IS IT TRUE February 6, 2014


IS IT TRUE February 6, 2014

IS IT TRUE that Evansville City Council Attorney Scott Danks started a bit of a controversy with a Facebook post about Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke’s administration?…what Mr. Danks wrote was as follows: “Hate to admit it but I WAS WRONG in thinking that we have an outstanding Mayor! The Winnecke Administration is just trashy. If you don’t openly support this Administration, they will do everything in their power to slander you, discredit you and interfere with your business interest/livelihood. Evansville deserves much better!!!”?…it would be interesting to know if Mr. Danks is referring to the trials and tribulations he and his associates have been put through while trying to invest millions odf dollars to refurbish and repurpose the old EVSC headquarters or if his statement is more general?…it is disturbing that we are getting a steady stream of information from people who have been in your face ambushed by members of the Mayor’s staff or have been subjected to negative whisper campaigns?…some of the tactics used by the Winnecke administration make Evansville look like the USSE?…strong arming business people and using whisper campaigns may have its place in the world of preventing terrorism but there is no place for it in any City Administration anywhere?

IS IT TRUE Mr. Danks has allegedly run into similar obstructionism from the Winnecke administration for a project he was planning?…we expect more information about this proposed project will be made public by the CCO very soon?

IS IT TRUE that the Midwest and other colder parts of the country are facing a shortage of LP gas this winter?…in true supply and demand style that shortage has driven prices of this vital heating fuel up by well over 100%?…that tank full of LP gas that would have cost about $400 in the fall is now over $1,000 and the minimum order for getting a delivery is 200 gallons?…the extreme cold weather has depleted peoples tanks and they are calling to refill when they learn about the minimum order and the new prices?…we know of several families that have been unable to pay the $1,000 and are relying on electric space heaters to keep from freezing?…we fully understand how local families can be in a position where $1,000 cash on the barrelhead is impossible but fully anticipate sky high electric bills next month due to the shift to electric space heaters?…trading a $1,000 LP gas bill for a $1,000 electric bill is just kicking the can down the road and will still have to be reckoned with a month from now?

IS IT TRUE that CVS has announced its intention to stop selling tobacco products?…this decision will cost CVS revenues of roughly $2 Billion per year and the profits associated with those sales?…we commend CVS for making this responsible decision?…sometime about a hundred years ago many family pharmacies made a similar decision with respect to the legal over the counter sales of heroin, laudanum, and morphine?…we doubt that this will do much to the overall tobacco sales but it will by definition keep the medical problems associated with tobacco use off the hands of CVS?…when private businesses make good decisions like this America becomes a better place?

IS IT TRUE even across the Ohio River in Kentucky the medical issues of smoking seems to be sinking in after 50 years?…in a Louisville Courier Journal reader’s poll, the respondents favor raising taxes on cigarettes by $1 per pack with 62% in favor?…we hope Kentucky listens to these people and raises the tax by $1 or more to be consistent with the medical costs associated with a lifetime of smoking?…at last count the medical costs for a smoker amounted to about $10 per pack at the end of life?…these costs are of course paid for by the taxpayers of America under the Medicare program?


  1. Facebook and twitter have put the dumbing down of society into overdrive.

  2. “IS IT TRUE the CCO would like to pose this question to any CEOs or Senior Managers among our readership regarding the Facebook post that City of Evansville Cemetery Director Chris Cooke put up about City Councilman John Friend?…given that the Mayor is the CEO of the City and the City Council is the Board of Directors we ask the following question, “what would a real world CEO do if a department head made such a statement about a board member?””

    IS IT TRUE that by using your very example, the same should be presented towards Danks? Another about face for CCO? Chris Cooke was villified and several people posted on here that he should be fired. Using that same logic, the same people should be calling for the dismissal of Danks. I don’t expect anyone on here to do that because I know that the only consistency that anyone on here has shown is contempt for Winnecke, Parke and people like me that call you on your faults.

        • The two appear to be an apples-oranges comparison. Mr. Danks has a great deal more credibility in the community and a lot more “skin in the game” than Mr. Cooke.

          • No relationship between the positions or skill level of Scott Danks and something like Digger Cooke.

            To compare the two is just making stuff up out of whole cloth to justify some garbled agenda, which seems more and more like a quest for a city job.

