IS IT TRUE February 7, 2014


IS IT TRUE February 7, 2014

IS IT TRUE the labor market in January registered weak gains for the second straight month, a slowdown that could heighten fears about the economic recovery and may lead some to call on the Federal Reserve to reconsider its strategy?…U.S. payrolls increased by a seasonally adjusted 113,000 in January, the Labor Department said Friday?…job growth improved compared with December’s gain, which was revised up by just 1,000 to 75,000, but was well below last year’s average pace?…the “official” unemployment rate fell to 6.6% last month from 6.7% in December?…the “official” statistics for Indiana mirrored the “official” federal government statistics sending both Mayor Winnecke and the White House into giddy mode claiming credit for the improving economy?

IS IT TRUE that meanwhile back in the world of reality, the facts do not support the ”official” numbers with respect to unemployment and the celebratory press conferences look more and more delusional or dishonest with each passing month?…in a separate report published in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal it was revealed that over 17% (1 out of 6) men of prime working age (25 – 54) do not have jobs?…that amounts to 10.4 Million men who are the traditional breadwinners for their families are out of work?…some are still looking but most of these have become discouraged to the point of not even trying or have found a way to make ends meet completely off the grid?…many of these men’s talents and TAXES will be permanently lost to the American economy as relying on others (spouses and government handouts), working for cash, or finding a friendly doctor to turn on the disability spigot become the way to survive in the jungle of where the “official” unemployment numbers are propaganda and our leaders are delusional enough to believe them?…according to Mole #23 who is in a position to know tells us that Evansville has lost 900 jobs during Mayor Winnecke’s time in power during which the “official” unemployment rate has consistently fallen?

IS IT TRUE Mole #25 tells us that Mayor Winnecke deserves some praise for commissioning the City of Evansville to actually scoops some snow off of the downtown sidewalks?…this is something the City County Observer has been pounding on the City to do for years if they are even the least bit serious about downtown business?…we guess that Yukon Cornelius can cancel his travel plans to come to Evansville to find the Abominable Snow Monster that he affectionately calls BUMBLE?…in all seriousness the City of Evansville does deserve credit for snow removal in the downtown?

IS IT TRUE most businesses in the United States that are even remotely in touch with the kinds of posts that employees are prone to put on Facebook at work and off hours have policies and procedures to deal with the fallout when some employee goes rogue on Facebook and calls a board member a POS or some other derogatory name?…Mole #3 tells us that neither the City of Evansville or Vanderburgh County have crossed that threshold even though social networking is over 10 years old?…in the absence of any policy there is not a darn thing these local government entities can do about employees going rogue and creating all sorts of drama or pursuing personal vendettas against elected officials?…it is time to join the modern world Evansville?…it is time to sit down for a couple of hours and craft a social networking policy and communicate it to the staff?…it should not be surprising that a City that is 70 years behind on water pipes, 60 years behind on sewers, and 50 year behind on sidewalks to be 10 years behind on written policy?…if the past is prologue, the City of Evansville will be releasing their social networking policy in the year 2063 when social networking may be completely obsolete?


  1. Doesn’t the Mayor now live in Downtown? Maybe this is why the snow is being removed in that area.

      • How about this Ghost. I choose not to work today so send me a check for the $200 I would have made if I had chosen to work. Hack or not, Krauthammer makes a very real point about those who choose not to work suckling off the fruits of the labors of those who chose to work. A house divided cannot stand, and this latest idiocy from the White House about a workers right to choose to sit on their ass an still be provided for will not stand. The American people may be divided into liberal and conservative herds, but they nearly all agree with the little red hen when it comes to being latched onto by a parasite. “He who will not work, shall not eat”

        • Elderly? Children? Disabled? You guys make idiotic blaket statements and speak in broad generalities. The real solution is birth control but conservatives don’t seem to like that either.

          • He who WILL not work does not include those who CAN NOT work. Your extreme statements are becoming more absurd each day. Remember the little red hen. Her chicks were willingly provided for. The lazy dog, cat, and the other able bodied barnyard moochers were denied a bite of bread for their laziness. I’ll be waiting for that $200 you fool. Hell, just take it down to the health department and buy birth control pills for some poor unfortunate soul. Tell them it is a gift from Dr. Chaos.

          • The adult able bodied that actually choose not to work are a lot fewer than fox news tells you. Again, you also like to ignore societal factors and stigmas too.

            • The number does not matter.

              The ideology of enabling able bodied people to have the option to drop out and become a parasite is a flawed ideology. Where there is one mooch there will be two, where there are two moochers there will be four and so on. Being on permanent vacation without giving up anything is a contagion that will cross this land so quickly that we will paralyze ourselves in short order.

