IS IT TRUE February 17, 2014

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IS IT TRUE we are still wondering why the Indiana State Board of Accounts hasn’t released the 2012 City of Evansville audit?…the Indiana State Board of Accounts promised city officials that the 2012 audit of the city books would be released during November of 2013?…there are only a couple of reasons that an audit that before the last year of the Weinzapfel Administration had routinely been completed by late summer could be running into the following year?…one of those reasons could be that the SBOA has lost its ability to function just like the City of Evansville did back in 2011?…the other reason is that the SBOA is massaging its words describing yet another cloud of mystery audit so as not to make the City of Evansville look like stooges?…it is also possible that the derogatory remarks are so bad and so numerous that it really is taking this long to sort them out?…the one thing that does not seem possible is a clean audit with no conditional statements associated with it?

IS IT TRUE the IRS has ruled that same sex marriage couples now can file joint income tax returns?…this ruling alone renders the recent gyrations of the State of Indiana moot in the court known as the law of the land?…Indiana has too many real issues to divert the attention of the state legislature onto things that will be struck down at the federal level?…the same goes for the City of Evansville’s smoking ordinance which most people knew was heading for a loss at the Supreme Court for allowing an exemption for one place that pays lots of taxes?…recent history would indicate that Evansville and Indiana are bullheaded to the point of intentional ignorance?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO was informed that political candidates or groups who don’t file their campaign finance report with the County Election Office by January 15 could possibly be fined $50 per day late filing penalty?…the list of offenders that we recently published is a great opportunity for some pretty large fines to be levied against some local candidates who failed to file?…at $50 a day each of these candidates who are responsible for filing on time is on the hook for $1,600?…it will be interesting to see if those in authority will have the courage to enforce the penalty clause of this law against this rogues gallery?  Listed below in the Community-Education-Entertainment  section is the article concerning the lists of “Non Compliance of Political Campaigns” reports for your review.

IS IT TRUE the University of Evansville Aces attracted an official crowd of 8,802 fans to the Ford Center yesterday to see them play the #2 ranked and undefeated Wichita State Shockers?…the Aces maintained a lead until midway through the first half but kept it close until late in the game before falling by a score of 84 – 68?…it was a good game either from the stands or from the couch and was nationally televised?…if Butler can make the NCAA Championship twice and Wichita State can not only make the final four but sit within one possession of the number 1 ranking in the country, the Aces can achieve such success too?…it will be interesting to see if conservatism and fear will keep them from ever doing so?

IS IT TRUE as the assertion of “RIGHTS” has dominated much discussion recently it was worth once again examining the federal document known as “THE BILL OF RIGHTS”?…of all that is declared as a right by the constitution all either deal with basic freedoms like religion, speech, the press, and bearing arms none of them in any instance or implication give one person any right that infringes on another person’s right?…it is also clear that all of the RIGHTS granted to us as citizens of the United States of America are FREE OF DIRECT COST?…that is to say that no one’s RIGHT is granted to them at the financial expense of someone else?…that should be kept in mind when social programs that have been adopted by our congress are asserted as RIGHTS which they clearly are not and were never meant to be?…the thing that the authors of the BILL OF RIGHTS were very clear about and dedicated six articles to had to do with federal intrusion on day to day life, unreasonable search and seizure, and the process of trial?


  1. Can people cohabiting file joint tax returns? Can two sisters living together file joint tax returns? Maybe with this change they can, but if it is only opened up to same sex couples, then it is the inequality just like giving the casino special status.

    Further more, since when does the DOJ or IRS write the laws?

    Step back from the same sex marriage issue and these are problems that would normally concern us if they were occurring in other areas.

    • For years I have read your backward comments on here and the C&P. Don’t you have anything better to do that hate on gays on local comment boards? It’s really sad.

      • Ho was anything I said hateful? Oh, I get, there is only one point of view allowed.

      • Apparently some people don’t know the difference in “ignoring” and “censorship”, and need to look it up.

        • Apparently some people don’t know the difference between ignoring someone and trying to get other people to ignore a person, censorship.

          Of course I have yet to actually be ignored by you, unless you call your arrogance in trying to control ignoring.

          You’re dismissed.

      • IE has a point. Forget about your feelings on gay marriage a minute and examine what he is saying. The truth is, the government should not be involved in promoting ANY form of union, including traditional heterosexual marriages. The fact that our tax structure has done so for so long is an inequality in itself. It promotes marriage as a lifestyle to the detriment of those who choose to remain single longer in life.

