IS IT TRUE February 23, 2015


IS IT TRUE that Indiana Bill SB1320 is seeking to make entering an early stage market that struggles with cloud cover more expensive for Indiana businesses and customers who are early adopters of solar energy?…specifically this bill will allow the utilities that are regulated by the Indiana Utilities Regulatory Commission to charge people who have installed or are contemplating the installation of solar panels generate their own electricity for infrastructure associated with the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power?…on the surface there is nothing inherently wrong about this concept and it is already working very will in California where the amount of sunshine and the high electrical rates have precipitated a rapid acceptance of PV Solar for self generation?…what needs to be understood is that even with net metering which Indiana already has, solar adopters use the infrastructure of the utility companies when the sun sets or when the clouds reduce the output of those systems and it is only fair that the utility is paid for the service provided?…the dust up is over the anticipated amount that this may be?

IS IT TRUE this writer lives in the legislated monopoly region of Southern California Edison that has some of the highest effective utility rates in America?…at lower use levels Edison is about 20% cheaper than Vectren but the upper three tiers can be as much as double what Vectren’s one price fits all structure charges?…Edison also offers time of use rate schedules that allow solar generators to sell power to Edison during the day at higher rates that they are charged during the evening when the wholesale costs of power are much lower?…it is certain that Edison’s billing structure is much more sophisticated than anything that SB1320 is considering and it got that way through years of learning?…what many do not understand is that massive adoption of distributed generation with smart meters in place disrupts the way the electrical grid works by altering the “duck curve”, which is essentially the use vs. time profile that utilities use to make sure they have the capacity to deliver power when it is needed where it is needed?

IS IT TRUE my solar system costed just under $19,000 and has completely eliminated by electric bill?…I even got a check back from Edison at the end of the year?…part of my bill is a minimum monthly charge of $1.83 to cover the cost of Edison’s infrastructure that I absolutely need for my solar system to be cost effective?…it is expected that this fee will rise to $10 per month over the next 5 years as approval from the California Utilities Commission grants it?…that price seems fair and sufficient?…this may sound strange but I actually think I am benefiting more than I should at only $1.83 for access to what is essentially a big free battery called the grid?…as utilities seek to impose fees such as this distributed storage is currently being developed so that residential homes that are willing to invest in local energy storage can go completely off the grid?…it is also only fair that when the grid tie is no longer needed that all fees to the utilities should go to zero?…in the meantime, I encourage my Indiana friends to contact your legislators so that the fees associated with having a grid tie are not excessive or usury?…to do that effectively will take smart metering, time of use billing, and a fee that reflects the actual use of a PV generator that does not use the infrastructure nearly as much as someone who does not have solar?

IS IT TRUE it looks like the taxpayers of Evansville are about to be gouged for another demolition and cleanup bill for a bankrupted LLC?…last month it was Miller Plating eating at the public trough and this week it is that old flea market building across the street from Bosse Field?…the $300,000+ for this mess plus the Miller Plating tab will bring the total for the year to close to $2 Million?…this is a direct effect of poor public policy that allows a building owner to walk away without any obligation for the damage created by their failure to maintain their buildings and processes to acceptable standards?…it is easy to blame the offenders here, but the guilty party is the law of the land that allows for such nonsense?

IS IT TRUE the traffic patterns for the City County Observer in 2015 almost exactly mirror the patterns from last year?…the monthly page view rate was 150,000 then and it is 150,000 now?…the unique IP addresses that log onto the CCO in 2014 and 2015 are both within 1% of 13,000 per month?…we ask for the positive thoughts and prayers of our readership for our owner Ron Cosby who is battling an extremely painful and threatening medical condition?


  1. Re: paragraph 4. That’s the deregulated “business friendly” environment the Republicans are always squawking about. The peasants pick up the tab for business owners.

  2. Paragraph 4. The buildings do not get that way overnight. Maybe Eville needs a Building Code and an agency to enforce it. When a building begins to deteriorate start the fines and hold the owner accountable. Why wait until the owner has sucked all the life out of it and then dumps it on the taxpayer. Also add rent houses to the list.

    • Doesn’t work that way. With our current climate of groveling to business all they must do is threaten to take their ball and go home and right wing morons will start squawking about frivolous regulations and hindering job creation blah blah blah and bam, code violations dissappear.

      • Evansville has been controlled by the left wing idiots for over 30 years and will continue for the next 30 years. Unions and democrats have successfully made Evansville business averse. The only growth in Evansville is in the food and criminal area. The rich liberals are moving and leaving Evansville rot, which it is.

