IS IT TRUE February 14, 2014


Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE February 14, 2014

IS IT TRUE that if the City of Evansville’s 2012 Smoking Ordinance had contained a severability clause, the exemption allowing smoking on the Tropicana (Aztar) riverboat might very well have been the only provision in the City’s Smoking Ordinance to be declared unconstitutional by the Indiana Supreme Court?…severing that one exemption from the rest of the ordinance would have resulted leaving the rest of the City’s Ordinance prohibiting smoking in bars, taverns, restaurants, etc. in place?…if that one and only one unconstitutional provision had been stricken by the SCOI today Evansville and Vanderburgh County would both have the same smoking ordinance and Tropicana’s employees would enjoy the same protections from toxins that every other employee in the entire county had until this week?…the failure of the resolution to include a severability clause has caused us to be back to a situation where smoking may be permitted in some bars, taverns, and clubs in the City, but not in the County?

IS IT TRUE it is worth asking the question of the appropriate members and former members of the City Council, Mayor Winnecke, and the attorneys involved in drafting the resolution if the severability clause was left out intentionally?…as was confirmed in Kentucky before when Louisville tried to get by with an exemption to their smoking ordinance for Churchill Downs that such things are unconstitutional?…the Evansville City Council had this information and was even admonished by private citizens and organizations that the resolution would be struck down?…given all of these facts and the Supreme Court’s action, it is not at all out of the realm of possibilities that our leaders conspired to pass a “pig in a poke” knowing it would be overturned?…whether this was deliberate or just another instance of sloppiness this “pig in a poke” has come back to bite Evansville squarely on the backside creating a period of transition and analysis when an appraisal for a downtown convention hotel may just be depreciating during the loan qualification process?

IS IT TRUE that the American Medical Association has a total of 17 annual meetings scheduled and published on their website?…all 17 of these annual meetings are being held in cities that have comprehensive smoking bans?…all of the AMA medical student section annual and interim meetings with information on the AMA website were held in cities that have comprehensive smoking bans?…some might say the assertions that having “dirty air” from allowing smoking were just the musings of one man in Indianapolis, but the reality of the AMA’s choice of destinations just happens to confirm that assertion for the AMA?…it could all be coincidence but does that really make sense?…there has been much speculation about the prospects for medical conferences in downtown Evansville that are drawn by the IU Medical School, a new hotel, and a re-named Centre?…these opportunities if not gone are certainly diminished based on the recent venue choices of the AMA?

IS IT TRUE this all happens in the same week of February that Evansville is treated to an AIR QUALITY ALERT?…these things are of course not related at all, but as Alanis Morrisette sang “Isn’t it Ironic, Don’t you think?”

IS IT TRUE that the Race for the Cure is heading back to the Eastland Mall after a five year run of holding the event in downtown Evansville?…while both venues offered a good location for a morning run with over 10,000 participants, the Eastland Mall location causes less disruption and even is a safer race course due to the quality of the streets?…this was probably inevitable but the CCO encourages our readers to support the Race for the Cure wherever it may be?


  1. The air quality alert would be due to unregulated industry pollution not smoking. Simply breathing the air around here is just like smoking, probably worse.

  2. The AMA isn’t coming to Evansville even if we start handing out free cadavers.

  3. When you live between Vectren and Alcoa to the east and Vectren and GE to the west what do think is going to happen! So let us please quit stepping on rights of people who choose different lifestyles than the FEW who rule the roost!!! Hey Wayne are we up to 87.5% by now?

    • GE is no longer making Plastics , it has been owned by a Arabic company for at least 7 years now
      It’s new owner is SABIC

      • Sabic and GE the pollution and name does not change the facts of being a major contributor to the problem!!!!!!!!!!!

        • rk812:”Imagine Indiana,if…”

          Thermodynamics,blended with solar energy. cool clean energy, I have the license rights to “such”a blending thing. But wait! There is more to it!

          “Imagine Indiana!”announcement! 2018/02/14…Southwestern Indiana’s advanced solar blending opens…..

          “A large visionary application to sequester an areas regional carbon footprint through applied growth projects.”*

          “The abstract,a view from space,The serene,serpentine panel locations were built while vastly improving the regional flood/and rain runoff control systems along a three county flood plain.” Balance and Sustainability.*

          The overall land abstracts design were conceptually influenced by land abstracts in cooperation with IU’s Glenn Black center and labs for anthropology/archaeology studies.

