IS IT TRUE January 12, 2015


IS IT TRUE it now really looks as if there will be a strongly contested race for the Mayor of Evansville in 2015, with Gail Riecken carrying the banner for the Democrats and Mayor Winnecke running as the incumbent Republican candidate?…the two topics of recent news, those being the IU Medical Center and the downtown Convention Hotel, neither of which has had a proper groundbreaking or established a funding stream seem to be macroscopic goals that both candidates agree on?…both candidates appear to be poised to “fight like the dickens” over the votes of the people of Evansville, thinking that “fighting like the dickens” to put both of these projects downtown are what the people of this fair city want and are willing to pay for?…while that may or may not be true as many of the CCO’s comment writers have clearly pointed out, what will be of interest in the coming year are the details that the candidates are willing to share on HOW to achieve the objectives?…the hotel in particular is a difficult project to fund as the CCO has opined with the numbers to back it up for 5 years now?

IS IT TRUE any plan to secure a hotel that involves 250 rooms and conventional financing is doomed from the start as the last two city administrations have proven four times?…while the idea to sell the naming rights to the Centre was creative and out of the box, the reality of the value of such rights came up well short of the dreams of $14 Million and has derailed the fourth try at getting a hotel?…the fourth try even blurred the picture by trying to aggregate the hotel into an investment package that included apartments and a parking garage?…as we absolutely know that a parking garage is not even close to a decent investment in a town that a covered space can be had for $50 per month when a break even price for a developer would be $250 per month, it is time for both candidates to own up to the gap in pricing vs. cost to build and kabosh the parking garage?…similarly for apartments, while there is a demand for apartments in downtown Evansville, the price point is not really high enough to make a private investor’s interest pique?…it is time to get back to discussing just what kind of a deal will make a hotel of some sort attractive and forget about apartments, parking garages, parks, storage areas overlooked in the Ford Center design, and additional retail?…has anyone mentioned lately that there are still about 30 empty storefronts on Main Street?…building more retail in such a market is insane so lets just forget about it?

IS IT TRUE that getting back to basics, if we are to pursue a hotel it should be a safe, secure and adequate facility?…it does not have to be 250 rooms to support the kind of conventions that Evansville is likely to attract, but it should be expandable to 250 rooms or even more should some successes be achieved?…the expansion would not likely require a government hand out?…as government handouts go, a medical school SHOULD be sufficiently in need of apartments and a hotel, so if the medical school comes first, all the rest of these playthings will come from private investment, so maybe the whole $71.3 Million debacle getting turned down was a blessing in disguise?…in spite of that it is the opinion of this writer that a 150 room hotel like several on the east side would be possible with private investment, a small direct incentive, and the infrastructure provided by the City of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE it is quite possible that the infrastructure required to support a hotel will be necessary to support a medical school?…that goes double for anyone foolish enough to think hooking a school and a hotel into a condemned sewer is a good idea?…the downtown sewer system needs to be updated before building anything at all and tying into the old system?…how Evansville will be able to satisfy the EPA mandate on our combined sewer overflow problem should well be the most important issue of the upcoming campaign?…if neither candidate can speak with competence on that subject we may need another candidate?…the same goes for honest and open communication about the city’s finances?…Evansville has suspended maintenance on police cars, abolished paying employees for comp time, and pursued handing an unvetted out of town company $20 Million to build things we do not really need?…each candidate should express a clear opinion about these things?

IS IT TRUE that the editor of the Courier & Press was doing his best Rodney King imitation with his “can’t we all just get along” editorial admonishing the City and City Council to work together in a better manner?…the reality is that the City of Evansville has degraded into a place that has all of the negative things associated with big urban areas and few of the advantages?…the other reality is that the Office of the Mayor withheld material information from the City Council with respect to the difficulties in financing the hotel?…this actually caused some council members to believe in the myth and look like fools for supporting this in public?…there are good reasons for the rift between the Mayor and the City Council?…they should work this out, but the first step in that process is for the Mayor to apologize for keeping them in the dark, and for holding theatrical groundbreaking ceremonies for political purposes?…this whole rat’s nest of disingenuous nonsense needs to stop?

