IS IT TRUE February 12, 2015


IS IT TRUE the suicide numbers for Vanderburgh County are out for 2014 and the news is not as good as was expected from the two months that we went without a single suicide?…there were exactly 50 suicides in Vanderburgh County last year which equates to 27 suicides for every 100,000 members of the population?…the only way to get an appreciation for this number is to compare it to other places?…at a rate of 27 per 100,000, if Vanderburgh County were a country it would have the 3rd highest suicide rate in the world?…the only countries that commit suicide at a higher rate are Lithuania at 31 per 100,000 and South Korea at 28 per 100,000?…this data on countries is taken from the World Health Organization?…as a general guideline the suicide rate for the United States as a whole has been around 11 per 100,000 per year for many years with Indiana and the surrounding counties all falling into that general range?…the lowest rates of suicide by country are Greece, Mexico, and Italy all which have rates that are less than 5 suicides per 100,000 per year?…that this is not the highest number of suicides that have ever happened in Vanderburgh County either with 54 in 2010 equating to a suicide rate of 30 per 100,000 launching Vanderburgh County to a close second behind Lithuania for suicides?…there is no apparent reason for this as Evansville is not particularly different from other Midwestern cities that were built on manufacturing and suffer from outsourcing and infrastructure decay?…the only city in America with a higher suicide rate is Las Vegas which has a rate of 34.5 per 100,000?…the only other city even close to Vanderburgh County is Tucson, AZ at 26 per 100,000?

IS IT TRUE the Indiana House of Representatives Public Policy Committee has approved a resolution to allow package stores to sell alcohol on Indiana on Sundays?…of course this will have to go through the full legislative process to become law and this has not been something that has been possible in the past?…to ban alcohol sales in stores on Sunday and allow it to be sold by the drink in restaurants makes no sense at all because patrons of restaurants have to drive home?…it is archaic laws like this one and the one about no gambling on dry land that continue to make Indiana look like it is governed by the Temperance League refugees from the 1920’s?

IS IT TRUE going back to the suicide statistics, it is also true that if Vanderburgh County were a state it would rank #1 in suicide with a rate that is 24% higher than the #2 State of Alaska that comes in at 21.8 suicides per 100,000 people?…Vanderburgh County has not always had a high rate of suicide?…a study that covered the years from 1979 – 2006 spanning 28 years showed Vanderburgh County ranking #880 among American counties with a suicide rate of 14.4 per 100,000?…the real questions that should be asked are what changed so dramatically to cause Vanderburgh County to go from a place with a slightly above average suicide rate to leading the pack since the turn of the century?

IS IT TRUE your chances of hitting the jackpot and taking home the entire Powerball winnings are extremely small – one in 175 million, according to the Multi-State Lottery Association?…the odds that you’ll take home a smaller prize of $1 million (one in 5 million) or even $100 (one in 12,000)?…if this is not enough to convince you not to indulge in this fool’s fantasy, here’s the math — from real mathematicians:

“If you just want a positive expected rate of return, then our results … say to avoid Mega Millions and Powerball,” wrote two Emory University professors, Aaron Abrams and Skip Garibaldi. Their 2010 paper “Finding Good Bets in the Lottery, and Why You Shouldn’t Take Them” was published by The Mathematical Association of America.

It’s more likely, for example, that you will die in a lightning strike (one in 136,000), or on board a plane (one in 8,000).

It’s far more likely that you’ll crushed by an asteroid that falls out of the sky (one in 700,000)

It’s also more likely that a high school football player will play professionally (one in 1 million).

And it’s far more likely that you’ll be attacked by a shark (1 in 12 million).

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming — about quitting your job or that private island.

But chances are, you’re not going to win.

The Powerball is jackpot is up to $500 million as of Wednesday morning.

The take-home cash value is estimated at about $337.8 million.

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  1. I notice that when the Courier-Press originally posted the article on Vanderburg County suicides, they pointed out that Vanderburgh County had the highest suicide rate of any County in Indiana, but then later removed that fact from the article.

    How determined is the C&P to hide the truth about the Evansville area ? My belief is that you have to recognize and admit that Evansville & Vanderburgh county has a special problem regarding suicide even if it is uncomfortable to do so, in order to properly deal with the problem. and the problem may run deeper than just economics.

