IS IT TRUE February 4, 2014


IS IT TRUE February 4, 2014

IS IT TRUE we hear that 6th Ward City Councilman Al Lindsey is considering filing a civil law suit against the Evansville Courier and Press and WEHT Channel 25 for displaying his social security number that was part of a rental contract they publicly posted in stories about his legal place resident?…that City Councilman Lindsey shall allege in his law suit that both media outlets violated federal law when they posted his private social security number to the masses?…that Mr. Lindsey’s attorney Scott Danks contacted Channel 25 TV and the Courier and Press last evening about them posting Mr. Lindsey’s social security to the masses and as of yesterday evening both media outlets have taken down Councilman Lindsey’s social security number?

IS IT TRUE that we hear from extremely reliable sources within in the Vanderburgh County Democratic party that Democratic 2nd ward leader and present Superintendent of City of Evansville Cemeteries Chris Cooke shall no longer be allowed to participate in any future political activities sponsored by them?…Mr. Cooke’s act of publicly insulting a Democrat elected official in a recent Facebook posting will force the party leadership to make this ruling concerning his future in the Democratic party of Vanderburgh County?…it looks like Mr. Cooke shall now be forced to become a bone fide member of the Vanderburgh County GOP?…it will be most interesting to see if the local GOP will welcome Mr. Cooke with open arms or keep their distance after this recent dust-up and some other aggressive statements made in the past?

IS IT TRUE the CCO would like to pose this question to any CEOs or Senior Managers among our readership regarding the Facebook post that City of Evansville Cemetery Director Chris Cooke put up about City Councilman John Friend?…given that the Mayor is the CEO of the City and the City Council is the Board of Directors we ask the following question, “what would a real world CEO do if a department head made such a statement about a board member?”

IS IT TRUE today should have been the two week anniversary of the GOLDEN SHOVEL and PLATINUM HARDHAT CEREMONY to officially break ground on the new downtown convention hotel?…if was only 4 weeks ago that City of Evansville officials including Mayor Winnecke postponed the GOLDEN SHOVEL CEREMONY over some “small issue with pilings that should be rectified within two weeks?”…if that two week thing were true we would be downtown for the GOLDEN SHOVEL CEREMONY today?…not a peep has come from the Office of the Mayor about the “pilings” since that fateful decision to postpone a photo op with the GOLDEN SHOVELS?…we guess the light bulb may have gone off about just how hard the ground is in February in Southern Indiana and the GOLDEN SHOVEL BRIGADE does not want to scratch their wingtips trying to dig a shovel full of dirt?…that problem is easily solved by bringing in a scoop of fresh sand so the GOLDEN SHOVEL BRIGADE can easily smile while scooping a pound of sand?…the City County Observer would like to offer to provide that scoop of sand if the City of Evansville can show loan approval for HCW and a sufficient amount of funding in escrow to guarantee this project will have the funding to move forward?

IS IT TRUE that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is now down by about 7.5% just since New Year’s Day?…it will now take an 8.1% rise to get back to where it was just 35 days ago?…there was no fundamental reason for the market to have increased by 26% last year and there is no fundamental reason for this year’s losses?…this is for the most part all about the federal reserve’s efforts to prop up the market for a number of years by printing money to buy bonds that increased the money supply for professional money managers to scoop that printed money into their own accounts?…when the money party was slowed down the stocks pulled back?…most of the market makers expect a full correction of over 10% before things stabilize and we are only about 350 points from that?…there are going to be a lot of shocked faces come early April when those 401k statements go out and remind people that last year’s money party has ended?


  1. Great IIT!

    One note when the market was going up the editors were yucking it up about how the GOP should shut the government down more.

    Now that the market is going down they bring up the QE punch bowl being taken away.

    I guess the GOOPer’s taking $24B of GDP out of the economy for absolutely no reason isn’t so funny anymore.

    • Well,regardless of who the punies blame,the markets woes on the “Changed Climate,has flat out put a planet sized body punch right into the major markets total breadth of commerce revenues,in the last six months. Add that up in increments,but wait! They say today “its only”, about 110 million of us affected by the weather right now.
      Whats that worth to each affected one? …Albeit,”thar be votes,in them thar hills”, 😉

      Be sure and include 70 million or so, parched by the the extended drought in the southwest,and the logistical transportation timing in those,with the forthcoming delayed expenses everywhere….So.