IS IT TRUE it has now been 32 months since the US Congress passed the jobs act that President Obama signed that authorized crowdfunding to finance start up companies?…this week was the second anniversary of when crowdfunding was supposed to have launched?…the clowns in Washington are now 24 months late in implementing what was to be an 8 month project?…that is a collosal failure that the mainstream media is giving them all a pass on?…if you know an entrepreneur that cannot find funding for a good idea, point the finger square at the people in the Obama Administration who have failed to do what congress and the president hired them to do?

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  1. FUN FACT: The Winnecke administration spent $5 million less than originally budgeted in 2014. Check the records. The rumors of the administration being crazy spenders is false and is a campaign tactic by those on City Council.

    Want facts? Check the spending of this mayor compared to the last one and check the spending of this council compared to previous ones. Pretty revealing…

    • Wow. The term “idiot” comes to mind. Did you miss the fun fact that the Mayor took a $17 million dollar advance on December property tax receipts, and that the City probably was not positive in the general fund or parks fund at the end of the year? What you cite is campaign propaganda that you apparently have no ability to review critically. Just because in a $300m + total budget (utilities and city civil) there is $5 million that isn’t spent doesn’t mean that the revenue came in to pay what was spent. The Mayor may not have spent that $5 million, but he still spent more than the City took in for 2014. He’s a deficit spender and a liar. He has lied to the community and city council with his revenue projections. They have all been false and created deficit spending in 2013 and 2014. 2012 is not comparable. Weinzapfel saved funds and built up a surplus to pay the deficit spending in 2012. It was tied to the Ford Center. There is no comparison between Winnecke and Weinzapfel. Weinzapfel understood that there needed to be 10% gap between projected revenue and budgeted spending. The state system forces false projections, but we all know better, except Winnecke, to spend based on those projections.

      • I can’t even argue with you. I kind’ve want you to continue, because it is just hilarious how wrong you are. Keep it coming.

        • Please share the humor with us. I’ve always like dark humor. I’ll bet you have some “fun facts” that are as shaky as those “reality” shared with us.

        • As of October 31, the general fund was over-drafted by 17 million and the parks fund was over-drafted by 1.2 million…in October, Russ. our Boy asked for an advance of 2.8 million and in November he asked and receipted an advance of 11.7 million…And Winnie says our financial condition is okay…he either is incompetent or dishonest…which is it..maybe both….

    • Was that 5 million less in spending part of the 29 million missing money from the earlier year’s that were so bad that the State Board of Accounts could not even perform an audit on the city? And if they spent 5 million less this year then it’s OK to cut another 5 million for next years budget as it’s probably over budgeted like the previous year was.

    • Reality: with your screen name, I would expect you to cite the precise numbers which prove you contention that $ 5 Million less than budget was spent ? Will you also compare this $ 5 Million-less number to total revenue, to show whether total disbursements exceeded total revenue ? If you budget $ 100 and spend $ 95; but in the meantime your Revenue budget was $ 150 and only $ 110 was collected, spending $ 5 less is not-so-hot !

    • While this may technically be true, it was because the revenue fell short. Winnecke’s trick has been to get the council to pass a budget that is too high to fund, then spend less and claim to have saved the taxpayers money. The truth of the matter is that Winnecke has been a spendthrift with some good PR moves to make it look like he is responsible. People bought that BS for two years but this year was different. The council wised up to his MO. If this is all he has to campaign on he is in real trouble.

    • Your comment should serve to remind everyone just how misleading that a half-truth can be. Many times, one piece of the truth without the rest of it amounts to a bigger lie than something made up out of thin air.

        • You’re pathetic. I wrote about what I saw. The irrelevant personal sniping makes you look panicky.

          • No, no. Own it. You’re advocating. He’s not disagreeing with a single point you made either. In the absence of him making his case, he agrees. COWBOY only knows how to sit on the bench and whine. You stepped in the ring, went on the court, made your case. He can’t counter it, so he sits where he lives – in the gray area where the bench-sitters live. He knows neither day or night, only the gray area of “I’m sitting with the other cowards.”

