IS IT TRUE February 3, 2015


IS IT TRUE that the newly appointed Evansville Water and Sewer Board was told to go back and re-vote on past decisions made in January by the previous board because the makeup of the past board was deemed illegal?…we wonder if the Mayor is also going to require other City appointed boards to go back and re-vote on issues that other boards that had serving illegally since the new residency ordinance was passed by City Council?  …we wonder why the Mayor didn’t inform his buddies in the mainstream media about this issue?

IS IT TRUE that 4th Ward City Councilwoman Connie Robinson shall announce this Wednesday at  4 PM at the Civic Center that she will seek re-election?  …you can expect a large group of 4th Ward voters to show up in support of Connie Robinson re-election announcement? …we hope that one of the At-large City Council members will take special note and see who attends Mrs. Robinson re-election announcement event?  …its  alleged if the 4th Ward have a heavy voter turnout on primary day that one At-Large City Councilman political career may be over?

IS IT TRUE the Evansville City Council is coming under fire in the mainstream media for allegedly being a clown show that cannot get anything done or agree on anything at all?…it is suspected that the source of these zingers is the Office of the Mayor which is complicit in any look of silliness on the City Council by continually doing things behind closed doors and failing to keep the City Council out of the loop on many important decisions? …is it any wonder that the City Council would be indignant about being blinded to the fact that the Mayor’s office authorized a $200,000 advance loan to Earthcare Energy,  spending hundred of thousands  of  taxpayers dollars on  vacant buildings and giving them away to special friends or has staged several theatrical ground breaking ceremonies for the downtown hotel which is still not designed in a way that it can attract financing?…the reality is that the Winnecke Administration has been a clown show and some members of the City Council have been in the rumble seat?…the City Council has been flying blind largely due to the fact that they are intentionally left out of the information loop?…as long as business continues to be done in a vacuum, the clown show will continue?

IS IT TRUE we are hearing that rank and file members of the Evansville Police Department are extremely upset with the Chief of Police decision to pay select officers “Special Duty Pay”  for attending a most important public relations trip to Disney World trip in Orlando, Florida ? …we agree that treating a group of Glenwood honor students to a free trip to Disney World is positive act? ….we do feel that officers who attended this worth while trip should had taken vacation time to attend trip and not being paid with “Special Duty Pay” from city funds?

IS IT TRUE President Barack Obama proposed a nearly $4 trillion budget package Monday aimed at improving the nation’s infrastructure and boosting middle-class Americans, but with a cost of tax increases on businesses and the wealthy as well as an end to existing spending caps?…the budget, much of which Mr. Obama has detailed over the past month, makes a case for easing Washington’s emphasis on deficit-reduction measures, given the strengthening economy?…it makes no new effort to fix the swelling costs of Social Security, Medicare, and the off budget obligations of public employee pensions which are the 800 pound gorilla in room when it comes to government spending?…neither party nor any President since the turn of the century has shown any willingness to tackle the real hard questions of long term financial obligations in the future to cash the checks written on the future generations?

IS IT TRUE that Super Bowl 49, just hosted by Phoenix, Arizona was one of the best played games from a spectators perspective in many years?…the University of Phoenix stadium which also hosts the Fiesta Bowl is a perfect venue for big time football games and the City of Phoenix seems to have a knack for doing a good job with such large events?…that was not always the case as back in 1950 Evansville, Indiana had a larger population than Phoenix by over 20,000 people?…to be specific in 1950 Evansville was home to 128,636 people while the water starved desert town of Phoenix had only 106,818 people and no prospects to be a significant city?…that was then and this is now?…in the last 65 years Phoenix has grown to become a major metropolis of 1.5 Million while Evansville has depopulated to only 120,000 after the most recent annexation?…to think that Evansville in an economic forecast model in 1950 would have had better prospects for the future than Phoenix is mind boggling to some, but the reality is that things were done much differently in the two cities and through a 65 year lens, Evansville’s mistakes are easy to characterize?…the problem is that Evansville keeps doing the same things and expecting different results which according to Dr. Albert Einstein is the very definition of insanity?…if the leaders of the past 65 years would have simply exercised a good game of “monkey see, monkey do”, who knows, perhaps Super Bowl 50 would be on the banks of the Ohio instead of San Jose, CA, that was also smaller than Evansville in 1950?

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  1. Some nice scenery in AZ. I agree with you, Evansville sucks, but AZ has a lot of things going for it that SW Indiana does not.