      Theres your incremental billions straight up,what some dumbass politician holds that up with ain’t squat. All that,with the partisan scatology of the bovinian nature,morons,what is it gonna take?
      Probably, when the planets global climate change forward is factored into the equation,they’re input wouldn’t amount to a small rodents flatulence,categorically opposed to, or compared to, a Class IV tropical cyclone.

      They can do that all the while someone in Indiana who might use 3.14159265…/, also wonders,what in the hell,they would ever politically debate thats use in abstract political BS for in the first place. SchaAeeez!

      The planets about ready to issue another series of”B”-slaps, with an actual continental span too the whole geographic social economic national profile. duh!
      Who knows,if its enough to knock any of’em of their little pedestals long enough to start some useful process of actually getting “the notion”, that the economy could grow in enormous proportional numbers if we start finding some viable solutions for the actual conditional infrastructure aspects that are really cause due,of the red facing on the side of those ole fat cheeks on wall street. Both sets,all of’em.

      Think as,all applied human cheeks,upper and lower.

      We need new evolved basic infrastructures across the nation,its time,and its time to put the nations “idling economic engines” to work on that,”big time.”

      Indiana,yup, so damned focused,gees,wasting time on who marries who,where they do that,how they do that,what symbols are deemed religious,what aren’t, where you can put’um,or if you can ride a motorized bike there,toting someone,probably on a road that is not cleared,or has a ice geyser blowing outta it,wasting the water the southwest, might like to have, forward,a tad.

      [Prediction; In evansville,you’ll also want,to watch where the “abandoned house funding is funnelled”,as well.
      Yep,looks like something to be “scoped out,and strained for cronies” before the process takes place,for its most effective productive infrastructure,per the average citizen in your region.

      All the while treating the potable water because it might have had some unnatural,genetically nasty, unknown chemical dumped into it by poor infrastructure control per thermodynamics applied upstream of your local intake.

      If you do need a drink of water,after all the confusion to find your balance they have added carbons to it just so as you ease it up under your nose it doesn’t stink like poot. Your combined sewers flood into the original source every time, “it will” rain hard,so that way as the people and planets ocean resources get the stuff. They also can get to know you by smell,and taste, as well.

      We are beginning to think later this spring as the ice,and snow does melt,and the weather keeps supplying rain events up your Ohio rivers drainage basin your are going to again be faced off with some issues of concern,don’t lose sight of the extra sandbags fellas,those might come in real handy in about two months.

      The “IS IT TRUE, Talks about “sand,”dirt”, “shovels of it”and that bridge to a hotel, from nowhere,going nowhere.

      What we see lately is lack of directional planning and personal “sand.”

      [Sand] Some old westerns,and the vast southwestern portion of our nation,as the period of development,the wild west.
      Something akin to Sam Elliot,or Tom Selleck,asking about how much a fella had in the way of some “SAND.’ Definitive,too many of the basic 66 commonly included character traits,as included per conversation,per topic of common community objectives,or goals.

      “Sand” in what we see,or read in your actual politics,not so much.

      “Interdum modo elabitur,quamquam mutatorum caelum.”

      Have a nice day,in spite,of the changed climate.”

  2. “it will be most interesting to see if the local GOP will welcome Mr. Cooke with open arms or keep their distance after this recent dust-up and some other aggressive statements made in the past?”

    The smart thing to do would be treat him like he has lice, but being as Cooke used his real name in the post, he passes all requirements.

  3. Chris Cooke is rude and arrogant. To be quite frank, I don’t know why–he’s definitely nothing special and he is doing awful with the cemeteries. Chris, if you’re reading this, try to lower your ego. You should be fired.

    • But But But Cooke is a self proclaimed “internationally respected and awarded” supervisor. Such a person could never be as you have described him.

  4. I was sort of giving Digger the benefit of what little doubt there was –– that his Facebook account had been hacked by one of his dissatisfied clients. Maybe Willard Carpenter, that old jokester.

    That does now not seem to be the case. The lack of response or defense from him and his bosses really make you think city government could well be rife with such folks. I’m not dying until they rotate him outta there.

    • Mayor Winnecke should get Digger down there with a golden shovel to start the hotel project. Tell him there are “Little Debby” cakes buried in there and he will dig the basement by himself to get to them.