        The answer to ALL of this to forbid government at any level from having a say in our personal affairs. We should be treated as individuals before the law. With the possible exception of disallowing courts to force spouses to testify, there should be no laws either promoting marriage or discourage marriage.

        • Government needs to get out of the marriage business. It should have never been the government’s business. In my opinion, marriage is a religious ceremony and it is unconstitutional for the government to regulate religious ceremonies. That’s also my basis in saying that marriage is not a right as so many are arguing. With the exception of the 2nd Ammendment, I can’t think of any rights that are controlled by the government to the point that you are taxed to exercise the right. I believe in the Biblical definition of marriage being a union of one man and one woman and I don’t need the government to intervene to back my beliefs. If people want same-sex marriages and authorities that are sanctioned to perform marriages are willing to do the ceremony, then so be it.

          • LOL the only time I see you guys together on anything is on my Facebook’s friends list.

            Maybe there’s hope for me and LKB.

    • You are absolutely right in what you say. It’s past time to re define relationships and what family really is. The liberal haters are out today in force. Anything one says that a liberal disagrees with is sexist, racist or some such ist. The liberals are making the big deal about same sex marriage, most conservatives don’t care. I have a friend who was in a same sex marriage for years until his divorce.

  2. Some time ago I said that with the current approach to same sex marriage that states would have to legalize discrimination. Kansas actually considered doing just that.

    Is it right that a baker should be facing a year in jail for declining to bake a wedding cake for as same sex couple in a state that defines marriage as one man and one woman but provides for civil unions?

    Indiana needs to pass a simple definition of marriage and provide for domestic partnerships or be the first state to not issue marriage licenses to anyone.

    State needs to slow down on voucher program
    Latest News

    Friday, February 14, 2014 – 12:01 am
    Research is mixed on the need for preschool for 4-year-olds.

    As a strong supporter of the concept of education vouchers – giving more parents more educational choices seems like a good idea – we have nevertheless urged the state more than once to slow down a little. Indiana already has the biggest voucher system in the country, and officials ought to study the effects of what they’ve done so far before they add to it.

    It has been discovered, for example, that roughly 40 percent of the students who received vouchers for the 2013-14 school year were already enrolled in private schools and had, in fact, never been enrolled in public schools. Since the state purpose of vouchers was to let parents of children trapped in bad public schools escape the system, this would seem to be an unintended consequence that ought to be addressed. Might there be others?

    But the General Assembly’s Republican majorities, spurred on by Republican Gov. Mike Pence, seem intent on plowing ahead. They want to add more students to the more than 19,000 already receiving vouchers including preschool children in a vie-county pilot program. Up to 1,000 low-income children a year might be affect starting in 2015.

    Hoosier Republicans are not alone in their sudden passion for pre-K programs. The Associated Press reports that Republican governors and legislators who now control a majority of state capitols are pumping millions of dollars into preschool even as they seek to otherwise aggressively cut spending and shrink government.

    State funding to help families afford preschool plunged a couple of years ago because of the lingering effects of the recession. But it has surged back and is now $400 million higher than before the economic downturn, according to the Education Commission for the States. This year, funding has risen in 30 of the 40 states that provide preschool aid.

    This preschool push is unfortunately coming at a time when there are growing doubts about the effectiveness of pre-K programs for 4-year-olds. Some research suggests that any academic gains from preschool vanish by about the 5th grade. But some studies say there are other signs of success – higher high school graduation rates for those with preschool experience, for example.

    To merely cherry-pick the good reports about preschool and ignore the ones casting doubt is being reckless with taxpayers’ money and our children’s future. To do it by adding to a voucher program whose effectiveness can also be questioned is being really irresponsible.

    Hoosiers deserve better than this from their lawmakers – they really do.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Head Start’s 2014 budget set at $8.6 billion

    Does the right hand have any idea of what the left hand is doing in the Indiana government?

    • I have no problem pumping money into private education. Property tax pays for most education in Indiana so we should have more choices in the education system. I noticed a few days ago the Athena Award went to the principal of Bosse and former principal of Glenwood Academy, both are failing schools. I find no reason to support public education. When I pay my property tax I also realize I’m making a donation to the democrat party.

    • Sorry, I should have stated that this is from The Ft. Wayne


  4. IIT… “recent history would indicate that Evansville and Indiana are bullheaded to the point of intentional ignorance?”

