IS IT TRUE February 6, 2015


IS IT TRUE the interest and filings for seats on the Evansville City Council is hitting a fever pitch that has not been seen in River City for many years?…a 25 year old named David Ballard is taking on 5 term incumbent Connie Robinson in the 4th Ward, and schoolteacher Jim Brinkmeyer has filed to oppose incumbent Al Lindsey in the 6th Ward Democrat primary?…all of these candidates tossing their hat into the ring will not only spice up the primary season, it has the potential to promote a healthy dialog about the problems that plague our city?…maybe some of the promises unfulfilled by the victors of 2011 like an Angel Network, Technology Transfer, eradication on meth making materials, and transparency will take some real root with some young ideas tossed into the mix?

IS IT TRUE the recent news that Vanderburgh County had slipped to 3rd in Indiana in meth lab busts from it’s longstanding place at the top must not have been about the amount of meth being made as it was revealed today that about 40 people have been arrested after a two-year investigation into a drug trafficking operation with it’s main operation in Vanderburgh County?…the FBI, DEA and IRS all worked together over a period of 2 years to track and bust what is basically a locally run international drug ring for distribution of meth?…74 pounds of crystal meth, $400,000 in cash, 20 guns and two cars were seized seized by the feds when the bust went down?…it was also reported by the authorities that six arrests for attempted murder were also connected to this drug ring?…there will be more arrests?…this is the first giant international drug bust made in Evansville since mid 2006 when a meth manufacturing and distribution operation was discovered in the basement of the Orr Iron Building which housed the small business incubator before it was relocated to Innovation Pointe and shifted it’s focus to technology?

IS IT TRUE it has been said that Evansville is to meth as Napa Valley is to wine and this big time bust and the search for the rest of the operation members serves to reinforce that dubious distinction?…some local leaders have been looking for a brand and until they can find a way to tame the “Breaking Bad” image, t-shirts and videos will not succeed in putting forth a positive spin?…it could be spun that these industrious alleged criminals are entrepreneurs at heart and that Evansville needs entrepreneurs and funding?…maybe we will see some “HEISENBURG FOR MAYOR” signs and shirts on the walkway soon?

IS IT TRUE it has been about 2 years since the CCO has received routine news articles from the Office of the Mayor of Evansville? …we wonder how much the taxpayers pay each year to fund the operation of their Public Information Office? …we want to thank Public Information Officers who work for Evansville Police Department, Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Herman, Vanderburgh Sheriff  Department, Evansville Water and Sewer Department, Evansville Fire Department, Congressman Larry Bucshon,  Evansville Parks and Recreation Director, Vanderburgh County Commission, EVSC School System, Indiana Attorney General Office, Gail Riecken, Holli Sullivan, Ron Bacon,  USI, IVY Tech,  U of E,  St Mary’s Hospital,  Deaconess Hospital and Governor Mike Pence office for doing an outstanding job in providing news to the CCO?

IS IT TRUE a Kentucky House committee has approved a bill to increase the state’s minimum wage?…the bill was passed by the House Labor and Industry Committee and is similar to last year’s proposal that passed the House but died in the Senate?…the bill proposes to incrementally raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 per hour in July 2017?…only about 400,000 Kentuckians (less than 10% of the population)currently earn less than $10.10 an hour, and a large number of those are teenagers in entry level service jobs?…the proposed bill exempts retail stores, service businesses, hotels, motels and restaurants with annual gross sales under $500,000 per year?…business representatives predictably said the bill would be a hardship for employers, even with enough exemptions to limit the overall impact to the total wages paid?…this is a step forward and will put Kentucky with it’s low cost of living way ahead of liberal progressive cities like San Francisco which is ratcheting the minimum wage up to $15 per hour in spending power from minimum wage jobs?…Kentucky still has opportunities for housing that can be bought or rented for about 30% of the gross monthly earnings for minimum wage workers while San Francisco’s entry level apartments cost more that the entire monthly gross earnings of minimum wage earners?

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  1. “IS IT TRUE – maybe some of the promises unfulfilled by the victors of 2011 like an Angel Network, Technology Transfer, eradication on meth making materials, and transparency will take some real root with some young ideas tossed into the mix?”
    ~b~ more likely …the blue mud off the Riverfront Esplanade will be found to be rich in gold nuggets.