    • Don’t blame ya-I wouldn’t want to be buried poorly either…. By God, I’m WITH you!! I, TOO, refuse to die until that rotund rapscallion reprobate is up outta there!

      • Not if there are penalties for taking it out immediately. What you still end up risking is ‘all your money’ for x period of time until you can access that 100% return. By the time that happens one might have put that same money work many times over swapping tangible assets that can never, or at least will not likely ever be worth absolute zero.

        • Put in $100. Balance is $200. Take it out and the penalty is 10% or $20 leaving the income tax on $180 due. If you are in a 25% tax bracket that would be $45 leaving you with $135 as opposed to the $75 you would have had when the feds finished with your original $100. It is still an 80% immediate return.

          • Then there are roth 401k’s. Couldn’t one transfer them to a roth IRA and the principle would be available in 5 years. But that may be wrong.

            • If the personal circumstances are correct then yes. My answer was directed to Brad and dealt directly with cashing out quickly since that was the question he asked. The point was that even in a market that goes to hell in a handbasket the 10% penalty and the taxes do not eat up a 100% match in the short term.

          • That makes sense, but only if i was cashing out early and frequently would I be comfortable with that form of savings. That’s me personally. In a market crash scenario you may not be able to get your money out before you’ve lost the entire employer portion and much of your own investment as well. I don’t like the idea of buying into a bubble even if I’m getting double my pleasure.

    • Now your beginning to sense the early stages of “catastrophe” being setup for Democrats and Obama to justify the seizing of private 401k’s. There is more behind quantitative easing than the artificial propping up of the stock market.

        • Had you done just a little bit of research you will find it is not such a far fetched statement.

          • Research, he never does research. Hell I doubt if he even reads. He gets his talking points from the left wing media and blurts them out randomly. Or like this comment, he has no intelligent response so it’s straight tot he name calling. Same tactic the LKB lady does, only she starts crying victim if the name calling is returned in kind.

        • FDR’s confiscation of gold isn’t some ‘tin foil hat’ theory. It happened. And it could happen again in any number of imaginable ways. In an age where most ‘wealth’ is artificial, intangible, stored only as ones and zeroes, ‘wealth’ confiscation or precipitous dissipation would be far easier today.

        • Foil hats? check out CNN, “breaking news” an hour ago.
          [West Virginia chemical spill] goes to the Grand jury for charges,not just the Freedom Industries site,the local water officials,as well.

          Tin Foil alert,noted.

          • And how about this?


            16 People dead in the West Texas Chemical fire. ZERO House investigationsm, ZERO indictments ZERO prosecutions. Even though 1600 times the legal amount ammonium nitrate was stored there.

            Benghazi Squawwk! Benghazi Squawwk!

            Even some Texas republicans in the state legislature wanted some investigations and were told to stand down.

            Other chemical plants in Texas turned away fire marshall inspections. How is this even legal!!

          • Brains, Observed that,as well. lately both parties have been ringing the land line something silly wanting the usual donations to national committees for their agendas The last call was from Union city NJ wanting some support for the national republican house members and those agendas I Admit in the past when they had hot button issue that concerns me I have donated for some campaigns.
            Well, I told them in surveys and straight up over the phone flat out you don’t support climate change actions,and the clean water act,you can GTHPDQ,not one red cent from me.

            In my local,and yours I also flat out will refuse to support any putzes or putzettes that simply waste my money or time with any dumbass social behavior human issue,rather than set some real work towards adjustment of our countries base economical profile ,in its crumbling 19-20 infrastructures.
            They have passed over real needs for stupid unsolvable crap humanist issues that people as a whole,are going to do as they damned well please anyway. That having little regard to those time consuming dumbass time wasting social adjustment bills and amendments. Putzes! wanting my support. sure.

            None of that stupid shit pays my bills or helps me anywhere,to achieve anything, and quite frankly I’m sick of it. Assholes wanting me to donate to their committee so as it can stifle the economy for another couple of years …crap! Really?

            Stray dogs are more fun to support. I’m giving my spare money to the dogs at the pound,hell,a stray pup will wag its tail and become you’re buddy for life,for a simple meal,and a pat on the head.

            Damn politician is your buddy as long as he gets your cash,and your vote,in order to wag somebody else’s dog,and,then eat your lunch,as well.

            Putz’es….donations right, so they can defeat another “putz.”

            “togas,of the hill” and while the planet just slides’em back down it progressively.

