the archaic front line armies it was the measure given to sustain sweat for Caesars gold. Keep those expendables standing, so too speak. Old world expendables. Sure.

        Today’s science trumps Caesar’s gold and the sodium diet as well.
        That old dumpy place is due., all we can say is . We’re on it. Wait!

        Look at this “stuff” Hell the bought mediation sported Rieckens picture during the scatological presentation.
        We knew it was coming “and its still junked worthless infrastructure”, and your community still needs to look into the I-69 corridor for the real siting for predictable logistical metro growth. Evansville downtowns actual standing infrastructures valuations are zilch for crusted shoe shine.
        “That goes, like ” —> including the off time poorly played and pained kazoo tune.

        • Psst. Mr. Mayor and cronies crew, that location where the “tall” building is . Its a failed valuation, it isn’t a profitable location today, cost logistically, even if some rent orientated value stands on top the shit pile and states “some overlooking vision” as a legal office representation. Bullsquat !

          Hell that “tall” building is a “short value” for altitude available piece of shit as well You can’t even sport water pressure if you actually did, it’ll blow every line in the entire old shot ass infrastructure downtown today. And you know it. Why isn’t ONB still headquartered on that GPS spot, if its so damned important? And strategic? 🙂

          Tall buildings sure , really though how many people actually work in the dirge, yep, another stupid valuation by sported BS. Yeah thought so. Got it, even “ole bob’os, old smash’en’ all” bailed on it. They Just moved a couple of blocks down the historically old forlorn streets. And now they seem to be bailing out on that as well.

          That alone seems to have sported lessening valuation to the same load of old boys insider bullshit of a few years of our spanned observations. We as a social economic environmental based valuations, and analytics based organization will today call straight bull scat on you, them and anyone else, that want continue to sport that forlorn illusion.

          Spell Syllables
          Synonyms Examples Word Origin
          r/.1. desolate or dreary; unhappy or miserable, as in feeling, condition, or appearance.
          r/.2. lonely and sad; forsaken.
          r/.3. expressive of hopelessness; despairing:
          forlorn glances.
          r/.4. bereft; destitute:
          forlorn of comfort.

  18. As far as I can tell from our liberal posters here, not a single member of Duh Party ever voted for King Jonathan, Linda Durham, Missy, or Beaver. It’s time to introduce the concept of the Immaculate Election: Democrat politicians win elections in Evansville without any Democrats voting for them. Those vote totals just appear.

    Let’s rename the stretch of the Ohio River near Evansville “Duh Nile” in honor of our small fry Demo denizens in denial.

    • Good Grief! What a moronic STUPID comment. Linda Durham ran for Knight township trustee, in case your wondering dumass you would have to have lived in Knight township to vote for her. Same for 2nd Ward Missy. Further how many liberal posters are there here? 5, six maybe? Very possible that none of us voted for any of them AND yes I never voted for ANY of those people, period. Would have gladly vote for Lon Walters over Missy. Stupid comment of the day.

      • Wow! E. L. Walters. Haven’t heard that name in eons. Is he still around? Real class act parking his work truck on a side street and shining a flood light on it for advertising to avoid getting a sign permit. He ranks right up there with that Greg “Mustang Man” Stilwell when it comes to political astuteness. Oh yeah! I could just see Walters or Stilwell on City Council.

    • Dr. Michael McRobbie in case “You old boy”, haven’t fathomed it. That’s stuff is straight sheep sh!t . Don’t be the sheared one.
      Those who would soak the wool, so too speak, are only sport’in the wet value per.
      Wet wool weighs one down, looses its insulation value, and even when dried…..stinks.

      • V, you are something else. The stuff that comes out of your brain. That being said, you are way too technical to not say the truth as you see it. Not in your DNA.

        • Our science today doesn’t allow for political shemming anymore, never will, never has.
          Leave that where it should stay water front Sammy. Its easy enough to hone those recovered target valuations as it is. That’s advisable to those with anyone’s cause.

          Being challenged by fools who dare, that, in todays world is a open ended box, never mind the envelopes , those today are also the children’s play.

    • You can’t tell much can you? Seriously dude get a life. And we all know that you Tea Party Radicals think that Obama is the King. We all know that you can’t have two different Kings at the same time. Laura is right. Maybe you are mentally ill.

  19. Editor . Where did the day and 90 year plus IiT comment range go? What the hell was that?

    A couple of us jested with you, but really just put that up as well as all this other daily partisan BS that’s on this stupid local southern Indiana blog.
    Geez. man, woman, or just “people.” You have to or else, things become suspect, when seen from afar, and if someone there really wants the answer……..well…….? Wondering whether we should post it up as was, or just let that settle in……

    • Wasn’t the goal revised down from 13 Million? Isn’t that sort of like setting a goal to get a B in a class, seeing your midterms and revising your goal to a D and then celebrating the D+ you got?

    • I expect a lot of Hoosiers will be signing up now, since Pouty Pence finally made a deal to use Healthy Indiana Plan instead of Medicaid.

  20. More typical brains-in-the-behind Duhnial and evasion. There’s not a single Democrat in Knight who voted for Durham nor any in the 2nd Ward who voted for Missy nor any in the whole city who voted for King Jonathan or Beaver. Nope, absolutely not. It just so happens that the first Tuesday in November is the Feast of the Immaculate Election. It’s how we end up with 8-1 City Councils, for example, without a single rank and file Democrat being responsible.

  21. The ship is sinking! Debbie Dewey has announced that she’s abandoned ship for an “exciting opportunity”….

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