    “IS IT TRUE the recent news that Vanderburgh County had slipped to 3rd in Indiana in meth lab busts?”
    ~b~ Perhaps … but … we now are the FASTEST GROWING. …

    “IS IT TRUE it has been about 2 years since the CCO has received routine news articles from the Office of the Mayor?”
    ~b~ We do appreciate all informative contributions to the CCO. Without Evansville’s True Watchdog and her
    brave and outspoken legions … there would be no hope for Evansville.

    “IS IT TRUE it has been said that Evansville is to meth as Napa Valley is to wine and this big time bust and the search for the rest of the operation members serves to reinforce that dubious distinction?”
    ~b~ IT IS TRUE that Sudafed tablets have become Evansville’s #1 alternative currency
    … but it’s a great place to raise kids. …

  2. And we’re off…..!

    TAMPA BAY, Paula Dockery, February 5, 2015

    “GOP Republican Governor Jeb Bush is doing everything right so far in orchestrating a bid to become President.”

    Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, it’s hard to argue with that statement. It is an acknowledgement that he is masterfully navigating the treacherous grounds of entering the race for the White House. Jeb has set the stage for a different strategy that downplays the importance of some of the early state contests like Iowa, where he is less likely to win due to his propensity to throw actual facts and figures rather than red meat so popular among the hayseed, militia-bunker-living Tea Party crazies.

    Bush has unapologetically defended his positions on Common Core and immigration that don’t play well with the bunker-building Tea Party members. The pundits would have you believe that Jeb occupies the moderate turf in the Republican Party, but that would be misleading. There was no mistaking Jeb’s conservative record as governor of Florida on both social and fiscal issues. Bush said, “I know a lot of the Tea Party crazies won’t vote for me simply because I went to college, and I read books, and I don’t repeatedly watch VHS recorded tapes of the commie invasion movie Red Dawn.”

    • Yeah just what we need, another Texas know nothing strutting around like a banty rooster, handing out corporate welfare, starting wars we’ll never finish, and leaving the country in smoldering ruins.

    • My goodness Shem
      You leave little to the imagination about your bends bias and leanings. Now … having bared your politics where your soul ought to be … you DO know that Jeb is not the brightest bulb in the strand … don’t you? …

    • This brings up a issue which I think would help every one from both sides parties, and help us as a whole
      nation. With the primary season being 6 months long (Jan-June), why do we let 2-3 “super days” basically
      control who the fall candidates are? A small misstep in any of these days could knock out a otherwise good
      overall candidate. Would it not make sense to spread these primaries evenly, with no more then two primaries held in any one day? This would allow most of the states primaries mean something, and allow the candidates
      time to correct themselves with the true strongest candidate in the end?

        • I like that. It’s beginning to look to me like Scott Walker is going to be a dark horse who’ll draw some serious money. They’re trying to follow the path to the nomination that Barack Obama took in 2008, and it may work. I can’t envision Christie getting much play in the Midwest or South.

          • I support Walker for the time being. I reserve the right to change my mind up until the minute I vote.

        • Some “school yard antics”, with no contributing thoughts on the subject.

          FYI -Could not stand english, but loved math, geography, history, science,
          spelling, and religion classes. Go figure!

          • Maybe it was the poor Old English Teacher that turned people off to English? Besides to ignore the subject matter and only talk about grammar errors shows lack of reading comprehension and narcissistic tendencies and obsessive compulsive disorder.

        • Forgot to add. Knowing the nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and the rest never put that first morsel of food on my plate, unlike the other subjects in my 40 years in the construction industry.
          Even those religion class may had keep me from harm at work. I look back and can count 4-5
          incidents where I’m surprise I’m not dead/crippled!

          • I’m learning to read more for content and less for form. It’s something texting and internet abbreviations have introduced me to. I’ve turned over a new leaf, and don’t say anything if I understand the thought behind the statement, unless the commenter is trying to “show off.”
            There are plenty of scrotum-type (nut bag) comments made here, so there is no need to argue over spelling and grammar just as long as you get the meaning.

          • I have notice at times that my fingers don’t always do what I’m
            thinking with the keyboard. Much rather see a post with substance
            and a little grammar error, then that 9:33 am post right above with.
            If their profession was a teacher, they are known for that type of demeanor.
            I will leave the door open and hope their next post is insightful on topic.