    • Chris Cooke is a direct report to the Mayor who attacked a member of the City Council. Scott Danks is a contractor to the City Council and a private business owner whose complaint is regarding a private investment in downtown Evansville. Neither Danks nor the City Council report to the Mayor. While there is the slight similarity between these FB posts, your conclusion is not only incorrect, it is intentionally misleading.

      I get some of your hateful spewing but you are wrong on this one. When Chris Cooke invests over a million bucks in Evansville and a Council member obstructs him is when these situations will be the same. Until then Cooke is a pissed off employee of the Mayor bitching about a council member, and Danks is a private businessman calling out the Winnecke Administration for unfair obstructionism.

      • Actually, no one knows why he posted it. He didn’t divulge that information. Anything else is speculation.

        • Mr. Danks does not need the voters for anything, but he is a big democrat supporter. The democrats do not have a strong candidate for mayor and they’re going with an early attack on Winnecke. Danks is just leading the attack. The same thing happened with Lloyd, the democrats went all out to discredit him to give Jonathon a boost. People can and do call Scott a lot of things but he is not a stupid man. I do not believe Mr. Danks does anything without a reason. I don’t see him wasting time with a facebook comment that’s not beneficial on a personal level.

      • With the exception of my statements that I made the other night, I don’t think that I have ever been “hateful”. It’s interesting that anytime someone has a differing viewpoint, it’s called “hate”. I owe Jordan an apology for what I said about him the other night and I will do so the next time that I see him. I’m always man enough to admit when I am wrong. I strive to follow the example of Christ in all of my doings and coming on this site brings out a side of me that is not where I want to be. That was reason behind my absence for the last month or so. I am not arrogant or any of the other things that people have called me on here, because I don’t claim credit for any of the blessings that God has granted me. I am easily excited and lack the ability to debate with people on this site and be the person that I wish to be. Therefore, going forward I will try to refrain from visiting and/or commenting on this site.

        • “With the exception of my statements that I made the other night, I don’t think that I have ever been “hateful”. It’s interesting that anytime someone has a differing viewpoint, it’s called “hate”.”

          There you go again…talking out both sides of your mouth, admitting your remarks were hateful, but whining about it being called ‘hateful’. Then you go on to hide behind Jesus as if simply name-dropping the Almighty is going to make your inferiority-complex-induced, hateful remarks ok.

          The real world doesn’t work that way, Phyllip. If you’re a real Christian, then act like it. Don’t just sh– on everyone repeatedly, acting like a total assh—, then name-drop Jesus and double-speak like a common hypocrite.

          • Those specific remarks towards Jordan were hateful, nothing else. If you have ever acted like you had contempt towards me in person, I would respect or be offended by the things that you say on here. The simple fact that everytime that you see me in person, you come to me and offer to shake my hand and seek my approval shows me that you are just an online troll and coward. Therefore, anything that you say to me falls on deaf ears.

          • Don’t mistake my early attempts at being a gentleman toward you – in spite of the ugly and juvenile way you treated me – for seeking your approval.

            This is another example of your inferiority complex leading to an over-inflated sense of importance.

            You’ve made it abundantly clear, despite my attempts, that you did not want to be friends. You didn’t even want to be civil. So here we are.

          • Brad and Phyllip:
            You two need to stop the “pissing contest”. Neither of you are doing your credibility any good. You sound like a couple of twelve-year-olds.

          • Laura, I agree with you whole-heartedly. I just come on here and give my opinion and gets called a boot-licker, toadie, etc. I get told how other people can “buy me a hundred times over”, references to Our Times, masters and slaves. To which I still have not heard those references made to another person, but my race has nothing to do with that. If people could argue against me without the personal attacks against me, I would not have the need or desire to reciprocate.

          • That’s the republican go to play in the playbook. Do something stupid and start screaming Jesus this and God that. It can even get you elected to congress after spending taxpayer money on prostitutes!!!!

        • If your “writing arm” causes you to sin, then cut it off. But I think you would be better to learn to control your impulses and continue posting. I think you bring a different perspective and we would be cheated by not hearing it.

          Brad is a straight shooter. Sometimes he uses a little larger gun then necessary, but there he is no duplicity in him. If he went out of his way to be gentlemanly to you, he was serious.

          But as a Christian myself, I would caution you to not stand to close to Winnecke. He’s duplicity is evident and you will get burned by it.