            Putz in a toga,that’s befitting subliminal.

  5. Just my thought, It may be best to wait for the Med School decision for their location since this decision could change the whole layout of the Hotel, apartments,etc.

    • If the Med School doesn’t go downtown, I predict it will change the layout for the hotel and apartments. It will make them invisible.

  6. ” “what would a real world CEO do if a department head made such a statement about a board member?””


    I’m not a CEO but a business owner, if Mr Cooke was my employee I would not fire him for posting his opinion but would there be repercussions down the road?, certainly, your either a team player or your part of the opposition, loyalty is what get you rewarded, being part of the opposition is what gets you black listed.

    While we’re on the subject Facebook is gotta’ be the dumbest thing ever invented, there is at least one or two stories a day of idiots screwing up their lives by loosing their jobs, wife, husband, you name it all because they can’t keep their personal opinions personal.


    • Well, if loyalty is what Winnecke values then Chris Cooke’s job is safe. Cooke went on FB and called Winnecke’s 2015 opponent a FRAUD. He is even doing Winnecke’s dirty work with a belly full of beer on his own time. If that ain’t loyalty I don’t know what is.

    • Blanger,
      Being a business owner as well, I agree with much of your post. Mr. Cooke’s facebook antics would not play well in a small business. I would not fire him but he would have to be watched very closely because of what his future moves might be. Some one so dissatisfied and out of touch with how civil, mannerly business is conducted is never an asset and as you said one is either on the team or not. He would be gone soon in my office.

      And yes I do not understand the draw of facebook at all. Have better things to do with my time. Tina Fey once remarked when asked what important beauty advice she would give other women “Who cares!”.

      • He should be fired, not because he posted his personal opinion on facebook but because he used the words fraud and thugs which are completely unacceptable.

        • Firing someone because of something they post on Facebook is kinda’ opening that 1st amendment can of worms, he like all of us is entitled to his opinion as long as it isn’t slanderous, now what they might do in the workplace is a totally different matter.


          • “John Friend is a FRAUD” by: Chris Cooke. That is pretty damn slanderous and implies illegal activity especially for a CPA. Friend should sue Cooke’s fat ass into the stone age.

          • And he may very well do so, but it will be up to a judge and jury to decide if it is or isn’t true, in the mean time Whayne Parke gets a little closer to his wish of a divided Democratic party once again, I can see Wayne now kicked back rubbing his hands together, laughing with a wicked grin and a gleam in his eyes. 😉


          • 1st amendment does not apply to businesses or persons. It only applies to the government infringing on you right to free speech. Any employer in at-will employment arrangement can fire you over your speech.

    • I had a facebook account, once way back before it started growing. Then I read an email interview Zuckerberg did and was asked about security, privacy and those type issues. His response was filled with many expletive deleted inferring anyone would be a fool to trust him on those issues. I promptly deleted the account and not had one since.

      • The only folks with Facebook accounts are, noobs, people with low self-esteem that feel the need to tell the world every time they take a crap, folks that want to use the medium as a way to communicate with friends and relatives who do not live in close proximity (only legit use for Facebook), teenyboppers,the self-righteous who think they are or want to be important, people/business who are trying to get some kind of gain from it, actually the list is rather long and has made Zuckerburg and the NSA very happy.

        If you care even the least bit about your privacy and your security both on-line and off, deleting your Facebook account is the best thing you could do, think not? take your real name and Google it, then see where the hits come from, if you get nothing about yourself your doing good, if you get all of your Facebook posts your compromised security-wise because your online security isn’t just tied to your account but to everyone you friend with also.

        Don’t care about security…. you are a fool!

        Of course this is JMHO

        • Well I have no use for Facebook and Zukerberg’s attitude just adds another nail to keep me away.

          But to be fair Facebook is not the only leak vector for personal information, posts on other websites and so on. In fact your online activities can show up in very unexpected ways.

  7. I find it to be truly embarrassing that Cooke is still employed by the city. For the mayor to go quiet on this just shows he’s not up to the task of leading this city.

  8. 1st Paragraph–Al Lindsey matter:

    Wow, I wonder who sent that information to the C&P and Ch. 25 ? (Hint: his first name is ‘Steve’, and his last name is ‘Schaefer’).

    Councilman Lindsey: please sue the proverbial pants off of C&P, Ch. 25, City of Evansville and Schaefer personally.