          • Elkaybee – that’s fine except when “V” is posting
            And Armstrongres, my 45+ years in the Engineering business have taught me that it’s important to spell correctly, punctuate correctly, capitalize correctly, understand the difference between shall and will, and can and may. Contractors are notorious for splitting hairs over language and use those grammatical mistakes in Contract Documents (Plans and Specifications) to demand Change Orders (extra money).

          • PCD

            Grammar is important in that part of the business which is considered
            the office work. Mine was field office. My estimator/ project manager
            took care of the ‘official” documents between the contractor and architect.
            Your generalization of contractors are not valid. True, there are some are
            notorious as you spoke, but many are not. Your generalization of change
            orders are misleading as well. Had the “quality” of the architect drawing
            be of a generation back, good chance there would be very few change orders.
            Heaven for bid we build off of the original drawings and spec’s that were bid
            on. Typically there are any where from a page to ten or more pages of
            addendums and updated drawings before we even started. Then we pour over them for the confliction of civil, general, mechanical, and electrical where things as conduits, mechanical piping are not in doorways, windows, and open spaces from lack of thorough overlay of the prints. I could go on.

            In general, the architect and engineers do a good job, but their fallible as well
            as contractors. The goal in the end is the costumer receiving a good product!

          • Armstrongres – One reason that I left the last firm that I worked for was because they became notorious for “design by addendum” (local A/E firm – you can guess who). I refuse to do that. Addendum items generated by questions from contractors or vendors, changes requested by the Owner, or final review correction items of a page or two of addenda is acceptable. 75 – 100 pages of Addenda is not!
            p.s. One of the reasons I always enjoyed ICI on my projects (even though they were generally more expensive during the bidding phase) was that they didn’t nickel-dime you to death. Can’t say that about a certain firm when it was headed by “Stubby”.

      • Because the men that run the political party machines don’t have as much control if the process is spread out. Big money can influence a 7-10 state primary day as most of the candidates can’t buy ads in 7-10 states at once. Only a candidate with a big bank roll in his pocket…can. It’s about control.

    • I don’t think you can win the Republican party without the Tea party. Any idiot can see common core stupid. No real is for the illegals. Jeb Bush is a RINO. Might as welll run on the Demo ticket.

  3. Why stop at 10 bucks for minimum wage? Indiana could beat ’em with 20.
    Artificially setting values works great!
    Every mom knows her child is the best on the planet. Why couldn’t the state declare every child born here a Nobel Laureate ?
    Man, you know , every person has worth and has needs why not just give every resident a million bucks?
    Sure, greedy capitalists will say if we do this kind of stuff prices will rise.
    They won’t if the state mandates maximum prices!
    Then those Debbie Downers say business will just stop producing.
    Not if the state forces them to produce !
    It’s just a lot simpler when we leave it all to the state.

    • We pay “artificially set prices” on imports everyday. If item “x” cost $500 when it is made in the US,
      that same item from overseas with that same brand label and model that was made for pennies on
      a dollar, “still” cost that same $500 here!

    • Did i read the ITT correctly ? A teenager working part time at McDonalds in Ky will make $10.00 per hour ?

      • It has to pass the Senate and it will be $10.10 in 2017. Governor Beshear will definitely sign it if it gets through the legislature.

      • There are many adults stuck on these jobs for there may be nothing above that for them.
        May have hit hardships. Take time and treat them as your own friend, and not
        down ones nose. If their working, they may not be on your tax paying dime!

  4. When I saw on Mr. Brinkmeyer’s facebook page a picture of him with Mosby and Weaver, I though “oh no”….

      • Certain “entitled” entrenched persons need to be dislodged-so yes, entitled persons will catscratch anyone who gets in their way, so it will get ugly.

    • B.J. Watts is on the Brinkmeyer team, he was missing in the photo. Rumor has it that Brineyer has several skeletons in his closet to include some facebook posts to women that are very inappropriate for someone running for public office not to mention a teacher at Reitz. I have seen one of these posts and if just the one that Isaw is made public he is in trouble.

      • I have personally seen some facebook posts Mr. Brinkmeyer has made to women and I am surprised the school board has not caught wind of them. They are very inappropriate for a teacher to say to a woman. I was shocked when I heard he he filed to be a councilman. If there are more than I have seen, Mr. Brinkmeyer could be in alot of trouble.