              Safety Net, YES. Living large without effort for life, NO.

              Where’s my $200?

          • I’m for birth control being responsible for one’s sexual choices. I am not for abortion as birth control because it ends an innocents person’s life because of one’s choice of YOLO.

          • My son owned a business with 35 or so employees. When the recession hit and his business declined badly, he had to lay off a few employees in order to stay in business. He worked very hard to turn things around and call the employees back. The first one he called back was furious. He had lots of unemployment benefits left and wanted to continue his “vacation.” That’s the society we’re living in today.

          • I have had the opportunity to sit across the desk from several able bodied adults that have calculated they would lose money taking a job that pays $1000 per week when compared with the $400 or so that unemployment pays per week. Progressive policies have turned couch surfing into a profession.

          • Chaos; living large? Is that a joke? People on assistance are not living large by any stretch of the imagination. That’s a ridiculous statement.

          • Please enlighten Winston.

            A $1000 job would be $25 hour

            $400 unemployment would mean he had to been working full time at that type of job until then to draw the maximum amount.

            If he was “only working” two days a week at that $1000 week job, that would be that $400 dollars. Include transportation, that person would had lost money verses unemployment.

            Was this the case?

            Keep in mind, taxes would have to be paid in both instance.

            For the record, I have not drawn any unemployment in 30 years.

          • Still Wondering:

            Good that your son got his business back going! Not knowing any details of this business as far as wages, if their similar to pre-recession or not. First, this person was not drawing unemployment from your sons original layoff off of this person. This person may had found a better paying job since your sons job to go back? To many variables of the unknown to draw a conclusion.

          • @ Ghost: Out of order d/t @%&#! format:

            I’m betting Dr. C wouldn’t know “living large” if it jumped up and bit him in the butt. He sounds to me like one of those low-wage righties who lives on being “better than” those who can’t find a job.

            • I know Dr. Chaos. He is a self made millionaire who lives modestly by choice. He knows what living large is but chooses not to do so. He is certainly not right wing.

        • Unemployment benefits are only paid to those who are unemployed by no fault of their own, Dr. So, no, you don’t get your $200!

      • Ghost, I can not think of one time that you have offered anything substantial to back your opinions. Honestly, you sound like a grumpy old man who is against everything but can’t say why.

        Why is he a hack?

          • These “deadbeats” are no worse that the elected officials we elect in our Gov.
            They both know how to work the system by the loop holes that were purposely put there.
            I bet if we start voting for the good guys instead of the party they represent it will take care of both problems.

          • +1 Cooperate Welfare is the true strain. That is where I would begin, then the defense budget. What are those pussies up in Washington so scared of that they need to budget that much money?

          • @Ghost,
            The largest line item in our budget is heath and human services, welfare. It is currently running nearly $900 billion.

            How much is this corporate welfare you’re talking about?

            How much more should we spend in health and human services.

          • For 2011 Federal


            Ind. income taxes 1.1 trillion
            SS and other payroll taxes 934 billion
            Corporate income taxes 297 billion


            Defense 895 billion
            Social Securities 730 billion
            Other mandatory 612 billion
            Other discretionary 520 billion
            Medicare 491 billion
            Medicare 297 billion
            Interest on debt 291 billion

  2. I bet the Mayor would appoint his political buddy Chris Cooke the Chairman of this Facebook posting study committee.

  3. Many years ago when I had less honor an more bills I worked for the city. They had a policy for use at work but not at home. Although at work we shared computers so it was hard to tell who did what. As for home unless you outright slandered the boss you could post anything. We had several employees test this. At home on your time on your computer your rights are different then at work.
    As for all those young men not employed. Some of them might have jobs if old folks were not parked in jobs they can not leave because of insurance.

    • Fox News is also blaming the President for the decision CVS made to quit selling tobacco products. Fox’s damage to the US is obvious but incalculable.

      • Since Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and Communists in this country have since the tenure of Obama blamed Bush for just about every ill afflicting this country I see no problem if its true that Fox News blames Obama for the CVS decision.

        Its that goose and gander thing. But I’m sure your not interested in that sort of thing since you think a news organization should have nothing but tingles up their pant legs over Obmama.

        • No, you’re wrong. (I used “you’re properly, btw). An enterprise that presents itself as “fair and balanced” SHOULD be fair and balanced. MSNBC doesn’t make the false claims that it is impartial that Fox makes.
          So, you see it isn’t the “goose and gander” thing. It is people lying about being “slanted” vs. those who openly admit to having a “slant.”

