IS IT TRUE January 2, 2014


IS IT TRUE as yesterday was a holiday and some of our readership may have elected to take the day off and enjoy their day instead of reading about the problems of the world we wish to encourage those who have yet to read it to read yesterday’s IS IT TRUE as there is yet another example of ineptitude in the VETTING department of the City of Evansville and it’s surrogate entities like GAGE?…this time around the amount of money tossed into the river exceeds the $200,000 that Mayor Winnecke snuck to Earthcare Energy and the recipient of this mindless largesse is another energy company?…all the details of another hand out for promises in the dark of 400 jobs and $40 Million of private investment are in yesterday’s IIT including the typical self congratulatory announcement by then Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel?

IS IT TRUE in view of the latest debacle in the capacity to VET anything the City County Observer would like to call upon the Evansville City Council and particularly Councilman John Friend who has been a vocal nemesis of the poor VETTING done by the City to first FREEZE ALL LOANS AND INCENTIVE PACKAGES IMMEDIATELY and second to ESTABLISH A PROCESS FOR VETTING AND A VETTING COMMISSION MADE UP OF COMPETENT PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY DO KNOW HOW TO VET?…Evansville must be getting a reputation as a magnet city  to come to for financial packages that don’t even require the scrutiny that a new high school graduate must submit to in order to get a J.C. Penney credit card with a $200.00 limit?…this is a disgrace and if the people and elected leaders of this town allow this to continue we shall get exactly what we deserve?…that would be an expensive trip down the Detroit path to insolvency and ignorance?

IS IT TRUE the Evansville Zoo treated us all to a “Twelve Monkeys” moment yesterday when a pack of wolves dug under their fence to enjoy a bit of freedom running free in the City limits?…Twelve Monkeys was the Brad Pitt movie that ended in the release of a bunch of zoo animals onto the City of Philadelphia?…while no damage was done and this is today a bit of a laughing matter things could have gone wrong for pets and children if the wolves had kept their freedom through the night?

IS IT TRUE a report was released yesterday with a beautiful graphical representation of the drinking preferences by brand of Democrats and Republicans?…the other graphical criteria was the likelihood of voting with the highly likely to vote Republicans in the upper right quadrant of the graph and the highly likely to vote Democrats on the upper left quadrant?…in a stroke of randomness that no one could make up the preferred brand of alcohol for highly likely to vote Democrats was a cheap wine known as “SMOKING LOON”?…the Republicans that can be counted on to vote preferred Robert Mondavi?…when it comes to the hard stuff Democrats prefer tequila and Republicans like whiskey?

IS IT TRUE the best estimates of healthcare coverage as a result of ObamaCare now that the new year has started are 2.1 Million people are covered by new policies and another 4.0 Million people signed up for Medicaid under the new rules?…since roughly 6 Million people lost their private insurance it is safe to assume that there are less people with health insurance today than there were on October 1st?…the interesting thing to watch in the continued roll out will be the makeup of the new policies?…it is widely assumed that the new Medicaid recipients and the new purchasers of policies are currently coming from the sick and poor?…to work financially ObamaCare needs to attract more young and healthy in the coming 3 months or the actuarial pool used to set the 2015 rates will be made up in a way that will guarantee much higher rates next year when the mandate falls onto the business community?


  1. So, i guess White Russians AND an occasional Maker’s and coke equals libertarian…

    Speaking of graphics… Did anyone see the new BBC study that asked over 68,000 people in more than 60 countries which country they most feared military aggression from? Guess which country topped the list by an overwhelming margin…

    • Brad, dear, try listening to an old woman’s advice. You should learn to drink like a man instead of a sissy. Why would you defile a fine bourbon with coke? White Russians?? Yucky.

      • You make a solid point about the bourbon. I do enjoy an occasional straight bourbon… The White Russian is a civilized drink; throw on some Tchaikovski and complete the romantic atmosphere.

  2. Well, I’ve been a Democrat for a long time now, but I still drink like a Republican. Truth is, I do very little of it, but if I’m not drinking a nice wine with a meal my preference is for Maker’s and water. I do make a nice frozen peach daiquiri with some Capt. Morgan’s spiced rum.

    • Johnny Walker Black til the last few days of the month when money is short, then I turn to E&J. As soon as I get my government check I give up evil juice and go back to the good stuff.

    • I drank like a Republican New Year’s Eve and woke up a Democrat New Year’s Day. (Broke)

      But as Jackie Gleason would say, “How sweet it is!”