      • Cooke is not a direct report to Mayor Winnecke. He reports to Todd Robertson.

        • So it was his bosses-bosses-boss that he called a fraud. Not good for the old job security there Flip. As a matter of fact that makes Fatboy Chris look even dumber than he did already.

            • He who controls the money is boss. That would be the City Council that John Friend presides over. Try building a hotel or a dog park without permission and funding from the City Council and see how far you get.

    • I believe Mr Danks post concerned the roadblocks thrown at private investors in the city if they are not the cronie network. The River House pops into my mind. Ask that investor if he has a positive feeling for the civic center?

      • Exactly! Those within the crony network are given a free pass on fire code violations.

        • Big Pappa,

          Is there a monthly fee to join the crony network ? Can I purchase a one year Crony Subscription ?

          I am looking to expand my business, sounds like a good investment ?

          • Yes, a hefty fee must be paid even to be considered for membership. You get extra points if you help to screw over someone that opposes a member of the network or come up with a plan to get more public dollars. You must also be willing to give away your convictions and forget about what honesty and public service mean. The only thing that matters is what benefits the members most.
            Beware, the membership is a life-time one. Once you are in, you can never leave. If you fall out of grace you will be forced to sit at the kids table with Messy and Beaver.

          • I’ve got some extra cash in my bank account.
            How much for one of them there politicians?

      • Scott Danks has not divulged the reason behind his post. Just because the editor chooses to speculate on the reason does not make it true. From conversations that I’ve had from people that have worked with the River House owner, he believes his issues start with a entity on Riverside Drive. That’s hearsay, though.

    • If Chris would have slandered Missy would the reaction be the same? Would he be given a thumbs up? Either way it is typical dirt slinging politics. He is not the first and will not be the last. Wearing Winneke shirts around town was not exactly professional in some minds when you are a strong democrat. People really need to look past the party and wipe out ALL current politicians for a truly fresh start.

      • But he would never do that. Chris and Missy are twinkies who are joined at the hip with Winnecke and the chicken dance club. Their support for our Republican mayor was sealed with a pinky shake in the Democrat headquarters.

          • And Connie, John Friend, SBR. But they get a pass. Some supported the Mayor openly and some behind peoples backs.

  3. I don’t understand the same people that applaud CVS removing tobacco products from the store shelves are the same people that want to legalize marijuana. I have never smoked cigarettes or marijuana. How can you be for one and against another? Both have side effects that harm people.

    • Nobody is saying cigarettes should not be sold, they just think buying them should be more expensive and less convenient. Pot should be sold in shops that specialize in it, and customers should not be allowed in without ID that proves their age. The same goes for cigarettes, IMO.

      • Back 40 years ago, 40 cent a pack vending machines were every where. Recall high school days, I believe Burger King at North Park had one straight ahead as you walked into the place. 52 cents back then bought you a hamburger/small drink that included tax.

        Times has changed.

      • But everyone shouldn’t be required to produce an ID to vote. Even though voter fraud comes up in every election. I don’t understand liberals.

  4. What’s with these backwater political wannabees lately? First we got Chrissy Boo Boo blubbering about Councilman Blusterpuss reneging on a cookout invitation, and now we got Wild Bill Hiccup singing his sad lament.

    And what’s up with all the public name calling? Fraud, thugs, trash. What’s next?

  5. Once again thanks to Connie Robinson for splitting the Democratic vote and letting the banking interests run Heavensburg

  6. “IS IT TRUE that Evansville City Council Attorney Scott Danks started a bit of a controversy with a Facebook post about Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke’s administration?”


    Oh Hey Look! someone else using social media to slander again, I guess this is a return volley for the shot Mr Cooke took the other day.

    Politics is very dirty business especially so here in Evansville we are seeing that there really is no difference between parties both employe the same tactics to strong arm businesses and individuals, yet Mr Parke and Mr Davis would have us believe that we should all man-up and post our opinions under our real names like there are no consequences for having a opposing opinion…yeah right!

    The epiphany that Mr Danks just had is so common, I’m sure this isn’t his first encounter, but does anyone still believe the guy we have as mayor was the right choice?

    (cue Mr Parke and that 60% approval rating!)


    • Slander involves falsely accusing someone of a crime by word of mouth. Libel is falsely accusing someone of a crime in writing.