        • This is very concerning if it is true. I know Mr. Brinkmeyer personally and think he is a great person. I was surprised he was getting into politics to begin with but wished him the best anyway. If this is true it will be very embarrassing for the Reitz Nation. I can’t stand politics or gossip and avoid them both as much as possible but when my sister told me about this blog so I had to come read it for myself. Many parents and teachers work hard to make Reitz a proud and respectful school and this will not help the image of Reitz or its faculty. Hopefully this story is just a rumor.

        • The Facebook post that I saw was made during school hours and will not bode well for Mr. Brinkmeyer. When this is made public as is the history of these types of scandals this will cause other women and possibly students to come forward with more provocative Facebook posts.

    • Noon Monday is the last day to withdraw your candidacy for the May primary just wonder if any of the filed candidates will get cold feet? Things will heat up quick for some of the candidates from what I have heard.

      • Tic Toc Tic Toc time is running out for any candidate running who has dirty laundry. Noon today is the deadline to withdraw. Just saying.

  5. Continuing last night’s thread.

    I guess we should just forget about the Catholic Church burning people at the stake for saying the Earth revolved around the Sun, the Crusades, the Inquisition, imperialism, slavery, Native American genocide, lynchings, Jim Crow, the KKK, McCartyism, the Immoral Minority, etc.

    Forget all that.

    All I have to do is look at my daily social media feed for RW hatred, bigotry, misogyny etc. Just this week, we heard from the RW nutbags, that religious discrimination is A-Ok, that it’s OK to rape your sleeping wife, that blacks are nothing but “ZOO animals”, just to name a FEW outlandish statements whose origins are rooted in christian indoctrination and RW ideology. And of course they want to insure this nutty ideology by continuing the indoctrination via “vouchers”.

    And yes the christians have gotten slightly more sophisticated than the muslims they use fighter jets instead of suicide bombers and they no longer have Jim Crow laws just “voter ID”. We’re still invading other countries to strip them of their natural resources and install “pro-American” dictators, err I mean spread democracy around the world.

    • Brains
      There is much credence in what you have written … however it follows that the atrocious actions of the past are outside our realm of influence. The Holy War we face today tests the fabric of every human being.
      The Radicals Islamists of today … who justify barbaric behavior in the name of God … are the greatest perversion on the face of this Earth.
      To defend ourselves and those less able from them is not debatable
      … it must be decided, instinctive and certain. …

      • The atrocities committed in the name of Christianity self corrected because at the center of Christian ideology is the gospel of peace.

        What exist in Islam that will self correct ISIS?

        Evil men hijacked Christianity to do evil. With Islam it is the religion that has hijacked good men to perform acts of evil. Jesus taught turn the other cheek. Muhammad taught oppress and kill the infidels.

        • Putting words in people’s mouths / building passive aggressive straw men isn’t very nice but it’s par for the course for your ilk. Christian terrorism Mulim terrorism both evil just different methods of delivery.

      • bubbageek, too bad you are not POTUS. Very well said. It is not a hard concept for the rational to grasp. For the irrational, they try to justify the horror of Jihad as the fault of others.

      • We will have to deal with ISIL but smearing the rest of the Muslim/Arab world with their perversions will not make them out allies in this fight/war.

    • Getting old seeing this issue for the last several days being beat to the tune of a dead horse.
      Religion is a powerful thing for both the believers and non alike.
      Religion has/is used for the good, but also used for bad reasons.
      What we do in our lifetime may/may not effect us in (if) the afterlife.

      Ann Matters answered a question several years back in the Sunday’s Parade.
      She was ask about if there is a religions God, and a heaven (after life), or not.
      She said: For the ones who believe, they have a 50-50 chance there is.

      • Well said.

        What irks me is that there are many Christians of many flavors in this nation and the broad brush the president and others are using to paint them the color of ISIS is appalling.

    • Benton, what is wrong with you to say “And yes the christians have gotten slightly more sophisticated than the muslims they use fighter jets instead of suicide bombers”. Are you a Michael Moore clone or just plain nuts? Please spare us anymore of you pro-terrorist crapola. It’s really pitiful.

