IS IT TRUE January 14, 2014


IS IT TRUE January 14, 2014

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer received an anonymous email yesterday that had some attachments with it detailing a proposal by GAGE to change the scoring form for tax abatements that are oftentimes offered to companies that are expanding or being attracted to the region?…after looking these proposed scoring sheets over it is clear that these proposed new scoring sheets simplify the process and remove some of the subjective areas that politicians of Christmas past have used to give more points to their cronies and favorites?…the CCO would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate Debbie Dewey and the GAGE staff for getting simplification and objectivity to the threshold of acceptance with both the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County?…this is something that was recommended years ago but was resisted by the powers that be at that time?…this is a very positive step toward codification of an objective fair process into the tax abatement process that has been abused much too long?…we encourage both the city and county governments to adopt the recommendations of Ms. Dewey as the law of local lands when it comes to scoring tax abatement applications?

IS IT TRUE Evansville has once again been the subject of a national publication and this time it is the Wall Street Journal that came to town to profile one of the attributes of the City of Evansville?…this time the Facebook site “scooter people of Evansville” is probably to blame for the unflattering article?…this follows the previous national exposure of being the fattest city in America, the most miserable city in America, Jon Stewart’s crap in the street capital of America, or even the jilted boyfriend down the chimney getting stuck capital of America?…this time the lampooning is over the number of scooters in Evansville and the distinction of these so called “liquor bikes” because one of the reasons people ride scooters is too many DUIs?…the Wall Street Journal opined on Evansville’s scooter riders as “There are riders wearing pajama bottoms in broad daylight, with their thong underwear protruding from the tops of their jeans, toting cases of Bud Light Platinum and occasionally passed out next to their bikes in a parking lot?”…even Mayor Winnecke was quoted in the WSJ for his opinion on the explosion of scooters in River City?…there were even references to pictures of locals dragging lawn mowers and deer carcasses behind these vehicles?…we and others are hoping the city wasn’t depending upon this article to lure Fortune 500 companies to Evansville?…the only positive is that our best locally owned coffee shop, Penny Lane Coffee got themselves into the picture with one of the more well known scooter riders out front?

IS IT TRUE it seems as though City Councilman and potential mayoral candidate John Friend and his future opponent Mayor Lloyd Winnecke have found something they agree on?…that is their joint opposition to Governor Pence’s proposal to eliminate the personal property tax on corporations?…the basis for this agreement of these antagonists lies in the fact that it will remove $7.3 Million per year from the General Fund?…it also eliminates the ability of the City Council, Mayor, and County Commissioners to selectively decide who gets tax amnesty through the tax abatement process?…they must not like losing that bit of power?…one would think that both of them would realize that eliminating taxes on production equipment carte blanch may just be a competitive edge for Indiana in the business attraction game?…there have been (and still are) many businesses in Evansville that enjoy an exemption from property taxes via the formerly biased tax abatement process?…among the companies that have benefitted from this exclusive and often capricious offer are both Old National Bank and Vectren?…perhaps Governor Pence has this one right and the local opposition is misdirected?

IS IT TRUE that there is a move afoot to use public dollars to repair and refurbish the mansard roofed French architectural treasure known as the Owens Block Building?…only five years ago then Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel and DMD Director Tom Barnett were boasting about a Henderson based investor that was going to turn this building into high cost townhouses with subterranean garages?…we guess that along with the McCurdy and the downtown hotel all went to hell in a hand basket after much publicity and brouhaha?…we wish the City of Evansville well in this endeavor?…we do realize that the cost to make this happen may be so far above market value that it is not feasible?…if this is not feasible when compared to a demolition and rebuild project we hope the powers that be will have the good sense to abandon this quixotic task and opt to demolish it instead?…the old girl is pretty but she may not be worth it?…it is too early to make that determination right now?


  1. So much to comment on here…

    First, thanks Debbie Dewey. Better be updating your CV though.