          • Ah the grammar Nazis, was wondering when that would be trotted out.

            Unfortunately your idea of “fair and balanced” requires tingles up ones pant legs, you can deny it and that’s OK.

            But it is hard to be impartial when we have a sitting President that has done the things he has, the most serious is selectively enforcing or not, laws he doesn’t like. I’d itemize the rest but this crappy forum CCO uses blows some serious chunks, I have never liked WordPress… it sucks.

          • And all of the Chosen One’s many failures are now do to Fox News. Went from blaming GWB to Fox News. Obama’s damage to the U.S. is obvious but incalculable(+1)

      • And all of the Chosen One’s many failures are now do to Fox News. Went from blaming GWB to Fox News. Obama’s damage to the U.S. is obvious but incalculable(+1)

    • Cheap natural gas is killing dirty, dangerous coal. Do you like free markets or not?

      • Oh yeah right, how you conveniently omit Obmama’s policies and speeches where he said and I paraphrase; “Sure you can start and/or operate a coal business but you’ll go bankrupt trying to comply with EPA regualtions, taxes, etc, etc.”. That is not a “free market”.

      • Says the guy who has never provided an “real source” for any thing he has blabbered on here.

      • He did use a real news source and since the linked article also links to the source document they used in their article, I’d say that’s pretty real. Nothing better than using the source… Luke.

      • Pot, kettle. You NEVER provide sources behind your rants. Can’t have it both ways ghost.

        • +1 and it can’t get any clearer than that. Or more wrong for that matter. Par for the course.

          Of course the Chicoms and Indians could care less about coal pollution, although it can be mitigated by scrubbers, because of its cost to them given their growth needs. Never hear the POTUS ever lecture them about it of course because he knows they could care less. Perhaps he could talk about the impact on weather in the US from the Chinese pollution which closes down entire cities for day on end in China. The noise you hear is crickets. Not a peep.

          I’m not sure what the is largest wealth transfer. Is it the ACA or the war on coal; neither accomplishes its aims and serves mainly to drive up costs and debt.

          • So we should end all regulation and become just like China with air you can’t breath at all instead of barely breathable air like we have here? Great idea.

            • China and Russia are the end result of a nanny state based on collectivism. Isn’t that what you have been advocating here on an hourly basis. If you want America to be like China and Russia, keep letting Obama run wild. Great Idea??? Hell no Komrade!

          • @Yoda.

            Oh please. China and Russia are harldly nanny states PUUUUULEASE.

            They’re more like gangster states run by thugs. How is the upper elite of the commie party in China and Russia any different than the plutocratic 1%er’s here? Both upper elites write all the rules and give themselves most of all the goodies. The lower classes are told to be happy with the scraps they get. How is that a nanny state????? Does Russia or China have universal health care? How is ALEC any different than the thugs over there? Yes the lower classes have more freedoms here and our scraps are nicer but in a roundabout way we’re told to be happy with what we have and you better shut up about it. e.g. How Bloomberg treated OWS.

            At least you would have a better argument with Greece, a strawmen still, but a better argument.

            Sometimes Yoda you hit the ball on the nose but this, this swing, missed by a country mile!!!

            • Russia does indeed have universal healthcare that was in place in the former USSR.


              China does to and the even have mandatory abortions for that second child.


              Are they run by gangsters? I think you are somewhat correct on that but that is after communism collapsed under the weight of the cost of social programs and trying to keep up with us militarily. The USSR in particular RAN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. We will too if we keep migrating toward a nanny state.

              Despite the empty guarantee of free healthcare both Russia and China have lower life expectancy than the US and still have widespread outbreaks of diseases that we do not see often. Our scraps allow our poor to live better than the Rockefellers and the Carnegies lived just a hundred years ago. Why? Profit motive and free markets have delivered innovative solutions that has made life here better for all. Our rising tide has lifted all of the boats. Not equally and that is why many of the poor who have 3 flatscreens, a nice car, decent housing, and plenty to eat envy those who have 4 flatscreens, two cars, and a house in the burbs.

              The USSR collapsed because they could not afford their entitlement programs and the Russian people had their work ethic destroyed by centralized planning and forced mediocrity. Not much of a plan to adopt for ourselves sports fans. Yet some rage on that the model of the old USSR is what we should be following. Of course they don’t use those words but it is the deeds that define communism, not the words.

