We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”

 IS IT TRUE  that United States Senatorial candidate Mike Braum just announced that “Politicians in Washington have ignored the problem of illegal immigration for far too long”?  … he  also said, “that his bottom line is this - in order to gain my support any bill for immigration reform should have to fund for the Wall, ban sanctuary cities, and end chain migration”?

IS IT TRUE it looks like Democrat Willian Tanoos, a Terre Haute disability attorney, is going to be the only Democratic challenger to either Republicans Dr. Richard Moss, Rachel Covington or current 8th District United States Congressman Dr. Larry Bucshon in the General election?  …Democrat William Tanoos must put in some additional time and effort in campaigning in Vanderburgh County in order to improve his chances of being elected as the next 8th District United States Congressman?  …so goes Vanderburgh County so goes the chances of Mr. Tanoos being elected as the next 8th District United States Congressman?

IS IT TRUE that members of the local media have been focused on the political campaign war chest of people running for public office during this election cycle?  …we like to point out that campaign fundraising committee for County Commissioner Ben Shoulders has raised around $150,000?  …this figure tells us that people think very highly of Mr. Shoulders?

IS IT TRUE so far there are several State and County offices that only have one person seeking to be elected to those positions?  …we can guarantee that both Vanderburgh County Party Chairman will see that every important political office in Vanderburgh County will be competitive?

IS IT TRUE we have been told that State Representative Wendy McNamara Democratic general election opponent is going to make the “Payday Loan Legislation” that she co-authored a major campaign issue?   …we are told that Ms. McNamara better gets ready for one heck of a re-election campaign battle?

IS IT TRUE are told that City Council President Jim Brinkmeyer (D) is not happy that 5th Ward City Councilman Justin Elpers submitted a resolution without his knowledge to do away with the unreasonable “3-minute Governmental Censorship” rule imposed two (2) years ago by former Evansville City Council President Missy Mosby (D)?  …Mr. Brinkmeyer can rest assured if he doesn’t support Councilman Elpers resolution to do away with this unreasonable “3-minute Governmental Censorship” rule it could cause him some re-election challenges?

IS IT TRUE that a triple homicide happened over the weekend in Evansville which will keep the homicide rate rising through the first two months of 2018 even if the rest of February is a time of peace and tranquility?…this time the killing spree started on Lynwood when a man sot and killed his wife and followed that killing up with a Facebook post announcing the homicide?…then he got into a Black Range Rover with Florida plates and chased down a blue Dodge Challenger on northbound Highway 41 and fired a series of shots into the driver side window, killing the driver?…then the Range Rover proceeded out to the 4-H Center in Darmstadt where the alleged killer was found dead in his Range Rover? …we wonder if “Spot Shooter” could have stopped this triple homicide from happening?

IS IT TRUE also on the Northside last week was a heinous arrest of a public school teacher for allegedly molesting a child in his care?…the CCO is glad that the alleged child molester is in custody and hopes that justice is done?…the particularly sickening nature of crimes in the Tri-State has started 2018 off the rails of the terrible year of 2017?

IS IT TRUE we wonder if the owners of the McCurdy have paid their $750,000 water bill?  …if not, why hasn’t the city turned off  the water at the McCurdy?  …if anyone else didn’t pay their water bill the city would disconnect their water meter?

IS IT TRUE that a couple of years ago the president of TransUnion Healthcare, said burgeoning out-of-pocket costs put consumers with precarious finances at growing risk of bankruptcy if they experience medical problems?  …that A 2013 report from the price transparency firm Nerdwallet Health estimated that 1.7 million Americans live in households that will declare bankruptcy due to their inability to pay their medical bills? …we are told since that time this figure may have tripled?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that Democrat William Tanoos should put additional time and effort in campaigning in Vanderburgh County if he expects to be the next 8th District United States Congressman?

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  1. Well said Mike “Braum”. Will someone who supports amnesty for illegal aliens please list the valid reasons the U.S.A. should grant amnesty to millions of people who entered our country illegally and continue to reside here illegally. Meanwhile, many more languish in their cesspool countries while trying to immigrate here legally.
    There’s precedent for what’s to come after amnesty. In 1986 amnesty was granted to 3 million illegal aliens with the promise no more would be allowed. How’d that work out?
    There’s no such thing as DACA “kids”. Just a phrase invented by a politician to make his goal of “changing the face of America” and ensuring more Democrat voters palatable.

  2. Republican Conservative Fiscal Policy has disappeared in the current Administration. (He’s ballooning the deficit and growing government – that is DEM policy, not Republican conservatism.)

    You SAY you’re a Republican Conservative? Then walk around and talk real big and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND and show you have no fiscal conservative advocacy whatsoever? Then you’re NOT a Republican Conservative.

    The US Taxpayer waehs promised Mexico would pay for the Wall. Promised MEXICO WOULD PAY FOR THE WALL.

    Now suddenly its the bill for that? Its being presented to US. The Payment by the US Taxpayer for the Wall is in every budget and bill presented. Its sucks. Don’t tell me that you are FOR illegal immigrants unless you agree that the US Taxpayer should pay for the Wall. That’s crap. DEMS bills force the US Taxpayer to pay for things.

