IS IT TRUE February 18, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that the full moon last week must have had a scary effect across the City of Evansville with one landlord threatening a late paying tenant with a gun over $150?…we are sure there is more to the story than just that as several people on the CCO staff have attempted the landlord route to riches unsuccessfully and know just how maddening a bad tenant can be, be mercifully none of us has ever pulled a gun to collect the rent?…the other “blame it on the moon” moment occurred out on Allens Lane where 65 (yes 65) underage boozers had their party disrupted by the long arm of the law?…that yesterday’s EPD Activity Report annoyed some of our readers because so many names were redacted?…that may just be what happens with underage citations?

IS IT TRUE the weather is finally sending some warmth our way and the dangers that come with being below freezing at night and above freezing during the day are disrupting life in SW Indiana?…this is the kind of weather that leads to black ice on the roads and sniffles in the nose?…we urge all of our readers to be very careful when driving but to get in the mood for spring as it is nearly upon us?…with the thawing of the ground the last weather related excuse to delay the golden shovel moment down at the convention hotel lot will soon be gone?…if a golden hardhat and golden shovel moment is not scheduled soon we can all start to believe there may just be trouble in financing paradise?

IS IT TRUE the eyes of the labor world were focused on Chattanooga, Tennessee last weekend where there was a vote of the workers at the Volkswagen plant on whether or not to “hire” the United Auto Workers (UAW) to represent the workers in negotiations with the company?…some of the campaigning got fairly ugly with a billboard in town referring to the UAW as “the beast that killed Detroit” and veiled threats to stop planning for a plant expansion?…despite these campaigns that were not initiated by the Volkswagen Corporation, the company was open and allowed the UAW free reign to speak with workers about what forming a union would do for them?…the driving force behind Volkswagen’s cooperation with the UAW was the desire of the company to establish Euro style work councils?…in spite of a friendly company in the end the workers voted down the opportunity to bring in the UAW by an 80 vote margin dealing the UAW a harsh blow in its efforts to move south to a right to work state along with most of the auto manufacturing jobs in the USA?…it has been widely reported that the workers at VW Chattanooga enjoy good pay scales that are comparable with the younger workers at UAW plants and were just not convinced that the UAW would have made their lives better?…in cases like this if the UAW is to survive they will have to show the value proposition of joining to be better than not joining?

IS IT TRUE the top five cities in America for creating middle class manufacturing jobs from 2007 – 2012 includes in order Austin, TX; Houston, TX; San Antonio, TX; Dallas, TX; and Oklahoma City, OK?…the growth of manufacturing in these cities ranged from 2.1% to 7.6%?…these cities all have a couple of things in common and we invite our readers to figure these things out an post comments?…Indianapolis was 10th on the list with a negative growth rate of 1.1% and was the only northern city named in the top ten?…when both 9th and 10th best is a negative number this country has a serious problem when it comes to expanding manufacturing?

IS IT TRUE the list of the five American states that people are fleeing for other locations includes in order: New Jersey, Illinois, New York, West Virginia, and Connecticut?…these five states also have some things in common with one another that contribute to their former residents taking refuge elsewhere?…we invite our readers to opine at will about why people are leaving these places in droves?…while West Virginia is an outlier along with Kentucky (#7 on the list) that have seen jobs in the coal industry disappear, the other four states have some very similar features that repel jobs and people?…we are quite curious to hear what our readers have to say about this great migration of people?

IS IT TRUE we have just been informed by an official at the Vanderburgh County Election Commission that former City Councilmen Keith Jarboe disband his election committee in 2010, John Paul Josey disband his committee in 2013 and Evansville City Clerk Laura Brown filed her report on time in January?  …Vanderburgh County Election Commission officials admitted that they made an error when they included Mr. Jarboe, Mr. Josey and City Clerk Laura Brown names in the delinquent list files they sent CCO by mistake?  …if we are informed of any other errors posted on this list sent to the Vanderburgh Election Commission we shall publicly announced them?


    • If you were a slave receiving real slave wages, you would be more than glad to take what those working in the VW plant are making.

    • VW pays $27 per hour average with benefits. About $20 per hour in the pocket. Comparable to UAW plants for the new workers. Not exactly slave wages Ghost.

