IS IT TRUE? January 13, 2012 Part 2 “National Champions”


IS IT TRUE? January 13, 2012 Part 2

Evansville's other National Champion

IS IT TRUE that today both Evansville and Henderson are mentioned in the national publication USA TODAY?…that Evansville has made the news of the day for the State of Indiana for the second time this week but that this time the news is not so flattering?…that the news from Evansville is about the film crew from England who is gracing our presence for the purpose of documenting “Life in the Fattest City in America”?…that last spring Evansville was fingered by a survey of the legendary Gallup Organization for having the highest percentage of adults in the USA that are obese tipping the stats at over 37%?…that the British crew will also be making a visit to the skinniest city in America which is Boulder, CO with an obesity rate of under 20%?

IS IT TRUE that Henderson is in the national publication because it is a stopping point on two of the maiden voyages of the American Queen which is a magnificently restored showboat the operates out of Cincinnati and provides a luxury Mark Twain experience to it’s customers?…that Henderson has a dock where people can get off and walk to the downtown but Evansville does not?…that perhaps such a boat docking alongside the LST in the future with shuttles to a refurbished and vibrant downtown Evansville COULD BE on a future itinerary for the American Queen?

IS IT TRUE we are extremely pleased to see that State of Indiana House Government and Regulatory Reform Committee endorsed a measure yesterday that shall keep public workers from hiring members of their families for jobs they supervise?…that we are also pleased to see that this soon to be passed state law shall prevent those who work for municipal governments-police officers, firefighters, parks workers, and more from serving on the County Commission, City Council, and County Council, which set their agencies budgets and salaries?…that we want to thank our elected State officials for passing this most needed reform that represent “Good Public Policy”?

IS IT TRUE that we are quite pleased to hear that an extremely honorable Vanderburgh County judge recently announced that he shall run for re-election?..that we consider Vanderburgh County Superior Judge Wayne Trockman one of the most outstanding judges in the State of Indiana?…that we also are pleased to learn that the Honorable Judge David Kiely has decided to run for the Vanderburgh County Circuit Court Judge to replace the retiring and most Honorable Judge Carl Heldt?

IS IT TRUE that the Wall Street Journal is shedding more light on the demise of the Kodak Corporation in today’s issue and this time the author is Rich Karlgaard who was the keynote speaker of an entrepreneurship forum right here in Evansville and sponsored by GAGE, Regency Properties, the Chamber, and others back in 2008?…that Mr. Karlgaard has put forth the opinion that the small town mind of Rochester contributed greatly to Kodak’s malaise?…that much of the language of the article would apply if the word Kodak was replaced by Whirlpool or any of the once powerful refrigeration industry and Rochester was replaced by Evansville?…that understanding outside failures and making moves to prevent them are key to avoiding the continuation of practices in both government and existing business that inhibits prosperity?…that the full article is on the following link?