    And in today’s column?: “United States Senatorial candidate Mike Braum just said, “that his bottom line is this – in order to gain my support any bill for immigration reform (US Taxpayers) should have to fund for the Wall, ban sanctuary cities, and end chain migration”?

    Fine. Do all of the other things, but change the part of the Bill that US Taxpayers have to pay for the Wall instead of Mexico.

    If you’re claiming to be a Republican Conservative, then advocate for Republican Fiscal Conservatism! Otherwise, I don’t believe you are a real Republican, and you’re damn sure no conservative.

    • amen. damn fools want to do nothing but add to our debt and make government bigger.
      we aint paying for no border wall with mexico!
      the people who insist we-the-people-paying taxpayers pay for a wall trump said mexico would pay for, well they are diseased.

      • No money for the border wall from my wallet. I have to work too hard for my paycheck.
        The liberals have been spending our tax dollars for years, that’s why Trump said Mexico would pay for it.
        Keep your damn word.

  3. CCO wonders if Spot Shotter could have stopped the triple murder. NO ! EPD has said if we had it it would be set up in specific areas that are troublesome. It is very very expensive and expensive to maintain. Besides, look at the event you site. First shots in the inner citry, police run there. Then it ShotSpots the second at 41/Morgan, EPD runs there. Then, the trird event at the vand 4H grounds. The EPD runs there. Thats IF , a big IF, Spot Shotter was set up anywhere near one of those areas. Like the So Fla school shootings, when a person goes off on a shooting spree, they have already signed out and likely cannot be stopped. Besides, if you fire a weapon and the EPD responds, is the perp likely to stand around and wait for the EPD to show up – not! Its a waste of money top answer your question

  4. ” …that A 2013 report from the price transparency firm Nerdwallet Health estimated that 1.7 million Americans live in households that will declare bankruptcy due to their inability to pay their medical bills? …we are told since that time this figure may have tripled?”
    Good grief. After $10,000,000,000,000+ spent on Obamacare with a promise to fix this very problem, it’s three times as bad!

    • that is not just a tree, dann, you’re standing in a forest.
      bad debts in the healthcare field are passed on to the rest of us. there is no free lunch. your bill, my bill, everyone’s bills, go up when people get sick and walk away from their medical bills.
      trump wants single payer, and it will drive down healthcare costs, and that’s good. it will help reduce medical bill bankruptcies.

      • Dems said Obamacare would drive down healthcare costs and help sick people from having to go bankrupt. Oh yes, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor also. $10,000,000,000,000+ later, health core costs are in the stratosphere and health related bankruptcies have tripled. How has that helped? And how will “single payer” help?
        Don’t knock it. Sometimes it’s kinda nice standing in the forest.

        • I don’t think she is talking about Obamacare.

          She is trying to help you understand how it works, and how Trumps plans for single-payer can help.

          • Thanks for your response city girl, but I do know how it works. I also know Obamacare was sold as solving the problem Joy details. CCO cites a study that the problem is 3 times worse than it was in 2013, despite all the taxpayer money spent.
            With respect, I also am familiar with government single payer health care. I lived in Britain for 2 years. Higher costs, worse care.
            Not familiar with Trump’s single payer. How would it reduce costs?

          • I’m reading what Mr. Coulter is writing here, and he’s pretty evasive. It’s kinda clear he doesn’t know how it works.

  5. Kudos to Mr. Elpers for challenging the un-American 180 second censorship rule imposed on lowly taxpayors by our esteemed and learned City Council. By the way, how much of the $750,000 water bill has the City collected from the McCurdy? Has the City even turned off the water to the McCurdy??

  6. “Donald Trump wants to replace Obamacare with a single-payer health care system, GOP Congressman says.”

    “Trump wants a single-payer health care system, in which the government pays for care for all citizens. The interesting this is, I’m not the guy who’s saying we should have completely socialized medicine,” Conserative Republican Ribble said. I want to repeal Obamacare and replace it with (a) free-market system. Trump wants to replace it with a single-payer system. That’s hardly a conservative posture.”

    American Conservative columnist Erick Erickson wrote that Trump “has supported a Canadian-style universal health care system.” Our partners at issued a rating of True. Trump told CNN: “If you can’t take care of your sick in the country, forget it, it’s all over. … I believe in universal healthcare.” Trump made a strong pitch for universal health care focused on a Canadian-style, single-payer plan.”

    She’s right. Trump wants single-payer modeled on the Canada’s health system. These people that say Trump is a conservative are full of crap. His spending is out of control. His deficits are out of control. The federal budget is growing by leaps and bounds. He brags he’s the king of debt, and he’s proving it right now. He’s adding new programs like building a border wall that he promised Mexico would pay for. Now, like all liberals, he wants the US Taxpayer to pay for it.

    • Prepare yourself, you’re gonna get replies in here from the biggest deficit spending anti-immigrant liberals in America. I don’t what these people are who post in here all the time. They’re either liberal Republicans or conservative Democrats.

      • Gu3ss youve been out of the country a while. Seen the new stuff the Gop majority just passed? Might want to catch up

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