    For instance, I’ve often wondered if others find the social dogma of the town oppressive, sometimes seeming filled with a large share of willfully ignorant A-holes that seem to get a kick out making you want to kill them, if you understand what I am trying to say. Then of course there are snobs, cliques, and economic woes, as mentioned.

    Whatever is the root cause, the C&P never ceases to appall me with there lack of journalistic responsibility.

  2. Re: republican alcohol tomfoolery. What say you, deregulation howlers?

    • I’m waiting?!?!?! Will you finally acknowledge your party is full of hypocrites?

      • Hypocrites you say, you’ve got to be kidding. Can’t call Obama a hypocrite, he’s a flat out liar. Did you take notice of the year to year run out on the number of suicides annually. Sharp increase starting with the hope and change administration. People decide to check out when they are overwhelmed with a tremendous sense of hopelessness. A sense of hopelessness has overcome this country since Obama and the welfare class has taken over this country.

        • Right. People in Evansville started killing themselves because the candidate who carried Indiana was elected. Makes perfect sense.

          • @Cowbozo: I can’t say off the top of my head, but you can look it up if it worries you. I get your implication, though. I think you’re saying that the people who were too lazy to vote went suicidal because Obama won. What a brilliant theory to back up pov’s highly logical conclusion!

      • Well, it never bother me if someone bought their beer on Saturday or Sunday. Seems like you are more concerned about people going to church on Sunday though since you think religion needs to be eradicated. Would eradication fall under deregulation?

    Vectren’s sky-high out of reach energy rates … water/sewer rates up to our eyeballs and rising fast …
    Bonded taxpayer debt – near one billion dollars … City leaders “fighting like the dickens” to borrow more … all while the streets cave in … sidewalks crumble … and gunfire marks the time of day …
    Indiana’s meth and suicide capitol: Evansville. …

    Have you ever noticed when one gets outside Vanderburgh County people are MUCH MORE FRIENDLY?
    When driving in Southern Illinois I notice folks waving at me. At first I pull over to see if something is wrong with my vehicle. After a while I realize they are just being nice. In time I am ready and waiting to return the waves … and finally I wave first.

    In Owensboro the natives are beautiful and friendly … the dialect charms my socks off. People are anxious to take the time to talk .. to give you information or just share their good mood.

    In Henderson it seems like folks haven’t seen another human in weeks. I find myself being spoken to first …
    asked if they can help me or just saying what a nice day it is … even if it’s not.

    In Evansville you really are lucky to get the time of day. You will witness many people talking angrily to themselves as they go about there business. If someone has to assist you … they are doing you A BIG FAVOR.
    I am always amazed when on vacations … it really is as if i’m in another world.

    If I didn’t have family … property and income in the area .. I would relocate and never look back.
    Evansville isn’t even a good place to be from … much less to be. …

    • “Old to Soon, and Smart to Late”
      A little financial independence has come with age and retirement, and My Wife and I are out to enjoy Our Country before aging slows us down, so We bought a nice used RV. We have now a wider experience of the cultures and people beyond the place where we grew up, and realize the same things you refer to in your post Bubba.
      It took little time to conclude: We wish we had left Evansville in our youth, and to any young person in Evansville I would say,– leave the Nest,–“fly” around a bit and then reset your life Goal choices—Evansville will always be where your from,–but it should never be your “Life”!

    • Bubba, Property can be sold an income can be replaced. Step off, go for it, there is a utopia out there.

  4. Wait a minute.

    I heard on these boards the Christian right doesn’t believe the Bible should be followed instead of the US Constitution? I heard that doesn’t happen here in the US extreme Christian community, only in the Middle East….

    State Capital, Montgomery, February 11, 2015 – Politico

    Since his earliest days as a county judge, Roy Moore has followed a higher law, one he considers more sacred than even the U.S. Constitution. His belief that God’s word and the Ten Commandments supersedes federal authority has already cost him the post of Alabama’s chief justice once, but he’s battled back to hold the same elected office once again. And once again he’s picked a showdown with the primacy of the Supreme Court.