    • Like a lot of hard working conservatives. The type of people who won the west, fought our wars, got married, stayed married, raised their children and stayed off welfare. Religious and conservatives simply do life better, I guess that’s what liberal envy so much. Evansville sucks because it has been sucked dry by unions and democrats, we’re just like Detroit only smaller. I don’t think Evansville has bottomed out yet, as long as the democrat party continues to hire and inbreed, the downward spiral will continue. The GOD’s = Greedy Old Democrats who run this city have all done well at the tax payers expense. The most profitable and best jobs in Evansville are held by ghost employees who will receive nice PERF checks in the future. The non politically connected young professionals will leave and those who come to Evansville will leave in short order. When you have a city that hires bookkeepers and pay them like CPA’s you are truly lost. That’s how liberal’s do business and why we’re more like Detroit than AZ.

      • Liberals not liberal’s. Your straight ticket R nonsense is tiresome.

        • Are you still lost in the 60’s? The world has moved on. Your straight D ticket voting has gone a long way in making this a ghost town. Straight D ticket voters are like tornados, they wipe a city out.

      • I mentioned PERF and suggested that all employees hired after a certain date be forced into 401K once on here. I was told PERF did not exist. Seriously. I still believe these and all political employees should put their money where their mouth is. Complain about the economy and taxes but do not support a 401k like the rest of America? The savings would be tremendous!

  2. IS IT TRUE – “IS IT TRUE that the newly appointed Evansville Water and Sewer Board was told to go back and re-vote on past decisions made in January by the previous board because the makeup of the past board was deemed illegal?”

    ~b~ If past decisions made by illegally appointed board members are null and void, does this not render much of the dysfunctional so-called progress that has occurred under the approval of ANY AND ALL illegally appointed board members illegal as well? Does it not follow that the person/persons who made the illegal appointments are culpable and accountable for aforementioned illegal activity? Do the taxpayers have legal remedy for misrepresentations or fiscal damage that occurred during these periods of illegal activity?
    jus’ sayin/askin”

    • Who told the utility board to go back and re-vote decisions made in January? The article does not say who ordered the re-vote.

  3. Elections of in Evansville have never been about any thing else,– but access to the Public Treasury!
    Now after 65yrs years of it ,—The Results are before us, today,– Leaders without a Moral Center, Huge Debt piled on the Residents, “Cooked” books, and—continued decline in the future “viability” of Evansville.
    A Sad story, –that looks to a Sad ending to a once Great Town, –just beyond the Horizon.

    • Agree with all you’ve written Crash except that IMHO the Sad Ending to a Once Great Town dawned during the Weinzapfel era. Evansville’s certain decline is now … “dyed in the wool.” …

      • Agreed Bubba,
        Weinzapfel was the the WORST Mayor ever,
        and now followed by a clone that “fights like the Dickens” to maintain the Status Quo.
        –Yes,–The “Dye” is cast, and it ain’t pretty,–it’s Sad to see what has become of Evansville at the hands of these two Opportunists.

        • I agree with both of you. We ended up electing Weinzapfel’s handpicked successor. One area that few people pay any attention is the amount of tax money paid into the PERF system. The way it is set up and abused, you could have as many as 3 people getting paid for each job, 1 actually doing the job and 2 or more receiving PERF for doing the minimum to get vested. There’s ex politicians, even a mayor, police officers and fireman who retire and get one tax payer funded retirement, then weasel themselves into PERF job. It has apparently caught up with us.

  4. Phoenix

    It helps to be a capital of a state where a city can draw the resources(money) from state wide to build it’s infrastructure. Our state example is Indy, and we all have seen how that works!

    City known for:

    Kidnapping capitol of the USA!

    Gateway to the US for drug trafficking!

    Home of the Miranda law!

    Employment: Of the 22 types of jobs used as a base. (one adult, one child)

    Phoenix, 7 types of jobs are at a living wage, 15 types of jobs are below.

    Evansville 11 types are at a living wage, 11 are not.

  5. “the problem is that Evansville keeps doing the same things and expecting different results which according to Dr. Albert Einstein is the very definition of insanity” True statement here. Just as long as we continue to think the outdated unions are what we need, just as long as the majority of the people continue to support Democrat/Socialist policies we will continue to fail. One common denominator from 1950 till today? – The democrats have been in charge of Evansville. No way to get around that truth. Embrace business and jobs and kick the unions to the curb.

      • Wages and hours are down and not returning to even modest levels because of the POTUS and his band of Flying Monkeys having consciously chosen to regulate and tax our country and its economy into oblivion. Specifically, the Unaffordable Power Grab Act and EPA / Global Warming Fiasco. All while using the most perverse intimidation skills of the IRS and DOJ in concert to quell opposition.

          • Only the liberal ones. Anyone can make that stuff up. You could do a good job making stuff up, we know this for a fact.