          • LKB- Shem I don’t have anything to be panicky about. One good ole person or the other as Mayor doesn’t make much diff to me. No whining, i will leave that to you C.A.V.E.’s. Just asking questions to further the conversation.

    • Go ahead and check the City General Fund, where property taxes are collected to fund the basic operations of city government. You will find this big spending liberal Mayor spent far more than he took in.

  2. All I see here so far in this election is a “Pie in the Sky” drama still trying to convince the Peasants, –that the only hope for Evansville’s future lies in the resurrection of Old Downtown.
    This Election needs to be about much more than “Old Downtown”.
    Nothing,–and I mean NOTHING–should be of more importance than getting Evansville’s books in order and a Honest budget that stands on the solid ground of Reality, when deciding how much Money to borrow (bond) to achieve a—
    “Need” (Sewers and infrastructure)—- or—
    “Want” (Hotel, propping up Old Downtown)
    The Citizens pocketbooks are not bottomless.
    The Politicos need to come to grips with the fact neither is Evansville the City’s pocketbook(treasury).

    • @Crash laRue: Our Global social economic environmental group would advise going for the “needs second”.

      Seriously, the “first thing” you have to do in lining that downtown focus mess out is find more candidates and sport a real set of primary choices. Then once you have some true leadership representing all the needs for “complete metro logistics”, that being the infrastructure that can carry the growth by providing the revenue base to sustain it.
      The planets climates continue to migrate as, and beyond the expected science based predictions. The rate that this is, and will, affect your real abilities to continue forward with your “failed infrastructures and extreme utility demands” isn’t going to lessen in its voracity one iota.

      Your city/county governance needs an extreme shift of plan focus to apply the preparation. Those should be logistically equalized by sectioned focused growth to accomplish that goal with its multitude of objectives this will take to recover, grow, and sustain the revenue needed to continue to adapt as a defined metro unit. Logistical valuation drives that, your old downtown has very poor logistical valuation, so as you toss funds at it they only see further stagnation by very geophysical footprints less than viable logistical inputs.
      Grow the metro where the action is and the logistics support private sector growth availabilities now. The eastern I-69 gateway does that daily with far less public funding, and with real metro planning and well balanced infrastructure applications this can then bolster revenues to start actively recovering your old downtowns valuation. One section at a time, working logistically smart, from outside in.

      “Even a high school track and field athlete knows the value given at the finish line by starting off on your best foot.”

      Also found in: Medical, Legal.
      vo·ra·cious (vô-rā′shəs, və-)
      r/. 1. Consuming or eager to consume great amounts of food; ravenous.
      r/. 2. Having or marked by a strong desire for an activity or pursuit:
      [From Latin vorāx, vorāc-, from vorāre, to swallow, devour.]
      adv. vo·rac′i·ty (-răs′ĭ-tē), vo·ra′cious·ness

  3. CCO reader’s poll today shows Steve leading over Missy 72/12 votes. And it’s just after 7 am. I don’t think we will have to look at Missy’s face anymore when watching the city council on TV. That is a good thing hopefully. That will be one less Republican on the city council. 🙂 Let’s get rid of all the turn coats that cater to King Winney.

    • The only thing it will change is the entertainment value of
      CC-TV. With Gail as Mayor, Davis will vote the same as Miss would have.

      • nope Missy votes her pocketbook, Steve will vote his conscience. You should have heard his speech at the last City Council meeting

        • That says a lot, when you consider how generous Mrs. Mayor is with contributions to her pocketbook. The diehard R’s are going to be slinging all kinds of silliness around here, trying to make false equivalencies.
          Steve Davis is head and shoulders above Missy, and he doesn’t need Carol to help him pay his bills.

        • There’s nothing as empty as a politicians conscience. If he’s a good politician he will provide knee pads to all his followers.

    • Unfortunately, t’s not going to be that easy. There are a lot of people who don’t read the CCO that will vote for Messy. People who can’t vote for Davis are also voting in the CCO poll.

      • 98 votes for Steve Davis and 17 votes for Missy Mosby at 10:50 am. I can’t recall any vote on any issue on the CCO this lopsided especially an election.