    Second, a careful reading of the WSJ article on our scooter “problem”, it’s clear the author is sympathetic to the scooter owners, who are largely poor people who are being demonized now by politicians like Mayor Winnecke. This idea that a scooter with a top speed of 25mph and no more power than a healthy man on a 10-speed need to be targeted for mandatory state insurance, licensing, etc, is a tragedy. It is the stories of teasing and stigmatization that are most tragic. While it’s amusing to see a guy trying to pull a canoe with a scooter, its not funny, cool, or morally acceptible to make fun of people for their mode of transport, just as its not acceptable to point and laugh at poor people on a city bus trying to feed a family and make ends meet. Welfare is easier, I hear. At least these folks are trying to get to work. It is nothing less than an attack on the less fortunate whose only means of economical transport are these scooters. Please, everyone, let’s drop the elitism, snobbery, and juvenile tribalism and try to be a bit more compassionate. If you want to make an argument about a nuisance, like Jason Callum is trying to do, at least show some hard data demonstrating that scooters are more likely to create property damage on average than your common bicycle. If you want scooters to use bike lanes and stay off the sidewalk, fine, make that argument. just drop the antecdotal picture swapping and finger pointing. I was under the impression this Mayor was a “green” advocate, yet he wants to discourage the use of vehicles that use so little fuel and add so little to the polluted air? I don’t even own a scooter, but I do feel empathy for struggling people.

    Lastly, shame on Mr. Friend. Please be a true ‘friend of the taxpayer’ and rethink your position on this tax cut. A tax cut equally across ALL businesses is a stimulus to the economy even if it removes a promo tool for government ‘preferred businesses’.

    • Agreed with 100% with everything you said until the end where you went ideological.

      Please apply the same logic to this tax cut as you did to the hotel. Will the cut generate enough economic activity and return government revenue in other areas to pay for itself. I’m extremely skeptical of that.

      Not every tax cut is net stimulative, not by a long shot.

      • Respectfully, I disagree. When people keep more of their own money. When government takes it, it decides what to spend money on.government never spends someone else’s money on someone else as carefully as you will spend it on yourself.

        Milton Friedman’s Four Ways to Spend Money

        1: You can spend your own money on yourself. When you do that, why then you really watch out what you’re doing, and you try to get the most for your money.

        2: You can spend your own money on somebody else. For example, I buy a birthday present for someone. Well, then I’m not so careful about the content of the present, but I’m very careful about the cost.

        3: I can spend somebody else’s money on myself. And if I spend somebody else’s money on myself, then I’m sure going to have a good lunch!

        4: I can spend somebody else’s money on somebody else. And if I spend somebody else’s money on somebody else, I’m not concerned about how much it is, and I’m not concerned about what I get.

    • It seems that the electorate believes manna from heaven…we have a snow fall and when the stuff is not removed, at least to the satisfaction of the citizen, all hell breaks out….and when there are hypodermic needles in our parks, the electorate screams demanding action… and when our homes are invaded, we demand immediate action…and when fire breaks out, well we expect the little Red fire truck to show up. Granted, we do not need additional parks and add-on, but, without the necessary funding, well get use to the decline in service levels…three things are brought to any market, 1. quality….2. price and 3. service…now, you get to pick two of the three….

  2. Are Friend and Winnecke riding together up to the Statehouse in Indy today ? Who is driving the bus ? Will they stop at a bar after their presentation ? Will the name of that bar be ‘The Swinging Gate’ perchance ?

  3. The next process that should be addressed is the claw-back clause added in incentive packages. A standard of possible incentives directly linked to # of jobs/ taxes created with a definate time frame of when these standards must be met. The city/ county have a reputation of easy marks, and they’ve earned it.

  4. With current Census figures showing a per capita income of under $22,000 dollars/yr for Evansville. It’s easy to see why Scooters are definitely a growing part of transportation solutions for more than a few of Evansville’s citizens.
    I hope the “Rule” makers keep that, and Common sense in mind.

    • Also, the Census report shows nearly 20% of the population lives below the Poverty level,
      that’s 1 in 5 Evansville residents.

      • Crash: Heres my take on today’s IiT.
        Spot light syndrome,the human visual sensory cognitive system. However, the new science and technologies based observations we are offered are beyond the cognitive sight realm of the human eye,or the spotlighted focus of that feature, or physical object observed.

        Basically, why a WSJ article about Evansville and its self inflicted,or affected scooter infrastructure is “spotlighted”?
        The spot on the “old,blue Doctors Building” downtown is also a weakening bulb considering the total costing involved to bring such an building to todays acceptable habitation standards. The same environmental issues apply as well as any other building or sight in that aspect. With the right planning and viability in method the thing could be brought back to some use,maybe limited contact such as a demonstrated touring feature or medical museum,long term habitation periods maybe not costing wise,like the McCurdy its pretty far gone though environmental neglect to the elements alone.
        Both old historical buildings affected need an “focused sustainability study forward, per, the best achieved costing balance.*

        Thing is, Today,the equipment that determines the viability and compliance of acceptable standards is in focus to scientific realms outside the spotlight,or even cognitive to reception visual referencing pathways of the occipital and parietal lobes in the human brain. (“Brain games”)

        Also observed on an different news site,I sighted,an article about the parks director heading up state,as well. Ride along?