          • Ghost

            You should not try to change the topic to avoid the issues with real pollution problems against which I hear not a peep. I did not say get rid of regulation about clean air and acid rain, etc. But what the President calls pollution (CO2), and its relation to gloal warming or cooling or climate change or whatever else it maybe called, is a wealth transfer. Look at the environmental record of India and China and look at their contributions to pollution then lecture them. You will die expsure before you die of dirty and water in the US; you can’t say the same about China. On the other hand if we kepp chearing about lower unemlpoyment due to work participation rate dropping, why worry, we will have the ACA and China to fund our unemployment benefits and alll the sudden onset disability cases. OSHA must really be busy with all these workers becoming disabled.

            Not that I mind people doing what they have to do given the obstacles to growth this adminsitration has implemented. You play the cards dealt but today the game for most is three card monte. You get people to win just enough that they lose everything.

  4. “IS IT TRUE the labor market in January registered weak gains for the second straight month, a slowdown that could heighten fears about the economic recovery and may lead some to call on the Federal Reserve to reconsider its strategy?”

    Many economists cautioned against reading too much into it given the extreme weather that has hit much of the nation this winter. CCO is getting redder and redder by the day. All gloom and doom.

    • Thank you!! But to them, it isn’t “gloom and doom”. It is “Oh, happy day!”. The worse things are for America, the better they look for the right, or at least that’s what they think.
      I’m thinking things look good for the Progressive agenda in the long run, maybe not in 2014, maybe so. Take a look at the public views on minimum wage, immigration, etc., and then look at what the right is doing.

        • Idk, I’m not THAT old! I think you will find that if people are given the chance to make a good living for themselves and their families, they’ll choose to do so. People with addictions are the obvious exception to that observation, but I don’t think they qualify as “able-bodied.”
          Just the musings of an old lefty, but that’s what I believe.
          Isn’t pride one of the seven deadly sins??

      • Someone’s meds must have been held up by the ice and snow.You are back with your delusional rainbows and unicorn utopia dream. I really wish some of you lefties would get out in the real world and see how things are, instead vomiting up the BS you try to pass on here as real facts and ideas.

        • I suspect you are the one with the problem with their meds, Brandon. I expect I have seen far more of the world and reality than you will ever be capable of comprehending. Take your pills and have a nice day!
          Btw, you are aware that I don’t have to be stuck in the ice and snow of Evansville, IN in order to post here, aren’t you?

          • elkaybee;

            You “might” have seen more of this country but I doubt you have seen first hand “more of the world”. I have unless you spent some time in third world countries. I did. And no Europe does not count.

          • @ dveatch: My remark was to BRANDON. Congrats on being so remarkably well-travelled. Everybody needs something to cling to!

          • Yes we are all aware that you are such a learned world traveller, spreading the gospel of the left. Telling all those under the oppression of socialism and marxism, that they are all living the dream. I know you have traveled afar to help the diseased and downtrodden rise above the scourge of capitalism. You help them shrug off societies pressure to work and earn their keep in the world by telling them of your rainbow and unicorn utopia. Where all can do nothing, but still receive all they want. You fit all that in between your knowing it all, being a victim, watching MSNBC, raising your multi-racial grandchildren, reciting your talking points and practicing your name calling on anyone who disagrees with you.

          • @ Brandon:

            You used to post on the Courier as “moretrax”, didn’t you?
            FYI: My grandchildren have all been reared by their parents.
            What the hell do you think I consider myself a “victim” about??
            You really, really need your meds!

          • @elkaybee;

            Welp, like I said elsewhere, WordPress blows chunks. My bad. But really though there is nothing like first hand experiences in a third world country.

  5. “… and the celebratory press conferences look more and more delusional or dishonest with each passing month?”

    Your just now waking up to that? About time.

  6. While Evansville is crafting that social media policy, please make whoever runs the EPD Facebook page be civil and learn to take constructive criticism rather than banning people and cheerleading their side like a bunch of football hooligans every time there is a controversy of which they are the center.

  7. IIT that the US has suffered yet ANOTHER coal ash spill possibly despoiling the Dan rive in NC for decades and this horrible event is getting near zero coverage by the so called “liberal media”. And that this event happened despite the repeated assurances of Duke Energy, the very power company that holds so much sway here in IN.

    IIT that if the coal industry were to have to pay for all their messes and economic externalities that alternative energies would be competitive with coal and that the liberal nation considers coal nature’s sequestration and it is pure madness to continue to provide government million in subsidies to the coal industry and spend millions on CO20 sequestration efforts and the phrase of “clean coal” is just one big fat sick joke? That we as a nation would be better served to take all that money and subsidize the costs of alternative energies to the people themselves and drop coal with a glad cry.