          • You’re here! Are you suggesting Missy Mosby supporters are blocked from this website? Does the CCO make this poll unable to enter the homes of those who support Missy? I don’t understand. Let’s assume (and I think you’re wrong about CCO not giving Missy a fair shot. She was honored with an award from the CCO) the CCO is supporting Steve Davis (Again…I think you are wrong. They are staying out of it) how would that effect the poll? People either support Missy or they don’t. Its pretty simple.

          • Nobody’s Fool- I didn’t say Missy didn’t get a fair shot. I meant that approx 85 to 90 per cent of the commentators are fellow travelers. There have many polls they have been way wrong on because they tend to the liberal side. That isn’t where most people are in this area.

        • You mean the same gossip that’s been discussed in here for the last two years and finally was discussed openly by the Evansville City Council Members during their last meeting. Things like spending 20 million dollars of the tax payers money? Humm that’s the best kind of gossip then. There is more truth in the your so called CCO gossip that what’s been coming out of the Mayor’s office the last two years.

          Gosip like talking about the Mayor bring in a dump truck load of sand to have a ceremonial ground breaking in the middle of winter in order to promote more lies about the four star hotel that he was saying would open any day now. LOL

          • I guess since the poll has Steve Davis winning 4-1 then he will only win 2-1. I’m sure Evansvilles okay with that. I know I am.

      • Missy will out politic Davis. She has the time and energy to walk her ward, she is more down to earth and very approachable. People in her ward know and like her. Davis will be viewed as a bully. Her smile is real, Davis has a forced smile.

        • Annnnnd, Missy is a long time resident of her ward not a recent renter on a temporary lease. The residents have already nicknamed Davis “The Tourist. “

          • Shoot you’re one to talk, a couple of years ago you’d a thought tourism would dump three brand new import balance bucks out of the nation cars in every driveway, and an SUV full of chicken in every pot. What’s in your driveway? Our group will take the step and casually observe your offal as straight BS, no chaser required. Nothing on planet earth, no matter how refined or spiced can cover that ……aftertaste.

          • And right on cue, negative Missy. Never brings a positive thing to the table. Ever.

        • You have obviously never met Steve Davis. He was one of the most well respected youth wrestling coaches in the City. He transcends politics and knows how to unite not divide. He has patience and a well-rounded demeanor. Mater Dei, Memorial, Bosse, Harrison, Central, Reitz, Castle and Mt. Vernon folks have known and watched him coach for years. You wont get that dog (he is a bully) to hunt at all. He was one of the classiest and humble coaches around. Everyone loves him. Coaches, students (voting age now), parents and Grandparents.

          • No never have, met Steven Davis doesn’t matter much, those values you seem to sport completely showed the next evasive turn. by the very language. Sported . We do however agree the Missy Mosby paint is a false value she’s just a little real estate bag waitress piece of it.
            My god if you knew what those creeps have done, and supported to your legacy there after the actual illumination of that BS too our good people there . No excuses we have maneuvered and now own anything that load can sport. They tried and they have been owned as would be normal
            This was tough, but was worth the wait, and sufferance from our people there. Help is on the way.
            What politics and the locals don’t realize there is inspiration comes from the soul. Not the wallet. King George blew that one in the same manner your cities future is on the pinion now. Don’t let that tipping point fail you as always . Find fresh power, that always has its burn time, sustain that with position and win. Always has always will.

            Relive yourself on the machine, its rusting it by the minute . Oh do drink that after marketed supply marketed filtered, its genetically better for your gene pool as left. By science and the Federal oversight.


        • What the hell are your saying….she is a Mosbycrat though and though…always about themselves…they don’t give a shit about the common folks…plain and simple…how many jobs has she add over the past five years…even tried to eliminate Al Lindsey with her half baked and vindictive attacks….Until this city rids ourselves of these self servicing a-holes, we desire what we get….plain and simple….

        • That’s a cute story. You should really take a minute of your pessimistic life and meet him. It would be well worth your time considering you are so bent on your thoughts. You do realize there are good Democrats don’t you?

    • If it’s as simple as D’s vs. R’s then the leadership of the D;s have failed and failed miserably for all my life, as they have been the majority in Evansville all my life. So according to you it’s all their fault. The failing schools, Lack of upward mobility for our citizens, Drugs, crime, city hall corruption, on and on, finally the democrats are taking ownership for this city being in the gutter, because they have drove it there!

