IS IT TRUE Indianapolis Publication Speculates “Winnecke for Governor in 2016”


IS IT TRUE that the Indianapolis publication called “The Cheat Sheet” that speculates on the future of Indiana politics has indicated that Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke may well be a candidate for Governor of Indiana in 2016 in the event that Governor Mike Pence decides not to run for re-election?…you can read the pdf on the following link


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  1. The only thing positive about that is Winnecke would focus less on bible thumping pandering to far right nut jobs like Indiana enoch. Winnecke is still a moron though. Baron Hill ’16

  2. Pence will run for Governor again in 2016, after he sees how futile his hopes for higher office are.
    Apparently Wayne Parke has had another survey run, because I think it was 80% approval in the one he cited a few months back. Does anybody believe that garbage??

  3. LMAO, surely you jest ! LW couldn’t find the State Building by himself, and would lose his front door key the first day unless his acolyte, Schaefer, was following him around.

    If LW gets the Guv job, then I guess Carol gets to finish his second term ?

    I like the Meth Tank, that’s a good look. Will Winnecke state, like General Macarthur, ” I will return” !

  4. After he is defeated when he runs for re-election, he will probably not be able to return to his last job. He worked for a bank but was not a banker. When the state learns of his attempt to bankrupt Evansville, he will be lucky to get a key to th janitor closet.

    • -Well we can tell you straight up whether, or, weather, is basic elemental science, as applied.

      You can’t game that, could be why the likes of Winnecke, and his machine derived shadow buddy, “Weaver the bonehead machine idiot,” left the trade. The bullshit usually comes due the next day real time fast, by thermodynamic planetary law.

      All your localized political bullshit aside, that’s what one feels in ones individual citizens face. real time planet, and real time universally driven……./per/ due affective human environmental balancing .
      Your governance really sucks right now with that observed combined aspect “control range”. As applied per present timing.

  5. He’s a clown. However, he would make a fine governor. It’s a shame he can’t be governor tomorrow, while there is still something left of Evansville.

    Seems the ‘Cheat Sheet’ had a very small space to fill with a blurb. They looked south and found a blurbering blurberer. They cited nothing that would make anyone think this failing mayor has any qualifications whatsoever to be governor. An over hyped and patently unbelievable approval rating isn’t going to get him there.

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