  3. A quick search to “California Joe’s” SC Edison to see it’s variable electric rates revealed something far worst
    then I could imagine.

    Appears SCE is eliminating 500 IT jobs over a very short time period. They are replacing 400 of these workers
    thru two different companies (whom both have had paid hefty fines because of immigration fraud) with H-B1
    card India people. Edison is said that four Indians can be hired for every one American wage wise! WTF!
    H-B1 is not meant for replacing workers.

    Can not wait for the day when all of the CEO’s. Business owners, stock holders ect of These United States of America get “AXED” and replaced by foreigners! What a bunch of SNAKES this business sector has become!


        • Pressanykey, your response is illuminating.

          What other side of the coin? You’re saying technology advancements are bad? That science is bad? What the hell is your point?

          • Take the time to read the article before you post. Not that we are waiting on the edge of our seats for your insightful and elucidating comments.

          • PRESSANYKEY: Wait…I did read the article. And I am waiting for your point.

          • Shem: Go practice your craft n some other site. We have grown weary of you here.

          • Oh for God’s sake Pressanykey. You’re behaving like an infant. What are you? 12? Your response is sour grapes? The fact is you are too insecure to actually make your point, or you had no point, other than to disagree with no substance.

        • If Breitbart is the most credible source you have for the other side of the coin, then this one may only have one side.

          • Ouch!

            +100 points to Laura for this brief but very on point take-down on PAK. One the best I’ve seen in a while.


          • Here Laura:


            Since he also writes for one of your “approved” websites, maybe you can get past your prejudice long enough to actually read, and hopefully understand, the article. You might even catch the part about the residential generators obligation to help pay for the use of the distribution network if they wish to sell their excess generating capability.

            You need to open your mind to new horizons. You seem content to run with the crowd of shill currently camped out on CCO.

          • @PAK: I actually tried to read the story on the link you posted, but my computer’s security system’s warning came up, and I opted not to continue. There are plenty of writers out there who write for the audience they’re getting paid to engage. They’re called “hacks”. I’m not saying that is the case here, and I’m sure even Breitbart publishes an straight story from time to time, but they’re not known for it.

          • @ commonsense: I don’t recommend any source. Depending on a few information sources tends to narrow ones’s thinking. If I’m researching a subject I try to find opposing viewpoints and read them. In such a case, it is usually best to go to professional journals for information.
            For entertainment, I favor the more liberal sites, much in the same way I think you probably favor conservative ones. The point is that I distinguish between reading for purposes of recreation and research.
            Obviously, there are sources on both sides of the political spectrum that are more or less credible, and Breitbart has earned its bad reputation.

          • ClassyEvillePoilitics “Ouch!
            +100 points to Laura for this brief but very on point take-down on PAK. One the best I’ve seen in a while.


            Really dude? A little bit of an overreaction to a close-minded post. Put your little woody back in your drawers and calm down. It wasn’t that great of a post. Shheeesshhh

          • Brandon M

            Crawl back in your troll hole, nobody asked/needed/wanted to hear the tripe out of your pie-hole

      • My post topic was about those H-B1 cards replacing those long time IT workers, not
        rather if solar is clean or dirty! Diverging maybe?

    • I called yesterday to complain about a problem with the modem phone system not working right. The first operator was Indian and could not speak English without that thick acent that they all have. I asked her to connect me to a different technician or operation. She told me to call back. So I hung up and called back and got a guy who spoke regular English. I’m sorry but these people are not what I want to hear at the other end of the phone line when I’m calling for technical assistance.

      But I must also commend or WOW for getting the phone line fixed within a hour or less. At first I was told that it might not get fixed until next Tuesday but I did a little more talking and go past the tech to the supervisor and explained the nature of the problem and they sent a Technician out that was in the area right away. The phone started working again. So thank you very Much

      • that thar moveon He let us’n know bout his phone line this mornung now some of us think ole moveon has so little going on that he tells us bout need’n a phone repair but his darn toilet paper roll was empty this morning too! And how he got up and looked and figger’d I oughta think about shopping over at dollar general instead a walmart! Then he wrote us about how he just dont see good coupons like he used to moveon saves his arbys coupons till they expire but that darn arbys they think I cares about tenpercent off? another day for moveon got his phone fixed

    • Edison has actually laid off several thousand here in the last three years. A revenue shortfall is what made it necessary. They have had three big hits to the top line. The first was the shut down of the San Onofre nuclear plant, the second was the wide adoption of solar, and the final blow was when the CUC refused a rate increase request. I expect some of the off shoring is a message to the CUC but it doesn’t hurt me because I have solar.