    Bing-O, CCO! We have much more important things to deal with here, and so much time and energy is spent on the less important issues that the more important ones grow further out of control by the day. Wake up, people! We’ve got a City on life-support here!

    • No kidding. Look up The US code 3331 Oath of office,read the Constitution, and viola,the problem in your area,is apparent.

      I’ve taken the Oaths before to serve the country,when I thought of its “citizens”. I found no piece of a division of ones beliefs,just “citizens” standing behind the line I defended.
      Just “citizens”,and the Constitution of the United States of America.
      Maybe I missed something,is someones cause,really a clause?

      • They won’t read it. No oath of office in this country of which I am aware states the upholding of a political faction. They all require the upholding of the Constitution in other words it is the law of the land and no other law usurps or trumps.

        While they are reading this perhaps they will read this cut and paste;

        “An individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services, shall take the following oath: “I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” This section does not affect other oaths required by law. “

        • So if the President takes that oath and then proceeds to trample the constitution he has taken an oath to defend the Constitution from himself. Don’t hold your breath for the Pen & Phone Wielder in Chief to make such defenses.

          • The President does not take the US Code 3331 oath as it plainly says, “… except the President, …”.

            The oath taken by the President reads slightly different than US Code 3331. The Founding Fathers considered the relevancy and the importance of the a President adhering to the principles laid out in our Constitution they made it part of the Constitution and is found in Article II Section 1;

            “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

            In my view much of Obama’s actions do not adhere to that oath.

            • “to the best of his ability” That says allot. A pathological liar does not have the ability to tell the truth thus President Obama is doing his best by lying his ass off nearly every time he opens his mouth. I get the feeling he doesn’t even know a lie from the truth when it springs from his lips.

              Reminds me of that Jim Carey movie “Liar, Liar” when he can no longer practice law because he can’t lie. They need to make a new movie about pathologically lying presidents and their ability to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution while enjoying complete indifference for truth.

          • I love watching you guys lose your stuff and project your crud onto Obama. HOW DARE that uppity Obama exercise the powers and rights given to him in the constitution via the electorate.

            LOL. What’s he done? Increase the minimum wage on Federal contracts?


            Doesn’t Obama know that rich white people are the masters of the universe? Man that Obama better turn down his rap music and walk on the opposite side of the street from white people and give way to the white lady!!!! Show some respect!!


            ♫ Same as it ever was ♪

      • If this concern about up holding the US Constitution was such a concern, then what about the lack of enforcement of ACA? Pot meet kettle. Amazing what people choose to think the government needs to focus on enforcing if it meets and furthers their political goals.

        By the way we live in a Federal Republic. The SCOTUS ruling about marriage between homosexual couple, which overruled DOMA, was based on the ability of a state to define marriage, it is a state right. If state approves it, the federal government has to recognise it as well. This is why the IRS is allowing married filing jointly for gay couples in states where it is legal. This should not be confused as the IRS allowing this filing status for any gay couple cohabitating. Nor can one infer that the SCOTUS will rule from sea to shining sea that the federal government can override a state’s decision to not allow gay marriage from the DOMA ruling which precipitated this IRS change.

        • Thanks for the reasonable Cdad. You’re right, the federal government should recognize what states identify as legal. Holder, however, has recognized the marriages performed in Utah which are under review by the court. He is essentially going around a state and the SCOTUS and declaring them legal unions.

          To me the whole issue is becoming inherently unfair which is why I support defining marriage as between one man and one woman and creating domestic partnerships.

  5. The City’s books are not reconciled, they were plugged, as Russell Lloyd and the big dude from Umbaugh cannot document huge entries ($ 7 or $ 8 Million variety).

    That is the household equivalent of your wife saying she just couldn’t figure out your joint checking account this month, and just went ahead and adjusted it down by $ 9,000 to “match the bank”.

    “Honey. . . I still love you . . . but are your OUT YOUR MIND ?”

      • (sorry)


        The ‘plug’ thing came up at a City Council meeting I watched, and Russell Lloyd said something to the effect like “how would you like it if someone accused you of plugging the bank recs”. Not exactly the rousing rebuttal I would have hoped for.

        Republican governor, they’ll probably give the local yokels as much rope (time) as they can to hang themselves; at the end of the day, I don’t see SBOA implicating themselves by looking the other way. If they do, I expect even heightened scrutiny.

        A second disclaimer of opinion in a row would hurt the bond ratings, but hey folks: ya gots to call em likes ya sees um.

