IS IT TRUE January 25, 2013

The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE Mayor Winnecke’s office may have released some pretty pictures of the proposed downtown convention hotel but the financial requirements from the chosen developer HCW Development of Branson, MO have not seen the light of day?…some members of the Evansville City Council have actually gotten copies of the HCW proposal while at least one has not?…any member of the City Council who has submitted to the obligatory one-on-one meetings with the Mayor has had the option to sign a restrictive non-disclosure agreement as a requirement to be given a copy to study?…6th Ward Councilman Al Lindsey who has a legitimate ethical belief that private meetings to conduct the people’s business are wrong of course does not have a copy of the proposal?…Councilman Lindsey did indeed ask for a copy but was told that he has to come to a private meeting with the Mayor and sign a non-disclosure agreement to be able to get a copy?…perhaps an arrangement for Councilman Lindsey to stop by the Mayor’s office, talk no business, sign the obligatory agreement, and take his copy with him would satisfy the secretive demands of Mayor Winnecke on this proposal?

IS IT TRUE it is expected that the proposal from HCW Development will have a very detailed pro-forma complete with the Return on Investment requirements from their equity investment?…those simple numbers would lead directly to the public investment required to make this project happen?…this stuff is not rocket science, the math behind the demand is nothing more than arithmetic, and most anyone could understand the reasons for the ask given the reality of the hospitality business in Evansville, the vacancy rate for retail in downtown Evansville, the market for condos or apartments, and the results for parking garages already in place?…any way one runs these numbers the variation will be small and will come down to the financial strength of the developer and the market value of the assets to be put into place based on realistic assumptions?…it was the same equation used by Browning, Woodruff, and Kunkel so do not expect big differences except for the addition of the retail space?…the CCO still predicts based on yesterday’s renderings that he public investment requirement will exceed $40 Million once all of the arm twisting and pencil sharpening is over?…one can bargain with oneself till the cows come home but the occupancy rate will be slightly less than 60% and the daily rate per room will be about $100?…anything higher is fantasy land and anything lower is offering discounts that are not needed?

IS IT TRUE there are some practicing attorneys out there who interpret the law to be that once a Mayor hands a document to a member of the City Council that the document becomes public?…in that case there is a very good possibility that the HCW Development proposal is already public and that a Freedom of Information Act request would by law have to result in a publication like the CCO being granted access to the proposal?…if however the proposal was released by HCW Development to people who happen to be the Mayor, his staff, or members of the City Council the status of the proposal may not be public information?…it may just be time to test this theory?

IS IT TRUE we reiterate our offer from yesterday to buy dinner for two at Cavanaugh’s to any individual who can get us an interview with the Chief Executive Officer of Earthcare Energy in which he divulges the intentions of Earthcare Energy when it comes to the agreement that was signed with the City of Evansville last year?…we will alter our offer to include politicians?…the information that will come to a head in March of 2014 would be of serious interest right now and of course to anyone running for office in 2014 or beyond?…we expect that after the next city elections there will be no survivors who supported the Earthcare Energy deal?


  1. Keep up the good work Mr Lindsey ,proud to have you as my 6th ward councilman …… When will you other council people realize you represent the taxpayers , we pay your salary ,stand up to the mayor and do the right thing. Keep it transparent

  2. I love the T R A N S P A R A N C Y of this administration. This is the worst administration I have seen in Evasnviille. An administration of this sort belongs on the Kremlin.

    I suggest that Councilman Lindey sign the non-disclosure agreement, make copies of it and distribute them to the news media. I wonder what kind of reception I would get if I requested a copy of it under the Freedom of Information laws.

    Can a mayor be removed for this obvious violation of his oath of office?

    • Do you really think that major companys want to negotiate in the media. I suppose Toyota did all their negotiations through the media when they located in Gibson County. Having some loud mouth running to the media during negotiations is the quickest way to keep companys from wanting to move into the area. There will be plenty of time for other media opportunity down the road.
      Jack Waldroup

      • If we do not get public eyes on it, history shows Evansville politicians make bad backroom deals that we find out about later…when its too late. We are tired of being burned.