    • What JOHN thinks is no mystery here. Everyone outside of his bunker is a commie socialist. …..JOHN, please tell us more about “the jews getting screwed.”

    • You appear to have a special hatred for unions. The RTW laws are here and in force, so freeloaders will do a lot to drive unions out of the area. Does that shoe fit you?
      We have plenty of workers who are willing to refuse to pay dues, but reap the rewards of collective bargaining. If that goes on much longer, the unions will fold and people can do without the benefits that they take for granted.

      • Chrysler, Whirlpool, Sterling Brewery, General Foods, Bucyrus Erie, etc., etc. What do all of these union jobs have in common?

        They left Democrat led Evansville before RTW was even thought of. So how do you tie RTW to the loss of those thousands of good jobs and not tie Democrats to it?

          • What they also have in common is their leaving E’vlle has very little to do with the unions in those companies. Two other things, technology and rise of manufacturing in 2nd and 3rd world countries, led to the demise of those firms leaving the city. DISAFFECTED doesn’t know that because he didn’t pay attention in class, and all he reads is Breitbart’s web site.

          • It is well known that Whirlpool was not profitable here. Top mount freezer refrigerators are a losing or break even product here. And no, they could not bring another product in it’s place. The company was not making enough profit to put back into the failing building for many years. They made many repairs to the place and could not sink anymore into it to justify newer model lines.

          • Bingo! The ones that stayed in the US still have unions, but some have (at least partially) left the country because they could get people to work for slave wages elsewhere. Bucyrus-Erie was losing its share of the excavating equipment market because the company insisted on hanging onto outdated products.

        • back then there was far less people on the government handout dime.

          far less government “one it’s dime” involvement for the real estate, job creating market.

          far less trade debt sucking the life of it’s once prosperous nation.

          far less volatility in most aspect of life

          far less over paid ceo’s, upper management, stock holders and bonuses.

          far less need of “Obama care” when health care was part of employment.

        • Was it not GOP President Nixon who opened the trade door to CHINA. Now where did all the good paying manufacturing jobs go? Can you say China and Mexico or India? IE over seas. It’s the trade laws not the unions that are destroying America.

          • Must add the relaxed progressive tax rates. At one time, high taxes on
            higher earnings act as a regulator/deterrent to gluttony (one of the seven
            original sins) of money/wealth. This put emphasis on reinvesting profits back
            into that source, thus eliminating to pay those high taxes.

            The relaxed tax rate we have now has no deterrent to gluttony of money which has one source of flow, and that is upward! That comes at the expense of the lower/middle class. The lack of reinvesting back into that profit source is the results we see today.

            Think of our economy as a ecosystem. To be healthy, water(money) must rise from the ground (lower/middle class) to form the clouds (upper class). The clouds must release that water(money) back to that ground for that cycle to be complete, so as to
            start again. Everything survives in this system.

            The system we have now is like this. The water rises faster to form even larger clouds.
            These larger clouds release a smaller amount of rain back to that ground. As this cycle continues, the ground becomes parch, unproductive. To stimulate growth, a irrigation system(government) is needed. That water comes from a far away borrowed source. The problem is that that borrowed water rises to create even larger clouds, but it does not release any more water. The irrigation system can only last so long, as the parch ground decays.

      • The benefits of unionization were realized in the 20’s when Robber Barons were the scourge of the working man. Roles have now reversed as the Union itself is now the scourge of profitability and growth.

        • Robber Barons wannabes are alive and well in this country. Wall Street,
          Chamber of Commerce, Big business and their lobbyist, Globalization.
          Blaming unions is like trying to convince the doctor you fear a ingrown
          toenail while ignoring the real pain from heart disease.

  6. Editor,

    Let’s not get carried away re: the City Council ‘flying blind’. In this administration, they backed the Mayor on the Johnson Controls giveaway, the Fraudit and the Hotel (in the last administration, they backed the Arena). They had plenty of information on those. The reason it’s gone sour now is fatigue, in my mind; perhaps coupled with Gail Riecken and a campaign year. When SBR said she was stepping down and Friend later followed suit, you had a couple of high energy people–not up for reelection– who could change their direction quickly. The poor handling of the hotel project shutdown; the veto of the voting residency requirement; and learning of both through the media. Houston, now we have a problem. Also, the even-handedness of the new Council president might have also helped to guide the dragon boat swiftly through the troubled waters. Last, I think that everyone hates Mosby and Weaver, and they will delight on showing them the door ! I am not an insider, but I think this mostly sums it up.

    • Agree that they were not blind to Earthcare. They simply chose not to research it. Once again someone comes out smelling like a rose.

