IS IT TRUE February 27, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE February 27, 2014

IS IT TRUE the same software package that was installed without testing by the Weinzapfel Administration, called MUNIS, is still not serving the needs of the City of Evansville?…several members of the MOLE NATION have advised the City County Observer that the City of Evansville is paying some of their bills late and blaming MUNIS for this problem?…more than one vendor has not been paid in over 45 days and all the City can do is blame the software that has paralyzed their ability to balance the books for three years now?…maybe the City should have had the good sense to do as our mothers told us as kids and “try it before you buy it?”…this is just another broken link in the chain of errors caused by the idiotic manner in which this program that happens to work well in other places was implemented in Evansville?…we also have it on good authority that the MUNIS program was dumbed down to accommodate certain people’s request for the shiny new software to look and feel like the old reliable antique that was set aside for MUNIS?

IS IT TRUE on deeper examination of the carefully chosen words from HCW of Branson, Missouri regarding the loan package needed to finance the new convention hotel, it is obvious that they DO NOT YET HAVE A LOAN PACKAGE LOCKED DOWN?…the language used is of course optimistic that they are moving toward closure but the reality is still that it is not yet secure?…the golden shovel event goes on with or without loan approval?…one of the things that will have to be cleared by the loan committee will be the verification that the environmental hazards found on the lot have been mitigated?…this will probably require at least phase 1 and phase 2 environmental certifications?…as there were some core drilling machines on the lot a few days ago it may be safe to assume that testing is still going on?…while the optimism is positive we have heard this before when it comes to loans for the hotel?…two other would be construction companies produced letters stating that their prospects for closing a loan were good?…one was an outright loan from a lender in Anaheim, CA and the other was an EB-5 investment?…both were optimistic and both had the paperwork to justify the optimism?…it finally looks like a real VETTING process may be underway?…it has only been two years since this whole process started and the City of Evansville still does not seem to know anything about VETTING?…one thing we are sure of about the loan committee is that they will not be giving out any extra points for holding a GOLDEN SHOVEL EVENT which is a bit presumptuous given the reality of the moment?

IS IT TRUE the Peephole Bar and Grill has given in to its customers including several very vocal ones to reverse their earlier decision to allow smoking and has announced it will remain non-smoking in spite of the Supreme Courts negation of the unconstitutional smoking ordinance passed by the Evansville City Council?…voluntary decisions to go non-smoking is the absolute best way for a town to go non-smoking?…it would be fantastic if Evansville, IN became the first city in America to have all of its businesses voluntarily go non-smoking?…that would be a first and it would be unique?…it also says quite a lot about the economic reality of smoking in public?…we wonder if casinos can be very far behind in going non-smoking as the affluent dollars avoid smoking across this country like the plague?…the CCO hopes to someday see the bars and taverns of Evansville and the casino sign a pact with each other to become non smoking and become the first city in America to do so?

IS IT TRUE despite the State of the Union address the approval ratings for the President as reported on the RCP average remain at -9%?…this is the difference in the average disapproval (52%) and approval (43%) of five recent polls?…the allegedly Republican run Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll is the only poll that has been showing support for the President and currently has his approval gap at EVEN?…if the Rasmussen Poll is removed from the calculation the President goes from -9% to -11% as every other poll has the negative ratings at 10 or higher?…that should be a bit perplexing for people who denigrate Rasmussen for being a Republican hack?

IS IT TRUE the website is predicting a Republican takeover of the US Senate in 2014 by a majority of 51 – 47 – 2?…the two are the current two unaffiliated Senators?…the best mix for the US Senate would actually be 0 – 0 – 100 and the two parties that squabble, bicker, and lie like there is no tomorrow would be declawed forever?…no change is predicted in the House of Representatives from the current 234 – 201 Republican majority?

IS IT TRUE that Nevada Senator Harry Reid who also serves as the majority leader of the Senate upped the ante of false and unfair words on the floor of the Senate yesterday?…this time Senator Reid called every person who has claimed to have suffered as a result of the passage of the ACA a LIAR?…within minutes hundreds of legitimate cases of harm were brought forward proving Senator Reid’s statement to be FALSE?…the wholesale lying by the President, Senator Reid, and some of the high profile opponents of the ACA is truly a threat to the United States’ ability to function?…we should all dream of a day when our President, our elected leaders, and the loyal opposition earn ZERO PINOCHIOS for their public statements?…that right now that only happens on days that they are too sick to speak?


  1. Never fear. Airhead, Shamu, and Cowabunga are all looking into the Munis problem. They’ve only been there for eight months! When’s the audit report coming out again?