    IIT that solar panels installed over a cumulative square area the size of Arizona along with a 21st Century “smart” power grid would provide enough electricity for every single household in the US? Of course industry would still need coal and gas to power its needs but the US, ONCE AGAIN, falls behind the rest of the developed world world because we continue to cling to old ideas and industries?

    IIT true KY Secetary of State Alison Grimes is now leading longtime Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell by 4 points in a Survey USA poll? IIT that this race will be a race played out on a national stage and that Ms Grimes appears to be more than ready for this political slugfest? IIT that twice now Ms Grimes has appeared on the same stage as the longtime Senator and has called out the minority leader both times by pointing out how the Obstructionist in Chief’s treachery has harmed Kentuckians AND the nation?

    IIT that president Obama is not very popular in KY but that the “Big Dog” former president Bill Clinton IS STILL very popular in KY and that he carried the Blue Grass state twice in 1992 and 1996 and that the presense of the “Explainer In Chief” next to Ms Grimes may be just the thing that will put Ms. Grimes over the top.

    IIT true that all of this is not lost on the curly headed one from KY and he is out today in cable news world trying to dredge up old scandals in an effort to discredit the Big Dog?

    IIT that KY governor Steve Beshear has done an excellent job of rolling out the ACA and that 200,000 plus Kentuckians now have health insurance that didn’t before? That this effort will do wonders in protecting the flank of Ms. Grimes?

    IIT that Ms Grimes has outraised the Minority leader but that “dark money” by the millions has poured into KY to try and discredit Dem policies like the ACA and an increase in the minimum wage. IIT that dispite all this the liberal nation has faith that Kentuckians will make the right choices and that Mitch and the Koch bros can stand in broad daylight and tell Kentuckians it is raining
    but they can see with their own eyes, ears and nose what the truth is.

    • That is good BB. We may call upon you to contribute to IIT. As for turning AZ into a solar field we would need batteries to store the power for night time use and permission to share power across state borders but it is a good thought.

      • Thank you.

        My next installment will include some things that call out President Obama. Got to call the balls and strikes as I see them.

    • Lets send Mitch and Harry both into retirement and see who pops up to replace them. It couldn’t get any worse. They are both terribly self serving and are the source of the sclerosis in the Senate.

    • She’s four points ahead of McConnell in the latest polls, but it is really too early to tell anything about polls. You’re right about Big Dog in KY. If McConnell stays, it will be due to the dark money, unless something unforeseen happens.
      Rand Paul is really acting nutty about the Clintons, but I think its due to his own aspirations.

    • A few corrections here Benton.

      20 years ago, I worked for an outfit that would manage coal ash cleanups. One of my job duties was to test the ash and give a safety speech before each encounter of the coal ash.

      Although the leaked coal ash (flyash as it is commonly called) is a serious concern, the coal ash is not as hazardous as what it is being made out to be. Nowhere near that of the WV coal cleaner spill. Burnt coal ash contains mostly carbon and rust. And depending on where the coal was mined, it MAY contain trace amounts of heavy metals such as arsenic, beryllium, boron, cadmium, chromium, hexavalent chromium, cobalt, lead, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, selenium, strontium, thallium, and vanadium, along with dioxins and PAH compounds.

      In practice, we had to test the fly ash for these toxins before the clean up detail could begin. And although it would vary from time to time, most burnt coal does not contain even a tenth of a percent of all of the metals listed above combined in our day to day testing.

      Now, let’s put this in perspective. As soon as this coal ash hit the river, the trace amounts of toxins would be diluted so much that it would be unmeasurable and undetectable at most if not all of the monitoring stations downstream. It is more likely that most of these heavy metals found in coal ash were deposited within 1-2 miles of the leaky pipe. This is due to the shear weight of these heavy metals.

      I am not trying to dis the environment, stand up for Duke, or stand up for the lack of coverage by the liberal media. But I do have a different perspective and insight on this. It is more correct to say that we cannot detect the toxins downstream and so therefore, no big news event is really occurring…unlike the WV spill that floated its way down the river before finding a point of dilution (near Evansville?).

      SIf you really want to find some damning toxins and results…test the riverbed just outside of the leaky pipe and you will find your toxins and your pollution story. Bottom line…nobody is going to die, get sick, or even have an upset stomach over this.


      • Is it not true that depends on which style stack scrubbers are used, this cake mixture is used in drywall?

        Fly ash is also used in concrete mixes. Not sure of the process, if any, that’s needed for this application.

        • Armstrongres,

          43% of all of the the fly ash produced is recycled. And yes into concrete mixes for strength and some times drywall. But some drywall manufacturers say the flyash does not help their drywall mixture and forgo the fly ash mix. Burnt coal has very few actual uses to society other than strengthening concrete. I am certainly a fan of reducing our coal burning practices, but where do we put it?

