IS IT TRUE February 5, 2013

The Mole #??
The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that Michael Isikoff of NBC News, revealed yesterday that the Obama administration believes that high-level administration officials — not just the president — may order the killing of “senior operational leaders” of al-Qaida or an associated force even without evidence they are actively plotting against the U.S?…“A lawful killing in self-defense is not an assassination,” states the Justice Department white paper quoted by Isikoff?…the 16-page memo, given to Congress in June, is not the final Office of Legal Counsel memo that news organizations have sued to obtain but it offers plenty of insight into the government’s justification for killing AMERICAN CITIZENS in overseas drone strikes?…the paper states that the Obama Administration would be able to kill a U.S. citizen overseas when “an informed, high-level official of the U.S. government” determines the target is an imminent threat?…the white paper suggests that such decisions would not be subject to judicial review and outlines a broad definition of what constitutes “imminent” threat?…we are distressed to point out that this document that outlines a process to preemptively murder an American Citizen who is deemed to be a threat by a government official with no consequences for doing so is ONE WORD FROM ALLOWING DRONE STRIKES ON AMERICAN SOIL ON AMERICAN CITIZENS?…it is no wonder that gun stores all over the country are selling out of every gun or box of ammo on the shelf?…the true beliefs of this administration are finally coming out in the mainstream media?…this was available in June but somehow stayed hidden?…with this kind of governance and the “free when they want to be” and “lapdog when they need to be” mainstream media it is time for FREEDOM OF INFORMATION TO BE BROADLY DEMANDED? …this starts at home?

IS IT TRUE that the At-Large City Councilman, Dr. Dan Adams attended the Historic Preservation Commission meeting last night?…that Dr. Adams seemly lectured members of the Commission on how politically damaging it could be if the Historical District is allowed to go forward with this a lighting project without all people living in this area being notified about this proposed project?…that it seems like Dr. Adams may be getting less then accurate information concerning this project from a small group of disgruntled people living in this area?…Dr. Adams needs to be reminded that at this time this project has no specific answers because there aren’t any concrete answers to this proposed project?…if Dr. Adams would like to receive information on what the other side of thinks about this issue he needs to contact members of the OEHA so he can get their side of the story concerning this issue?…we are surprised that Councilman Adams once again allowed himself to be put into a political position such as he experienced with “Earthcare” project?…residents of the Historic District have been trying to get the go ahead for this project and have even pledges some personal money to pay toward it for over 5 years now yet the city bureaucracy is still in their way?

IS IT TRUE Rockport city officials have decided to file a petition to express grievances against the Vectren Corporation?…Rockport’s leaders during a city council meeting voted to appear before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) to question why Vectren has the highest rates in Indiana and its coal purchasing practices?…Officials say the Vectren’s rates and its opposition to the proposed coal-to-gasification plant is hindering Rockport’s economic growth?…Rockport officials are inviting other local municipalities in the petition against Vectren?…the Mole Nation tells the CCO that Evansville officials are not taking this bait and will not be joining Rockport?…if the bosses of Rockport want to lay blame for their economic dilemma they would be well served to blame the price of natural gas which is what really made the value of the proposed coal gasification plant drop while the cost to construct it did not?…in this particular case that which is good for Rockport is not good for the rest of the country and particularly Indiana?


  1. I just read a terrible fact , roughly every 65 minutes we have a U.S. veteran take their own life … It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with our current war but all lets say a prayer for our soldiers on pan off the battlefield.

  2. If you think Obama is going to start taking out Americans on US soil, you’re bordering on crazy conspiracy theorist. There’s a Mel Gibson movie that comes to mind.

    • You know, it wasn’t long ago you might have said, and people like you DID say, it was crazy to think Obama would kill US citizens overseas without a trial. That’s already being done.

      This is an interesting case study in the weak mindset of someone who denies and denies what is going on until tyranny is at their doorstep.

      Keep looking the other way. I’m sure this will all just have been a bad, bad dream.

      They’re already gearing up for just that eventuality. Killing enemies is what tyrannical government struggling to maintain power always end up doing. To think the US might be exempt from this historically proven trend is madness and denial. It will be done with “terrorism” as its justification, and weak-minded imbeciles will look at it and revise down their jeers at “conspiracy theorists” – aka critical thinkers – and say, “It’s nonsense to think the US Government would kill it’s own citizens on US soil extrajudicially…IF they aren’t doing anything wrong.”

      Get in your corral sheep.

      • I wouldn’t be posting these type of dissenting comments if I were you. You could be next on the drone bombing list! Watch out!

      • Funny you should mention terrorism as a false pretense for something. Kind of like Bush and the Iraq invasion?

        • Yes. Exactly like that. Yellow cake was a red herring and a lie.

          You’re trying to make this about Dems VS Reps, and I couldn’t care any less about that fake gladiator crap. All these people are criminals and treasonous swine. They torture people, kill Americans without trial, wage unconstitutional wars, abridge our civil liberties and print the money to do it, hurting the poor and middle class with the resulting inflation. Democrats and Republicans BOTH do it.

  3. Looks like City Councilmen Adams is finally being held accountable for his political meddling.

    Thanks CCO for telling it like it is pertaining to Adams getting involved in something not his business,

  4. “…inviting other local municipalities in the petition against Vectren?…the Mole Nation tells the CCO that Evansville officials are not taking this bait …”

    Set Rockport aside–why aren’t Evansville officials raising Hell about Vectren having the highest electrical rates in the State?

    • They did! There were meetings and hearings about the dense pack technology and additional rate increases. Did you miss it?

      • No I did not miss it and what happen there was good. I salute the good work by the Evansville officials on that one even though that was small potatoes but a great start. Vectren will be seeking new rates in the next few months–stand tall again. They need to exit the windmill generation business and stop buying coal from their own mines.

    • Two reasons: First because they have not yet gotten it through their thick skulls that the excessive rates are killing development and lowering property values. Secondly they all need a place to get a job when their political days end.

      Lets sum it up. Our local officials are for the most part DUMB, LAZY, and SELF SERVING.

  5. As the days go by I am becoming convinced that our Dear Leader, the President of the United States, is turning into a reincarnated Henry the Eighth. Or Stalin. Take your pick.

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