  6. Wichita State game at the Ford Center was GREAT. Classy fans who applauded both the Aces as well as the Shockers at the end.

    UE had some really good moments (especially the big Center), but just too much depth in the Shockers roster. Very impressed with Shockers two sophomore guards, Van Vleet and especilly Ron Baxter.

    I don’t know if the Shockers can go all the way, but I wish them luck !

  7. SBOA having a time figuring where the the MONEY is?
    Where the MONEY went?

    The lateness of the Audit, makes you wonder? Is the time required to complete checking with Off-shore, or Swiss banks, causing the delay?

    • I’m guessing that, to parody the Robert Palmer song, “The Ford Center’s so fine, there’s no telling where the money went.”

        • I couldn’t help myself! Sorry for all of the musical hauntings people are suffering, but it just seemed to fit so well.

        • Probably a lot of really pretty identical brunettes all dancing to the music ! I am a long-dead baseball player, and that’s what’s on my mind right now !

      • So Mayor W. and the rest of the royal court at 1 MLK Palace is “gonna have to face it, they’re addicted to pork”.

    • Crash,

      Remember last year when a C&P Reporter wrote a column stating that there was a ‘pall’ over Evansville ? I think he hit the nail on the head, and the ‘pall’ is the fact that everything City government does has a whiff of fraud, embezzlement, insider trading associated with it.

      The lateness of the State’s report is a concern to me, and deserves much more reportage. Until the ‘pall’ is removed, this City will continue to be a laggard. Just like Detroit: every Capital Works project costs more due to bribes/political contributions, the citizens grow either jaded or apathetic, business moves out, crime and drugs move in, game over.

      • I have seen a lot posts regarding the lateness of the city SBOA audit. I don’t know whether or not they have uncovered any fraud, but I do know that the SBOA changed the way annual reports were filed last year, and some of the delays have been a direct result of those changes. I don’t know if Evansville itself was affected, but smaller municipal entities like school boards, etc. have been delayed, and the auditors have had to spend a lot more time than usual on those audits.

        • Winston Z.,

          None of the work performed by the SBOA is designed to detect fraud. That is a common misconception by the public.

          When the SBOA audited the Ford Center Construction, their ‘Review’ was merely to look at the things both the City and Council asked them to look at. Not a single bullet point to look for fraud.

          Then Admin. manipulators like Steve Schaefer and politicians like Dan McGinn take the completed SBOA Review, stand up and say ” See, no fraud. Let’s move along . . . “. That’s just wrong.

          Also Winston, not sure about your comment on new annual reports ? Any more details ?

          • Didn’t quite state the first part of my post effectively. I was involved with a small municipal entity a couple of years ago, and because of the position I held, I was invited to an exit review with the auditor. The review was about a year behind schedule, because the SBOA had changed the reporting method, requiring each entity to use new software. The program was designed for a specific type of entity, and was not translating well into the “one size fits all” approach required by the SBOA. Don’t really know the details of the reporting software, I just know that was the auditor’s explanation.

        • I don’t know how the November date came to be a deadline. I have spoken with an informed person on it and I was told that the November date was arbitrarily picked out of thin air. Most everyone believes that there will be no problems for Evansville.

          • I think the October/November time frame is more about keeping with tradition than it is about a deadline.

            By the way the last two audits have had problems. The real interesting thing is how the 2012 could get anyone’s blessing when it started out with numbers that had conditional statements all over them.

            The skunked books whether people like it or not were handed to Mayor Winnecke and Russ by the Weinzapfel Administration.

          • Have you looked at the books yourself Phyllip ? “Most everyone believes there will be no problems”. Might want to expand your circle of acquaintances. Did you talk to the control group for Wayne Parke’s survey on Mayor ??

            • I heard downtown over the weekend that Winnecke sent out a mailer jabbing Weinzapfel for the “mess” he inherited with the books. That mailer may just be a precursor to a coming bad audit. Anyone else heard or seen this mailer?

          • Ace Purple,

            Yes, I heard about Winnecke calling the 2011 financials carried forward into the new administration ” a mess”.

            However, correct me if I’m wrong: didn’t Winnecke crucify John Friend for saying exactly the same thing ? If I recall, Friend was trying to assuage Russ Lloyd’s collapse by saying ” you inherited a mess”.

            • Indeed he did. He did everything but get on his knees and give Weinzapfel a thrill. Do you think Winnecke is wising up or has he finally started feeling the political heat. Or maybe the 2015 campaign is starting. I love it. Winnecke and Friend competing to take a bat to Weinzapfel.