  3. “IS IT TRUE the best estimates of healthcare coverage as a result of ObamaCare now that the new year has started are 2.1 Million people are covered by new policies and another 4.1 Million people signed up for Medicaid under the new rules?…since roughly 6 Million people lost their private insurance it is safe to assume that there are less people with health insurance today than there were on October 1st?”

    The last time I looked, 2.1 + 4.1 = 6.2, so no, it isn’t safe to make that assumption. (You now what happens when you assume.) If it were not for the Governor’s like our own, who refuse Medicaid expansion, there would be another 5 million covered.

    • Sorry, the Medicaid number is 4.0. Misread my notes while typing. I do not doubt your last sentence. I do doubt the financial viability of ObamaCare unless more net payers (young and healthy) are attracted to cover the losses incurred by expanding coverage to the sick.

  4. “E-TROIT”
    Bled to death from within:

    The utter glee demonstrated by so-called City Leaders as they give away hundreds of thousands, even millions in taxpayer treasure is disgusting.

    It seems that a drunken sense of entitlement, …
    the right to heavy campaign contributions and political favors, has hijacked the consciences of those we have elected to do our business.

    The flagrant disregard for prudence and do-diligence listed in the article above, is significant, but pales in comparison with the unfettered hand Vectren and the City Water Department enjoy; regularly ratcheting up exponentially, the cost of existing in this Community.

    Without a fundamental purge, I believe my Beloved Hometown and her Good and Decent Citizenry will succumb to relentless internal parasites. …

    • The first thing that should happen after the purge is that the ugly brick box at the end of Main St. falls to the wrecking ball. Its construction was the beginning of the end for Evansville.

  5. What were the crime stats for 2013 in the City? My guess is bad bad bad. Please share them with us. Scoop the Courier.

  6. Why weren’t roads pretreated on Jan. 1 – leading to numerous accidents Jan. 2? Scoop the courier!

  7. I have a question for the CCO- In a recent interview with the mayor on WNIN, it was revealed that the city has narrowed their selection down to two sites and has architectural renderings for both. One we obviously know is the Old Greyhound Bus Lot (which the CCO was the first to report), but what lot is #2?

  8. Wow. Is may be the reason why the Mayor is now suggesting that the new site for his beloved dog park be moved to the State Hospital property.

    Thanks CCO for the insight. To bad the Courier doing isn’t doing investigative news homework concerning this issue.

    • The dog park was proposed to go in Wesselman Park, not this phantom Unroberts Park.

      If the great lawn is indeed #2, just how pathetic can you get?

      Now we’re going to have a lot that is landlocked, not in a TIF, overlapping UE territory, and completely out of touch with its surroundings instead of reusing a building already earmarked for education.

      That’s on top of the fact that #1 is inferior to the Old Central lot which should be the choice.

      Old Central directly next to an existing bus station, Old Greyhound next to a past bus station.

      Old Central directly down MLK/6th/Mary from Deaconess, Old Greyhound just a few blocks from a casino.

      Old Central directly next to the YMCA, Old Greyhound next to a measly YWCA.

      Old Central with room to expand to the north, Old Greyhound with no room whatsoever.

      Old Central, directly down MLK from the arena and hotel (tba), Old Greyhound as far away from these as possible.

      Old Central directly across MLK from a historic apartment complex, Old Greyhound directly across a lousy energy company.

      Old Central has the potential to revive one of the most iconic pieces of education architecture from the past to recruit students, Old Greyhound has the greyhound and Old Skora but likely won’t be a factor.

      Old Central in TIF, the great lawn in no mans land.

      Why is this so hard to figure out?

    • Didn’t somebody on the City Council suggest that the Robert’s property be held in reserve in order to have an alternative to the downtown Med should property acquisition, costs, etc become impossible?

      • Since when does this Administration go to the City Council vs. just going to Ed Hafer, president of the ERC. The last time I was in room 307, the location of the ERC meetings, i swear there was a ATM machine next to ole Ed. BTW, didn’t anybody notice that Hafer and Associates were the ones that the Adm chose to do the design work on Robert’s Park

      • It appears that Councilman Friend stated that Robert’s property should be considered the second alternative.

  9. Who drew up the architectural renderings for proposed I U Med School site for the city and who paid for them? Did the Mayor get City Council approval to spend the money to do the renderings?

    • Excellent question! I still want to know who paid for the consultant on “urban medical centers” to come to town and push for a downtown location. His arguments were weak, so whoever paid got shafted.
      If one penny of taxpayer money was used on any of this, the Mayor needs to get really “transparent” really quickly. If it was done with private money, at his behest, he still needs to “get very clear” immediately. A press conference today would be a good way to start the new year.

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