          As seen from space the advanced powerplants footprint does appear to,project something directly related to some early Native American structures as historically presented in the Ohio river Drainage basin throughout its course. This plan was developed with a ‘standing greenway trail system evolved and connecting all three counties throughout the range of passage.{cool view from afar}*.”

          The blending included, a Southwestern Indiana medical campus and several substation transfer points,again built to control the storm water influx to the areas runoff basins for stormwater controls forward “along and centered” within two county lines.*

          A additional Bio-medical Earth sciences campus was constructed in cooperation with Purdue University,and the local USI studies campus for Engineering,and, including a earth sciences technical center,to be developed for training programs through IVY TecH of Indiana. This also was included on the cities northwest side along its,outflowing,however developing inner core. “That one for “Rails”JB,as you know him. The inclusion of the CSX rail system is was a key component to the success of the logistical projection forward.
          This combination and blending of developments was possible with the added restructured logistical transportation improvements brought forth by INDOT,and Easement variations in cooperation with the Regional Energy providers,and several industrial manufacturers.
          The Balanced sustainable blending*,included the development of some 25,000-32,000 newly created sustainable jobs for the region.
          Many support industries also bloomed forward due the various construction projects,and those driven needs for logistical throughput improvements. Funding from the increased revenue has created a regional surplus,to forward for innovation as required.

          The communities there, and the state itself,holds the process application patents/per license*Tm,for the whole application blend,which was conceived and created to approach balance and defeat carbon incursions per climate change actions.
          Also, with those balances for sustainable clean water availabilities nationwide per the executive office of White house national clean water Directives from June 2012,and,in,conjunction,and,exceeding per standards, including all Clean water and Air standards to date. As listed by the national regulatory organizations,including The DOE,and the EPA and other directives, per State,or “Global Region.”*
          Global cooperation for the blending from The UK,and Northern European industries,as said,in the most applicable blending per wind power was also plan included forward.

          A ongoing project development site is under continuous construction to evolve,as the planet itself presents that,this does include a training complex for program applications as purchased by other regions by license.*Tm

          “vides quod ex nevada,visus est plus quam istus”

          as you see,due Nevada this is more than just a vision*Tm

          Joe,run this by the POTUS while he’s at the CVIH,its innovation ,as well.*

          • Vis,

            No doubt you are really smart/knowledgeable, but I wish you could get your points across in way few words. I can’t ever get through one of your comments before my mind starts thinking about baseball, puppies, boobs or something. Help a short-attention-spanned brother out!

          • Heh,heh. Incremental planning to “eleven different process steps”,or, project directives combined for the leading and most balanced whole unit advantage.*

            Note; Have have some regionals that are pretty much “all in” on the first three increments,that differing per location,and agreement contract is pretty much confidence protected.
            One’of ’em just contacted me,I communicated, [another municipality]no problems,as you fellas are not in the market anyway,your municipal bonding is looped, strung,and hung,to gimme feely trade show stuff. Basic infrastructure improvements “not so much”.



          • Its a lotta dots,Poppa…”lotta dots” Sorry Man. I’m just trying to make it simple,dang most of the time the “dots run,amuck in the concepts” while I’m projecting an idea,sorry. However, I do like the “dots when they connect something for the better.



          • More gibberish and foo foo dust. What do have a license for? Instead of is it true–can you be brief and specific? Multisyllabic words used in conjunction with questionable punctuation and context do not denote competence or intelligence.

          • zedmo,go back and get some more directions,the comment has little bearing du e of thought for your type,at all.

            If you back away from those butts a bit maybe things will clear up a little more for you, and your vision my find a way outta your rectitude. Breath on your own..zedmo.

            Hurts doesn’t it. get another number listing to, that one numerically aligned,looks like a ole pre columbian curse.


          • For you hurt me you must make a comprehensible reply, which is evidently impossible for you. Typically, those that are full of b.s. like to impress using words like thermodynamics, while avoiding any real specificity.

          • It’s like reading text from one of those automated programs, except even more random, with an error in the algorithm.