  4. EDITOR of C & P’s Sunday Rambling:

    Why do City Admin and Council have to get along ? Ever heard of the term ‘checks and balances’ ? A little distrust on both sides is a good thing, not something to be fixed. The City Council, over the past 3 years, has done little to serve a ‘fiscal oversight’ role. They watched helplessly while the Downtown Arena was constructed; let the Johnson Controls party sally forth unwatched; failed to call the City Controller and SBOA on a $ 29 Million disappearance of Cash in 2012 records; and approved$ 20 Million public subsidy with no due diligence on the Hotel. They also presided over 3 budgets in which more was spent than taken in, thus further depleting the City’s cash reserves.

    To cure all of these ails, we need more professionalism, transparency, sharing of records and candor. We do not need these two entities–City Administration and City Council– to “get along”.

  5. This is enjoyable. What air, and room on the stage, is left in the Republican primary…is at stake. Rick Santorum this weekend talking about the other possible GOP candidates in the field:

    “Do we really want someone with this little experience?”…Rick Santorum said, referring to Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. “And the only experience they have basically — not Rubio (who Santorum thinks is not running…because of Bush), but Cruz and Paul because I don’t think Rubio is going to go — is bomb throwing? Santorum also said Huckabee is a problem because of his stands on immigration, taxes and common core standards.

    Do we really want somebody who’s a bomb thrower, with no track record of any accomplishments?”

    • “Do we really want somebody who’s a bomb thrower, with no track record of any accomplishments?”

      My exact question when the Dems nominated Obama in 2008. And the answer was “yes” because he was elected twice. So, what is your post about, really?

      Buyer’s remorse about Obama?

      • I voted for Romney. (I voted Libertarian the first time, Palin was a national risk if elected). DISAFFECTED, you really are clueless. Your comments make no sense.

        As for Obama, even Rush Limbaugh acknowledges his two terms are exactly what Obama said he would do. He said he would do these things, and he did: finished the war exits/pull outs of Iraq and Afghanistan (and he got UBL on his watch), passed the Affordable Care Act and reduced uninsured Americans to all time lows, forced through the changes on immigration he wanted, and returned the US economy to perennial growth in GDP and jobs. Those are all facts, not open to dispute. Plenty of problems for the next President to address, but Obama, on the metrics, he’s gonna look like a winner. Even GAS prices will be low when he leaves office. Obama will be popular at the end of 2016, I have no doubt.

  6. The CCO appears to have backed away from the giddy for Gail position and provided the clear-headed and logical evaluation which has made it the true watchdog.

    If we put the Democrat Gail in front of a giddy for Gail Democrat CC, then will they lose their recently acquired fiscal awareness?

    Gail and Lloyd could debate the benefits of a dog park, but that’s about the only difference.

    • Exactly. We want change to the other old party machine instead of the old party machine we now have in office. In other words, as seen in Laura’s letter today, we want more of the same, but in a pant suit.

      • Feel free to lay out your grand plan for Evansville or even submit a position paper on any one of many issues facing Evansville.

        Government transparency
        Convention Hotel
        Urban blight/Suburban sprawl
        Conflicts of interest on quasi-government boards
        Medical School
        Future of Zoo / Mesker Amphitheater
        Parks and Swimming Pools
        Restoration of historic buildings

        Please show approximate costs, an alternative plans, along with positives and negatives of each scenario.

        I’m sure the CCO would be glad to publish any and all of your proposals

        Submissions in crayon will not be accepted.

        PS the same goes for the loser IE, Crash and all you other Gail nitpickers.

        • Same goes for you troll Benton.

          Where’s your position paper on these issues?

          Maybe I’ll respond more later, but right now I have more important things than you to address.

        • “Submissions in crayon will not be accepted.”

          You do realize you just excluded all of the Winnie supporters who aren’t getting cash out of the public pot, don’t you? You probably cut out some who are profiting from the Poop being mayor, too.

          • Mabe Gail can have another session of the Voice meetings where crayons were provided for the participants to draw out our future.