      • Furthermore, the VW workers will not pay union dues that would be used to support liberal politians or liberal causes that they may or may not support as individuals. The downside is if they get caught drinking or getting high during their shifts the union will not be there to restore their positions in an the auto manufacturing plant. Bummer man.

      • Good response. Its those non-union slaves at Toyota that have bought all of those $250k houses in northern Vanderburgh, and drive around in new cars. Sounds like a real sweat shop that exploits people to the grave to me. I can hear those mean bosses now,”tote that barge, lift that bale, get to drunk you go to jail”. Jeez, if Toyota is so damn bad why do they have 100 applications for every opening. Ghost Joad is having a 50’s flashback. Somebody stole his cheese.

        • Damn those greedy capitalists and corporations! How dare they pay their workers enough to afford all those things.

          • “If there was a law, they was workin’ with maybe we could take it, but it ain’t the law. They’re workin’ away our spirits, tryin’ to make us cringe and crawl, takin’ away our decency.”

        • Plus my comment was facetious. There is not an automobile plant in this country, union or non-union, where the employees are not paid very well. In almost every community that has a autombile plant, the automobile manufacturing jobs are among the most desired blue-collar jobs.

    • Ghost is simply posting liberal progressive talking points. He feels better about himself now that he is fighting the 1%ers and helping save the plant with his liberal progressive views.

      • You pick out one example of a plant whose wages are driven by other union plants and the threat of unionization which is now gone with rtw. Sit back and watch wages fall and fall.

        • Dude, wages have been at best stagnant for the past 20 or 30 years and I’m being generous to say they (wages) have kept up with inflation (it hasn’t). Blaming “low” wages solely on Right To Work is a load of baloney.

          The only ones believing that are unionists and their supporters because it (RTW) undermines their unconstitutional belief they can prevent you from working at an employer of your choice without “contributing” to their cause.

  1. Black ice very bad this AM in the County. Thank you for the warning–worst I’ve seen in 20 years.

    • Ground level pressures,ice moisture”ice fog” 29 degrees,black ice. The ground on the shaded side of hills and buildings in some places is still frozen,deep.
      Anticipate down the road ahead, project your vehicle and your speed to a “spot” as,its shade signature would be presented” this time of year.

      “Warm air incursions can induce the surface black icing from condensation,as well.”

      Another weather related aspect conditional is rapid runoff of rain,frozen ground doesn’t perk water,tributaries,ditches,and small streams fill quickly,due less soil absorption.
      Road grades for drainage have meltwater run down during daylight hours,as well as,dark so that will refreeze also.

      Freeze wet a sponge take it out and drip water on it,thats, the Ohio Valley drainage Basin today,thursday the possible actuality,is,big rain events right up the valley. “not so good.”

      Stay tuned to NWS/NOAA Paducah this week those guys will stay on this situation. Heck you already funded them. So.

      “More bang for your buck”

        • “The load in search of an audience.”

          Your posts are definitely not as long as Visitors but neither are they as impressive.

          We not only have the NWS/NOAA Paducah information on the CCO because of Vis but we also have the in-depth reason for it if inquiring minds want to know.

          Which I do.

          I can live without your opinions for most suck, but I hope Visitor keeps informing.


  2. The editor knows full well it isn’t underage citations causing the redaction’s, as they have been happening on and off for weeks now. Also, it’s the victims being redacted and not the arrested who still show up fully at the bottom of the page. My best guess as to why, is that these reports show up on Google searches and the EPD has been getting an ear full from some of the more sensitive victims.

  3. And by “sensitive victims” I do not mean victims of rape or sexual assaults as those are redacted anyway. I mean those who may have laid down with dogs and gotten fleas and know regret when the story associated with their name comes to light through search engines.

    • Sounds to me like a byproduct of people caring more about what other people think of them than doing what is right in the first place. As far as i am concerned it is their own fault that their names show up in a negative light in google searches. Others work very hard to make sure that their names show up in a positive light in the same searches.

      Let it serve as motivation for these folks to get their acts together. I am glad the CCO posts these records. As a homeowner I hate to see it but definitely would rather know if my neighbor down the street is cooking meth or beating his wife and children. It helps me take proactive steps towards my ensuring my safety where i SHOULD feel safest, even if that means sticking a “for sale” sign out front.

  4. I have been suprised that the CCO has been silent (unless I missed it) on the shenanigans of Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne regarding relocating Interstate 69…especially given the fact that a rather terse and heated meeting occured last Thursday in Winnecke’s office between the two mayors.