      Facebook = writing = libel

      Fraud = crime

      Danks did not accuse Winnecke of a crime. Therefore, there is no slander or libel.

      The two instances seem similar, but vary in this important respect.

      • Brad, using “fraud” by definition of a crime is very narrow-minded. We all know that “fraud” is also used as insulting someone’s authenticity without inferring that they’re involved in criminal activities.

        • It could be, but if Friend chose to sue, it would fall to him to prove he was being accused of the crime of fraud, or that the insinuation of a crime had substantially impacted his reputation or affected his business. Being an accountant, that could be a fine line. The accusation of fraud is serious. To be fair, the law varies for public officials. It would probably come down to which definition of fraud the common person would assume from Cooke’s statement and which job is Friend being called a fraud in. Since Cooke make the blanket statement about Friend being ‘a fraud’ in a blanket, circumscribed way, he might have a tough time saying Friend’s reputation as an accountant wasn’t negatively affected.

          It usually comes down to the judge in the case.

  7. CVS is going to take a bigger hit than they expect. Those of us who go there for cheap cigarettes usually grab two or three other things while there, not anymore. Time to buy stock in Walgreen’s.

    • I’m betting they’re next. I’m waiting for Wallyworld to do it. I don’t think we’ll see that!

      • I’ve always thought that it’s odd that businesses that say that they’re in the healthcare business would sell items that are known to be very damaging to your health. For CVS and Walgreen’s to sell tobacco and alcohol products is contradictory to their mission statements. While they’re looking for more innovative ways to meet the public’s healthcare needs, like Minute Clinics, they are putting profits first by selling these items. The competitiveness of that market has become apparent with their targeted placement of store in close proximity of their competition. I expect Walgreen’s to follow suit within one year.

        • In a capitalist society, wouldn’t they want to maximize profits? More sick people from cigarettes means more drugs out the door. Will their shareholders punish them for this blunder?

          • I’m sure that they weighed the lost profits against the increased sales from this move. You notice that they didn’t quietly remove the cigarettes. It’s been everywhere the past two days and it’s the most prominent thing on their website. I’m interested in how many people are going to migrate to the other stores that still sell smokes. There may be a convenience push to Walgreen’s, Rite Aid and Duane Reade.

          • When I owned my business, I passed on Hoosier lottery tickets. Passed up that nickel on a dollar profit, the profit on cigs. is small, better use of inventory dollars is available. The feds get $250 a year, the county has an additional stamp [fee]. Put in theportion of time the clerk spend ringing the pack out and the net, after cost profit just isn’t there with tobacco.

        • Phyllip,

          CVS selling alcohol and tobacco is very much like the local Republican Party selling a taxpayer subsidized hotel. You, Wayne, and Winnie were in violation of the Indiana Republican Party Platform.

          • Keep evading the point.

            I used to think you were intelligent. I was mistaken. Debating involves refuting claims and supporting positions using counter examples, not changing the subject. You and Wayne come from the same school of debate. Either that or you both read the Cliff Notes to the book: “Debating For Dummies: How to look like an ass and lose every argument by default”.

          • If this story was in any way related to what you are trying to dredge up, I would respond.

          • You’re the one changing the subject. I believe that this discussion was about CVS.

        • Well they better get rid of the candy and snacks too, if they are getting rid of items that are “bad” for you.

  8. First it’s the cigarettes, a legal substance that causes health problems. How about all that liquor on CVS shelves? Or the high fructose corn syrup in the soda pop? How about the candy that fills their shelves at the front of the store, or the high fat hotdogs and full fat milk back there in their coolers? What’s next to go?

    • Those other things are generally not a good thing either, but moderate use of them is not the problem that cigarettes are. Anything can be addictive, but tobacco has NO redemptive uses. There is some evidence that alcohol, used in moderation, can have positive health outcomes. An occasional soda or candy bar isn’t going to cause cancer. Cigarettes are an addictive substance that does.

      • I’d venture to say that sugar and fat cause more long term health costs in chronic diseases than tobacco.

        • Watch it, they’ll want to ban or tax that too.

          Either one believes in control or in freedom. You can have it both ways no matter how much you wiggle. Don’t want to subsidize someone else’s dumbass choices? Then make that argument. But we shouldn’t confuse the issues and fall into the trap of contradicting ourselves.