    Honestly, does Schaefer sit around in his office all day scheming about how he can damage perceived political threats with information ? If Danks has the balls to file this suit, he will find out who the “tipster” is. Come on Danks, remember what these clowns did to you re: your dispute with the Indiana Dept. of Revenue. Remember the recent dust up re: your new business which will be located in the former EVSC HQ. Revenge is best served cold, give it to them right now !!!

    • Well, does Lindsey live in his ward or not? I agree his SSN shouldn’t be publish but address the actual claims.

      • Ghost,

        Well stated, but it really is two different topics:

        1) Does he live in the Ward he represents ? That’s fair, but only for the upcoming election (2015)–i.e., if you move during your term as Councilman do they make you resign ? Wouldn’t that concern be taken up with the Election Board, and not in the newspaper/TV station ?; and

        2) Publicly revealing private information: that’s illegal and was very carelessly done.

  9. Does anyone know if HB1234 regarding using renewable energy sources, solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal etc, to be assessed as part of your real estate tax passed the House yesterday? It is currently exempt from such tax. For those of us who saved a long time to invest in something that is good for the environment and good for our Vectren bill in the future this is a slam. If it is still up for a vote, please consider contacting your Rep or Senator to request a no vote. Thank you.

  10. Cook’s actions on Facebook are no different that a waiter at a restaurant throwing a tantrum with F-bombs during Sunday brunch. I personally know of individuals who have made unflattering Facebook posts about their jobs only to find themselves unemployed the next day. HE SHOULD BE FIRED!

  11. The Courier & Press named Cooke one of their “Top 20 Under 40” winners. Just how bad do they look today. And no Chris, that doesn’t bring you international recognition.

  12. PilingGATE 2014!!!! check the pilings on Ford Center, problems with Pilings on new Hotel, and ya don’t think 100ft down the street this problem won’t be the same in a few months????? Not a great idea for a Medical Campus to be huh?????? dig a little deeper there scoop, and the truth will keep PILING up. Warrick County is looking better and better if all things are truly considered. Winnnecke only has political band standing as his leverage at best.

    • I’m not sure Winnecke isn’t secretly working to get the school sent to Warrick Co. I’m still wondering where he derived his authority to make the proposal in the name of the City. The best I can figure out is that the City Council hasn’t signed off on it. He surely isn’t offering any public financial support for the project, because the Common Council controls the purse strings.
      Hizzoner is probably glad Cooke did what he did and that Lindsey is having his problems. The more that is going on, the less attention he draws.

  13. Let me get this straight…When Wayne Parke speaks to a local member of the party, he is villified on here and his integrity is questioned. When the Democrat party adresses problem with one of their people, it’s the right thing to do. I haven’t been on this site in a month or so, but it’s nice to see that you’re inconsistent as ever. The number one objective of the CCO and the regular visitors is to thumb their nose at the local political people that they dislike and circle the wagons around the ones that feed them information. Chris Cooke’s statements were on his personal Facebook page. Could he have said the same message without being as harsh? Probably, but that’s his prerogative. I consider Chris a friend and I was there to witness the ambush. Even Jordan has said that he feels like he was used by putting him in the situation. If I felt like someone was trying to play games with my professional career, I would not take it lightly. Therefore, I agree with Chris’ actions.

    • Specifically who is being inconsistent? Name the person or persons and give quotes to support your assertion.

      • Anyone that posted messages by Wayne Parke to a PC and called it “heavy-handed”, but doesn’t call the Democrats heavy-handed if they truly told Chris to separate himself from party activities.

        • That’s not being specific. Is it possible you’re just generalizing and assigning positions to people who do not harbor them? Is it possible you saw people criticize Parke, but then you’ve seen one or two different individuals hold a different view in an unrelated incident you are now trying to tie together in a haphazard fashion?

          • Per our telephone conversation last fall, you took issue with Wayne Parke contacting Brenda Bergwitz in regards to her forming a protest while being a PC against our sitting Republican Congressman. You also posted the Soundcloud clip of his voicemail as your damning eveidence. If you took such an issue with Wayne’s “abuse of power”, why are you not equally outraged if the Democrat party actually told Chris Cooke to leave the party. You’ll say that they’re unrelated and different because you would never admit that you’re inconsistent.