          The stacks and scrubbers do not change the flyash breakdown or cake mixture as you put it. The flyash is collected in Precipators prior the the scrubbers, prior to the stacks. The precipitators are big electrified air cleaners that use static electricity to re-capture the dust particles floating in the moving air. They charge this electrodes inside of the precips and the dust on these electrodes fall into a hopper below where it is mixed with water and pumped to a nearby ash pond.

          The scrubbers eliminate the surfer-dioxide from the burnt coal. Thereby eliminated acid rain from occurring from the nearby power plants. BTW, the EPA test the exhaust emissions of all of the power plants every so often. The smoke you see coming from the power plants today is mostly mist, but does contain “acceptable levels” of toxins as set by the EPA.


          • Terminology was incorrect, but I was told that Rockport fly ash was ok for drywall.
            A B Brown fly ash was lacking a certain molecule from its system to be used.

            As far as fly ash in concrete, I reviewed a concrete submittal in which a 4,000 psi mix contains 85 lbs of fly ash, and 480 lbs of cement.

          • Armstrongres,

            I have not heard that, but it sounds right. There are different grades of coal available on the market. Like I said before, testing results can vary. And I have seen coal ash have different colors from tan to reddish brown to black in color. Most of that color discrepancy is related to the amount of iron and sulfur remaining in the ash though.


      • Hey thanks for the information! All of this is good to know. I appreciate it.

      • Gee fellas locally toxic fly ash washouts “won’t/can’t” make you sick. Seez… brent jackson,the noted Endocrinologist now,as well.

        Show me the science “figuregistzeimo”.brent.

        Calling a bit’o industry scatology,on ya,Doctor?

        Speak for yourself fella, about where,and what,whom,and how one might detect {toxins} in the environmental signature left by coal and chemical industries,power plant bi-products,or the coal ash retention/detention locations per ones leached rates into waterways and,or,any cleaner,or specified as useable water table as used for treated human consumption,or contact.

        Including all the other environmentally toxic pathways coal carbon technologies create to the human endocrinological contact points,as well.
        So,southwestern Indiana’s{toxins]and heavy metal elements are cleaner, or,lets say at a lesser count per the environmental signature than North Carolinas, You might say,aye?

        Boy,thats special,explains allot,as well.

        Nah,”not so much.”

        Wouldn’t it be interesting? 🙂 To actually see! And record through a “variation of non-industry however certified research labs” just what “trace elements” actually [“diluted”] the [MCHM chemical toxin] released in WV, when, the trace signature testing was noted,as tested,for dilutions per each elemental signature rate p/Mil,per all the combined toxicities by chemicals or heavy elements allowed per EPA standards/specifications.

        Having that quantified, thus updated information, along the “whole unit course” of the Ohio river drainage basins footprint to your intakes and outputs locally would be the “watermark issue” at hand with the National Clean Water act actions to present and improve the true carbon inputs as applied to sequestration, and the incrementally combined resources,and those sustainable balances forward.

        Watch what WTH you specify, someone might actually give it back to you,and everyone else concerned,some day,real soon.
        Having some technical experience as you have before mentioned as,if so,you must surely know that is possible,don’t you?

        Ever heard that old axiom: “never poke a sleeping tiger”. if you do that,make sure you’re the guy in the nike’s,compared to the fellas on that location,in the oxford’s.

        “carbo carbonis fire maneuver=operimentum mali usus,purus equum

        “covering fire maneuver=bad coal carbons use,pure horse manure”


      • Monday C&P has a article update on this.

        Original State Environmental officials test was taken “two miles” down stream and passed.

        Two environmental groups took samples closer to the spill and was 4X the maximum limit.

        State officials are now claiming they made a honest mistake.

        Draw your own conclusion!

    • Survey USA is a robodial polling company and isn’t the most safe place to hang one’s hat. Given the type of poll she is probably now more worried.

      • Dozens of other polls have her tied or slightly in the lead. I suppose those polls are suspect too just like the polls that showed Obama ahead in 2012 were “skewed” and that Nate Silver was a fraud and an idiot liberal.

  8. Since IIT gets completely mixed between national and local politics, I assume no one minds if I bring up the DANKS matter from yesterday (discussed very briefly above).

    How can Danks making those comments, as an individual, be subjected to any pushback/repercussions from the City Administration ?

    If the City embarks on a new social media policy, how could it possibly cover a contractor (such as the Council’s attorney, who isn’t an employee) ?