        Something, about funding sought for Roberts park development,I’m wondering with all the spotlights zipping around your area how that wasn’t caught up and “engaged” by the CCO either.
        Somehow from afar, I had the impression that funding was already planned for and set aside,maybe the wrong impression from a previous spotlight casting…moving target focus,per spotlight syndrome I suppose.

        The parks in Evansville could be evolved and developed,balanced for sustainable viable operations to fund themselves somewhat,if some spotlights expanded they,re focus a bit,maybe thats what I missed?

        “transit umbra lux”

        the shadow passes,the light remains…..(sun dial)

        “Honore’s, mutant mores”

        “the Honor’s,change the customs.”

        • V is to R
          I love some of the “Old Downtown” buildings, their architecture and connection to Evansville’s history, (eg. Customs House) but, I would guess few of the Old and vacant buildings in Old Downtown conform to current building codes, are not current technologically, or overhead/energy efficient.
          You can’t steal Second Base(the Future), with your toe on first (the Past).
          To me a very large part of Old Downtown needs rehabilitation by bulldozer.
          Next, taking down the Civic Center, and reconnecting Main would be a nice addendum to any “Future” planning for Old Downtown.

          • He,heha, The games bases “are incremental” to a game winning grand slam,however.
            The downtown buildings there need some planned updates in sustainability,and balancing*for true useful purposing. Given that with some sustained open access and profitability per location.
            Thats, not implemented well there,anymore.

            Other cities work that out with the right incremental focus points. It seems apparent when political positioning,or posturing gets involved,the game plan “flies out”. The runners go back to the dugout, “the innings change”, and the ugly game goes on.

            Crash; “Whoever”is on first, and perceived to steal second, would be better served, if the team had a third base coach worth his chew.
            That making damn sure the dolt on second watching the pitcher, “can go to third” too be poised, for a Home plate run, and a score,if the opportunity presents itself,at all.

            Heck once as a little leaguer batting with a guy on first and third knocked in two runs and eventually scored myself to lift the team to a 7-4 win in the sixth,took out the smartass pitcher (“beaning guys”) with a blistering line drive,the back-up they had was real lousy, our coach played the whole team for the rest of the game,even the benchwarmers got in. Fair ball so to speak. 😉

      • cnn listings.

        Infrastructure that counts,and just why viability of the Ohio River basin is challenged forward as a sustainable balanced* clean water source. Look at the chemical plants down the Kanawha river alone..geezel pete! I really wonder how many times this type of influx has gone undetected…ummmm. and whom was affected?
        Background traces need to be explored some what i’d say.
        Didn’t? The media report a off the normal smell in your local Booneville In.area the other day,sewers,or chemical sweet smell is how the media reported that,could be something to delve into or put an eye on there, as well.

        Another reason for myself delving into a science based, planet applied thermodynamic solution to the National, and Ohio river basins water problems.
        As well as,the Climate Change Actions required to prepare for such “point to point”, or “dot connected” problems as a American National whole infrastructure unit applied balance with sustainability*,moved forward.

        I would suspect,that the cold weather and the extreme temperature thermodynamics will likely be one of the “dots” identified when the investigations are in with the data recovered per cause. Preventative maintenance monitoring should be in place,as well.
        Having the back-up supply reserves in place does give advanced precautionary structure for the downstream potable water functions,Such as Cincinnati Oh,Ashland Ky,and others,however if that infrastructure is challenged by recent water main breaks and reservoir levels,some really fast pre-planning supply sustainability might be prudent for your areas clean water supplies.

        The very sustainable system balances of design,I now possess the property rights too,now defeats such costing “dots” in the bud,so to speak.
        The system automatically accounts for the supply controls during these events [weather,climate change induced],no interruptions,and no contaminated source allocation period.
        As one scientifically perceives offered anywhere this balance with sustainability* is applied on the planet.