          • Weak zedmo,I like Brads follow up better,its closer to the point, so to speak, Brad sorry man that style must come from my 40 years of building automated things for billions in return revenues for my employers,and other global companies,nations,and such.

            “My,”zedmo you still need to jerk it outta your rectal cavity though,your past “due” And, the license holds competitive advantage so you can stick that in your rectitude with your head Specifics, geez,right.

            No wonder,your towns behind the times.

            What do they do for you winster,that calls for you to throw all that “useless unproductive toadie flak” at anyone that,has a differing opinion than the past and past leadership there? I”d get that number changed,old world numbers superstitions call that out as kinda unlucky when so,aligned. Staaaay awaaaay,from soothsayers,ewww.

            Must be worth something for ya,dang.

          • Perhaps I have not been plain enough. I don’t want to cause an “old feller” to go apoplectic. So here it is: License for what? Please endeavor to make it short, sweet, and specific.

          • Better put another pin in the cupie zed,the answer is still,no.

            Its not your business venture. “You”,have no need to know,so.

          • Ol’ feller I have had to deal with people like you before. First, if you truly have a “license” to distribute innovative technology you should have an exclusive contract that would allow to market said technology without concern for potential intellectual theft. Secondly, if you can’t be specific, it means you don’t have the distribution agreement or you are full of excrement. Based on your nearly incomprehensible posts, and fixation with my rectum, I am guessing that you are full of excrement. Therefore, please allow me to give you notice that you will be hearing from me often. Most folks on this site appear to be intelligent, and won’t fall for your b.s., however, I have had to clean up the mess people like you make. Let me assure you that whenever you are confused looking in the mirror for answer, it will me looking back at you, (or perhaps my rectum) because I already have it.

          • You would have more effect,if you looked …up.

            Just keep your negativity to yourself or those others your talking about as I have little use for it zedmo. Stick the cupie again wizard you missed again.

  4. Give Wayne a break he hasn’t had time to call Vectren to get an update on the Mayors new poll numbers.

  5. Has anybody receive the recent water and sewer bill yet? I just did and must say-WOW-WOW-WOW! It’s obvious we have major troubles in River City. It’s becoming apparent that high taxes, water and sewer costs and utilities rates are out of control in Evansville. Maybe the brain trust (Regional Business Development Group) committee located on the 7th floor of Vectren building can find a way to help the common folk pay the new increases in our taxes, water and sewer and Vectren bills. Three boos to the most Republican and the top political lobbing group in Indiana[ -Vectren.

    • Yes. My normal bill is $ 86. This bill was $ 146. And they claimed only $ 20 of the increase was attributable to the EPA Mandate. What in the hell is the other $ 40 then ? Did a new Sewer Rate kick in on 1-1-14 ???

      This increase is not sustainable, IMO.

      • I cannot speak to your whole increase but I do believe that the new sewer rates started at the beginning of the year but that would be the EPA mandate that you speak of. Do you have a slow leak that you are not aware of? For us, your normal bill of $86 would be high.

      • Put a little food coloring in the toilet tank , if there is bleed thru into the bowel you have a repairable leak that is costing you over time. Just a possibility you might check.

  6. This story came to me 2nd hand, so, third hand, I guess it could be viewed by some as a “fairy tale”. Here goes: A certain Bar and popular eatery, tho some might judge not in the in the best location, enjoyed success for decades with it’s ordinary weekday bar business consisting of smokers and drinkers, a bar and a few tables, the weekday income was also augmented by a carry-out window clientele. That Front-end of the week, if you will, went a long way in covering the fixed overhead. Two days of the week-end over the years saw the Family room, rather spacious,– and forever non-smoking, was packed and necessitated extra help to help cover the crowd and really provided a bigger part of the overall bottom line.
    Enter the Smoking ban, and the balance that sustained a successful business model was upset with a precipitous decline of week-day traffic. Ironically, with the symbiotic relationship of the two customer driven income streams now gone, the business was threatened as a whole and the owner related to my friend, he was not optimistic his business could continue to survive with just the volume of the Two day Week-end business.
    Maybe this is just a fairy tale,–that is until the owner decides to bring his books to court.