        • Only thing I said about ‘Fraudgate’ is Cooke should avoid drunk posting on FB using bad grammar if he wants to be taken seriously in a public service role.

          I have not offered an opinion on how the internal Democrat machine should treat the issue. Im a Republian. thats none of my business. What Cooke did and what Brenda Bergwitz did are poles apart. Are you seriously suggesting Mrs. Bergwitz’s actions are comparable to Mr. Cooke’s?

          • Considering that Chris is a teetotaler, like myself, I doubt he was “drunk posting”. Let’s compare the two… a party representative publicly protesting against a sitting Congressman from your own party and a person that is not a PC or Ward Leader posting a message regarding a C&P letter on their personal FB page? You’re right. Chris’ offense doesn’t even warrant a conversation.

    • No Jordan has not said he felt used nor does he believe last year’s presentation was any kind of ambush whatsoever. Furthermore he wants no part of your double standard, govt yes man way of doing things that serves only two purposes- making sure phyllip is in good graces with the good ole boy network and making things all the more harder on those who want real change and things to be done the right way.

      • Jordan if you’re saying that you did not say that to me at Priceless Foods, you are a liar. I’ve told you guys about playing your “big man” on the internet stuff and being totally different when you see me face to face. I am a man and I never lie. I don’t care if it’s in person or over the internet. This is the reason why I stopped coming on here. I know the truth. The people that I speak with on here know the truth, yet they lie to appeal to the readers on this site. You are a child. You need to know when you’re dealing with a man way beyond your reach. I don’t kiss anyone’s ass. Never have, never will. If you truly believe that say it to me face-to-face.

        • I told you very clearly that my presentation was in no way an ambush to which YOU not I replied with, no we don’t think you were, we think you were used as a means to go after Cooke. I then told you very clearly that Sbr went herself and looked into the situation AFTER I had it placed on the docket. And the whole ironic thing about this is John Friend played no part in any of this. He simply put it on the schedule as chairman.

          I stayed out of this bc it has nothing to do with the cemeteries. I have done everything Chris has asked of me. I’ve also corrected any errors in my video. For you to drag me into the middle of this today is selfish pointless and unacceptable.

          You keep saying I should move on from Roberts, the ball fields, etc even when those who messed it up are still in office. Yet here You are egging on thid pointless bull that took place months ago and after I finally got everyone on the same page. Now all momentum is lost. I hope you’re happy.

      • I get it. You have to deny saying it to stay in the good graces of your good old boy network. I guess you’re hoping that you can get a job and leave your $10/hr grocery assistant manager job behind. Maybe, if you stay in the good graces of Friend you can move out of your mother’s house. I make substantially more than you. Like I said before, there’s not anything that I can gain by “kissing up” to anyone. They can’t offer me a job that is better than my current job, but you certainly have something to gain. Remember when you messaged me and you were giddy like a school girl because Hooper said hi to you? I tried to befriend you as an experiment to see if I could change one of you guys. Alas, my experiment failed and I can’t change a whiny boy to a man.

        • ^This is a low blow but I hope the Editor does not take this comment down. It shows what a petty individual Phyllip Davis can be.

          • Didn’t he vow to never post on CCO again a few months back? Not a man of his word, I guess.

          • Not a low blow at all. You, Jordan and others keep insisting that I am trying to be in the good graces of Mayor Winnecke and/or Wayne Parke, but you can never say what I would stand to gain. I can clearly show that there are others that have much more to gain by befriending others. I’m just putting the facts out there. Like how you have carte blanche to say whatever inaccuracies and half-truths that you want on here since you’re closely related to the “editor”.

          • Laura, you’re right. I did say that and it was a much better month or more for me. I will once again leave this site. I just wanted to roll in the mud for a bit but now I’ve grown tired of these juvenile arguments again. I’ll see you in another month or so.

          • Hopefully it gets left up. This gives us tremendous leverage. This sums up perfectly what we’re dealing with and battling against. Next time someone says you, I, or the cco are just people who are here to cause trouble and not pushing for the city to move away from the machine, we can simply redirect them to this.

          • You stand to gain the same thing all obsequious peons stand to gain: the pleasure of rubbing the elbows and licking the boots of those who might give you a future leg up, perhaps. I don’t spend my time ruminating on your reasoning, but I do shake my head in disgust when I see you doing it.

          • You’re motivation for being in Parke and Winneckes good graces is attention and opportunity. One would thought you went to the moon the day a personal meeting with you and bucshon was set up.

