IS IT TRUE? January 25, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? January 25, 2011

IS IT TRUE that “MOLE #3” is hearing that past Vanderburgh County Commissioner Troy Tornatta conducted a political poll last weekend to see if his public opinion approval rating is favorable enough to make a run for Mayor of Evansville?…that the poll ignored the fact that there will be a hotly contested primary for the Democratic nomination for Mayor?…that Mr. Tornatta’s poll was all about whether or not he can defeat Lloyd Winnecke in the fall and ignored Rick Davis completely?…that Citizen Tornatta needs to borrow a term from Mr. Winnecke and focus like a laser on the opponent at hand instead of letting hubrous and arrogance convince him to dismiss a candidate with a 3 month head start?…that Mole#3 has gotten a very credible tip that Mr. Tornatta will be teasing about his choice before choosing to pursue an at-large seat on the Evansville City Council as the objective that he will choose to campaign for?

IS IT TRUE that “MOLE #3” predicted many months ago that 3rd Ward Councilwoman, Wendy Bredhold would not run for re-election to this seat?…that “MOLE # 3” also predicted that the present at-large City Councilman, Don Walker will run for the 3rd Ward seat being vacated by Wendy?

IS IT TRUE that “MOLE # 3” also predicted that unsuccessful candidate for the Vanderburgh County Council, Bill Kramer shall be running for the 2nd Ward City Council seat as a Republican in this coming election? ….that the answer is a resounding “YES”?

IS IT TRUE tonight is the night that begins to erase the stigma brought upon Vanderburgh County by reversing a smoking ordinance two years ago?…that the County Commissioners will be starting the process to fast track a comprehensive smokefree workplace ordinance in the county?…that Commissioner Winnecke has shown the courage of his convictions as a County Councilman on this issue?…that if Commissioner Winnecke becomes Mayor Winnecke that the same courage and the same convictions just may lift the veil of denial that all collective Evansville City Councils of the past have chosen to wear?…that the City of Evansville will have a comprehensive smokefree workplace law?…that the only variable is which council and what year this will finally happen?…that each and every Evansville City Council member that voted against strengthening the smoking ordinance last year will face a formidable uphill battle this year in any ward they choose to run from?…that ignoring the will of 73%+ of the people in favor of a few cronies who own taverns will extract a severe price on the peoples re-election campaigns?

IS IT TRUE that the Dean of Democratic politics and current Evansville City Council member Curt John has disbanded his campaign committee?…that is a pretty good indicator that Mole #3 has been right all along in predicting that Mr. John will not be seeking another term on council?…that the remaining cash of approximately $3,000 will be available for Mr. John to add to the coffers of his favorite candidate(s) or favorite charity(s) as he bows out of the spotlight that comes with elected office?

IS IT TRUE that we are still curious about the solutions that may or may not be in place to assure that adequate cellular bandwidth will be available in the new Evansville Arena?…that Louisville sort of blew that one and ended up having to spend $2M just two months after opening their new downtown arena?…the once again extend our front page to whomever the responsible party for designing the cellular solution for the Evansville Arena is?…we really hope that Evansville has this little detail well thought out with a solution budgeted and ready to implement?…we have an article to accompany this at the following link?


  1. Is it true that Troy Tornatta won the 2010 commissioners race inside the city limits? Can this be verified by examining the vote count for the “city-only” precincts? If this is true, does that mean that had Tornatta’s 2010 race been a mayoral race rather than a county commissioner race (assuming the same 2010 contestants), Troy Tornatta now would be mayor?

    Is it true that Troy recently conducted a poll that indeed did measure both Rick Davis’s and Lloyd Winnecke’s name recognition, along with his own, which information came from a source closer to the horse’s mouth than Mole #3?

  2. Is it true that Charles Manson has better name recognition than Troy, Rick and Lloyd combined?

    Is it true that it is not the fact that people recognize your name that makes you a leader? It is what deeds got you the name recognition in the first place that should determine votes?

    So, lets name some deeds for all of these candidates!

    I’ll start: The name of the deed is the Homestead Tax Credit. Winnecke was there and said nothing, Troy let the Mayor tell him how to run his campaign and pulled an ad that would have helped him, and Davis has clean hands on this one. Next?

    • First paragraph, cute. Second paragraph, true. The rest, well in political polling, first you measure name recognition, then you measure job approval.

      My point in my first post was to respond to the article where it asks, “is it true … Mr. Tornatta’s poll was all about whether or not he can defeat Lloyd Winnecke in the fall and ignored Rick Davis completely?” My information is that no, that isn’t true. As I understand it, the poll measured all three men’s name recognition, then measured Winnecke’s and Tornatta’s job approval ratings.

  3. If you’re like me and you think there is a fine line between “courage of convictions” and simply put, tyranny…

    Is it possible,
    1.) There is still enough outrage at local D’s and party tumult for Davis to flounder? (Don’t make me repeat the lengthy list…)
    2.) The anti-establishment/elitist vote is growing such that even Mr. Nixon might even have a chance in this R primary?

    Is it possible that this mayoral election might end up like the last. Where you are basically for the establishment or a protest vote?

  4. Is it true that Curt John has disbanded his Council Committee and will soon be filing a committee called “Curt John for Mayor Committee”.

    • Still waiting for the Team Weinzapfel Demo. candidate to announce against Mr. Davis.

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