    While there is a snowballs chance down there that Payne will get any traction with this, it could have serious implications on future cooperation between the cities on regional issues.

    • The Mayor of Owensboro is tilting at windmills. I-69 was put on the drawing board during the Eisenhower administration and only took 48 years to get started. There is so much work already done that it is not feasible to even think of moving it. I am very surprised that the Mayor of Evansville would do anything but laugh at the old coot.

      • No, Ron Payne is kicking tail and taking names. It puts a huge smile on my face to watch the local power elites cringe and squirm. The C&P is in their war room over this.

        I sure hope Ron can pull this off but it will be a long road to sow. He’s an incredible mayor and one that actually has talent and competence.

        Building an unneeded redundant bridge for MULTI BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Now that is tilting at windmills.

        • Seriously,

          How on earth can you justify Indiana spending millions on a new terrain road from Washington to Owensboro, when the road is alread COMPLETED from Evansville to Washington? Linking Evansville-Henderson to Indy is wasteful, but re-routing a highway 100 miles or more out of the way to serve a city the size of Owensboro isn’t?

          Are you aware that the Evansville-Henderson metro is the largest on both the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to have a single bridge crossing..not to mention the age these spans are getting to.

          69 is already built and another crossing is badly needed. Get over your bitterness and realize Ron Payne is a senile old coot looking for re-election.

          • You guys calling ppl bitter just bc they don’t jump on board with these yes man boondoggles is running out of steam. I’ve been against I69 from the word go. I don’t like 67 either but it makes more sense and would stop the sprawl hemmoraging here.

            Owensboro to Washington would not be all new terrain. Most would be interchange upgrades along 231. The bridge here is nearly a billion and a half in yesterday figures. It’s a waste . Let the private sector build it and toll it.

          • You’re against I69 because you want high-speed rail. With that being said, you should be more opposed to moving it to Owensboro. That would be a true waste of taxpayer money. Evansville is the hub of this region and will most likely hold that designation for most of our lives. Even if millions had not already been spent on I69, it doesn’t make sense to build an interstate highway through the region and not directly serve the hub city. I don’t blame Mayor Payne for trying but he is too late by several years. If I were him, I would be advocating for I-67 now.

          • No I’m against anything phyllip supposedly stands for bc like the rest it’s just a regirgatation of what the city is saying. In fact I even pulled the map out of this boondoggle right in front of you at BDubs and that was when ole phyllip decided to pull out, the trivia pursuit game and act like it didn’t even exist. Every independent study has confirmed this is a waste. And trying to someone how say a route with a bridge already built and a basic road already laid out costs more isn’t correct either .

            The evv illumanati bullied Terre haute and Bloomington. But guess what, what goes around comes around.

          • I was hoping to be able to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat with you and enjoy myself. I was kind of surprised that you brought a pile of research to the restaurant. I enjoy playing the trivia game there and I was more interested in that than looking at your “empirical data”. Do you find it odd that you know more than everyone else that is involved with all of these projects? You know more than everyone that worked on I-69. You are more knowledgeable than anyone that worked on the Roberts Stadium/Ford Center project. All of these highly educated people working on these projects must have wasted thousands of dollars on their advanced degrees and wasted countless hours of their lives because Jordan Baer knows more than they do and that’s without the experience and education that is directly correlated to these matters. It becomes more and more obvious that you are bitter when your pet projects and/or dreams do not come to fruition. Judging by the repetitive nature of your posts: You wanted Roberts Stadium to remain, so you are against anything positive happening at Ford Center and you are against UE because they didn’t fight to stay in an old arena. You are against highways because you have a dream of the world becoming this high-speed rail utopia. I’m not a yes man. I don’t the ability to give any of these projects a up or down vote. I am a realist. Instead of harboring resentments and wishing doom to everything that I don’t agree with, I’d rather keep the ball moving in a positive direction. I contribute when and where I can and if something happens that I don’t agree with, I just don’t contribute my time, money or effort towards those things. Do you think that posting hateful messages on the boards of CCO is going to help you or our city accomplish anything? No. It just strokes your ego to sit with a bunch of other haters and feel like your part of something.