            While being same with the system may feel right just remember sooner or later someone has to walk across the bridge in Selma, someone has to keep their seat on the bus in Montgomery and at the counter in Greensboro and someone has to cross the Delaware. Not just for civil rights or country independence but for everything that’s worth a damn.

          • Brad, when have you ever seen me? I can recall three times at most. The first time, you told me that it was a pleasure to meet me and I told you that you were the most smug and arrogant person that I’ve ever seen. Schultz witnessed that. The second time, you came back asking if my opinion of you had changed and I told you no. Wayne witnessed that. The third time, you ran up to me to shake my hand after I spoke at City Council. Schulz witnessed that. If you have ever witnessed any boot licking when I’m around it’s you licking my boots.

          • Let this be clear. I work for a private company. I am very good at my job and on very good terms with the president of my company. I earn a nice salary and I enjoy the freedom that my job offers. I never plan on working in the public sector or running for office. I enjoy calling you out for fun. It’s not to get close to anyone.

          • ^^^
            “I guess you’re hoping that you can get a job and leave your $10/hr grocery assistant manager job behind. Maybe, if you stay in the good graces of Friend you can move out of your mother’s house. I make substantially more than you.”

            Can anyone take this self aggrandizing idiot serious? OOOOhhh I bet he makes a hundred grand! Wow!!!

            Phillip, for you to go on here and trivialize ones position and try to elevate yours is the ultimate in low self esteem and feelings of inferiority. I got no dog in this but you disgust me. Do you not realize there are several here that can buy you several times over, and you want to brag about your fantastic income while denigrating a hard working young man? You do not represent the conservative/republican mindset. You are an ant.

          • Curious,

            You are a coward that hides behind a fake screen name. You would not dare say that to my face, so I don’t care about your opinion of me. All anonymous posters are nothing more than ghosts or symptoms of a diseased mind.

          • Furthermore, I’ve never tried to say that I make a lot of money, but I make more than I could working in the public sector. My comparison of my earnings compared to Jordan’s is not to denigrate Jordan but to illustrate that he has more to gain by befriending certain people in local politics than I do.

          • Phyllip Davis says:
            February 4, 2014 at 8:11 pm
            “If you have ever witnessed any boot licking when I’m around it’s you licking my boots.”


            Phyllip, I was trying to be a gentleman toward you. I gave you three chances to be a gentleman in return. By your own admission, you couldn’t do that. Your bootlicking takes place in every medium of communication in which I’ve seen you engage. Your fawning live speeches over the virtues of the hotel and the people making it happen, your Facebook posts, your CCO comments…bootlicking. I’m not sure I’ve ever met a more ungentlemanly, obsequious pawn before. One thing I’ll say for you, you are honest. I will not make the mistake of equating honesty with gentlemanliness again. In that regard, you have taught me an important lesson, Phyllip.

  14. Show of hands. How many people want to go to one of our publicly funded cemeteries and deal with Chris Cooke now?

  15. I just saw the story on Al.
    The social security number came from a document released by the court’s office.
    Don’t forget to sue the county clerk too Big Al.
    The clerk should have removed your social security number before releasing it to the public. Big no no no no no.
    I wonder who got the document from the clerk? That person should be in trouble too!
    Sue ’em all Big Al!!!!!

  16. Looks like Phillip Davis has finally come out of his rat hole. Where’s Wayne Parke?

    • Remember what sent him in? The naming rights contract was it? He disappeared the day that broke and so did Wayne for a bit.

      • No. It was 12/18 when you were intentionally lying about something that you and I both knew was not true. That was way before any naming rights scandal that you are imagining.

  17. It’s February 4 and the 2012 City audit isn’t finished yet! I was at Barnes and Noble over the weekend and saw an Accounting for Dummies book. I thought about buying three copies of it. One for Rumplebeancounter, one for Jenny Collins, and one for Shamu and the State Board Crew. Saw Airhead wondering the halls of the Civic Center today. They might as well take residence because by the time they finish it will be time to start the 2013 audit.

    • LOL.

      Funny but how are you supposed to reconcile bank accounts without proper records?

      • Brains,–
        “Funny, but how are you supposed to reconcile bank accounts without proper records”
        –Question: Is poor records situation “by design”?

        The Citizenry only get 3 guesses.

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