        • I recently discovered sugar inhibits the body to produce good cholesterol (LDL). So to be a “good boy” started to watch out for that. Unless you eat nothing but meat and raw vegetables, sugar (regular type, corn, etc, etc) is in a whole bunch of products. Products from nearly any type of sports drink to plain ol’ white bread and a whole lot of stuff in between.

          Its no wonder we are a nation of fat people.

          • Correct. Depression era junk science told everyone fat was bad for you. So what did they do? Replaced all the fat with sugar, and boom diabetes and heart disease out the wazoo. I’d say the sugar industry lobbied hard enough to get it done. Capitalism at work.

          • And now after about 40 years it is said “some fat” is good for you.

            There is nothing wrong with capitalism, the real problem are our politicians, they look at capitalism like a kid does a candy bar. They (politicians) just can’t say no.

      • Tobacco has other uses besides cigarettes. Smoke the same amount of tobacco cigarettes as 420 joints and then talk to me about harm or impairment of 420..

    • Your not even mentioning the 100’s of drugs they sell that have harmful side effects, there’s not much in a drug store that anyone would consider safe if you read the labels.


      • Yeah but all those drugs you mention are deemed safe by the FDA and we all know the FDA doesn’t make mistakes. Oh wait, never mind.

  9. The CCO should had posted that local attorney and private business developer Scott Danks posted the following remarks on his personal Facebook page–ect–ect.

    It is obvious that Mr. Danks wasn’t speaking as the city attorney in his Facebook post but as an individual and developer.

    It is obvious that Chris Cooke was speaking as a department head for the City of Evansville when he posted his personal attack against John Friend.

    Finally, Mr. Davis I would watch what you say about Mr. Danks because he will sue your ass off.

    • If I ever make a slanderous statement maybe. I have never said anything about him that is not public knowledge.

  10. Did not know a man of Danks’ age could master Facebook, but more power to him.

    Yes, Danks is right. The Winnemuck tribe at City Hall has taken a page from the post-9/11 Georgie Bush playbook: “You’re either with us, or you support terrorism”.

    • To compare a Winnecke to the great George Bush is not a very good analogy. Winnecke is a total Rino in every way. He’s losing all the Republican support he ever had in this town very fast.

  11. The sustainability in the LP balances is likely an adjustment in logistical availability through transportation infrastructures,the States leadership does seem to be aware of the needs there,and responded accordingly.
    The basic balance was whacked by the “changed climate” condition early this fall,wet harvest=increased grain dryers run times,elevator dealers docking/per bushel due moisture weights.
    The core issue for industrial/agribusiness improvements there is,”clear”,and,we have a unique agricultural process and thermodynamic innovation pathway that incrementally solves it,and increases planned structured reserves in LP while this process is being applied.

    Incremental uses balancing forward solves the shortage spans due weather conditional timing per location.

    Great plains,and core upper midwestern states,such as Indiana.

    My Families Indiana farm heritage dealt with this issue historically by legacy per the location,nothing has changed but the increased incremental demands vs the available supply chain base. The geographic location is exactly the same.

    I’m thinking when my model runs through the latest”Taguchi”with the last variations,we might communicate/consult with some very capable people in Lafayette,Tippecanoe county,and,the Purdue University Advanced Science and Engineering Centers. Thermodynamics,Agri/Environmental/Energy management science departments for some “in system research,and development”,this blending process,can jump Indiana forward a decade in one leap. with harvest to global market management through incremental blending/due of environmental management per sequestration applications.
    I want see this gain some altitude for the sustainability and balance* of the average agribusiness farm families,moved “fast” forward for balanced sourcing and supply chain costs.

    While allowing that,also clearing up the blending of some other standing issues per “Changed Climate” for other applied rural heating resources due,compared increments.

    The blending defines the answer,and that gentlemen opens the pathway to incrementally solve the problem at hand here.

    “minime dignissim occulto respiciamus,quam”

    “Not really an hidden asset look back,as well”

    • You don’t have to smoke cannabis! It could be taken in pill form and a variety of other ways. Gotta love ignorant Evansville!

      • + 1 and you don’t get the carcinogens in its smoke. The 420 fans are gonna wanna burn though. It not like MJ smoke is like eating Special K as part of a well balanced diet.

          • Ah here comes mr Ghost, still frustrated from being put in his place elsewhere, calling names on his drive by posts. Such a classy guy or sheep lover evidently.