    • You forgot Sheldon Cooper! Why doesn’t anyone talk about him anymore? It appears when you bring CPA’s that hang out in da hood and with hot drunken reporters, you’ll get the audit done in two months and the City gets what it deserves.

    • Hans,

      Russell Lloyd has consistently brushed aside criticism of the state of the accounting records, and has told the City Council, on the record, that the books are “fully reconciled”–and that obviously means all the way back to Jan 1, 2011 (he couldn’t just start at Jan 1, 2012–when he took office; had to bring forward the prior administration’s numbers).

      If that were the case, wouldn’t the SBOA have not only finished on time . . . but even earlier if the records were pristine ?

      Defend your boy !

  2. In mmany instancs there are references to our elected Senators and Representatives as “leaders.” In most instances, nothing could be further from the truth.

    These so called leaders do not lead. Just the opposite, in truth. When they turn their vote over to the “leadership” of their party, they have abdicated their leadership qualities.

    The rank and file memebers of the house and senate have admitted that they are not leaders but are prostituting themselves for adulation by the leadership. They are prostituting themselves for the sake of a few votes.

    If the members of congress want to be leaders, they should have the stones to vote their consciences, rather than the whims of their leaders.

    • Duly noted and well understood. Senator Reid and President Obama are very truly in leadership positions. The statements they have made in the last two days that deserved the 4 Pinochios are leadership. It is not positive leadership but it is leadership none the less. It is antics like these that give others license to lie.

    • Marty, good point. Isn’t last day of February (tomorrow)the date for updating the GATEWAY portal used by SBOA ?

      How do you do that for 2013 when you still don’t have 2012 buttoned up ?

  3. I would like to congratulate and thank Steve and his great staff of bartenders for keeping the Peep smoke free inside. The place feels and smells so much better over the past couple of years that it would be a shame to let it go back to the stink hole from which Steve rescued it when he took over. Thank you, Steve!

    As to the smokers, and I used to be one of the hard core partakers, I think Steve can provide some sort of accommodations outside the plate glass window. Currently, there’s an overhead heater under the awning, or there was last time I noticed. I know this winter has been way harsher than last winter, so maybe the accommodations can be upgraded a bit.

    Hopefully the APC and Redevelopment Commission would allow more of an “encroachment” on the sidewalk to include some sort of tasteful screening comprised of freezer strip or other material to serve as a windscreen. I think it could be done in a way that might even add to the aesthetics of the façade.

    As a side note, I think there can be some sort of sound barrier comprised of acoustic panels erected along the Washington Avenue, 2nd Street, Parrett Street corner to baffle the sound from outdoor entertainment at the Bokeh Lounge during warm weather months. The material would dampen the sound and provide a vertical surface on which artists could create appropriate murals.

    We all need to work on ways to keep all customers and visitors, whether or not they enjoy smoking or outdoor live music, coming to our Downtown and the Arts District. Let’s not let our differences of opinion and life choices become barriers to commerce and tourism.

    • I agree, Bill. Surely ERC would be happy to work with any business who wants to provide outdoor smoking spots. It may take some compromising, but in most places it can be done.
      Are there really significant problems with noise in the Washington/2nd St/Parrett area? I always just considered it a part of the trade-off for living downtown.

    • + 1 Agree,”approachable balances”* and done for, and, by the patrons,and,through owners themselves.
      Free market advantages,the way I see it. “Cash flow.”
      Like Mr.jeffers is saying, Balance the sustainable things for everyone,its the way it works.
      Just travel to someones true destination sporting “location” and its outright apparent.

      Evansville whole unit can have fruit of the plenty to partake of. Having set and applied unconstitutional bias,restrictive selections,and manipulated direction,by the governance really just stifles the actual sustainability of the unique however business processes.

      Fruit rotting on the vine is just wasteful,and that said,nobodies been watering the plants there,very well lately. either.

      “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap,but by the seeds that you plant.” (Robert Louis Stevenson)

      “My favorite things in life don’t cost any money, Its really clear that the most precious resource we all have is,time.” (Steve Jobs)

  4. “the CCO hopes to someday see the bars and taverns of Evansville and the casino sign a pact with each other to become non smoking and become the first city in America to do so?”

    Now, there is an admirable and doable goal to set for our city that would help to combat some of our bad publicity. Print up the petitions and let’s get started!

    • If it’s something that you & I can agree on, it’s something that will gain overwhelming public approval! Let’s get it started!