        • “Government transparency”

          What ethical leaders do without a law.

          Winnecke/Reiken, being opaque enough to hide their schemes from public viewing.

        • Evansville isn’t salvageable as long as the Evansville voters keep electing the same miscreants election after election, so why waste time with a “grand plan” or even a position paper that the city voters won’t read or, if they did, can’t comprehend.
          Perhaps it would be better if Ms. Reicken laid out her plan instead of the political drivel and generalities I heard Saturday. She’s the one running, although, not for Illinois this time, hopefully.

        • Convention Hotel


          Could be built without windows like a Kingdom Hall to cut cost being as the Jehovah Witness convention is the largest one we will ever attract.

          Winnecke: It would be built if the CC had gave me $40 million of the taxpayer’s money.

          Reiken: A democrat CC will give me $40 million of the tax payer’s money.

        • Urban blight/Suburban sprawl

          Quit throwing money in the downtown rat hole.

          Winnecke: Become one of my trash pickers.
          Reiken: How will it affect my marina?

          • INDIANA ENOCH:

            GREAT JOB on your series of Mayoral issues comments.

            Just great…listing and laying them out, posting your opinion and then explaining the distinction between the Candidates.

            Great stuff. The CCO Editor should have pined in to complement it.

        • Conflicts of interest on quasi-government boards

          Put an end to the machine that has run Evansville for decades by voting in new faces.

          Winnecke, I like Jonathan and Missy.
          Reiken, The democrat party is organized for me to take over the machine.

        • Medical School

          Great opportunity if built in a more sensible place than downtown.

          Winnecke, He will fight like the dickens for it downtown.
          Reiken, Disagrees with Winnecke, SHE will fight like the dickens for it downtown.

        • Future of Zoo / Mesker Amphitheater

          Let Mesker take over the amphitheater and do not raid the trust fund.

          Winnecke, It competes with my arena and is a threat to a downtown hotel.
          Reiken, How will it affect my marina?

        • Parks and Swimming Pools

          Devest ourselves of them until we reach a more reasonable level.

          Winnecke, I tried to build you a dog park.
          Reiken, How will they affect my marina?

        • Restoration of historic buildings

          We have pretty well allowed them to decay past the point of saving them.

          Winnecke, I have my people on that.
          Reiken, How will it affect my marina?

        • You forgot to include “sewers.”

          Refer to the EPA mandate.

          Winnecke, No comment.
          Reiken, Unless they affect my marina, no comment.

  7. “this whole rat’s nest of disingenuous nonsense needs to stop? ”

    Winnie and Carol can’t allow that to happen. If they did, he wouldn’t have a “record” to run on. There may even be some reality hanging over the “Winnie’s Wigglers” that could send someone slithering off to prison. When an Mayor keeps secrets from the City Council, that is a “red flag.”

    • He sat in his office and sent his boy to try to put the council in what he considers its place. It didn’t quite work out that way but it underscores just what a powerless figurehead he is. Mrs. Riecken’s announcement has smoked out some of the Wigglers who would have liked to have been able to continue their anti-Winnecke charade a while longer. We always knew them though — partisan to the core, unable to think for themselves, often voting against the community and their own best interests.

      Those Wigglers who purport to speak for Gail Riecken only make themselves look foolish. Their track record speaks for itself.

    • I could care less if Winnecke goes to jail. That doesn’t make Gail Evansville’s messiah. Hoping Winnecke is prosecuted only shows how lacking the Giddyites are for a good reason why Gail is our hope for the future.

      We need better choices and real primaries. Neither party is going to allow that.

  8. Want my vote for Mayor:

    A total and complete auditing of the city of Evansville books.

    • Had stinky winky demanded an auditing of the books when he first took over ,he wouldn’t have this mess on his paws

      • Do you really think they don’t know…?

        What’s it worth for a progressive to spend lots of money to “identify” where money went, when he and the ultra progressive Weinzapfel – largely – agree on spending the city money like it’s going out of style.

        Nice screen name, btw. Ha!

      • If the books were in balance, all of the issues would not have raised its rattlesnake head. Without the truth good things do not happen. There is a bible verse that says that. The truth is king in all matters.