          • Brandon, you are a sheep. MJ must be bad because the DARE officer told you so, right?

        • Of course you didn’t. The point is you only think MJ is “bad” because the government told you so. Ironic that you are anti government. The whole “drugs are nad, mmkay” indoctrination from a young age is based on junk science, racism, and flat out lies. Why is MJ “bad” but not opiate pain killers? Alcohol?

          • I am very well aware of the demonetization used in the 1800s leading to its current status and the unconstitutional usurping by the Federal government over the States. So no you are wrong to think I believe everything the government tells me.

        • Mj in pill form is called Marinol ,it is usefull to cancer,aids,patients etc,give sick people an appetite …it’s been out at least 10 years

          • Longer than that and many cancer patients can’t take it and keep it down. It helps mitigate the side effects of some of the chemo drugs.

  12. I wish we had the ability to click on a users name & see previuos posts. I have noticed several references to remarks Phyllip Davis “made the other night” but I’m not going to search for them.
    Thinkaboutit CCO 🙂

  13. I disagree with the Editor on taxing cigarettes at a higher rate. That only makes sense if you accept the government should be in the medical insurance business, which they damn well should not.

    • Well we are in the government health insurance business and the best way to pay for it is to tax the causes of the expenses. I could easily get on board to get out of the government health insurance business and accompany that with zero taxes on consumption to pay for that healthcare.

      • I am not a smoker, personally find it disgusting. I do not believe smoking adds to healthcare cost. European studies indicate non smokers cost more than smokers in healthcare cost and overall cost. Nonsmokers live an average of 10 years longer, spend more time in nursing homes and draw retirement longer. I would not go in a restaurant that allowed smoking but believe the owner is free to decide and so am I. I also believe the government that governs the least governs the best. I also believe that if everyone in Indiana quit smoking of drinking for one month the state would have financial difficulties. Almost every smoker that I know is a democrat and I’m OK with that.

        • CooKoo, CooKoo, CooKoo

          pov must not want legalized marijuana because it would hurt his Democratic friends that he loves so much since he would buy it all out from under them.

          And the beat goes on

          • You are wrong. I want to decriminalize all drugs. That includes Heroin, meth, cocaine. cookoo,cookoo,cookoo, is that the sound you make after doing your daily fix of jenkem.

        • I believe you are correct. Smokers do not cost more in the long term. Everyone dies of something. If smokers did not die of emphysema or lung cancer, they will just die of another kind of cancer, or stroke, or just old age after years in a nursing home.


            Tell ya what I’ll do pov, I’ll take back my CooKoos if you take back your jenkem slam.

            I should have researched before knee jerked.

            From what I find it’s pretty much a wash with your opinion getting a slight edge.

            I’ll try to do better next time if you absolve the stench of your jenkem comment.


  14. WFIE Website is reporting that the City is considering a new policy re: Facebook, etc. The implied threat is that this policy would also cover the City Council and its consultants (i.e., Danks)! Take a guess who is supporting this idea: the respected Councilman Jonathan Weaver ! Imagine that !
    How could he possibly been aware of this 14 news story–so much so that he could be interviewed for it ? Answer: the City Administration sent him a text, and told him to call 14 and support the idea. Minion city.

    This will be a hoot !

  15. HMMMMM… CVS quits selling tobacco products but still sells liquor, beer & wine… which is directly more harmful to society than tobacco products. I’m neither for or against alcohol and tobacco but I see an irony in this. I’m glad to see that this is a company decision (on the surface so far) and not some do-good politician shaking his finger at the smokers…as he lights up his Cuban cigar.

        • That is very true..sort of like the old rock and rye served in 1920’s. I don’t mind CVS’ decison, but if you decide to not sell things based on social costs, you could make arguments for not selling about anything. They had “free stores” in the 1960’s in San Francisco so now get ready for “PC Stores”. Don’t remind the flower children about all the societal costs from prescription drugs paid by Medicare and Medicaid. I do love that generation; Viagras and Oxy for everyone!

  16. Both Danks and Cooke’s comments are inappropriate, and threats that you better be careful or he will sue, are threats to discourse. Remember harm has to be proven. Nothing anyone has said on this thread yet come close to libel. I have to laugh when Danks complains about trashy administration; anyone remember the Mainagte or Biaggis affiars? Not a peep out him just the sound of crickets.