    Through many battles in many courtrooms, he’s emerged as one of the Christian Right’s greatest heroes—one of the few politicians willing to stand against the tide of immorality swamping American society. In his mind, he’s adorned in the silver armor of a Crusader, wielding the sword of God’s law in one hand and gripping a shield against sin and tyranny with the other. So even as the Supreme Court ordered Alabama to follow the order of the Federal Courts stopping the ban on same-sex marriages, Roy Moore insists on standing in the way and ordered the bans stay in place in Alabama citing his higher law.

      • That is exactly what should happen to him. Roy Moore is an exemplar of old Alabama.

        The homophobes are seeing one of their last legal bigotries stripped away and are scampering like sprayed roaches, trying to hide behind their ‘deeply held’ religion. Pound for pound you couldn’t find a phonier or more bigoted bunch of people anywhere. Once they die off it’ll be a better world.

        • Amen and a Hallelujah.

          Oh whatever will conservatives do when they run out of people/groups to demonize?

          I will never forget Karl Rove yuckking it up after the 2004 election bragging about all the state referendums banning same sex marriage he got on the ballots. Yeah Karl taking away people’s civil rights via a mob mentality referendum is absolutely hilarious!


        • I’m amazed that we haven’t been hearing the right use the “I” word regarding POTUS, since David Axelrod’s book revealed that he lied to Rick Warren when he said he believed that marriage was between one man and one woman.
          As for Roy Moore and his defiance, I think the US Marshalls should “perp walk” him out the front door of the Alabama Supreme Court and jail him. What a sanctimonious jackass!

    • If that’s what you have heard, then you have not listened well. The Constitution grants that we can not be forced to follow a religious law, but it also protects us from being forced to go against our religious convictions.

      Moore’s challenge will be interesting because it forces the question of the federal court having the authority to essentially legislate marriage laws upon states. One county is declining all request for marriage licences. I have often said that Indiana should take the lead of getting out of the marriage business.

      • You will see the day that churches and ministers well be required to provide same sex marriage or risk their tax status and authority to solemnize marriages.

        • I-E…you continue to sidestep (it is demeaning to you)….Ok, here it is:

          What if Constitutional law (which you acknowledge protects us from having to follow a religious law)….again, what if the Constitutional law conflicts with one of your religious laws, or your religious convictions? Which do you follow?

          • Maybe this will help you out of your dilemma:

            The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, was ratified on December 15, 1791. It expresses the principle of federalism, which under girds the entire plan of the original Constitution, by stating that the federal government possesses only those powers delegated to it by the states or the people. In drafting this amendment, its framers had two purposes in mind: first, as a necessary rule of construction; and second, as a reaffirmation of the nature of the federal system.

            The changing map on this page shows the will of the people of those states concerning the issue of so called “gay marriage”.


            The issue was left to the states. Comes now the Federal Government and wants to change the the Bill of Rights!

          • PAK, you’re answer is pure BS. You might as well as have cut and pasted a cake recipe, because what you wrote has less to do with the issue as the chocolate cake.

            All State Constitutions are subordinate to the US Constitution.

            (Your map might as well be a picture of Madonna as it has nothing to do with the law either.)

          • Shem,

            A) The courts have rarely agreed with conservatives on the meaning of the 10th
            ie they don’t agree that the Feds have to bow to state’s rights
            B) States rights have long been used as a cover/pretext for discrimination an subverting federal laws conservatives don’t like.

            C) 50 different sets of laws would be a legal tower of babel and result in legal and financial chaos.

            D) It’s long past time we lived as one country instead of 50 states.

          • That’s true. Pressanykey is saying what he wants the law to be, not what the actual law is…


            PAK is trying to make the case that as long as States vote for slavery, bans on interracial marriage, bans on women voting, and bans on same-sex marriage, then the US citizens in that State affected by that wrong and ignorant idea…are just screwed. Fortunately, State laws are subordinate to the US Constitution. The Constitution protects those citizens from willful bigots like PAK.

            What Pressanykey and other extreme Christians think about these issues don’t matter.

        • There should be a exemption to all religious entity being required to wed
          same- sex civil unions. If one is in a civil servant position, you must abide
          by the law of Caesar. Your beliefs “are” trumped in your civil position!

          • Your solution makes perfect sense. I really don’t think many couples would want a minister who didn’t approve of their union to marry them, but in that case, the “holy man” should be allowed his beliefs.

          • The exemption will not stand in the long run. How do you constitutionally legalize what you have already defined as discrimination?

            The best solution left is for states to get out of marriage.