        With Obummer, all the evil plans have not worked because they have been a falsehood.

    • Books are checked each year i believe. If you want to go back several years and do a line by line audit you are talking major bucks. How much are you willing to donate out of your pocket for that ?

      • 1/2 ads audit which was done shows a 29 mill $ plug somewhere ,
        Justice has never been cheap

        • Russ Lloyd came out with a letter/memo with a detailed itemization of the $29M “plug” with explanations. The vast majority of them were timing differences and money Debited or Credited to the wrong accounts/bank accounts. They were accounting errors and sloppy work, but nothing nefarious.

          It was published here on the CCO

          Unless you want to pay for an audit of Russ’ work I consider the issue done.

          • Brains, are we to just believe everything Russ writes up ? He specifically lied to the Council when he said that–heading into the Audit–his Dept. was only $ 4,000 out of balance. How do you reconcile that statement with his explanation of the plug ? Answer: you can’t. It is also noteworthy that the C&P did not print the explanation of the $ 29 Million plug. Also, the SBOA did not audit the plug explanation.

            Now defend your Boy !

          • The audit you’re mentioning was 2011 year audit, right?

            Also, confirm that Winnecke won in 2011. But took office January 2012, right?

            Also, the major “problem” was the bungled software conversion during the WEINZAPFEL administration, right?

      • if they can find the missing 29 million dollars it would be worth it. And to make sure that it never happens again without someone going to jail while restoration is made.

  9. I remember the good old days when the CCO got excited about good *public policy*… Sigh.

    It seems they just get excited when “political royalty” puts on a show for the crowds now. Are we seriously going to have a “campaign” that only focuses on arguing about how to follow up on the distortions, promises and lies that Weinzapfel left us with? By no doubt sending out more promises, lies and distortions of the truth? How does this excite the CCO?

    If Riecken does win, is it true, that the taxpayers will deserve to issue her a GPS ankle bracelet to make sure she doesn’t skip town to punish anyone that won’t approve her desired spending levels?

    • So, I’m assuming that you don’t have any idea of all of the good public policy Gail has supported. You probably should acquaint yourself with the facts in that matter. The stretch to try to turn the courage she showed in the RTW matter into a joke is getting more pathetic every time one of the “Winnie’s Wigglers” tries to do it.

      • The real stretch is attempting to portray going AWOL rather than performing one’s sworn duties as courage.

      • “So, I’m assuming that you don’t have any idea of all of the good public policy Gail has supported.”

        Are they in your article today? Running off to Urbana is neither courage nor good public policy.

        • No. My letter was about her announcement on Saturday. There will be others about that, though. Just remember, you asked for it, so don’t howl when its given to you.

      • 36 days AWOL. You justify that legislative *tactic*, we’ll talk.

        Just because I don’t like the Democratic “candidate”, and am annoyed by the CCO’s repeated cheery reception to her running, does not make me a partisan hack supporter of the other guy. I can very easily vote for a ham sandwich over one of those 2011 walk out people! UNLESS, she promises to wear a GPS ankle bracelet. Maybe her campaign could work up an ipad app to comfort her supporters?

        I mean, come on people, as a rep she cast votes. OK, whatever.

        As a mayor, she’ll actually have control of budgets and public funds! HELLO! Anybody remember Linda Duram?

        Seriously, CCO. Has any of the gang of 37 (Legislative walk-outs) went on to get a surety bond? Does it impact them getting one? Will the bond company require the above mentioned GPS device already?


        • You are either showing your own ignorance or attempting to stir up those who are ignorant enough to take you statement seriously.

          • elkaybee,

            You seem to be personally offended by my comments. Were you a Linda Durham voter/contributor and I struck a nerve?

            I am annoyed. Is it ignorant to mention some of these Riecken supporters ought to just post their union card # so they can officially get credit and more easily get their bonus for helping the progressive cause?

          • @ Eville taxpayer. I didn’t even vote for that disgraceful woman. (Linda Durham, with an “h”.) I am simply offended by the ignorance displayed in that post.