  3. Jack ,,,Toyota built Toyota plant with Toyota money ,,,,if I’m not mistaken they want to use taxpayer monies. Please correct me if I’m wrong

  4. Do you really think that Toyota recieved no goverment incentives to locate in Indiana, Kentucky and other States. I know Gibson county helped with the funding of the road inside the property. INDOT funded the interchange that goes to the plant. All that and much more helps land these companys. I think it as been well worth the investment.
    Jack Waldroup

    • Jack is right that Toyota got all kinds of incentives and infrastructure improvements. What Gibson County got in return was 5,000 high paying jobs and a private investment of well over a Billion dollars. It was a good deal and they are not likely to leave all of that investment to rot. Explain this next piece Jack. Toyota would not even consider Vanderburgh County over the union vs. non-union issue and are conveniently located where Vectren is not a monopoly provider.

  5. We paid for the streets downtown thru our taxes ,way I see it let them build hotel with their own money ,,,, kinda like my house , I wanted a house so I paid for it with my money and not your tax money

    • Jack Woldroup is a political insider and as such doesn’t have the same objective point of view as do we ordinary citizens. In my opinion, any comments he makes should be disregarded.

      At one time, there was mention of seven or eight million dollars for this project. Now they are talking in the range of $40 million.

      Oh, well, it is only (OUR) money.

      As Senator Dirkson said “a million here, a million there, pretty soon it adds up to real money.” But when they cite his comment now, they change the million to billion.

  6. Jack Waldroup, if I’m not mistaken aren’t you employed with a consulting firm that has contracts with the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County? If so, your in comflict with your opinion being bais by defending the city and county issues on this site?

    It’s seems to me that you in the future you should put a comflict of interest disclaimer on your blog messages before giving us your bais opinions about city or county issues!

    • I guess I could hide behind some fake name and give my opinion. Maybe I should only post when I agree with your opinion. You seem to only want your views on this site. And yes I do work for a consulting firm. We have no contract with the county and one with the city at this time. Jack Waldroup

  7. Would like to know is this the same Jack Waldroup that use to be the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party Chairmen? Is this the same Jack Waldroup that supported the Mayor over Rick Davis?

    If so, Mr.Waldroup please keep your two face remarks to yourself,

    • Yes I am the former county chairman. Yes I supported the Mayor over Rick. I told Rick and anyone who asked who I was supporting.
      I love all you people who only want to listen to people you agree with, must be nice to have an open mind.
      Honest opinions, now thats funny. Afraid to sign your name with that opinion are we.
      Jack Waldroup

  8. Great posts guys.

    I’m now motivated to check to see how much Waldroup and his Consulting firm have donated to Winnenke’s, Melcher’s, Abell’s, Kiefer, Friend,O’Daniel, Mosby and Weaver political campaigns.

    Oh, does anybody know what the name of the consulting firm Waldroup works for?

    • United Consulting. Don’t know how much money the company donated. I would say more than some, not as much as others.
      Jack Waldroup

  9. What about Waldroup political side kick a guy with the last name of Tulley? Doesn’t he also works for a consulting business who does consulting work with the city and county. Isn’t he a big democratic wig who also supported the Mayor against Davis?

    It seems like we should also check political donations made by him and his consulting firm to elected city and county officials. If this is true, maybe we should check him and his consulting firm out also.

  10. I have not blogged that much lately on this site. I’m glad I was able to get a few blood pressures up today. I will stand by my opinion that negotiations should not be done through the media. If you disagree, fine, you are intitled to your opinion. I will make mine known when I feel like it. So honest opinions, Barry T, Mycroft Holmes, Hotel tranparecy have a great weekend.
    Jack Waldroup, former county chairman and employee of United Consulting.