    • While atrocities have been committed by evil men in the name of Christianity, there never has been a Christian jihad. However, there have been atheistic communist jihads bent on eradicating any opposing ideology, especially Christianity. Atheistic regimes hold the record for the most oppressed and killed in the name of an ideology. And that does not include the American atrocity of abortion without exceptions which is highly favored by the far left.

      What Christian group would hijack planes full of innocent people to crash into buildings of innocent people? Pope Francis?

      What Christian group established a network of gulags to torture and kill people into following their ideology? Franklin Graham?

      One only needs to read your incessant rants against Christianity to see the seething hate boiling beneath the skin of the neo-atheist and recognize the real danger is this amoral ideology.

      Deal with your own hate and bigotry, and there will be much less of it in the world.

      • “Deal with your own hate and bigotry, and there will be much less of it in the world.”

        Excellent advice. You should heed it.

          • You don’t seem to have mastered those negative emotions just yet, especially on the bigotry end of the scale. Please keep trying.

          • And you have LKB?

            My being against homosexual marriage or abortion is based on the issues not the person.

            But what is this linking Christians to ISIS or calling tea party people the Tealiban? It is hate, and hate you have practiced.

          • @Enoch: You seem to confuse criticism with hate. I don’t hate anyone, but I will say what I think about some of the lunacy some people practice. That’s a big problem for you. It is not necessary to hate those you disagree with.

          • And neither do I hate others LKB, and you’re judging me that way does not make it true.

        • “Spanish inquisition” Evil men performing murderous acts for power and greed in the name of the church. It was “evil men using religion.” Islam is “an evil religion using men.” Jesus taught to lay down our life for others. Muhammad taught to take the lives of others. So there is no correlation to be made between these two events. As I said, Christianity self corrected because at the center of its ideology is the gospel of peace. What is at the center of Islamic ideology to correct ISIS?

          The majority of the people in the United States self identify as Christians. While disagreeing with other ideologies, they mostly live in peace with all. Here we have places like Dearborn MI where muslims have established a community and live among Christians in peace. What islamic nation offers that freedom to Christians?

          For Obama to demean the majority of the good and faithful people in the United States and become an apologist for ISIS by attempting to correlate Medieval Christian history to modern day Islamic terrorism is despicable and does nothing to squelch the accusations that he is at heart a radical Islamic sympathizer.

        • Gesundheit and God Bless.

          But, I am unsure if I am replying to “v” or the collective “we” that he always refers to.

          • We, would be correct in this response case. ” Blowhard. We would advise some research to some today wondering about the actual recorded history. Really, the all religious bents of the day check out the histories.
            Then do remember that little social learning game some teachers worked on the younger elementary school students. The teacher gave a short but detailed written story to the first kid, in the first row. Told the child now tell the story quietly for the student behind you and then in that order pass the verbal story on all the way throughout the room. Once the whole round was completed . The teacher then ask various students to repeat that story that was verbally passed on by the previous. When several told the version they heard. The teacher handed the original written story to the last kid and ask the child to read it aloud word for word. So.
            Give that about 10,000 years and several language interpretations and there you have it.
            Now Brandon, go sit back down. And class do listen with intensity, and do try listening and some comprehension before you speak out to another on the subject of discussion.

            Basic facts——>

      • Over 100,000 Iraqi civilians killed in Iraq war, thirty times 9 11, that’s just the confirmed number by the Christian neocons. Of course shrub did say he talked to Jesbus beforehand and Jesbus gave the go ahead. So now we’re arguing over which method of indiscriminate killing is moral.!?

        • Sure Bent, they were all killed in the name of Christ. Do you think the 911 terrorist would have stopped at 100,000 if they had the ability to kill more?

          The 911 terrorist were praising Allah. Were our troops singing “onward Christian soldiers” as the killed your alleged 100,000? In fact, did they directly kill 100,000?

        • When Bush the Lesser was starting his invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq he let it slip that he saw them as ‘crusades’. That understandably hit a raw nerve with our intended victims and the good people of secular America, he had to walk it back quick. The crusades are something the religious right would like everybody forget. Ho ho ho, they wrote it down though. As you noted, shrub said he talked to his ‘higher father’ or something like that when asked if he consulted his much wiser dad before committing America to wars that will never stop.