      • LKB

        Here, take a look at the following, Gail ran away from her job for 36 days, refusing to represent her constituents in support of the unions which paid her way. What happens if anyone else reading this would decide to run away from their job for 5 days, 10 days, much less 36 days.

        Legislative walkout

        Riecken and 36 other Democratic representatives participated in a legislative walkout on February 22, 2011, in opposition to proposed legislation limiting union powers in Indiana. The Democratic departure left the House void of a quorum, leaving only 58 of the 67 representatives needed to establish a quorum.[1] Terri Austin, Steven Stemler and Vanessa Summers stayed behind to provide, if necessary, a motion and a seconding motion, which would enable them to stop any official business from proceeding should the Republicans try to do so.[1]

        On March 7, 2011, House Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer revealed the Democratic caucus’ hideout to be the Comfort Suites in Urbana, Illinois.[2] According to the Indiana Constitution, Article 4, sections 11 and 14, the House may enforce fines and other methods to compel absent members to return. Beginning on March 7, 2011, each Democrat was subject to a fine of $250, to be withheld from future expense or salary payments, for each day they were not present in the statehouse.[3] Regarding their actual pay, House Speaker Brian Bosma announced that the 37 lawmakers were required to be physically present in the chambers to receive their per diem payment of $152/day.[2] This move came as a result of the approximated $40,000 in per diem payments automatically made to the legislators during their first seven days of absence. According to reports, the representatives promised to either return the money, or donate it to charity.[2]

        March 22, 2011, marked the start of the fourth consecutive week of Democratic absenteeism, complete with an increased incentive to return. Governor Mitch Daniels and House Republicans upped the ante with daily fines increasing from $250/day to $350/day, effective March 21, 2011. Despite the increased penalties, Democratic resolve remained intact. House Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer stated that Democrats “will remain steadfast” in their opposition to bills hurting wages and education in Indiana.[4] Rep. Winfield Moses, Jr. (D) called the increase “a poke in the eye,” and promised that it would do nothing to break the impasse.[5]

        The Democrats ended the standoff after 36 days, returning on March 28, 2011. The two sides agreed to compromise on a number of issues, including shelving the controversial “right-to-work” bill.[3] Although the Democrats returned with some of their demands met, their actions were not without consequence. Each absent member accrued a total of $3,500 in fines given by Republicans.[3]

        The Legislature ended up passing “right-to-work” legislation on February 1, 2012, becoming the 23rd state to do so. Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) signed the measure into law.[6]

        Taken from the website:


      Hey….the City County Observer IS A BUSINESS.

      It’s priorities are:
      1. Sell political ads.
      2. Be feared by local politicians. All colors. All stripes.
      3. Sell other ads.
      3. Increase eyeballs that look at the site.

      In that order.

      I left out, as YOU HAVE NOTICED, the intent to effect good public policy.

      (Stipulation: These priorities do not apply to Joe Wallace. He is busy with other things, and in his own way, tries to keep one foot in as a conscientious citizen. He is trying to affect public policy, and sometimes he throws elbows to get that done.)

      • In contrast to the CP who’s priorities are to “keep’em in the dark and feed’em bullshit”

    • Numb skulls seldom feel the sting, so what’s your solution. Mr. Ouchy? Which side of the downtown Evansville junk real estate valuation and failures are you aligned with? What side of the local “machines streaming money supply” are you on , be decisive show a direction. Or just leave your six hanging for any competent rookie to flame.

      Come on maneuver. Show some affiliation. Like any good rookie didn’t read that already and know it, and own it. —-> Ahhhhhh shut up…….

  10. Hey, who do you think all the other observations or hits, if you’da preferred were?

    You’d best start sporting some real stuff, the rain your due isn’t going to be pretty that place historically is scored, so.

    Jan 6, 2015
    140 comments 2165 views

  11. Two things that are completely overlooked in the discussion:

    1. Why can’t the Hotel be purpose built to be expanded in the future as needed? Never once has this been forwarded by any quarter.

    2. Up to and until the chorus of Chatty Kathys in this town get in lock step behind a binding development plan, this atmosphere of leeches & Host will continue.

    • Psst…… That’s “throw” logistical rocks ———>” through” your only standing TIF numbers. Idiots

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