    • oops, forgot to mention that all of the Cash has evaporated, and Council doesn’t want that blamed on them ! A good time to part ways with the Mayor.

      • You can also add in Johnson Controls started under the watch of the past council, it’s president and mayor. Pushed forward with this administration but they are unaware of anything that is going on?

        • you’re facts are incorrect, “whatever”.

          1) Johnson Controls contract signed by Steve Titzer, Water Board President around 11-15-2011, six weeks before JW was out of office;

          2) The IURC denied the Johnson Controls Petition submitted in 2012 because it did not ensure at least a 10 % cushion above breakeven for the project (in that first submission, the project was shown to make $ 87,000 over the 20 year life of the project (not $ 87,000 per year, $ 87,000 total, and we were going to spend $ 80 MIllion including interest to save $ 87,000); and

          3) Then Winnecke bought in to the project by doubling down, hiring the Indy CPA firm Umbaugh Associates to inflate the projections so that–with the exact same set of facts–the project now makes almost $ 4,000,000. Wow, hocus pocus accounting at its best, the best CPA firm money can buy !

          This administration knows EXACTLY what’s goin’ down on Johnson Controls, it is their baby now, not Weinzapfel’s.

  7. ” …we wonder why the Mayor didn’t inform his buddies in the mainstream media about this issue?”

    My guess is that this Mayor is so panicky and paranoid because of his failure to deliver jobs to his union donors and the realtors haven’t seen the upswing in Dead Zone property values he promised, that he will just stop communicating at all, even through the “house organ”, the C&P.
    I believe that the worst thing that could happen to him is for the new, redesigned “convention hotel” to actually get financing, and I think he knows it. If that happens, he’ll carry the onus of having made that mistake until the fiasco is demolished. He will go down in Evansville history as the worst mayor in history.

    • As for as the worst mayor, I would put him in a dead heat for that title with his predecessor.

      • Probably was elected to deflect any attempted investigation of his predecessor. The previous agenda is certainly alive and well. The killer to their gold gilded plans was predictable enough, their champagne taste overran their beer budget. They are out of money and it is forcing them to search for new ways to screw the taxpayers.

        How many of you have been handed an SIGNIFICANT increase in your property assessment for this year? Don’t Know? You had better check:


        • They also are doubling down by denying legitimate appeals. Somebody needs to call in the attorney general. I guess ONE deserves a tax break and free naming rights. Screw the little guy.

    • He is practiced at carrying the horrid burden of not being too smart. That one little feature, coupled with the glad-handing he learned at the bank, got him a pass for quite a while. His malfeasance has now taken on much more pathological aspects. The litigious little guy is spending our money striking out at … us.

      He scampered to his other safe haven last night. Running to WFIE to basically say the council was lying about his refusal to meet to hash out differences in the residency ordinance. Said he didn’t file a lawsuit, only a ‘review of the law’. He opined that it is his suspicion that it’ll cost less than $10,000. It is my suspicion that he is woefully out of touch if he thinks that cavalierly dismissing the ten grand flushed to Billin’ will be something the poor voting citizens of Evansville will ignore.

      Schaefer said in his defense that there was contact with the council prior to the petition being filed. He didn’t say how far in advance of the filing that contact was or if it was a cursory heads up or an attempt to initiate meaningful talks.

      • Schaefer is one of Winnie’s albatrosses. He can’t win another election with SS on staff, and he can’t fire him. The same goes for Russ Lloyd, and then there is Carol and the blazers.

  8. I always heard that if you suffered from asthma or allergies that it was better to move out of the Tri-State and move to Arizona. Maybe people listened to that advice. Seeing that there are fewer major coal burning power plants out West I guess all the future residents of the Tri-State moved to Phoenix. Is it true that they have much cleaner air out West?

    • Dryer air for sure, not sure about cleaner. I can’t see a crazy right wing state like AZ having many environmental regs. Solar may be easier to do in the desert?

    • My grandmother was flown to Phoenix on an ambulance plane in the mid 1940’s, as she was near death from asthma. She lived another thirty years, into her late 70’s. She never returned here, even for a visit.

    • There was probably more than a hint of truth to that back in the day when businesses and most residences were burning coal here in Evansville. Never did like the looks of black snow on the ground.

      Much better nowadays. Today is a good example.

      • PAK the crazy right wing free market capitalist is anti coal? Fox news isn’t going to like you undermining their message!

        • When something better can replace coal as a means to help supply energy for 300 million plus Americans we can phase coal out. Until then we can either revert to living in the stone age or leave the coal industry alone.