    As far as CVS is concerned, I would be more impressed if they stopped selling Sudafed; meth is a bigged problem around here. When is he last time you heard of shooting over a pack of Camels?

    • +1 on your statement about Sudafed. Imagine if all of the stores that carry these products put community before profits. Go to Simpson’s supermarket. They have a case full of lye. Is there any other current use for lye other than the manufacture of meth? If so, is this use so popular that it warrants a store to stock a case of it?

      • Typical control freak mentality: punish legitimate users of a product because a few choose to use it in a different way.

        You are never going to stamp out drug abuse by banning ingredients. They’ll just use something else. Lye is used to make soap.

        • Pardon me, but isn’t pseudoephedrine a must have to make meth? If it were to be outlawed it would have to be nationwide. Otherwise you could just go over to KY and get it and we’d lose out on tax revenue. I also don’t but the suffering of not being able to treat colds as easily. There are better alternatives.

        • Not control freak. I would never suggest that the government takes away a private business’ ability to sell an item that is legal. I would congratulate a private business that chose to forgo profits and not sell items that are primarily sold to manufacture meth. Everyone knows that you can use lye in soap, but when is the last time that you’ve heard of it being used for this?

          • Anyone who makes their own homemade soap probably uses lye. I prefer homemade/boutique soaps.

          • Using lye as an example is a poor one, 30 years ago the same argument could have been used for pseudo ephedrine. Lye and aluminum or magnesium (to name a couple) can be used to make a bomb from the hydrogen gas produced. I’m sure some enterprising chemist could come up with some method using lye and $SOME_OTC_DRUG to make something just as dangerous as meth. So don’t rely so much on the well it’s not happening now crutch.

            CVS and any private business has the right to decide on products they will sell but they (CVS) are being very hypocritical about their choice and leaving things like booze out of the picture.

          • I’m sure that Simpson’s stocks cases of lye for the homeade/boutique soapmakers. Stop playing devil’s advocate on it. The case contains lye, liquid fire and plenty other known precursors used in the manufacture of meth. It’s their right to do so, but it’s not an ethical decision. I can only imagine the discussion that led to that decision. “We’re going to start selling a bunch of chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process of meth. To make sure that we sell plenty of them, we’ll put the case up front where it’s easy to see.”

    • I’ve always seen that referenced in these comments but just now watched it. How incredibly ridiculous and embarrassing for anyone appearing in it.

      • I think the people who put their kids in that video should be prosecuted for child abuse. The video will scar them for life.
        I hadn’t seen it either, and I am more embarrassed than ever by this city.

        • Yes, unfortunately the legend grows.

          (I hadn’t seen it either and saw somebody I know. Screenshot duly made to be invoked as necessary).

  17. The person that was able to sell shareholders on dropping a product line that represents revenues of roughly $2 Billion per year is one HECK of a salesperson.
    This person can write their own ticket because ANY industry would be glad to have such a talented salesperson.
    I wonder how they expect to make up for all that lost revenue because even if tobacco is a lost leader item & only pays 2% that amounts to $ 40 Mil.
    Liberals take note. It’s people with skills like this person has that make obscene amounts of money-and for good reason-they’re among the best in their field & must be paid handsomely to keep them with the company.

    • Revenue not = to profit. Loss leader means loss leader.

      Between the regulations, headaches and clogged checkout lines my guess is CVS saw ciggies as a break even proposition at best. Add in the opportunity cost of something else that could be sold and you have an easy business decision.

  18. This administration came in with the trashiest election I have ever seen in Evansville nothing they do should surprise Scot Danks. He along with a large percentage of the democrat party elite helped elect the mayor. I do not know if our republican mayor was the first to be elected by the democrats in our cities history but it taught a lot of people about the politics of this town.

    • “I do not know if our republican mayor was the first to be elected by the democrats”

      That title belongs to Mr. Hank Roberts although for much, much, MUCH different reasons. His vision for Evansville is being completely destroyed by both the Republican & Democrat parties today.

  19. I’m tired of reading the “know it all” guy Phillip Davis posts. I just wish he would go back in his rat hole and hide. What a weird person.

    • You have two alternatives, scroll past them when you see my name or don’t visit the site. A weird person would be one that compulsively reads someone’s posts when they don’t want to read them.