          • Ho Ho Ho was one of the few congressmen that voted against invading Iraq. But gay marriage and abortion without exceptions was more important issues at the time.

          • Just think, if by some hideous twist of fate Jeb became President, Dubya would become Bush the Least, as Jeb would take over as “the Lesser.” At least Dubya didn’t dump that insanity in his daddy’s lap. I’m not a fan of #43, but he is a great leader compared to the next generation.

          • George H Bush #41 has my respect for serving his country in the
            Pacific Theater. Likely the last US president to ever serve in the military
            in this capacity. Possible John McCain who had served in the Vietnam War.
            Are there others?

      • Bibi the RW gangster and thug will be in town soon. He will be leading the charge for a Christian/Judeo invasion/ bombing of Iran just to show them who is boss. More indiscriminate murder and savagery( to borrow a phrase from Chris Kyle). More money for the MIC. Bibi will begin the demonization of Iranians and so it will go! Support the Troops!

  6. The “news” handouts by the various information officers that are released for public consumption on a regular basis is not to be confused with actual TRANSPARENCY of what is really going on within these organizations.

    EVSC is a good example. They have steadfastly refused to either broadcast live, or provide a videotaped copy of their board of trustee public meetings. Just recently, they relented to small degree by agreeing to provide an taped audio copy of the meetings at the corporation’s website. There were no assurances given as to whether there would be any editing of these audio tapes before making them available to the public.

    EVSC should have been providing live streaming of their board public meetings long ago, and until they start doing that they can hardly be held up as an example of an open and transparent publicly funded school corporation.

    • With School District being the largest line item cost of our property tax bill, we should be given unedited
      recordings/live streaming on a golden platter!

  7. ” Is it true a 25 year old named David Ballard is taking on 5 term incumbent Connie Robinson in the 4th Ward, and schoolteacher Jim Brinkmeyer has filed to oppose incumbent Al Lindsey in the 6th Ward Democrat primary?”

    Now if Woz would file before noon today for the 3rd Ward City Council seat, we would really have one hell of a primary hullaballo. You only got 2-1/2 hours, Woz.

    • Speaking of hullaballo, and all the latest media diversions, or versions, anyone observed “any rendition” of the double run off tree high convention hotel Lego yet?

      • He has two jobs. He works at Turonis Pizza and is a contract employee at the Juvenile Court doing intake interviews of juvenile offenders. He lived with his parents until recently. He did not know the name of the person he filed to run against. He graduated from college in 2012. He lived away from Evansville from 2008 through most of 2013. He has worked at Turonis for about 15 months and for a contractor in the court system for 3 months. He just wants to help people.

        • It sounds like he is in for a learning experience he couldn’t get in school. He may have a good future in Evansville politics if he learns the right lessons this time around.

        • I have a problem with the statement that he didn’t know who he was filing against. If that is true, he is clearly NOT interested in government. How did he decide he could “help people” more than someone whose identity he didn’t know? If it is NOT true, then basing a campaign to “help people” on a lie is not acceptable.

        • I support him!! He’s a good man and will do a great job. Of course the reality of it is that a monkey could do the job of a City councilman.

    • Always love reading about our US history.
      One must understand the past first, to understand the present.

    • I have no respect for the indians they were nothing but evil, gut eating, murderous savages that should have been totally destroyed. Another waste of my tax dollars. When oh when will they ever pay me back all the money i have given them.

      • This wussie John never had to stand something as fluid as an Evansville downtown CSO turd.

        So why the hell would anyone wanting anything that resembles freedom or taxed valuation depend on a puke of that type of bent? Like John here. Hey John. You go straight to a hog washed flush backup. Hell that’s all you’d ever be worth in a stand anyway. Drainage fluids on the way out the room. Political positioning wussie. STFU! Nobody believes you anymore. You haven’t got that yet? Toot the horn squirrel nobodies listing.
        **** **** **** *

      • Like V said, you’re a genocidal, psychopath. Lower than shit, because shit has residual value as fertilizer. I didn’t think anyone could sink lower than disaffected or IE, but I think you have.

  8. I don’t want to be Mayor- I couldn’t take the pay cut (not interested in ill-gotten gains)

  9. Seriously, why would they provide the antichrist with news….. I know i am tired of the daily attacks on them myself. When you have nothing else to complain about, then you complain about them not helping you to complain against them.

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