          • The loonie Left and their Enviro Whacko butt buddies are forcing that trend, Not the market.

          • Natural gas! Solar and wind are getting more efficient every day. Like those who made steam locomotives, coal stoves, horse drawn carriages, you name it there will always be bitching from those whose product gets replaced by progress. It’s failure to evolve on their part that is their undoing.

          • Ghost
            Don’t forget our local energy utility is in “high pursuit” of destroying the
            efficiency of the “excess power” from the wind and sun being metered
            back into the grid system.

            “Taggert” does hit on something about producing electric. Are we at a stage
            where coal use can come to a screeching halt, while ramping output from
            other sources without the customer being raped “multi times over”?

          • I am truly in favor of alternative sources of energy but we cannot throw out the old until the new is ready to fill the void, and clearly, the gap hasn’t been bridged.

  9. Funny the editor mentions the Water and Sewer Board. That is a board that serves both the city and the county, but now under the ordinance, only city residents can be on it.

    Want to talk about hypocrites? Look at Steve Davis. He talks about how great the failure of consolidation was (city is city and county is county). He talks about how city residents should serve on city boards. BUT HE LIVES 1.5 MILES OUTSIDE OF VANDERBURGH! He has even admitted that to me. He is renting an apartment just to run for City Council. What the hell.

    • He went through a divorce a couple of years ago, and his ex got the house in Evansville. He moved in with his girlfriend in Haubstadt. They never owned a home there. Is it so crazy that he has moved back to Evansville?
      Repeat: He does not now, nor has he ever owned a home in Haubstadt. This has zero correlation to Al Lindsey.

      • Does anyone know if Al Lindsey is going to fight for the $100,000 to repair and reopen Mesker Amphitheater?

        • I expect you’ll hear plenty from him on that subject in the days ahead. With an election coming up, he may be able to do more about it.

          • LKB, hope so. It shouldn’t have to take an election to fire up little Al to start street fighting for the 6th Ward Mesker Amphitheater. Mr. Lindsey needs to ignore the Weaver/Mosby noise and stay focused like a laser beam on Mesker Amphitheater.

      • Tao, If he wants to appear legit he should live here a few years before running. Maybe the 2019 election.

          • Using that logic would he have to wait until then to vote as well? Using that same logic I guess anyone who has moved into that Ward with less than four years of residency as well as all renters are excluded from this years election? Indiana has a law for a reason and he obviously meets all criteria. He is just a novice anyway…Missy Mosby is very, very important and powerful. She is the incumbent. She should run on her stellar record.

    • OMG!!! You say he admitted it?!!? An internet blogging troll has earwitness testimony! This is rich. I’m sure Evansville renters are interested in knowing why Missy Mosby considers them a second class citizen. How many renters are in the 2nd Ward? If Missy Mosby doesn’t believe renters are worthy citizens then perhaps she should tell all the renters in her Ward not to vote for her. Considering Missy doesn’t like the current Indiana residency laws maybe she should run for State Legislator and change them. After that she can obtain her law degree and get appointed to the SCOTUS and change their ruling on federal residency laws too. Here is a novel idea…how about Missy Mosby just campaign on her record. She is a strong incumbent going up against a novice. Her record should be her platform.

      • Water and Sewer are both treated by the city in the city. A vast majority of county residents use the water but have septics for sewer. Considering the sewer cost is the bulk of the costs it makes sense to have all city appointees. County residents could skyrocket the sewer portion of the bill (they don’t pay because of septics) to offset the water treatment side of the bill.

      • Excellent suggestions for Ms. Mosby, Nobody’s Fool! Any of them should serve her well. After this election there will be an opening for a District 77 State Rep.. Maybe the Central Committee will appoint her to it.

  10. Anybody know this James Brinkmeyer who is filing for 6th Ward City Councilman today at 4:00 pm?
    Is he filing as a Democrat or a Republican? His announcement on Facebook doesn’t say which.
    Does he live inside the City, or is this going to be another rural county resident who just has a rental property inside the City?

  11. Is there a list that can be posted as to who has been replaced due to the residency ordinance. If so, who were they replaced with?

    • I don’t know about a list, but the City Clerk should have the information, or at least be able to tell you where to get it.

    • What the heck? I did not post the above question. Can there be more than one username? If so, I wonder what else is around I did not comment on?

      • When you get tired of someone, just steal their username. It’s not a bad tool.

      • Sorry about that “whatever”. Didn’t realize that user name was already spoken for! Think “whoops” will work just fine for now.

        • “whoops” is a good username. Will work on almost all political issues common to this town.
          I would keep it. .. LOL! …

        • In reference to your “whatever” question … within that list of displaced appointees lies the truth about why this residency ordinance was born in the first place. …

        • It was a good question. It would be convenient to read one list instead of trying to find all of them.