      • He can’t do that Phyllip, he wants the government to do it for him. He’s probably sitting in his mom’s basement trying to figure out how to make you illegal. Bet he’s a union person or works for a 501c3 and thinks it’s a real job.

        • Bet he, as I, would rather be called a unionist, then a “Libertarian” who feels that a $3-5 hour job is fair for everyone else, but themselves!

  20. Various musings and IIT’s.

    Did the media notice that the GOOPer’s stripped out the requirment for congressmen and women to disclose the amount of farm subisidies they or their spouses receive.
    Yeah no more nasty headlines about how red state congressional hypocrites receive hundreds of thousands in farms subsidies while they vote to LITERALLY take food out of the mouths of women and children.

    IIT about how Chris Christie putting 61!(count ’em) of his cronies err I mean associates on the Port Authority payroll at an average salary of over $200k, more than the annual income of 99% of Americans.(oh but they earned it!) Many of the placements were filled without the applicants so much as having to send a resume or cover letter and obviously the “openings” were never posted to the public. Most of them were literally spies and enforcers for his administration He should resign on this fact alone.

    Tonight the GOOPer’s got even with 1.3 million Americans for having the audacity of not being able to find a job in a market where there are 3-5 applicants for every job opening so its like musical chairs somebody will lose but they don’t give a toss. Oh the cost of the UI program? $24B the same amount the pompous grandstanders took out of the economy during the government shutdown.

    The party of no returned again on immigration reform too even though John Boehner told two dreamers to their face he would “see what he could do” on bringing a bill to the floor.

    It’s been more than a week now but Congresswomen Cathy Rodgers still hasn’t apologized to the Obama administration or the American people for her bald face lie on national TV about “Bette” and her c()ck and bull story about getting ripped off by the ACA. Hardheaded Bette who refused even visit “that Obamacare website” to find out the actual facts.

    Conservatives went ballistic over remarks made by Martin Bashir and a tweet about racist repbulicans and the “liberal media” let jerks like Reince Prebus lead them around by the nose and covered those stories non-stop. Does the “liberal” media hound congresswomen Rodgers for an apology? Heck no IOKIYAR.

    IIT the Arkansas legislature is try to strip 85,000 Arkansans from their health care policies they signed up for under the new expanded Medicaid part of the ACA, the very kind of thing conservatives accused the president of doing.

    • CCO won’t report anything damaging to the Republicans. You know that. It’s the local fox news. Local hacks like Winnecke don’t count before some body says that.

      • Here’s a news flash for a “Ghost”, the “agenda” pursued in your posts is easy to “see thru”.
        There are plenty of sites that call out Republicans, I suspect that their in your “Favorites” list, –go visit one, be happy! 🙂

    • It’s a simple world in Brainsville. Republican bad.

      I guess food stamps accounting for 70% of the agriculture budget is what we all think of when we think of farm bills, and Nancy does not receive anything for her immigrant ran grape farms. Yeah, it’s those republicans standing in the check out lanes at Wal*Mart slapping food out of the hands of children that should be the IIT topic of the day.

  21. DANKS: Don’t let this trashy Administration off the hook. Whatever that issue is that they are banging you on, LET THE SUNSHINE IN ! Give voters some insight on how the Winnemuck tribe operates. It is only when they get exposed that they will consider operating this joint like a municipal government, serving the citizens (they currently would have to look up the word ‘serving’; and perhaps ‘citizens’).

  22. DANKS: Also, send a ‘Community Comment’ to your friend Ethridge at C& P, and dare him to print it.

  23. I would remind Mr. Danks of the last line in an old story,
    “You knew I was a Snake when you picked me up.”

    • Crash, Yeah,thats an old line,kinda like the ole Hoosier farmer and the story about girls wasting time “kiss’in frogs,” I suppose,one could include toadies and snakes on that list with what they might be trying to,sell one ,as well.

      The other comment up there,about Mr.Danks letting the sunshine in ain’t to bad either,however.


      Cool comparison ( )

      orcae ita

      pretty straight forward

      • Dang! Those wiki tidals picked up a bunch of hits……

        “reliqui orbis veritur tanquam”

        “as the rest of the world turns”

  24. Not being a betting man, my money is on
    It’s not really a bet when it’s a sure thing! …

  25. Wow. I will take my friends on FB any day of the week over the illiterate folks on here.

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