      • I am with you and I agree. This is how we make some great changes. And if we want to get back on the “Healthy” list in this country, this would be a milestone that makes the national papers!

    • After the Troc reads to everyone from the reality book that smoking would doom the casino, and then everyone starts to bitch and moan about how evil smoking is, with an implication about how evil and mean the goose that lays the golden egg is also, make sure you know where you are going to trim the fat from the city and county budgets, and make sure you have your stats and linear regression projections in line to support an argument that the casino can make it with no smoking, you are not playing with monopoly money..also remember that state law governs casino smoking and local ordinances and threats don’t mean squat.

  5. HCW Development Loan Status:

    1) Wonder if their prospective Banker got a copy of the IN Supreme Court decision/reversing the smoking ban/ and impairing Convention business/ lowering occupancy in Hotel ?

    2) If the Citizens received no written Business Plan, are we really supposed to believe that the Bank didn’t get one either ?? If the Bank has so much faith in HCW that they don’t need a B-Plan, WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG ?

  6. HCW Development Loan Status:

    1) Wonder if their prospective Banker got a copy of the IN Supreme Court decision/reversing the smoking ban/ and impairing Convention business/ lowering occupancy in Hotel ?

    2) If the Citizens received no written Business Plan, are we really supposed to believe that the Bank didn’t get one either ?? If the Bank has so much faith in HCW that they don’t need a B-Plan, WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG ?

  7. Regarding the current polling, I really think it is far too early to place much stock in any of them. Nobody is disputing the “underwater” numbers for the President, but compared to Mitch McConnell, POTUS is headed for “Prom King” status.
    I don’t usually pay much attention to Rasmussen anymore. I don’t think the Democrats mind the bad numbers right now, as they are good “leaders” for the barrage of fund-raising letters in my inbox this morning.

    • McConnell is polling at 42% in the Courier Journal which is pretty close to the President’s rating. Neither of these guys would be voted prom king this year.

      • Regardless of his approval numbers, McConnell’s tenure gives him the ability to get more done for his state than a new Senator could. We’re dealing with the same thing here. Lugar had a lot more influence in Senate than Donnelly does. The people of Kentucky would be foolish to vote him out.

        • Then there is Rand Paul. Have you ever seen such a new Senator with so much going on? That sort of defeats your last statement, irregardless of whether or not you agree with him.


          • The last junior Senator making this much noise is now the President of the United States.

          • @ Joe Wallace: Ted Cruz is not now, nor will he ever be, President of the United States.

            • I was speaking of Senator Barack Obama as compared to Senator Rand Paul for getting in the national spotlight during their first term. Ted Cruz should not be the POTUS.

          • Very astute observation about Aqua Buddha. Right up there with your pronouncement a couple of days ago that Mike Pence didn’t have anything to do with the Tea Party. To wit, Your garbled double negative: ‘No Teabagger’s would not follow him.’ It got worse from there.

            Rand Paul is a fool. Nobody pays much attention to him. He’ll run for president every four years just like his palsied old dad. You’ll be there cheering him on.

          • Generally the way a Senator or Representative helps his state is to bring home the government bacon.

            So are libertarians for or against home cooking pork barrell spending?

            I know that’s a bit of smart alec comment but I think you can make a case for being for or against pork barrel spending depending on your POV, just putting it out there as food for thought.

            My criteria would be does the return on spending exceed the cost of borrowing and/or other opportunities.

            BTW in 2008 Mitch bragged about all the federal help Owensboro got in renovating their downtown, but then last year he and Rand went to Henderson and told the Henderson crowd there was no federal money for renovating their riverfront.

            Political hypocrisy or just changing political winds and financial realities?

          • Rand Paul is a welcome anomaly. I have never seen a politician so brazen and bold with his speech. That has given him the ability to have more influence than anyone else of his tenure. He gets TV time because you never know what he is going to say. Calling Bill Clinton a sexual predator? Only Rand Paul would say that in public and the shoe fits Bill perfectly.

          • Rand Paul’s rhetoric is that of demagoguery. That’s dangerous as history has proven.

            A list of politicians who employed demagoguery to assume powerful positions includes Huey Long, Joseph McCarthy, and … I’ll not say it, but he was an Austrian who dominated mid-20th Century European politics.

            • You left out Barack Obama. Nothing but an empty suit full of other people’s ideas and the rhetoric of class envy from that mouth. Even Jesse Jackson said he wanted to “cut his nut$ off” over his demagoguery.

        • Get More Done? Get More Done??? That’s a sad piece of ironic humor since McConnell’s #1 priority and sole stated objective for his tenure as Senate Minority Leader was preventing Obama’s reelection. Fail!!!