          • Furthermore, what do you mean by “stand for”? This is not some epic battle between good and evil. This is local politics and in 20 years no one will know your name or my name. Roberts Stadium or Ford Center, in the big picture of life, do either of them matter. I stand for things like improving the community through volunteering with our local non-profits. I stand for food drives to feed the hungry because I remember going to food pantries with my mom when I was a kid. I stand for mentoring our kids because I don’t want them to make the same stupid decisions that I did growing up. I stand for spending time with my family; having good relationships with my kids’ teachers and coaching their extra-curricular activities. I stand for contributing where I can to make this community better for the next generation. All of the crap that we argue about on here does not matter in the long run. None of our posts on CCO, Facebook or C&P will be part of our eulogies. You can tell yourself that it does, but that’s just your ego wanting to make yourself feel more important than you really are in the grand scheme of this world. You can stand against me, beside me or behind me. I’m just going to keep being me regardless of what other people think.

          • Here’s where I’ve gotten myself into trouble in the past because I’m going to get on the crazy train with you and imagine this bullying conversation between the Evansville Illuminati and Bloomington/Terre Haute…

            In my 1940’s gangster voice:
            “Look here see… we’re looking to make an interstate see…and it’s going to go the most direct route possible see…That’s the way it’s gonna be Terre Haute or my boys are gonna visit you see…it’s direct from Evansville to Indianapolis or you’re gonna get the baseball bat to the kneecaps.”

            Does that sound about right? I heard that Bob Jones knows where Hoffa is buried. Is it true?

          • @ Phyllip. You’re saying I’m posting hateful posts towards you? If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black what is. I called you a yes man, that’s not hateful, it’s just a way of life. If that’s what you want to be then be it, but don’t come on here and try denying it because you can’t.

            Secondly, let’s just correct a few of your beliefs that seem to have been formed while you were in round 3 of trivia pursuit…

            – You claiming that these projects have somehow got experts working on them to craft a plan that is the best possible just shows your ignorance. You obviously don’t know the story about Troy Woodruff, and you’re going to tell me the ball fields site was selected by best available instead of best politically avaible? Same with the LST?

            – I’m against everything at the FC? When did I drop my support for the Icemen, please enlighten me. The movement against Roberts did not come from the Ford Center, it came from the Civic Center

            – So I don’t like the Aces, big deal. I wanted them to play in an old arena? You do realize the entire arena except for two brick walls and the roof beams is from 1990 not 1956 right (Let me guess, you’ve got the trivia pursuit out already).

            You can twist, mask, do whatever you want to try to say you’re not a yes man, but you are. And this notion that that’s getting you any farther in life is a fallacy. I don’t see you getting funds for the cemeteries (I did see you trying to egg on some ambush that never happened) and I don’t see you getting anywhere with housing blight.

            I find it rather ironic that you keep questioning my education when one of us graduated from a flagship university while the other did not. And not only that, I had to go my last two years without a textbook. If I can do it, no reason you couldn’t either.

            Overall, you’re a great person. You help people in need and you get stay on it. But politically people like you are killing this town. I have been consistently against this road from day one, you would be too if all of a sudden the city decided to let it go to O-boro, where it belongs.

        • I67 or I guess what they want as I69 would be a travesty. Tell the Jasper folks that want an interstate they can get f***ed.

          • Tom, Tom, Tom.

            Not cool dude. Jasper is a nice town.

            No matter what you think of I69 I think a spur from I69 to Jasper would be a great idea.

            Anywho, I was TOTALLY against I69, but if it is going to be built it should come through Evansville. A billion dollar bridge cutting right by Audobon Park doesn’t exactly thrill me though.

            What’s Winnecke’s plan for taking advantage of I69??? Sounds like nothing, just unregulated haphazard growth.

            Do we want to be something more than a truckstop, a place to stop and get a sandwich and use the facilities??

            Effingham Illinois here we come.

        • Ha! No, Ron got his tail kicked and his name taken. You got that backwards, as usual.

          INDOT and KYTC have told him to forget it, the reroute isn’t happening. Hell, KYTC is already spending the money to bring the Pennyrile up to spec between Henderson and Madisonville THIS YEAR, so Payne is not just a little too late to stop it, he’s looking more the fool by pressing the point.

          About the only person who might have any pull in the mayor’s corner at this point is Sen. Rand Paul, but I’m sure he’s too busy finding a TV camera to preen in front of to bother with this, despite him saying he’d look into it if asked.