      • “California Joe”

        You likely did not intendant, but your “……but it doesn’t hurt me because I have……..”
        struck a nerve that is one of the problems we have in this country.

        We have many wrongs that are happening every day that are putting people into
        the “have not’s”. It seems as long as the “haves” think that it don’t effect them,
        they don’t care and it is o’k.

        There was a old saying about this, but don’t remember exactly how it went.

        Again not trying to be negative!

        • Poor choice of words on my part. What I meant is that from a direct financial perspective, I am not effected by the choices that Edison makes since I invested in solar. I do realize that without a healthy utility that many people would not have lights or refrigeration. My point was that Edison has taken several blows to the top line that were not anticipated and one of them came from the CUC. By the way Edison is not making an excessive profit, they are losing money which could eventually jeopardize service to those who can’t drop $20k on a solar system. It looks to me like Edison has some inefficiencies to work through and for the sake of their millions of customers, I hope they do.

          From Marketwatch:

          “Southern California Edison Co’s diluted earnings per share (Diluted EPS) for the three months ended in Sep. 2014 was $0.00. Its diluted earnings per share (Diluted EPS) for the trailing twelve months (TTM) ended in Sep. 2014 was $0.00.”

          • Joe, One of their problems is charging only a buck something for the grid hook-up. A utility i had a few years ago was around 11 dollars. Those charges started back when the utilities thought everything was going to be deregulated. It caused them to wet themselves.

            • I agree with you. My fee for grid access is $1.83 per month. I think about $10 is the right number to balance the needs of the utility and to keep solar desirable for homeowners. My monthly fee to rent a $75 router from Time Warner for cable and internet is $5. There is no way that a router should be more expensive than a grid connection. This is just another example of the CUC not having either the understanding or the political will to place a fair value on a grid connection.

          • They knew San Onofre was aging past its usefulness…probably thought the CUC would approve an upgraded facility….San Onofre is ancient…I used to sneak in and surf close to the plant when I was in high school…that was 1965…

            • Congratulations on living to your high sixties. There are those who would have sworn you would have died at 25 with a foot growing on top of your head for surfing those waters. You are correct, the plant is old and maybe beyond the point of cost effective repair but it sure did make lots of electricity in a small amount of space.

            • I know some of the senior managers at Brightstar that developed the Ivanpah project. They had to budget $40 Million to monitor the movement of 4 desert tortoises. They also had to monitor 3 local nesting eagles. One day a tortoise went missing and the GPS button led them to an eagles nest where they found what was left of the desert tortoise. It seems as though the eagle had a $10 M lunch.

          • @ Joe Wallace….I grew up in Redondo Beach….met my Hoosier born soon-to-be wife at UC Davis in 1975…moved to Evansville in 1976….we both retired last year; moved back to Calif. and bought my mothers home in Shell Beach (Pismo Beach) and love every minute of retirement on the Calif. Central Coast….I go on medicare in 3 months….which will make me 65….BTW I love living in the high tax state of Calif….there is no swapping the quality of life living by the ocean….I’ve experienced my last miserable winter in So. Indiana 🙂

            • You chose a very beautiful place to retire. We spent a week in Cambria last summer. I too think the beauty and lifestyle of California are worth the taxes.

  4. Forgot to mention that these people are suppose to go back after three years, we know how that goes!
    There will also be lost tax for government entities. It all adds up!

    About a year ago, I had seen a small group similar to this. moving in and out of a local business location.

  5. Also seen where these H-B1 cards are being advertised over TV airways in those countries for a hefty sum!

  6. Miller Plating + Flea Market stories in C & P:

    Is this just a way to shift blame away from an Administration which doesn’t have an answer for urban blight ?

    And the blame goes to: the LLC (Limited Liability Company) form of organization.

    Wonder if Billin’ Ted will file a lawsuit against all LLC’s in the USA on the grounds that they may one day own land in Evansville and walk away, leaving the City holding the bag ?

    • I seem to remember listening to GBF during the hotel debate and that jackass DJ that goes by sandman was part of Winnie’s media hotel campaign. He was saying something to the effect of “just build the damn thing” regardless of details.

      • I’m glad he’s still a DJ. I’m surprised he isn’t working in the Controller’s office by now!