  7. I was never for exempting the casino. Many casinos are non-smoking and are a pleasure to visit. They have areas outside for those that want to smoke. A minor inconvenience but well worth it. I’ve watched many a smoker light up, put it in an ashtray & take 3-4 puffs while it burns down to nothing as they tend to their cards. We’d be saving them money by running them outside as they’ll smoke the whole thing & be done.

    • Sucks if you’re on a heater. The poker room at Aztar is non smoking last I checked. Do people not realize you can smoke in most Vegas casinos? It’s not like it’s exclusive to Evansville.

      • The correlation between smoking behaviors and gambling is well established. Both activities share a compulsion and a promise of immediate satisfaction…a physiological ‘rush’.

        The roof of Tropicana would be an ideal smoking patio. They could even build a roof up and wheel some slots up there.

        • Sustainable ventilation with a thermodynamically driven hydrodynamic geophysical pressure exchange rate positive to atmospherical pressure and temperature/per/elemental conductivity is the answer.
          Next best thing to a static absorption grid. Let the barometer do the work for you. Intake balance with output per cubic foot applied. Balance with both,applied by the third,it becomes sustained by the three pathway balanced incremental ternary blending.
          Nothing new,built and installed per casino boat requirements maybe $520,000 bucks, maintained for another $36,000/year,big deal…..

          A very early working application of this concept was pretty crude however did work, per its application. Stopped mustard gas in WWI per individual applied. Tobacco smokes,”a bunny.”

          One person at a time,or one building,boat,same stuff as applied by exchange rates one thing for sure the boat has plenty of water for its static polarity condensers.

          Simple,costs a little more to implement,and does use excessive energy. (Pm) schedules,are, a design must,why the concept wouldn’t work is the affect of the cost verses the actual benefits,smokers really don’t care if the building stinks they cannot smell it anyway.
          Don’t get me started on the health aspects. The concept is already owned has been for decades,I suppose someone could gain license accessibility for the right price.

          • I would imagine no one bothers reading all of his posts. Too long and too boring, and, usually too wandering.

      • IDK what a heater is but I have been told I’m hot :).
        BTW I like to smoke – while drinking – but I don’t want to smoke inside nor do I want to smell like an ashtray. I take measures.
        Go to Cincy & enjoy their smoke-free casino. It’s awesome & probably taking a LOT of $$ away from those Lawrenceburg casinos that allow smoking. If our casino can have smoking then so should the Ford Center Dog Pound!

  8. So just how much in the way of public tax revenue has and will be expended to pay the fees of the lawyers named for the City of Evansville at the top of this document:

    What does it take for the people of this city to say: ENOUGH OF THIS SH*^t! We are not going to take it any more!

    The same thing goes on in the local school corporation, and it costs taxpayers dearly!

    The bills and payments made to these attorneys by the City of Evansville and The Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation are public records and I think it is time for them to be compiled and published. These attorneys know they are getting paid regardless of the outcome and it is up to council members and trustees to put a stop to this disgraceful abuse of taxpayers. Starting right now.


    • It is being said that virtually everyone knew, going in, that this smoking ban ordinance would never pass judicial scrutiny, and yet here we are, getting ready to open the wallet yet again and plunk down ??????? who knows how much in taxpayer dollars that the taxpayers could have put to much better use in the local economy.

      This really is bush league politics at its deplorable worst.


      • The boat got a good 2 years of economic advantage out of it. The City will pick up the tab on the lawsuits. The politicians won’t pay for any of it.

        This is the way of things in Evansville. The only thing to do is seek greener pastures, I’m afraid.

    • We’ve virtually given away enough money to lawyers, scammers, consultants, realtors, strap hangers, crooks and criminals to build the dog park and sports fields twice over. I will admit that our democrat politicians are not as bad as some in other areas. We’ve been on a downward spiral since 1960 about the same as Detroit but they beat us to the bottom.

  9. Went to Ellis Park this week was able to bet horses and play the slots. I don’t smoke but others around me did. The ventilation system did a great job getting the second hand smoke out of the gaming area. Also was very surprised to see many people playing slots at Ellis Park. Warning, the Evansville gaming boat has a major challenge because Ellis Park gaming offerings is going to hurt Evansville.

    • You’re right. I look for them to wind up with better slots and a card room soon. Gee, I wonder how much revenue that Evansville will get from that?

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