          • There is no way Rand Paul is going to do one thing about this. He represents all of KY, which includes Henderson and Madisonville.

            I don’t understand all of his bluster. When this is done, Owensboro will end up with a nice, 20 mile, 3 digit interstate connecting it to the grid. The same arrangement that has served Evansville well for over 20 years.

          • Mayor W. is going to fight like the dickens to get that bridge built right through downtown. There will be an off-ramp to the Ford Center, Hotel and Medical School.

          • So the state and feds are going to come up with what will probably balloon upwards of $2 billion for a bridge because they already spent roughly $34 mil on parkway upgrades?

            You’ll win the battle to keep I-69, but the bridge isn’t happening anytime soon.

          • Forget about the parkway ugrades, or even the completion of 69 in Indiana. You still haven’t addressed the need for a second bridge crossing in the EVV-Hendo metro.

            The way my inferior intellect sees it, we have a metro of over 400k, divided by a river, with a SINGLE bridge crossing. One span is closing in on 100 years, and the other is over 50. They have high traffic volumes, are too narrow, and the roadways leading to them are dangerous. How many morons try to cross 41 traffic by turning on Waterworks road every day? What’s your solution, a bicycle ferry?

            Owensboro’s 2nd bridge to nowhere is fine, but addressing the needs here is wasteful? Go take a drive along 231 and come back and drive 41, then report on your traffic findings.

            I live on the Indiana side, and don’t cross all that often. This will help Henderson way more than Evansville. I would guess many more Hendersonians cross into Evansville to work and shop than vise-versa. Easier access may also help Henderson grow at Evansville’s expense. Living on that side of the river to escape taxes and Vectren’s gouging becomes alot more attractive if you know you have options to get across.

            You have done some nice things, particularly on the cemeteries, but, run down stadiums and crumbling bridges don’t lead to growth.

          • “we have a metro of over 400k”

            And Henderson doesn’t even have 30k. Don’t get me wrong, I too would think there would be a mass exodus to the land of cheap cigs and energy but it’s just not happening. Henderson is growing but it’s not something that would even compare to O-boro.

            “One span is closing in on 100 years, and the other is over 50. They have high traffic volumes”

            And how does building a third bridge fix these two? The same way this interstate suddenly made 41 less of a death trap? That just doesn’t make sense to say these things are crumbling and then add to your inventory instead of replace or repair.

            “Owensboro’s 2nd bridge to nowhere is fine, but addressing the needs here is wasteful? Go take a drive along 231 and come back and drive 41, then report on your traffic findings.”

            It’s not a bridge to nowhere although I wouldn’t have supported its construction w/o some sort of goal of making it an interstate. It’s already built and paid for and it erases a multi billion problem.

            “You have done some nice things, particularly on the cemeteries, but, run down stadiums and crumbling bridges don’t lead to growth.”

            A run down stadium? I’m glad you didn’t try claiming it had structural damage, but if you think that’s run down, 3/4s of the city would have to be on your demo list. Arguing for the construction of a new arena with triple the roof support and nearly 150% the amount of luxury amenities to retain and attract top notch concerts, minor league hockey, and an anchor for a rebuilt downtown is fine with me. It’s something I’ve supported from day 1. I have long been an advocate for Downtown and the new arena. I showed up at all the ground breaking ceremonies and have gone to all the events except the concerts which are just too expensive for me, not to mention I haven’t been to a concert since Garth in 93.

            But it’s quite another to claim that we have a functionally obsolete facility that was not better served to host DII tournaments, small minor league orgs, and trade shows that will never be able to afford downtown. In fact, how many more Guns N Hoses events would there be with a proper facility? If you really dig into the situation you’ll see One Size DOESN’T Fit ALL.

            As for the bridge, by all means go for it. But there’s no reason it shouldn’t be tolled as originally proposed by Daniels. And I really don’t understand how it seems that everyone from all sides of the issue admits that 41 and its bridges needs work, but somehow building a completely new terrain interstate and bridge while leaving the status quo intact changes this. It doesn’t it makes it worse and the amount of sprawl that has shifted from downtown to the east side is absolutely positively killing Evv.

            That’s my opinion. It’s certainly in the minority, but it’s just what I think.

          • Also, I DEFINITELY respect what you’re saying although I may not agree with it. You are definitely giving reasons with facts and details to back it up. That I can always respect.