        “simple as it is,but not simpler” (Albert Einstein)

  5. Many scooters are driven on the wrong roads by ignorant people which give them a bad rep. If police were able to ticket those driving on Lloyd Expy. & Hwy. 41 impeeding traffic & a safety risk to themselves it would help.
    Ditto anyone impeding traffic – including vars & trucks driving too slow. I know many must use scooters for a variety of reasons but they need to stay on side roads where the posted speed limit is 35 or below.
    With that in mind we could clear our roads of the many dangerous drivers of scooters on our streets.

  6. Taxing corporations is a way for politicians to camouflage the taxes individuals pay. A business will either pas through the tax with their margin to remain profitable, or it will close.

    I have owned a business in Evansville for 40 years. Where is my incentive? I will never be a Berry Plastics, but I am turning down work because there is no incentive for me to grow my business. Over ten years ago I chose to downsize, and it is the most profitable decision I ever made. I am not the odd small business man out in that choice.

    • You’re spot on. I still think we could kept Whirlpool and a few other companies that have left this area. I don’t think our politicians give a seriously look at business until it comes time to spend tax dollars. I’m sure the overall employment numbers for Whirlpool was over 2000. The tax on Whirlpool could have been zero and we would still be ahead. We have RTW, now all we need to do is get the corporate tax thing in line. The more people in an area that are unemployed the more public safety issues you have, this includes an increase in domestic violence.

      • Whirlpool had 10,000 employees at their maximum back in the early 80’s. They were down to about 1,200 or so by the time they announced their exit.

  7. Enoch,

    I agree with you completely. LW and Russ Lloyd were squealing like little pigs when this was announced, and they went into ‘layoff mode’, threatening the layoff of police and fire.

    The tax is not fair to businesses. Indeed, why not tax residents on their personal property ? Bet that would be popular. Get rid of the tax. Right-size the city, across all departments. I think citing the police/fire as the areas for layoff is partly a scare tactic.

    • Let see…dog park vs police & fire, gee that seems like such a no-brainer that even a politician could figure it out, we have money for things like a hotel and a new arena, money to give to every scammer that comes a’knockin, but none for the basic services that the city is responsible to provide.

      I’m sure Wayne has a positive spin to put on this…Wayne?


        • pov: Yep,however with the basic services the photo op’s do bloom in the numbers bit, when the service is halted,controlled, or not. Ask’em in West Virginia how that situation works for the photo op’s per government provided or maintained infrastructures.

  8. I think all the posturing about the Business Personal Property tax is a harbinger for the much larger issue: the City needs to make some major cuts. Where would we be, today, if not for the Casino Bribes we receive every year ?

    I would like to see a Mayor brave enough to put together a list of services currently provided that we need to either: a) Eliminate; or b) Have a Property Tax increase to support.
    The Zoo is Exhibit A: it loses $ 4 Million even after admissions, etc. Put that on a Referendum Question: either we raise property taxes to pay for that, or close it down ! That will be an illuminating vote, to say the least !

    • What? Is it news or an indicator of anything that people spent money at Christmas? You gotta be kidding.

      • According to the cco the one day black friay sales being down was sign of economic apocalypse. Very selective reporting. Really all it was an indicator of is an increasing shift to online shopping, which republicans have now decided to tax by the way.

        • Ghost; The online shopping is probably the best answer for the actual through the store door numbers being down,as far as overall customer satisfaction per timing and true cost affects. The online shopping networks took one huge costing and supply “bitch slap” right square upside the logistical cheek.
          Ah,ha Climate Change folks,its what are they calling that stifling thing,the “polar vortex”?
          What it is, might be a stinging in your face detail businesses felt in coping with Mama Naturali having her fill of our “carbonized fruits” cake.
          Sustainability in all fields of logistical transportation balances forward will be the huge touch point on any said traction for profitable online shopping expansion,as well. So.

          Seasonal travel,hotel visitations and other such seasonal expectations, scheduling,commerce access and timing took one in the face on the other cheek,ole girls quick,darned good back hand as well,doesn’t miss much.
          Found,some easily applied processes to solve those minor issues incrementally,kinda like olympic rules,short rounds and some head gear,lots of grease to the brow..lessens the sting’n so to speak. Still working on a buyer though….

          Don’t worry any about ole al harpie there,while reading the flowing of his bigots rant,I remembered an situation overseas,with regional tongues speak.
          A cute, however small oriental gals broken english while talking about a little jerk Italian guy bugging her, “you no worry,him no problem,can do fast,him little…like stick”.