      • I seem to remember listening to C-Span during the ACA debate and that jackass Congresswoman that goes by Nancy was part of Obama’s healthcare campaign. She was saying something to the effect of “just pass the damn thing” regardless of details.

        • That, and the current “super majority” at our statehouse makes bad policy
          when discussion is overwhelm by the ability to ram things thru because of
          the votes already locked!

    • The city is still blaming their lack of reconciliation and financial controls on the MUNIS software conversion of 2011, which occurred 3 years ago.

      At some point the City needs to take a close look at that bonehead bean counter controller and realize he is a fraud and a liability.

      • I think he is more like the “clean up” man who was hand picked to hopefully find a way to cover the smell with enough kitty litter to keep the law off their back.

        Thus far they have been fairly successful. They were able, initially, to bend the Indiana SBOA to their will with their laughable “clean audit” fiasco. And thus far there have been no grand jury, or any other legal oversight agency, investigations of where the missing funds have gone.

        This stuff does not happen in a vacuum. Someone, some where, has been orchestrating this dance, and that has been a pretty impressive demonstration of power.

        • Press, I think you are probably right. There’s a lot of negative post about that Collins lady and how bad a job she is doing. I don’t know her but if I was her, I’d keep on doing what I’ve been doing, it resulted in her getting a new job and a pay raise. Can’t blame it on Winnecke, he didn’t hire her. Regardless of who our next mayor is I think she will stay in place or be promoted. She’s probably smarter than Gail and knows a lot of secrets. As far as Russ, we don’t know what his real job description is but he’s doing a decent job of keeping the lid on a garbage can full of fecal matter. We have 9 CC members who for the most part are well educated and wealthy and have not indicated any great issues with the financial concerns of this city until election time is getting near. I seriously doubt we could find a better group to run our city.

    • It’s always that pesky financing and paperwork:

      Developer says paperwork is only obstacle to starting McCurdy hotel work
      Dan Shaw
      2:33 PM, Aug 13, 2010
      local news

      “An Indianapolis developer says he is only waiting for the completion of paperwork before he can begin work on renovating the former McCurdy hotel Downtown.”

      • Who was the idiot attorney who wrote the first contract for the $800K “incentive” deal. Lets have his name! Was he paid with taxpayer dollars for his sloppy work, or were the “loopholes” in there by design. Wink wink, nod nod, say no more. What portion of the $800.K did he walk away with?

        • That would probably be David Jones. He makes Billin Ted look competent and honest. He was a perfect complement to Weinzapfel, sneaky, legal, and self serving.

    • The pony show will continue until there is not a penny’s worth of money left for some democrat to pull out of it. Tear it down along with the Owens block, if the private sector doesn’t want to put their money, energy and time into it is worthless.

    • I saw this on the local news last night. Good for EFD! I’m so glad the outcome was good!

  7. I see the Courier has a “feel good” story about how Kunkel will start renovation of the McCurdy by spring. There will be a public meeting this week where proof of financing will be offered, so they say. The only names that were named were the ones we already know, but supposedly this is a “go”, but Kunkel needs the City to release its lien on the property, and just trust them on this.
    As I recall, about this time last year there was a “groundbreaking” for the phantom hotel. Proof of financing amounted to Rick Huffman pointing to a group of “bankers” who were financing the project. I wonder if the same group of “bankers” has been recruited for this project, or if a new group will be bussed in for the event. Given the current state of the McCurdy, I don’t believe $12 million will complete a “reno” of it. I really don’t believe that no more public money will be asked for.

    • “I don’t believe $12 million will complete a “reno” of it. I really don’t believe that no more public money will be asked for.”

      That place is pretty far gone you might be right, just as long as they don’t hire the anon midnight boat cleaners someone might squeeze a few more years use out of the old place.

      • A good insurance policy and a fire may be the best way out. I’m not implying anything about anyone’s character, I’m just hypothesizing.

  8. The Republicans are about to put a lot of Hoosier construction workers in the poor house. Will a new generation accept slavery or revolt against the oligarchs?

    • Ghost, your nonstop occupy wall street socialist posts are always good for a chuckle. Keep ’em coming.

    • They do not want the working man making it on their wages, and expect them to rely
      on a handout from the government and then complain about that.

      Thank you State Chamber of Commerce! Not!

    • Some will submit. The ones that don’t submit will leave the state, and Indiana will become an even more intellectually desolate place than it is now.