  12. “IS IT TRUE the Evansville City Council is coming under fire in the mainstream media for allegedly being a clown show that cannot get anything done or agree on anything at all?”

    Yes, it is true because they ARE a clown show. Between drunk members menacing community members, driving their 42-foot cabin cruisers in the dark and endangering their passengers, and lying about their alcohol consumption while on duty, it is hard to see them as serious leaders. The Council’s attorney is also an entire clown show by himself.

    These born-again pillars of fiscal rectitude are mostly the very same ones who enabled King Jonathan’s disastrous reign and his pillaging of the city. If you could distill hypocrisy, ignorance, and failure–mixed, of course, with a bottle of Everclear–you would have the official drink of the Evansville Democrat City Council.

    • howler, a word of advice.

      Careful when mentioning the city attorney! Check the “Feature” for Dec 15th. The city attorney was
      part of that subject. I had mention two well known facts. It was taken down with the threat of a
      lifetime ban by the “editor”! I had left the door open several times for a explanation several weeks
      back when the editor made a post that was contradictive to their taking of my post down. Nothing
      but crickets.

      Again, thread carefully!

      • Yes, indeed–I know. There are certain individuals who seem to enjoy a mysterious immunity from criticism, even when their past actions (I hope that is vague enough) are matters of public record. My charitable interpretation is that the CCO is easily frightened by claims of “libel,” perhaps not realizing that under American law, a truthful statement is a 100% defense against actions for libel or defamation.

        My view is that if our City Council were serious about being taken seriously, several of them would resign immediately, Duh Party would ignore the usual suspects and family members as replacements, and they would replace their current counsel.

    • Howler says: IS IT TRUE the Evansville City Council is coming under fire in the mainstream media for allegedly being a clown show that cannot get anything done or agree on anything at all?”

      “MAINSTREAM MEDIA” = Courier & Press ???? Haaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaa !

      The Courier & Press sent their newest Minion, young WEBB, into battle to defend the honor of a certain Mr. Weaver for the harsh treatment he was afforded by his colleagues for being a dick. Mr. Webb failed to consider the journalistic possibility that Weaver really is a douchebag, and the other three councilors who commented were absolutely RIGHT ! This morning C & P sends in their cartoonist to finish the hit. The message sent by Winnecke to his protectors at C & P was to try to poke fun at the City Council, and use the word clowns while doing so. Backfire will bite him in his oh-so-tone non-chicken fat ass.

      • Hal, you may wish to note quotation marks in my post. Those were the CCO’s words, not mine. The C&P is certainly lamestream, if not mainstream, however. Its editor was after all hand-picked by the media elite from the most accomplished playground reporters and copy boys of Indianapolis, Indiana. They still talk up that way about his fearless exposure of the Mikey Miller corked-bat scandal in the Indy Kindergarten T-Ball League.

        If our city clowncilors want to be taken seriously, the Stupid Six would spend less time plotting petty revenge against their fellow clowncilors, the Terrible Two. It really does appear similar to a couple of cliques of high school girls going after each other. On the other hand, given the enormous damage they enabled King Jonathan to do, perhaps dedicating their time to catfights is for the best.

        With apologies to the majority of high school girls, who are in general far more mature than our Democrat City Clowncil….

        • Mosby and Weaver are republicans, but party matters not in local politics. It does to straight ticket republicans like you, but not to the intelligent voter.

            • Mosby and Weaver need Carol to have a job. Carol needs them to sell things to keep them in checks. Mayor needs that menage et trois to keep each other by the balls to keep two council votes. What a small town cluster#&$%. Mosby, Weaver, and Carol are all pure opportunists period.

          • @Snark Nailed it.

            Evansville thinks its big town, but it reality it shares more with Jasper, Henderson, Effingham, etc, than it does with Indy, St. Louis, Louisville etc,

    • Ask Missy how many times she turned in her cousin for the same drinking and going back to work as a fireman

  13. During the period of King Jonathan’s financial vandalism of the city–Johnny Vandalzapfel, we ought to call him–our Democrat city councilors spent their time channeling Sergeant Schultz: they saw nothing, they heard nothing, and they knew nothing. That’s their story, and they’re sticking to it.

    • But, but, but we are flying blind. Nobody tells us anything. The last council knew and this council knows. When it starts getting deep they turn on each other. Somehow nobody can be convinced to vote them all out.