            What I don’t like is when people just come on here and support these things because it’s what the city power elitists are pushing for. Most cities have too many chiefs and not enough Indians. We are the rare exception of having too many Indians and not enough chiefs.

            We need more widespread debates on all capital improvement projects. We have plenty of people saying yay or nay in general but not enough really diving into where and how they should be built. That’s what I’d like to see changed.

        • The ironic thing about this is that if they would have went with 41 right outside of downtown, Owensboro would not be in the picture today whether they went 41-70 to Indy or 41, 231 to bloomington and then 37. They shot themselves in the foot with this new terrain that is completely redundant all the way up Washington, not to mention inferior access to rail, port, and air as 41.

      • Several of the large corperate concerns in and around Owensboro, Ky, Dubois County, and points in between have provided funding for a report that economically supports investment in I67. Originally, they wanted to extend 231, but were told funding would be more likely if they went with an interstate designation. My guess is that Mayor Payne knew he was wasting his time, but is trying to position a future push for I67 funding.

        • If this is truly the case, I don’t understand the diversion. He should strike while the iron is hot. If all of this money is already being spent for I-69, he should try to piggyback the I-67 project with it instead of fighting against the current route of I-69. The course that he is currently on is making him look like a fool. If I were him, I would congratulate everyone on the I-69 project to gain their favor and support and try to change the plan to a two-phase project. Phase one is I-69. Phase two is I-67.

          • First of all, I don’t disagree that his actions are a bit over the top. There are two reasons for my speculation. 1. I can’t imagine that the mayor of a relatively large (for Ky), successful community would be so politically tone deaf, or arrogant, to think he could singlehandedly change the route of an interstate that has been on the books for so long, this late in the game. 2. If the group is going after grant money for additional studies etc., they may have to check the box stating there is no way they can piggyback on I69.

            I hope I am not giving the mayor too much credit.

          • WZ, I’m just grasping at straws. My opinion of Mayor Payne has been high. The improvements that Owensboro has made to their community is enviable, in spite of the fact that they raised taxes to do it. I just can’t find a logical reason for him to be pushing this idea when the decision on I-69 has already been made and a large part of the money is already spent. His idea is a fool’s errand at this stage in the process.

        • I would think that Payne could push for 67 without alienating his regional counterparts in Henderson, Madisonville and Evansville.

          Burning the bridges of your neighbors is foolish regardless of the reason.

          • I agree 100%. There’s not a logical reason for it. Pandering to his constituents to get votes? Showing them that he’s always thinking of ways to improve the city?

          • I can assure you that a great many folks here in Owensboro feel the same as those in Evansville about this. We’ve gone this long without an interstate, we can last a while longer. It makes no sense to waste what INDOT and KYTC already have on the books to satisfy the ravings of one man.

  5. Only two places on earth where Volkswagen has non-union plants is Tennessee and China. Where next?

    • You bring up a great point. He’d be the next reality tv show star like joe the tax evader unlicensed plumber political plant if he’d said such a thing to Obama. Hell, he could be the keynote speaker at the rnc.

    • You’re spot on. The workers at VW are apparently more aware of how the UAW operates than the German managers. Germans do not understand Americans, the UAW or the American work ethic. VW should have learned a lesson from Mercedes and their entrance into the American Automotive Industry with Chrysler. The German stockholders are still beating up Mercedes over that move. The UAW agreed to policies with VW that are entirely different from the former Big 3. Glad to see the republicans come out against the UAW and their thug tactics and record of criminal activities.

    • Unless you are drinking or getting high during work hours – then they union will bail you out.

      • It is not all roses with Unions doing the right thing. From what I can tell Unions do their best to to keep vagabonds, drug dealers, etc,etc on their payroll. Its only when the contract enumerates what punishment the offender should get is any real action taken. Even then, employers are often forced by Unions to rehire such individuals;

        Had you done just a modicum of research you would find union workers getting drunk at work fired and then reinstated, teachers selling drugs getting only a five day suspension and the list goes on;

        So a Union worker gets caught five times selling drugs while at work and the employer is forced to hire them back? There is only one word for that; bullshit.

  6. BigPappa says:

    February 18, 2014 at 9:32 pm

    Mayor W. is going to fight like the dickens to get that bridge built right through downtown. There will be an off-ramp to the Ford Center, Hotel and Medical School


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