          • I pity the last several administrations. They have all been fixated on the rebirth of downtown. Downtown has been dead since they destroyed Main Street with the location of the civic center. In order to cure the problem, they have incrementally invested what, around a half billion dollars? They have no parking, it’s a pain to get anywhere, and there is not really any uniquely downtown “vibe”. Why they didn’t develop the riverfront is beyond me. The arena could be nice if it were elsewhere. Now LW is on the hook to take care of the hotel. That should have been done up front, but again, incremental investment is going to contribute to more mess. I don’t think there has been any real fraud, just absolute incompetence and continued abuse of a dead horse.

          • Ace Purple:

            Winnecke and Friend competing to take a bat to Weinzapfel ?

            In the trade, we call that a ‘Win/Win Scenario’ !

  8. Those against same-sex marriage have been justifiably smacked around so regularly lately by the people and the courts that they’ve raised the white flag. Ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Ready to trash the very institution they claim to so cherish – marriage. Why, just yesterday it was the bedrock foundation of our society. If they can’t own it and make the rules, do away with it. Seems simple enough. Simple begets simple.

    • I just heard the news that the NV Attorney General is no longer going to defend that state’s ban on same-sex marriage. The dominoes keep falling!

      • Crazy Mike Delph is still flailing about, striking out wildly at gay marriage. Trying to foster more pandermonium (ho, ho, ho [sp]) in the statehouse. Crazy Mike wants the civil unions ban back in that dead amendment but doesn’t have the votes. He is now apparently becoming a pariah in his own party. He is one hot sucker. A real piece of work. This is what passes for a legislator in Indiana.

        • He really has cornered the “crazy” market on this subject. Carmel used to have people who are smarter than to elect a nut like him.

        • The travesty has been passed by the Senate. At least Vaneta Becker voted against the GOP caucus. I am grateful to her for that. Tomes and Delph may well be the biggest embarrassments in IN, and that is saying a lot.

          • I too thank Vaneta Becker for making a sound choice.

            Tomes greatly saddens me. He seems to live in the past and responds only to backward thinking Hoosiers on every bill or idea that comes up. And I will say no more on that.

            Mr. Delph on the other hand is living in another world that I didn’t think was located in or near Carmel and I have been to Carmel many times.

          • Becker should be commended for not cowering to the extremists and voting with her conscience.

        • I didn’t really suggest following NV. Indiana would have to get a better AG than the one we have now.
          I was just pointing out that the saner states with bans on same-sex marriage are climbing off the crazy train.

        • The debate on inserting civil unions back into that piece of bigotry is interesting and going on now in the Indiana Senate. Good lucid points being made against it, religious points being made for it. Current senator/speaker wants to be able to tell God he ‘took to the mike in the Indiana Senate’ to rail against same sex marriage.

          Any illegal crap that ends up in the Indiana constitution will be summarily trumped by the federal constitution.

          • Bandana: If one believes as one was taught the current speaker is wasting lots words,and, useful timing needed to address some compounding and “real” costly infrastructure problems today due the “Changed climates”. Its,fluff debate. The actual substance gained from it, is worthless, and costly to the average Hoosier citizen.

            Its always been my understanding that One doesn’t have to “tell” God anything. So.
            In that taken,like I’ve said before and firmly believe,the show “Some” put on on Sunday is more than likely a just and earthbound rerun presentation from a previous,Observation.

            That goes for the time wasted on the issue at hand in Your State House Leadership,as well.
            Just another voodoo tax needle availability for sticking into the poor ole tax cupies.

            “omnes una manet nox”

            “The same night awaits us all” (Horace)

  9. I saw Airhead, Shamu, and Cowabunga hanging around the Utility Office last week. Russ tells me that there are no CPA’s on the assignment this time. I think that is what the problem is. The State Board is incompetent.

    • Wow, if State Board incompetent; and City Controller’s office incompetent; this Audit could conceivably get lapped –i.e., the 2012 extends beyond the 2013’s timeframe.

      Also Hans, what is Russ’ nickname ? Captain Assets ? Mr. Excitement ?

    • Since it’s not surfing weather, I bet that Cowabunga is spending his time polishing the audit report instead of his surf board.

  10. With everybody and their media brother and law advertising the game, it still drew in over 600 less than a sellout. I was able to walk up on gameday and get a ticket in the 9th row of the lower level. Their season attendance of 4503 is currently the 2nd all-time lowest behind last year’s. In contrast the Icemen are over 5,400 and growing.