        • Ghost; The online shopping is probably the best answer for the actual through the store door numbers being down,as far as overall customer satisfaction per timing and true cost affects. The online shopping networks took one huge costing and supply “bitch slap” right square upside the logistical cheek.
          Ah,ha Climate Change folks,its what are they calling that stifling thing,the “polar vortex”?
          What it is, might be a stinging in your face detail businesses felt in coping with Mama Naturali having her fill of our “carbonized fruits” cake.
          Sustainability in all fields of logistical transportation balances forward will be the huge touch point on any said traction for profitable online shopping expansion,as well. So.

          Seasonal travel,hotel visitations and other such seasonal expectations, scheduling,commerce access and timing took one in the face on the other cheek,ole girls quick,darned good back hand as well,doesn’t miss much.
          Found,some easily applied processes to solve those minor issues incrementally,kinda like olympic rules,short rounds and some head gear,lots of grease to the brow..lessens the sting’n so to speak. Still working on a buyer though….

          Don’t worry any about ole al harpie there,while reading the flowing of his bigots rant,I remembered an situation overseas,with regional tongues speak.
          A cute, however small oriental gals broken english while talking about a little jerk Italian guy bugging her, “you no worry,him no problem,can do fast,him little…like stick”.

      • When you are dealing with a mom’s damp-basement dweller like Toad, understand that you are dealing with someone who is willing to wallow in the failure of his god-emperor No-Hopey.

        The US population itself is estimated to have grown by 0.7% last year. Toad is celebrating Nov. retail sales that grew by 0.4% and Dec. sales by 0.2% compared to the year before.

        Pitiful. After five years of No-Hopey, the streets were supposed to be paved with gold. Instead, they’re paved with the rancid BS of his duped disciples.

        • The markets seemed to like the news. You and other Limbaugh listeners are rooting for America to fail. That’s pretty sad.

  9. Thanks CCO Is It True Editor Joe Wallace for making a positive statement about Debbie Dewey and Gage. You showed class and objectivity by doing so.

  10. I’m perplexed. Why is it that taxpayers in Lafayette, South Bend, Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis, Jeffersonville, Louisville, Akron, Cleveland, the list goes on and on have opted to pay the costs to build sewer tunnels to hold storm water, yet Evansville has opted to construct a huge swamp on the Southlane Drive, the good people of EVV would never EVER allow the politicians to pull this devious trick on the West or East side of town. Oh well, oh well, the lcoals don’t seemed to be to worried about “quality of life”, sadly our city mantra is simply: Go cheap, cheap, cheap – whatever it takes to save a buck”…..

    • Neither,don’t be perplexed, neither of those storm sewer systems will work for Climate Change action,both systems are a massive unsustainable infrastructure cost,and an huge waste of a little time. And that,the time that is,still as I write,is still ticking away.
      Infrastructure planning,costing and thus the taxpayers that fund the before mentioned will still be seeking working infrastructures forward as the planet presents the forecasted events upon them into the future.
      People in general are still in denial that this earth is changing before our very eyes. Finding the defined balance of applications per each separate infrastructure,blends the true overall sustainability of the whole nations stormwater management networks involved.
      The sooner this is accepted,the better the solutions will become,and the jobs and funding provided,as such. So.

      Shoot, building the Panama canal “back in the day” was a balanced and sustainable* engineering feat,still works,as well.
      Global trade routes and methods changed,but for its defined purpose that thing still works,one hell’va shortcut! Think of the actual carbon footprint global and warming signature that sucker has saved for the planet as a whole unit, over time.

      Time,and the planet provides the balance,then Jimmy Carter gave it away.

      Betcha, Mr.Teddy Roosevelt,never had the thought of carbons and atmospheric balancing per global warming even cross his mind,even though the Man was a great naturalist in his own realm of time.

      insula Gilligan’s

      Gilligan’s Island

    • I wondered that myself. I have been trying to follow the money but it aint easy finding out who owns what or who is going to get work out of the deal. But in Evansville there is always a deal.

  11. Retweet:

    Al-Qaeda couldn’t shut down the world’s busiest bridge or poison one of the nation’s largest rivers, but conservatives managed to do it!


    • If you think Al Queda as not done more damage than inconveniencing commuters and a big river dump then your brain is really bent. Do you remember 911? What would you prefer, a couple of plane bombs or a traffic jam? Come on man.