  14. Statement from Winnecke
    The statement released by city council is disappointing and grossly inaccurate. Prior to filing the Petition for Statutory Determination and prior to the passage of the ordinance, the administration, through its legal counsel, is on record at the December 15, 2014 City Council meeting advising the City Council that the ordinance as amended on the floor, was in violation of Indiana law. A Supplemental Memorandum of Law articulating the illegality of the ordinance and the decision to veto the ordinance arising from the Mayor’s sworn duty to uphold and preserve Indiana law was provided to Council. Prior to filing the Petition Mayor Winnecke spoke with President Adams and Councilman O’Daniel regarding the legal challenge. Furthermore, the City Attorney’s office contacted counsel for the City Council regarding the Petition and provided him with a copy of the petition prior to it being filed. In the meantime, the Administration has treated the ordinance as valid and has replaced over 40 individuals on boards/commissions.
    The attempts to further politicize this issue are unfortunate. The administration looks forward to the Superior Court’s review of the Petition.

    • Wait a minute! Is that the Vanderburgh County Superior Court? Shouldn’t this go to a state court?

      • I smell a huge rat! If the Petition for Statutory Determination goes to the heavily “R” local Superior Ct., the decision is likely to go Winnecke’s way. This determination should not be made by any local judge. We have the City Controller’s sister and at least two Winnie donors on that Court.

      • Advisory opinions aren’t binding. Many courts won’t touch such a request. Not sure if local courts are where you’d go anyway to try to get one since there are at least two judicial layers of state appellate courts above them.

        Wikipedia’s take:
        ‘Eight states have provisions in their constitutions permitting or requiring their supreme courts to give advisory opinions to the governor or legislature (Colorado, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and South Dakota), and Alabama and Delaware provide for supreme court advisory opinions by statute’.

        Britannica’s take:
        In law, the opinion of a judge, a court, or a law official, such as an attorney general, upon a question of law raised by a public official or legislative body. Advisory opinions adjudicate nothing and are not binding, though courts sometimes cite them as evidence of the law. Federal courts in the United States will not issue advisory opinions, but such opinions are issued occasionally by a few state courts and routinely by the attorneys general of the various states upon the request of the governor, legislators, or other state officials. The opinions typically refer to the legality of some contemplated official action. Advisory opinions originated very early in English law as a result of extralegal consultation of judges by the king or the House of Lords on questions that often were not even related to the law. The function of the opinions was wholly non- or extralegal.

        Sounds like Winnecke should have taken his argument to Zoeller. Not sure why he’d proceed like he did. Possibly looking for air support, meringue paper to wave. Maybe he sees himself as master of the local House of Lords, or the Disney Blazer King. In any event, we have been assured by the mayor that the cost of this action won’t be over $10,000. It is one of the better deals the citizenry has got around here in quite a few years.

        We still get nothing but at least it didn’t cost as much as it usually does.

        • Thank you for the information. So, he’s planning to pay $10,000 for nothing! That is a far better deal than EarthCare and HCW. I suspect he’ll try to spin a positive opinion for him into a big deal in the election, and I’m betting he’ll get one.

  15. Oh, good Lord. An Indiana Superior Court IS a state court with general jurisdiction and can hear any civil or criminal cases.

    • No, it is the VANDERBURGH COUNTY Superior Court. You obviously need to read more and “howl” less. You will find Superior Courts in every county in the state, genius.

  16. “….we do feel that officers who attended this worth while trip should had taken vacation time to attend trip and not being paid with “Special Duty Pay” from city funds?”

    I disagree on this subject. I’m a big Disneyophile, and have gone there many times under all sorts of conditions. On the occasions that I was chaperoning a large group of other people’s children, it was a lot less fun than when you are on your own time with your own family. It’s hard to keep a large group of middle schoolers together, and I’m sure that watching them at the hotel is a challenge, too. I hope everything goes well, and nobody gets hurt, but it’s something that is always in the back of the chaperon’s mind. I doubt those officers had a minute to call their own, not even in the restroom.

  17. WASHINGTON February 3, 2015
    A Christian-based bridal boutique in Pennsylvania sparked a firestorm after the Owners informed two soon-to-wed Mexicans and their bridal party to shop elsewhere — the store doesn’t serve Mexicans because of religious beliefs and the Mexican’s failure to find any requirement to serve Mexicans in the Bible.

    The owners of W.W. Bridal in Bloomsburg told a local news station their religious beliefs drove them to turn away the Mexicans, and that they’ve retained legal counsel to handle any suit that might result, but declined further comment.