    I kept thinking the whole game Wichita St was going to do something stupid and blow the game but thankfully they kept it together.

    Venuworks has done a great job of placing Ford Center lighting and branding across the southern endzone to make it a lot nicer than when it started out, but assuming we finally get some kind of hotel in the future, I certainly hope it’s in the future plans to make that side an open air pavilion where you can look out onto Walnut and the hotel.

    If only the workers would have just left it like this…

    I’m getting this HUGE sinking feeling that once the Ford Center starts to age a little bit, the beautiful people of Evansville will stop caring about it and it’ll join the rest of the city in neglect. I know Mr. Schoenike from Venuworks talked about needing to sit aside funds for future upgrades. That’s a better idea than going with this mess of an IU Med School proposal.

    • Nice to see you support the local team. Have you always disliked the Aces or is it because they play at the Ford Center?

      • There you go again Jack trying to dig something up. Don’t call me out for not being a homer when you came on here in support of Butler. But then again when you were a lead here Indiit. apolis was the home team wasn’t it?

        I pick my teams like I pick my political allies, by who gets it and who doesn’t. Mr. Bussing of the otters gets it. Ron Gehry of the icemen gets it. mr. Jon mark hall and usi gets it. Venuworks and smg know how to run an organ ization.

        And then there’s ue. Always telling us how rich and elitist they are . Ue cares about one thing and that’s ue. Call me when ue is serious about building a Natatorium and a real sports complex. Call me when they’ve found a spokesperson besides the mayor on the jumbotron followed by images of a half empty arena that was designed for hockey.

        Until then, I know plenty of organizations that do get it for me to support.

        • Sorry but I never came on this site or any other in support of Butler. Nice team but I’ve always been a IU fan. Started backing UE about 10 years ago because my wife and I enjoy going to the games. As far as your babble about Indianapolis,I think that was what you were trying to spell, I’ve never lived there. Sorry you feel that way about UE. I’ve found most UE people to be very nice. Good for you supporting the locals. Bussing and Gehry do a great job.

          • You did as Mfcdkw on April 4, 2011 at 7:21 pm but it doesn’t really matter; agree on Bussing & Gehry.

  11. -FINDING-

    City of Evansville 2011 Financial and Compliance Audit


    CONTRACTS (City)
    As stated in several prior reports, the City entered into a contract with SMG, effective January 1, 2006, to manage Roberts Stadium, Victory Theater, and Mesker Music Theater. The contract required an independent audit of SMG. An addendum to the contract was added on September 5, 2007, amending the
    contract from requiring an audit to requiring a review.

    As of July 2012, a review had not been completed for the years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, or 2011. Without the independent review of SMG’s financial records the accuracy of amounts paid to or received from SMG cannot be verified.

    Payments made or received for contractual services should be supported by a written contract. Each governmental unit is responsible for complying with the provisions of its contracts.

    (Accounting and Uniform Compliance Guidelines Manual for Cities and Towns, Chapter 7)

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Office of The Controller

    September 2, 2012

    Official Response to The 2011 State Board of Accounts Financial Statement Examination Engagement with The City of Evansville

    [CONTRACTS (city)]

    SMG is currently under contract with an independent accounting firm who is conducting a review of their financial records for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

    Russell Lloyd Jr. CPA, Controller


    • I would think that the Internal Revenue Service would be very interested in the “financial review” being done by this unnamed firm.

      Could this be one of the issues that is responsible for the delay in reporting by the Indiana State Board of Accounts?


    • OK, how many years does it take to conduct a review? I hope I live long enough to see it.

      • The review will be completed when a democrat takes office. It will easy at that time to blame it on the last republican mayor. It doesn’t make any difference what level of corruption, dishonesty, thievery or misconduct comes out in a report. Democrats will continue to be elected until it becomes obvious to the single cells that we have a problem and need a change. We had a chance for a real change with Rick Davis and the democrat powers to be worked hard to get democrats to vote republican. This town is not so big or complicated that a simple audit cannot be completed on an annual basis. As GW Bush would say, them democrats are cooking the books.

  12. UE is an awful D1 program. Simmons has had 7 years to “turn it around” Its always excuses about being young and the biggest lie of all about academic standards. Simmons couldnt get them to the tourney as thier “stud” 30 yrs ago he sure isnt as Coach.

    UE basketball = set countless picks for one guy to take 30 shots

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