      • We create the terrorists. Al Qaeda was a CIA creation. It bit us in the ass. Terrorists will stop wanting to blow us up when the last of the generation that saw US forces occupy their countries and blow up their wedding parties with cowardly drones passes away. The sooner we stop doing these things, the sooner we will see that day come.

        We’ve been at war for going on 13 years. I think I’ve seen enough.

  12. Breaking news: Arguments on the appeal of the decision on the cross display that caused so much discord are to be heard in February.
    My “take” on the “news”:
    The church will lose if it loses, but it will lose if it wins, too. They may learn what a phyrric victory is. We really need a few monkey gods and Satanic interactive displays for children to go along with the poo in the streets, the Scooter People of Evansville, obesity, and misery. This may become a “destination city” afterall. Maybe somebody will want to vacation in the national seat of stupidity.

    • I wonder how these hypocrites would feel if somebody went down to the riverfront and put up a bunch of muslim half moons.

      • The children’s interactive Satanic displays and the monkey deities are now going up in Oklahoma City, but they got to keep the Ten Commandments, too. I am pretty sure the people who think the crosses belonged downtown don’t believe such a thing could happen here. That just proves how narrow-minded and blind they are. If it happened in Oklahoma, it will happen in Indiana.

        • And if we had listened to liberal judges, who have stayed consistent on this, then we wouldn’t have ANY OF THESE disgusting and idiotic displays.

          Buuuuuuuuuuut NO!! The christofacists just had mark their territory with their bronze age decrees.

          BTW I don’t see any marriage bans for fornicators, adulters, liars, wife beaters, child molestors etc as their precious book forbids also.

          Now were going to have urban blight and religious nonsense spread out all over many of our fine courthouses and public properties.

          God I HATE these christofacists so much!

        • Wouldn’t matter to me. I am sure everyone would be impressed with atheist put up 31 satanic displays.

          • liberals could put up 31 pictures of karl mark………ebt cards……….aborted babies……….things they believe in……..

          • What an ignorant thing to say. Do you really not know that atheists DON’T worship Satan, Satanists do? Atheists have no god, and would not do what you are saying.
            I really don’t think you’re that dumb. It’s just an attempt to stir hate and fear among the truly ignorant.

  13. The idea of demolition should not be associated in any way, shape, or form with the building on 2nd & Chestnut. No reason at all for that to be considered. In fact, I thank Mr. Hooper & Mr. Miller for working to save it. That is what makes a city a city.

    • The building is a historic structure. It should be saved. They just don’t build structures like that one anymore.

      I do believe this building is included in the Preservation District, and cannot just be legally demolished.

      • Being in a preservation district does not prevent demolition. It only stops the bulldozer if a federal road or project is the cause of the destruction.

  14. I think “satanics” put up satanic displays. Atheists are actually less likely to put up satanic displays than Christians, not that Xns are likely to. But this is a classic example of failure of any understanding of atheists by Christians.

    • In this case, I think it is purposeful deception, which is a euphemism for “being a liar”.

  15. Atheistic regimes hold the record for the most mas-killings of the last century. More Christians were killed for their faith than in all of christian history. The number of Christians killed for their faith doubled last year.

    I think Christians get it.

    • What about the previous 20 centuries? Ever heard of the crusades, the inquisition, or what happened when the popes had armies? The Catholic church killed people indiscriminately for centuries.

      • Christians are still being killed and the numbers are increasing. Are there presently any crusades? Is Pope Francis calling for another holy war or to help the poor?

        Welcome to 2014 Francisco.

    • Each of those killing regimes were also white, caucasian leadership. So you’re saying that white, caucasian leadership kills Christians? And far more Islamic people died last year than Christians. Your logic is a leap too far…thin and shallow on substance.

    • Sounds to me like they got it. A few of the worst were evidently missed.

      Typically, you wrote things as fact that you couldn’t possibly know to be true. Nobody could.

      If they don’t start acting human, 2014 could be a banner year worldwide. A virulent strain of that religion is often, as now, on display. It does good Christians no favors.

      • You’re right, Bandana! Some people just never learn. They do the same thing over and over, and expect a different outcome, and we all know what that defines, don’t we?

        • “Some people just never learn. They do the same thing over and over, and expect a different outcome, and we all know what that defines, don’t we?”

          Yes, it makes them phony “christians” and idiots, to boot.

      • Oh, so now it’s their fault the number doubled. You just reached a new low Banadana.