    • Only union workers. The new generation of democrats will accept slavery. We currently have at least 3 generations who have graciously accepted it since 1968 and see no reason to change. The only revolt that will happen will be if ebt cards are not refilled in a timely fashion. Of course we must expect occasional riots so folks can get new TV’s and restock their liquor cabinets.

      • What the “hell” is your obsession of blasting working union people 24/7 ????????
        I notice you usually interject a blast about unions/and or Democrats even when there was
        no mention of it in that given topic. Are you really that miserable? Please explain where your
        hate is coming from!

        • I expect he’s a big fan of the Chamber, but the bitterness he exudes is over the top. I wonder if he may not have had a business that failed, and he blames unions instead of the way it was run.

          • One thing is sure. Pov will never make his identity known so people can go digging in his past.

          • I don’t like getting pissed, everyone is entitle to express their thoughts.
            One string banjo’s do get tiresome. I do have the Dish Satellite System.
            When I have time, I’ll watch the various CNN, FOX, and others in that 200-210
            channel range. Huge different of presentation on the same news item.
            These news stations do influence the way people look at life!

        • Unions have created an environment where business and labor are adversarial and caused jobs to go global. Unions have voted in block for democrats who have made laws that shut out non union companies and workers. Unions are unable to stand alone without government assistance. Stealing peoples hard earned wages for services they don’t want by way of forced union dues. Unions have caused local municipalities to pay above the common wage and increased tax and cost for construction. Unions use their influence to persuade politicians to do things that are not good for the average citizen, such as the water meter fiasco and the fraud center. As for democrats, they are constitutional enemies. See that was easy

          • Democrats plus Unions equals POV misery.
            Republicans plus Chamber of Commerce equals POV happiness.
            Chamber of Commerce require dues for their services.
            Unions been forced to provide services with out required dues.
            Unions provide all skills training for apprentice and journeymen alike,
            Chamber of Commerce provide avenues to other businesses.
            Chamber of Commerce is the largest lobbyist at all levels of government.
            Unions help elect candidates, but can not compete against large lobbyist.

            Unions, Chamber of Commerce, and business peddling their wares do approach
            the various government to solicit work and products. It is the elected
            representatives to decide what is needed and used.

            Business and unions were like a married couple back in the day. Negotiations
            for wages brought out bickering , but once settle, they pulled together where
            both sides earned a little profit. Back then, the tax structure was structured to
            reinvest into the business which kept many working. With tax structure
            relaxed, it paid to siphon money out of businesses.

            With the invention of globalization, business realized they go to the whores
            of the third world for pennies on the dollar to do their bidding. This created a
            huge void for the construction industries. Government has been trying to fill the
            voids with infrastructure improvements which are needed.

            Local government don’t blink a eye when their “in crowd” receives funds thru all
            their appointed boards, but let a working man receive a good pay and you squawk.

    • Press, here’s an excellent article that will confound the occupy wall street socialists, ie Ghost:

      “The attempt to boot Walker by Wisconsin progressives and labor activists accomplished a rare feat: absolute party unity. But instead of unifying Democrats enough to unseat him, it created a brief moment where libertarian, establishment, Tea Party, and traditional conservative members of the Republican Party united to defend him. He just wasn’t some guy: he was their guy and, damn it, they were not going to let him fall. This unity didn’t end with the recall: Walker received a jaw-dropping 96 percent of the Republican vote in 2014 per the exits, and election analysts have frequently pointed to him as the possible “bridge candidate” between the money and masses within the party. Again, without the recall challenge, would he be enjoying such overwhelming party support as he does now? Would he even be dipping his toe in the water?”

      • You know, I really do not know that much about Scott Walker, and I have not been fixated on the next national election. What concerns me is the LOCAL situation, and if we would just take care of our local governments, the national government would not be a problem.

        I would go even further and say that if you fixed the local problem, you would fix the national problem. All those people up there in Washington DC had to cut their teeth somewhere before they got to their current jobs. The weeding process starts right here.

      • I think Walker is running for Veep. He just may wind up being Jeb’s man. Mike Pence still gets an occasional mention, but he’s fading fast.