    I don’t think you want an environment where political bodies who hire professional assistance subject them to censorship of their personal (and informed) viewpoints.

    Also, disappointed in Friend’s remarks that the statements by Danks put the Council in a bad light . . . come on John, how about the tactics being undertaken by the City Hall henchmen ? What kind of light does that shine on the Council (e.g., Council doesn’t have the nuts to confront the City Administration re: matters of ethics and integrity) ?

  9. So I guess at this point it’s fair to say that Winnecke is going to do absolutely nothing about Cooke and not even make a simple public statement about it? Now that’s bad government.

    • Why engage with an idiot? There’s no upside since no policy is currently in place. The best action will happen when Cooke least expects it-or expects support from a friend of King W & doesn’t get it.

  10. IIT that NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the NYT, the Washington Post and practically every other liberal media outlet in the US has had extensive coverage on the coal ash spill in the Dan River? Yes.

    IIT that anyone with the intelligence of a turnip, or even lower, a liberal Democrat, could easily ascertain this? Yes.

    IIT that alleged right-wing network FoxNews has covered the coal ash spill extensively? Yes. (Deniers:

    IIT that once again, Brains-in-his-Behind has demonstrated his appalling ignorance, mendacity, or some combination of the two? Yes, unquestionably.

      • You know its very humorous to watch the total hypocrisy of Liberals, Democrats, Progressives and the Communists in this country. They are so blinded by their own belly button lint as they feverishly examine any part of said lint looking for a modicum of a particle as justification. While the particles tears their eyes they foolishly think its because of his “greatness”.

        They do their damnedest to elevate Obmama to some kind of sainthood all the while they make all manner of negative remarks of anyone that tires to say anything good about any Republican President, Senator (excluding McCain) or Representative.

        I’d say something good about Democrats but frankly when they created their own private army to murder blacks and then whites, American citizens mind you, that refused to support their goal of institutionalizing slavery, well that pretty much negates them as anything positive.

          • I was wondering if he bumped his head. Hopefully, he’s just drunk.
            Dveatch, you do know that the people you’re talking about are now the Republican Party, don’t you? Lincoln was a liberal.

          • @elkaybee;

            Yeah right, you got that Lincoln was a liberal from common core and here I thought you were to old to fall for such things.

          • Yeah right LKB, and he also gave us sidewalks like every good thing comes from liberal socialism.

            Tell regulator I’m divorcing your liberal self.

  11. LOL. Well I guess guilty as charged.

    You will have to take my word for it that it wasn’t intentional. As of last night I hadn’t seen any coverage.

  12. I thought the City Council was going to recommend the mayor dismissing Cooke? Whatever happened to that?

    • They dismissed the dismissing recommendation?

      Meanwhile back at the ranch. Anytime I see “Cooke” I think, alright, did you misspell Coke or Cookie?

  13. IIT that Neil Cavuto is on Fox right now ripping the Farm bill for massive subsidies to highly profitable industries like the agribusiness, oil, coal, and petroleum industries and to profitable companies like McDonald’s Wal-Mart and Fruit of the Loom?

    IIT that this has been a long, long held liberal position?

    IIT true that we in the liberal nation are wondering why President Obama didn’t veto this abomination that literally takes food out of the mouths of women and children and increases the subsidies to profitable corporations?

    • Obama didn’t veto it because they all grease his palm. Remember this show the next time you are tempted to spell f-o-x as f-a-u-x. It seems like fox is pretty truthful and comprehensive in reporting and opining. Stay away from Hannity and Megyn though they are hard core partisan. Cavuto, O’Reilly, and Dobbs are pretty straight shooters.

    • I agree that the President should have vetoed the abomination, but I hate to think what would have gone on if he had. That would have been a real mess in Congress, and the Dems would have been just as mad at him as the Repubs.

      • That is the world of Barack Obama. Do the wrong thing to appease his own party. Why am I not surprised?

      • So, basically no matter what the Winnecke administration does, remove snow from downtown walkway or not remove snow from downtown walkway, they cannot get a hi, bye, or kiss my ass from this bunch

        • I shoveled my drive, no photos please. He would get the desired reaction if he did anything of merit. Like getting jobs without a bribe, and them leaving after the check clears.

  14. i just gots a raise frees health cares obamas in 16 up alls nights sleeps all day obamas takes cares of me

  15. We have a mayor who fired Sherman Greer but not Chris Cooke? Why should Lloyd be given another term again?

    • UnbelievableFolk: The Sherman Greer issues and the Chris Cooke issues are drastically different. Not even close to being equivalent.