    • The c/p today states the company chosen by the mayor has “experience” in subsidized projects. That makes me comfortable knowing they have know how to fleece the taxpayer. I differ with your opinion on open meetings. Any meetings should have been between the city council and the 3 proposal companies, they are the ones that are going to be asked to huck up the public $, and will have to defend their actions. How did the mayor get the impression he’s the one to make this choice?

  11. Jack if you want to reveal your identity go for it …I won’t because I do not trust the people in charge , well sorta , they have to many secretive meetings and they have to many double standards . For instance smoking in a tavern can be deadly for the employees so we make it no smoking allowed “”” but the smoking down at casino aztar is still allowed ? Oh that’s right the boat paid us some payola.

    • Don’t smoke, never have. Was shocked when Dr. Adams stated in a recent council meeting concerning washing machines in the hosehouses that he was all for the health of individuals. Didn’t seem to have the same concerns for the Aztar employees. I enjoy going out to dinner and not coming home smelling like a ashtray. But, I don’t think it is right for the goverment to tell a business that you can’t have smokers in your bar but the other guys can because they give more money. It’s not a health issue, it’s money.

    • Glad you attend the meetings. I watch on tv when I can, but on the road so don’t see many.
      Jack Waldroup

  12. There is just no way for Mayor Winnecke or the City Council to come up with a financial package that the taxpayers can afford. Don’t delude yourself into bankrupting the city of Evansville over this project.

    Let us see the financials!

  13. Jack is correct in his statements concerning the need to be confidential up to some point in time before it is required to go public.

    Al is dead wrong not to meet with the Mayor one on one when requested.

    Anyone who believes differently has not held a upper level management position.

    • Good morning. I don’t believe I gave any opinion on Al Lindsey. I think it was Mycroft holmes said he should give the information to the media, I don’t agree.
      One of my biggest regrets is not going to college and getting a degree.

    • You are right, I don’t have a college degree. And I am very proudly to say I went to work for United when my late father started talking about retiring. I was lucky enough to work with him for over 10 yrs. He was a great man, not perfect, had flaws but was the person who taught me about life. Yes, I have been involved in politics around the state. Support people from both sides and proud of it. Now it’s time for a cup of coffee so you have a great day.
      Jack Waldroup

  14. I would agree with the CCO in thinking that information passed between two branches of local government will be subject to FOIA request.

  15. Oh Yeah?
    Oh Yeah?
    Well…..Yur Momma Wears Combat Boots!

    Children! Let’s Be Nice!

  16. Old Downtown’s continuing role as a Cancer on the wallets of the taxpayers has the cost reaching toward 1/3 of a BILLION DOLLARS, and still growing in spite of all the “If Only” Miracle Cures forced upon the Citizenry by Our”Gifted” politicos. This headlong pursuit of Debt can only add to the flight of those with the means to do so. I’m putting my house up for sale next Spring, and the Downtown Creeps can party on, just not on my Nickle.

  17. How much corporate welfare is George getting to fix up the Riverhouse? Not a dime I bet. How can a $40 Million rape of the public coffers be justified 6 blocks away when George is doing his Comfort Inn out of his own pocket?

    • Might as well throw in the the McCurdy Hotel and the additional rape of the taxpayers on that project.

      This is what Machine Politics is all about. Unfortunately Evansville voters can not seem to get enough of it, as they continue to vote these puppets into office.

      What this city needs is at least 5 independent thinking, ethical minded, individuals on city council who really give a damn about whether this city survives!


    • I do not practice law, but it would seem that the owners of the current Hotels as well as the fellow putting his own money in the old Riverhouse would have a legitimate claim of Unfair Trade/Restraint of Trade against the City and the plan to subsidize their competitor.

    • With a sizable contingent of former Illinois Democrat politicians currently doing time in federal prisons I think anyone could have guessed the outcome for the State of Illinois. As Chicago went, so went the State of Illinois.

      Can “little Chicago” be saved from the same fate, or has the previous administration left an indelible mark on the way the people’s business is transacted here?


  18. Press…I take it that you saw the SMG audits since you haven’t been ranting about it on a daily basis!

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