        • You make an excellent case that all of the Abrahamic religions are vile, murderous beliefs. Some years one cult wins, some years another wins, but they just keep on killing in the name of the Abrahamic god, whatever they choose to call him!

        • It didn’t double. I think you just made it up like you do a lot of the things you write, or glommed it off some goofy website. You should be ashamed of yourself, you warter martyr.

          New low indeed. You sound like Jeff Lyons with your ‘new low’ insanity. You have no idea the depths I’ve sunk to today, and it’s only 3:45. Ho ho ho.

          The Christian religion takes a pretty good hit every time you mount a keyboard.

        • You really should have read the article, not just the headline. Out of the ten regimes listed as dangerous to Christians, only one, North Korea is atheist. All of the others are Islamic. Islam IS an Abrahamic religion. You need to get your facts straight before you spout. Far more Christians are killed by fellow believers than by non-believers.

    • IndianaEnoch, you are so full of something brown, squishy and malodorous.

      Open your mind to reality, and perhaps you’ll actually LEARN something.

        • I’ll be happy to say something nice to or about you, as soon as you act like you’ve got some common sense.

          Stop the preaching Enoch. Nobody wants to hear it anymore, and YOU are not “God’s messenger.”

          • Sarah, if i wanted your mean spirited attacks I would have paid my indulgence to the CP and reactivated my account. You have nothing to say and that’s going to be what I say to you.

    • That is an outright lie. I’d like you to cite the Atheistic regimes of the past 20 centuries that did all of that murdering. Non-Christians are NOT necessarily atheists. Most worship a god of some sort, and a good many worship the same god you do.

      • I sad the “last century” not the “past 20 centuries.” I did not say atheists, I said atheistic regimes, USSR, Red China. If someone is using their religion as a reason to kill others, then they are not worshiping the same God I worship.

        What I wonder is why me giving the facts of Christians being killed caused such a hateful backlash and calling me a liar when the facts are as close as google? Truly, ignorance is the birth mother of hate.

  16. If I had responded to any atrocity experienced by man the way you haters responded to my posting about Christians being murdered, you guy would be at me with pitch forks torches.

    But I talk about Christians being murdered and you guys are at me with pitch forks and torches. Gads you people are mean.

    • Stop playing the martyr/victim. You surely did your best to bully those who disagree with you, and then you want to call them “mean” for standing up to you!
      Btw, your post is really garbled. Maybe you should try to calm down.

      • Exactly!

        He doesn’t see those people as humans only as “christians” he even said so himself. And as “christians” they will be part his “flock” that worships and adores him as their “savior”. They are nothing to him, just like all the rest, except as empty vessels waiting to be indoctrinated into RW ideoology and absurd bronze age mythology.

        • What gets me about all this is that the “Christians” overlook the fact that their god is the SAME one that Jews and Muslims pray to. It looks to me like all of the followers of the god of Abraham have a real “mean streak”, and they think that doing murder is pleasing to their god.

        • Aahahaaa! He surely is meltin’. Just like he used to melt down on the C&P threads.

          Poor guy. Doesn’t know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt, as usual.

    • Your link doesn’t prove anything except you and some Christian group of Bible smugglers called ‘Open Doors’ (a group existing to support persecuted Christians worldwide), are interested in perpetuating the view that Christians are overly persecuted. I don’t doubt they are in some places, we don’t allow that around here.

      Most religions have probably been persecuted at one time or another to varying degrees, often depending on what they’re doing and where they’re doing it. Sometimes folks get what they ask for.

      You should read the CCO article before hijacking it to propound on one of your favorite subjects. Speaking of which, I believe I saw you darting in and out of traffic on a scooter today, clad in some pretty bad pajamas.

  17. I-E used to get well-deserved visceral disagreement. Now…it’s loss of respect. That hole got dug by….somebody.

      • I already gave them to you. The USSR and Red China. You might also consider the human rights violations of North Korea.

        However, I am not saying these atheistic regimes are representative of atheist or that atheist would condone the killings. I am saying that the world is largely ignorant of these atrocities.

        I would highly recommend the book “Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wormbrand.

        You can find it for free.

        I think that you will find the book to something unexpected in the grace of Wormbrand and other Christians towards those who tortured and killed them, and it will open your eyes to a largely unreported atrocity while helping you understand the faith of others more accurately.

        BTW, Wormbrand was an atheist. His conversion was almost exactly the same as mine.

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