      “Why should Lloyd be given another term again?” I will tell you why–Because over all he is doing a very good job as Mayor. Over 70 % of the Evansville voters think so as well. Since the City is made up 2 Democrats to 1 Republican, that means a lot of Democrats think he is doing a good job as well.

        • Wieneke worked at the bank, he deposited the survey, got his toaster, and drew almost 14 2/3rd% interest. Why couldn’t he do that with the 200,000 he gave to Earthcare?

          • See what a wonderful person Mr. Parke is! He has us finding common ground. What’s the second verse of Kumbaya?

            Don’t worry. Mr. Parke allows me to post because I use my real name.

      • To V- is-to-R: Ronald Reagan was a good honest man who had a lot of good ideas—like somebody else I know.

        I attended an event last night. Over 600 people show up to tell Mayor Winnecke thanks for all his hard work.

        Was you there? Do you live in Evansville? What is your excuse for not using your real name?

        • There you are Wayne. Are you aware of the comments made by phyllip Davis and Chris Cooke this past week?

          • What kind of party chairman refuses to address these comments? You hold people accountable that don’t go rank and file with you and Winnecke but it’s a whole different story when your own side makes offensive comments? Winnecke should show Cooke the door and you should show Davis the door for making beyond acceptable comments. Are those type of comments what your party stands for?

            • Wayne can’t come down on either of these buffoons because his master Winnecke is in bed with them. The state of both parties in Evansville is totally useless. It is like Rome under Caligula or even Nero. Repubs and Dems of Evansville are a disgrace.

          • Davis and Cooke are loyal servants of the Weinzapful-Winnecke alliance.

            Since Hizzoner wants to seek a second term their services could be very valuable during the 2015 election campaign.

            Does that connect the dots for you?

          • Isn’t Cookie a Dem? Sounds like he is calling out another Dem. The funny thing is I think both use to be Republicans.

        • “They’re he goes again”

          (Ronald Reagan)…again!

          WTH,would one want to go into evansville for such a [picayune] non event?
          No desire to attend such an claptrap,frippery,no matter how you might tote the,triviality of your moment

          wayne,leave me outta your local claptrap,bagatelle,as I have little use for it.

          party chairman,har’umpf!…blatherskite!

          • V- is-to-R: It is OK to leave my name out of any of your comments.

            Why did you not answer this questions:

            “What is your excuse for not using your real name?”

        • That’s not very many people 600 out of 120,000 If my calculations are right that would be .5% Wayne you most likely have your numbers twisted
          600 is most likely the amount of people that like winicke , and that’s on the high side

        • Darn it Wayne, I almost choked on my coffee on your 70% approval rating of the Mayor. What is the exact wording of the poll, and how is the sample pulled?
          Of those 600, I wonder how many were there “freebies”. The party workers love to show up at those events on their complimentary tickets for them and a guest, as it makes them feel important.
          We turned out much better crowds for the first Russ Lloyd and Mike Vandeveer. You should be very worried.

  16. Yoda: The Republican Party in SW Indiana is a live and well. More Republicans hold office today then there ever has been.

    If you want to change things, run for office. You would have to use your real name.

    • That explains allot “Albatross”

      trade confidentiality,and with that,seems,I already have.

      Never had any real need for a loud mouthed political chairman,as well

      “a candidates contemplation”, in metaphoric,for you parke.and your endorsements.

      allusion, to the “Albatross’ ie; wayne parke

      Ah!well a-day!what evil looks
      Had I from old and young
      instead of the cross.the albatross.
      About my neck was hung

      (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

      So goes “the rim of the ancient mariner”,and,all the cringing sw indiana Republican Candidates you endorse. wayne.

      • There is little doubt that if Wayne Parke wants to match wits with you V-is-To-R, he comes to the debate unarmed, I actually feel a little sorry for him,–but on second thought,–not so much. 🙂

        • Crash, Yea,your right,the schlub ,darned ole pompous, cretin ,usually shows he doesn’t own enough “wit” to cover the head of a “match.”either.

          Yup, doesn’t cause enough positive friction due thought,to get one lit,or even cause a spark,as well.

          “ille vetus schola,et fatuum,et est avis… FRUSTULENTUS toni nulla.”

          he be a old school,dolt.he is a crumby sounding board no positive…sparks.”

    • In this city you have to be born into office or buy into. Otherwise your real name is “Nobody.”

  17. Is it true the City County Observer is now limiting free speech on their Face Book page? Could they have become like most Tea Terrorist groups afraid of people speaking against them? Is it true the CCCO has be come so red in their views extremist groups are to the left of the CCCO?

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