IS IT TRUE February 22, 2021

    We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?
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    IS IT TRUE we are extremely appreciative and proud of the way that members of our local law enforcement conducted themselves during a shooting standoff last week? …the members of our local law enforcement did a creditable job in protecting the innocent bystanders and neighbors in harm’s way?

    IS IT TRUE we are in total agreement with Joe Wallace’s commentary statement that the recent announcement that the Coalition for Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce for Southwest Indiana and the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville is a welcome merger that will provide regional actions to focus the growth and elevation of the entire region?  …we give five (5) cheers to the leadership of the Coalition for Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce for Southwest Indiana and the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville for definitely thinking outside of the economic box?

    IS IT TRUE that former City County Observer editor Joe Wallace is only 4 months from the end of his current contract to serve as the CEO and Chief Innovation Officer of the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership?…with his new sideline career as an author it will be interesting to see if he launches a swan song of writing and speaking or if he accepts a contract extension of 3 to 5 years that is currently under discussion?.

    IS IT TRUE that Joe Wallace sales of “Living Outside the Box” book has passed 2,000 copies when most first time authors only sell 200 or so to their friends and relatives, it is possible that several more books may be in the future and speaking gigs will be in high demand as the COVID19 pandemic fades into history?

    IS IT TRUE that Mr. Wallace has guided CVEP through the pandemic without having a single layoff or missing a lick in supporting the economic development efforts in entrepreneurship and business assistance?…this has been done when other organizations in similar lines of work have been closing their doors or reducing their services due to disruptions to their cash flow?…merging of similar organizations across the country have been implemented as a survival tactic and shuttering operations is not unusual?.

    IS IT TRUE in a recent article called The Virus of the Century is the Opportunity of the Century, Wallace opined that telecommuting will be the way for small and mid sized regions to level the playing field in the search for talent?…he furthermore predicts that upgrading workforces, inproving economic metrics like income and educational attainment are both cheaper and easier with attracting telecommuters than raising smart kids who typically leave for the bright lights of the big city?…as he has proven many times over his career, Wallace is always seen at the front of innovative techniques from engineering design, to journalism to economic development?…”Living Outside the Box” is available on Amazon and Ebay and will soon be in Barnes and Noble in California outlets should any of you want a copy?

    IS IT TRUE the City County Observer is currently in discussion with Mr. Wallace to bring him to Evansville for a future event of significance and looks forward to being able to shake hands and embrace our old friend without fear of infection?

    IS IT TRUE that certain politicians should be aware that Tortious interference, also known as intentional interference with contractual relations, in the common law of torts, occurs when one person intentionally damages someone else’s contractual or business relationships with a third party causing economic harm?  …when individuals colluding with each other to get a third party to interfere with a legal going concern in a way that a business is damaged for the reason of enhancing the blissful existence of a small number of privileged people could be considered Tortious interference?

    IS IT TRUE we been told that the $28 million dollars “Aquatic Center” being built at Garvin Park is on schedule and on budget?  …by building the new “Aquatic Center” at the Garvin Park location the city was able to used the North Main Street “TIF” money to build it?  …this is a great example of investing TIF funds on a practical project instead of spending the money on pork barrel projects?

    IS IT TRUE that Scott and Page Danks are proud parents of a bouncing baby boy?  …that Luke Henry Danks and his mother a doing fine?

    IS IT TRUE we been told that any request for a contract concerning the renovation of the Vanderburgh County Jail should be requested by the committee Chairman Sheriff Dave Wedding and by not by a member of this committee?

    IS IT TRUE this progress is attributed in whole to the massive creation of wealth that widespread industrialization and the information age have made possible?…the very wealth that drives the resentment between the 1% and the 99% is what generated the resources to reduce poverty?

    IS IT TRUE people at all economic levels need to start looking at how they live and cease obsessing over where they are in the fictitious ranking of wealth?…one small bite of an ever-expanding pie is much better than having nearly all of a static pie?

    IS IT TRUE that the City-County Observer is overjoyed to see someone from the mainstream media cast aside the rose-colored glasses that have defined local reporting for over a decade and call out the problems of the City of Evansville’s infrastructure for what it actually is?   …five (5) cheers to the Courier And Press Reporter/Journalist John Webb for writing outside the literary box?

    IS IT TRUE after a two year run its with regret that we have decided not to publish our “LEFTY JAB and RIGHT JAB” column starting today?  ..we just been informed that the mainstay blogger of this well read column Joe Biden is moving to Florida later this week?  …we wish Joe and his literary counterparts the best in the future?

    Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you support the creation of a new Economic Development Coalition called Evansville Regional Economic Partnership?

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