IS IT TRUE? January 26, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? January 26, 2012

IS IT TRUE that yesterday was a major day for legislative action in the Indiana Statehouse with two controversial and emotionally charged bills advancing to a point of no return with respect to what will happen to them?… that HB 1006 that has attracted a record number of visitors for a single issue to the CCO website has died an early death and will not be advancing?…that the small group of licensed and credentialed professions such as hairdressers, dieticians, and private investigators can now rest assured that every out of work person in the state needing some cash flow will not be able to get some free business cards off of the internet and set up shop against people who have been held to a higher standard than a pulse and a business card?…that for these particular professions that the CCO does applaud this action but still has a bias against unnecessary government intervention into private business?…that only when it is clear and necessary to intervene to assure health standards and safety should governments intervene into private matters?…that we thank Candy Knight for sending us the letter that started the storm?…that we also commend Indiana State Representative Gail Riecken for taking a stand against this silly proposal?

IS IT TRUE that closer to home that Mole #33 tells the CCO that a new candidate is considering running for one of the at-large seats up for grabs on the Vanderburgh County Council in the November 2012 election?…that this highly respected and experienced by proxy budding candidate is none other than former Evansville First LadyTheresa Lloyd, the wife of former Mayor and County Council member Russ Lloyd Junior who is currently serving in the Winnecke Administration as Evansville’s City Controller?…that spouses of elected officials who have followed the love of their lives into office have an excellent track record?…that when the female follows the male into office their track records are nearly exemplary?…that one must look no further than our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who followed husband Bill into government service and Mary Bono Mack who has served in the House of Representatives for California since the untimely death of her late husband Sonny Bono?…that the CCO believes that Theresa Lloyd will make an excellent candidate and a worthy opponent for whomever the Democrat Party decides to run against her?

IS IT TRUE that by a vote of 54 – 44 the controversial and impassioned “Right to Work” bill has now passed through the Indiana House of Representatives?…that this short but significant piece of legislation has already passed through the Indiana Senate and is now heading to Governor Daniels’ desk for him to sign it into law?…that this bill has been the subject of so much grandstanding and emotional appeal on both sides that it is hard to really get a straight story on what the effects will be?…that one thing that is for sure is that the economic development agencies of Indiana will so to speak get more “at bats”?…that it is a known fact that Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Boeing, Toyota, and Hyundai have all gone to “Right to Work” states during the last 5 years and that in many cases openly stated that they would not even consider states like Indiana that do not have “Right to Work” laws?…that even a blind batter will get more hits when they swing at more balls so it is reasonable to expect job creation to increase with the passage of this bill?…that all of the businesses above are good jobs that pay a living wage and have chosen “Right to Work” states for their new manufacturing plants?…that Indiana will have a dominant position over other Midwestern states to attract good manufacturing jobs?…that the other side of the argument that wages may be attempted to be kept down also has merit and that it is also reasonable to expect that jobs that require minimal skill will not be paying a good wage in the future?…that most such minimal skill jobs already do not pay a living wage even thought Indiana has not been a “Right to Work” state so expect little change there?…that Right to Work was and is inevitable and it is better to be the leader in the Midwest for such an action than a follower that sits back on an outdated anachronism watching our neighbor states take our jobs as the Right to Work states have been doing for 30 years now?

IS IT TRUE that Mole #2.5 has it on good authority that Democrat candidate for state Senate Terry White will be jumping on the time for a change bandwagon as a major plank in his platform to dethrone Senator Vaneta Becker from her long held position?…that this year’s race for State Senator will be interesting to watch as sharp differences are expected to be drawn between the candidates?


  1. “Republican” Vaneta Becker was one of the very few Republicans that voted against RTW. If Mr. White is for RTW, he has my vote. If anyone knows his position, it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I was very disappointed that Senator Becker (R-Evansville) and Rep. Ron Bacon (R-Chandler)voted against the “Right to Work’ legislation. While “Right to Work” will not be a cure all for Indiana’s economic woes, if it brings jobs to the Hoosier state, then passage was the right thing.

  3. doesn’t surprise me at all, they both come from Labor districts and the Republicans didn’t need their votes. Kinda like Ellsworth voting against Obama care

    • Henry, I’m I missing something? I agree they voted against RTW because they come from big Union districts or at least a loud minority of Union supporters, but Ellsworth DID vote for Obama care and he lost his job!

  4. What change? Becker isn’t even a RINO. She is a ITFTCMPO… I Totally Forgot To Change My Party O.

  5. 90 % of the workers are not impacted by the RTW bill at all. This issue has been one of the most over dramatize non-events in a long time. The teachers union workers and the fire fighters union workers have not had to pays union dues for several years–most do. If union leaders cannot convince their on members they are getting their money’s worth, then something wrong with the union leadership.

    Democrat Gail Riecken and her fellow Democrats who failed to go to work because they were on strike protesting giving the 10 % of the Indiana hourly workforce the option to pay dues or not should be voted out of office in November. Being on strike and only working 6 days of the 1st 16 days of work will get you fired anywhere.

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