    • The trolls may be in bloom but the toadies … strangely quiet. …
      Hey Press
      Did You Know that kerosene heaters have safety shut-off systems that jerk the wick safely into containment if the unit is tipped even slightly? ( a pendulum mechanism) Further kerosene is not volatile. Only the heated fumes are subject to burn. …
      But then … knowing you … you knew that. …

        • Dyna-Glo kerosene heater
          Page 12] Owner’s manual
          This heater is equipped with an automatic safety shut-off device. The purpose of this device is to quickly and
          efficiently shut-off the heater should the heater be jarred or tipped over while in operation. This is the main safety
          system that is built into the heater, and it functions to prevent the flame from spreading if the heater is knocked
          The automatic safety shut-off device is built into the mechanism that raises and lowers the wick. It has been
          designed so that if the pendulum is jarred by a shock of some sort, it retracts a latch from the wick control shaft
          ratchet, and a torsion spring reacts to drop the wick to its fully lowered position. This rapid lowering of the wick
          extinguishes the flame.
          If you find that the wick will not raise, push the safety reset

          • If this guy:


            is not involved in the investigation yet, he should be. He should be working hand in hand with the insurance investigators and the Evansville Fire Dept. in the effort to discover what really happened that night.

    • This police state is really scary and I think it was Mark Fuhrman who infamously said 95% of cops vote republican. They can do just about anything with impunity. Just say those magic words, I felt threatened.

      • Here’s something we can agree on. Decriminalize all drugs. Politicians are stupid about drugs, you can’t stop drug use, the user either quits or dies prematurely. Laws to prevent the diversion of prescription pain killer has only increased the use of heroin. This has also increased deaths due to OD’s, an unintended consequence where the cure is more deadly than the disease. The quality of prescription drugs is known and regulated, heroin quality is unknown. Keeping drugs illegal is very profitable for lawyers and people in the corrections business. Our local jail is crowded because of drug laws. I could get stopped with my vehicle crammed full of alcohol and it wouldn’t be a problem but if I had 1 legal prescription painkiller out of it’s container I could lose my car. Let people have their poison of choice. All of this action against meth has it’s consequences, the attention to meth has taken attention away from cocaine.

    • The way they had it presented, it would only made sense that Evansville made the list.
      Appears several cases in a span of four to five years does not seem bad. Tools are needed for law enforcement to do their job in this area, and confiscation is one of them. Do the crime, pay the time. Association to the accomplice does happen and should chose who one associates with.

      • Armstrongres

        I am a loyal supporter of law enforcement and EPD in general, but there have been far too many horrible cases outlined where asset forfeiture laws have been grossly misused against the public that have ZERO relation to assisting law enforcement.

        Your comment of “Association to the accomplice does happen and should chose who one associates with” is clearly objectionable in the case in the article where an elderly mother almost loses her house to this farce. Another case in the article is on a dad who was assisting his son with his car payments. Your comment is asinine when you stop to consider how many family members have been devastated thru this policy, as any Google search can reveal.

        • Your article reference only mention about four cases. My circle stays away from
          those illegal drugs and shun those that do.

          Now if you wonder, there has been a few of us with DWI’s back in the day.
          My stop was late at night so I had the pleasure of sleeping it off at a local county
          sheriff inn. DWI’s are not cheap to appease the courts as it once was.

          I still stand by post, while still acknowledging your stance as well.

          • Armstrongres

            I have no problems in agreeing that there is potentially two-sides to this coin. While I tend to be very doubtful of the coin side opposite mine based on the enormous number of articles I have seen, I can go along with us “agreeing to disagree”

        • Classy, If it is the son’s car and he was doing illegal drugs with it he has a good chance of losing it even if someone helped him with payments.

    • This is a really good source of information as it applies to Indiana in general and Evansville in particular. It figures that the money isn’t going into the school fund in a state that is out to end public education. I do hope the CCO looks into further attention to this issue. Thanks, Classy!

  9. Soooooo,

    It’s been nearly two month since the hotel deal collapsed.

    Didn’t Winnecke the illusionist tell everybody he was determined to get a new deal done?

    What scheme will they/he come up with next?

    Selling the naming rights to the Civic Center to Vectren?

    McDonald’s Zoo instead of Mesker Zoo?

    ONB children’s museum?

    Wal-Mart Woods?

    Looks like the union’s pension managers have no desire to invest in the hotel.

    Geez I wonder why?

    Less than 10 months before the election and Winnecke has made ZERO progress on the hotel.

    Zero progress on the CSO / EPA agreement

    Our parks and swimming pools are in worse shape than they were 4 years ago.

    Winnecke = Failure



    • +1! As soon as it thaws a little, the streets will really be high on the Winnie “Fail List”, but he’s bound and determined to get some bike lanes and a shabby downtown motel on his list of “successes”! His toady City Council candidates, Hargis, Mercer, and Schriber will love it, though!

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