          Onto his next litany of non-accomplishments – Absolutely NOTHING!

          • Vote for Grimes in Eastern Time
            Vote for Grimes in Central Time
            Now is the time to vote for Alison Grimes
            She get more done in no time
            then Mitch did in all the time
            Mitch has been caustic lime
            Alison will do just fine
            This fall, I plan on working overtime
            to support Alison Grimes

      • The number I heard on his “job approval” rating in KY this morning was 28%. He is running at 42% on re-election polls. Two different things, there. My comparison was based on “job approval” as the President won’t have any re-election number.

  8. Editor, I agree with you 100%. It would be great if the bar & tavern owners did the responsible thing for their employees and protected their health by unilaterally agreeing to end smoking in all of our local watering holes. This would be a win-win. This would be great for property owners’ rights and employees’ rights while showing that we don’t need government regulation or a nanny state to be told how to live.

  9. There is no need for little places in Jimtown like Fred’s or Marty’s to be forced to go no smoking when probably 90% of the patrons smoke. That’s almost like a private club. Once again, let people vote with their money. Long live capitalism!

    • Exactly! And write the smoking status “on the daily special sidewalk sign board slates” if you want to to help your business!
      Let the owners and merchants decide,you don’t need all the other grandstanding paper fluff.

      Heres some for the “little guys”,your local VFW,and those who dictate biased ordinances. By the numbers.

      (1)”A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him him” (David Brinkley)

      (2)”I don’t measure a mans success by how far he climbs,but by how high he bounces when he hits bottom.” (George S. Patton)

      (3) “Success is a lousy teacher,it seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” (Bill Gates)

  10. “Well, I am as much a cheerleader for President Obama as Sen. McConnell is a Chippendale dancer.” – Alison Grimes

    Smart girl

    • They’re never cheerleaders of the establishment until they get in office. That’s called campaign talk in a state that was one of the first called for Romney in 2012.

      • Bill Clinton is very popular in KY, President Obama is NOT.

        Their policy stances are virtually the same, although of course sitting presdients sometimes have to make unpopular decisions that former presidents do not have to make.

        Geez I wonder what the other differnce is??

        • I know I know! Kentuckians are very adept at recognizing a carpetbagger when they see one! 😉


        • Bill Clinton is/was popular everywhere. He was the epitome of a concensus President. He would never force an unliked bill on the people. Stop playing the race card. Does the President have any other defense than to cry racism? If YOU could look past the color of his skin, then maybe you would see why he is not as popular as Clinton.

    • Smart Senator-to-be! Even if she doesn’t beat McConnell, and she wants to run again, she’ll beat Rand Paul. She’s leading in the polls now, but it really doesn’t mean anything at this point.

      • The last 5 out of six polls on RCP had McConnell ahead and the SurveyUSA/Courier Journal poll is a robocall..all of the Dem polls had her behind.

  11. OFF TOPIC: Feb 2014 Water/Sewer Bills (CSO Month # 2)

    My bill came in as an ‘Estimated Billing’. Feb.cycle was a 31 day period; whereas Jan. cycle was a 38 (that’s right: 38 days) period. However, the estimate for Feb was the SAME as the actual reading for Jan, despite 7 fewer days in Feb !

    I called to complain, and got the old “we’ll send someone out to do an actual reading”. When I asked why they used estimates in the first place, the CSR said ” bad weather”.

    Ever heard of long underwear ? Is this why the Johnson Controls project for remote reading is needed–because the meter readers don’t know about thermal underwear and battery-heated hunting boots ??? $ 45 Million would buy a bunch of coats/gloves !

    • Yeah,alberto to bad “old last century stuff”, our systems design reads’em extremely accurately,and automatically by usage,and,usage output,as well. Sure shows what holds water,and,just what/where it doesn’t.
      “Balanced” so to speak.

      The meter reader is in the clouds,not under them. 😉

      “Cheap”,warming,as well. Especially when one gets an actual usage bill “balanced for true Clean Water act sustainability”.*

  12. Concerning smoke free bars…I’m cool with the bar owners making their own decisions. Business owners don’t need parenting by Government officials who couldn’t manage running a shift at McDonald’s.
    But if the casino goes smoke free, I’m worried about what will happen to all of those little old ladies that chain smoke while playing 3 slot machines at one time.

  13. As a smoker I have to say that I hope Evansville is the first city in America who’s businesses chose to go non-smoking. The option should have been theirs to chose all along. Big government is nothing but a noose around the neck of the community.

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