    One of the two Mexicans posted the details of the incident on her Facebook page, saying she initially telephoned the shop to schedule fittings for her and her bridesmaids but was placed on hold for several minutes. The Owner at the shop then came back on the line and asked if she was Mexican. When she said yes, the Owner said she could not schedule a fitting “because they currently do not service Mexicans — it’s just not something they do.” She cited the lack of any requirement in the Bible to service the Mexicans and Mexican community, and said her Church Pastor backed her up.”

    When reached for comment, the Owner of the bridal shop said, “The only thing that matters is the teachings of Jesus and the Christian story as it has been revealed. We don’t serve Mexicans. It’s against our religion. And the United States has no right to keep us from being true to our religion. That’s the end of it. We don’t serve Mexicans.”

    • …I posted this story because the Owner’s attitude, and the Owner’s comments are eerily similar to a post yesterday from PRESSANYKEY. Here is what Pressanykey said yesterday:

      “And it doesn’t matter what you think either. The only thing that matters is the teachings of Jesus and the Christian story as it has been revealed. You show just how foolish you are when talking about far right or far left Christians. There are only Christians, many of whom willingly gave up their lives rather than renounce their Christian beliefs or submit to an authority purporting to be higher than GOD.”

    • These people are the US version of the Taliban or ISIS. They just don’t have the nerve to get violent to impose their beliefs, yet.


        You’re missing the point. According to “your religion gives you the right” logic, you are licensed to do ANYTHING illegal, immoral and just plain wrong….as long as you say, “that’s what my religion says is right” (including evidently throwing Mexicans of our your business).

        Oh, there are copies of Bibles that also say heterosexual marriages are illegal if the bride (uh, not the man by the way) is A VIRGIN.

        You defend that as the law too Pressanykey?

  18. You know, it would be a great thing if certain deadbeats learned what they are talking about before spewing their ignorance.

    A good example would be the difference between county courts, superior courts, and district courts, which are addressed in Articles 28-30 of Title 33 of the Indiana Code.

    • Okay, here’s my point. Take a look at who the Judges are in the Vanderburgh Co. Superior Ct.. Everyone of them is so politically connected that they should recuse themselves.

  19. Is it true that every county in Indiana has its own Superior Court?

    No, it isn’t true. The good people of Ohio and Switzerland Counties, for example, would be surprised to learn they had their own Superior Courts, instead of the one they share under Indiana Code 33-33-58-4. The people of Perry County will be amazed to learn that they have their own Superior Court, for which there is no authorization in IC 33-33-62.

  20. It now appears that a certain ignoramus is upset that ELECTED judges have some slight connection with politics. Some here will undoubtedly be stunned to learn this. I have it on good authority that in addition to believing in the tooth fairy and Obama Claus, who distributes cell phones and EBT cards to Duh Party faithful from his 747, many of our local Democrats believe that Superior Court judges are beamed into their positions by Scotty from the Enterprise.

    Despite the fevered fantasies of the terminally Duhluded, judges of either the Democrat or Republican persuasion will look for clear guidance in the relevant laws or precedents when dealing with disputes such as the current Mayor Winneckezapfel vs. Evansville City Clowncil.

    • You may be aware that the judges run on a non-partisan ballot. Theoretically, they don’t have to be politically connected but in reality, they are. That connection should disqualify them from making any sort of review. If Winnie gets a favorable opinion, the lawsuit will proceed.

    • Keep in mind that the first free government cell phone was
      not on this current president’s administration. Those “free phone”
      seeds where planted well before his January 2009 term start.

    • Boy have you found a place in the republican party. You truly deserve each other as you are one despicable loathsome, jagbag.

  21. IIT that the Mosby/Weaver/Winnecke/Weinzippy Alliance has recruited opponents for both Lindsey and Robinson.

    Wait a second I thought it was Rick Davis who divided the local Democratic party??

  22. Ask Democrat Chairman Robert Faulkner. He is the brains behind the resurgence of the far more united local Democrat party. Rarely seen, but a puppet master nonetheless.

  23. One has to be amused at the impotent flailing of the mom’s-basement Evansville leftists after one of their deadbeat moms demonstrated yet again how absolutely ignorant she is.

    • I’ll be glad when your generation if “get off my lawn” old hateful bigots is dead.

  24. The part about Bolin’s little Disney trip mist have been added later. I missed it after I first read it. More idiocy from this moron Bolin.

  25. You know the old joke that a certain person was so dumb he couldn’t spell “cat” if you spotted him the “c” and the “a”?

    I’ll be glad when the deadbeat generation of Democrat moms’-basement-dwellers learns how to spell “of” correctly.

    Of course, I don’t wish death upon the incorrigibly ignorant liberals of Evansville as they so often do to non-liberals.

    • It’s a typo, moron. If you think that was intentional then you’re sorely mistaken.

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