          • Agreed. They spread what should be their tax burden to the rest of society all the while thumbing their noses at those who essentially fund their activities. We need look no further than Winnecke’s attempted cross march to see that like rust they never sleep. Sneaky, lying (‘it’s children’s art’) attempts to commandeer public property and assets for their pageants are some of the most overt manifestations of their true feelings about how our society should be structured. When you hear they don’t want a theocracy in America, check to see if you still have your watch and wallet.

            Tax ’em and let them individually rise or fall with the market for their product. They have abused their financial free pass.

          • Then they will say they should be free top politic from the pulpit. Oh wait they already do.

            It is a well known fact that many local area churches accidentally on purpose leave out political pamphlets and sample ballots with RTL scores beside the candidates names for he sheep to take home with them.

          • Absolutely! Even if churches were taxed at half the going rate, many cities would be in a much better financial condition. Evansville, on the other hand, would have an empty convention hotel and a weedy, overgrown dog park, and the turds would still flow when it rains.

          • You’ve got to love how people who don’t bother with church tell others what goes on in church and how church people should behave.

        • Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars, AND to GOD the things that are GODs. (as spoken by Jesus)

        • I will not be forced by the government to participate in acts that violate my long held and deep religious convictions. But I can follow the Bible without violating the Constitution or law.

          However, the Constitution exist to protect me and you from the choices you present.

          If as a minister and a representative authority of the state I am required to solemnize homosexual marriages, then I will have to forfeit my authority. Not because I hate gays, but because my religious convictions only recognizes marriage as one man and one woman. And I do fully expect to see a day when it will come to that point.

          Currently the solution to this problem has been to legalize discrimination which can not and should not stand. This problem resulted because emotions rather than reason has driven this charge to add homosexuality to the definition of marriage in the name of love and equality. It was bad law to turn states into agencies that codify love and create equality by singling out one group for inclusion in marriage based on love and commitment while denying it to others.

          As I have said, the best solution now will be for states to get out of the marriage business. That is the only resolution that will to cause more damage and irreparable harm to the Constitution by forcing ministers and bakers to perform services against their long held religious convictions. (notice also that I say “long held”)

          Also, the federal court ruling who states must license for marriage is out of their bounds and need to be challenged. I have never understood how striking down a state’s constitutional amendment equates to the state being bound to offer same sex marriage.

          And lastly in case you do not remember, I was against our own state’s Constitutional amendment in its final form and said it would not pass review.

          Sorry, more answer than I am sure you were looking for. 🙂

          • Indiana-Enoch, it’ s a good answer, thanks for the detail. I see in your answer an acknowledgement that as a matter of law, you accept the Constitution as the law of the land and that your religious belief are not, well for the lack of a better way to say it, germane to the law. And when you encounter the conflict, you’ll accept the law, and simply opt out. That’s cool, and you are a MUCH bigger person than the inauthentic Judge Moore who wears the robes not of the law, but of his religion while pretending he represents Constitutional justice.

            That being said, you know who ALSO believes this statement you so eloquently fashioned:

            “I will not be forced by the government to participate in acts that violate my long held and deep religious convictions.”…

            ….Muslim religious extremists believe EXACTLY that statement.

            My point is religious extremist believe their religion is a higher form of law than the US Constitution, whether they be Muslim or Christian.

          • *germane*

            what does the *** **** Germans have to do with this?
            (Smokey and the Bandit)

  5. My renewed faith in numbers has me buying a Powerball ticket this morning.

    The odds are even higher that “which ever editor” on Dec 15th that took my
    post down with the “banned for life” threat, for mentioning two known media wide
    facts, will ever give me the TRUE REASON why the action taken without
    contradiction to the editors post that brought me back a month letter!

    I have a good hunch!

    • Armstrong
      Sometimes injustice rears her ugly head … and then sometimes we simply don’y understand fully why things happen the way they do. Either way … dwelling in the fog of it all can steal away the opportunities at hand.
      I find that the sooner I let stuff like this go … the better the sailing. …

      • I disagree 100%! Any one on this site worth their salt would agree that my posting here would
        never warrant a post taken down (even if they disagree with it) much less being threaten with
        a ban! I left the door open several times for explanation on this. Just cause is worth fighting for,
        and this is a cause worth fighting. It appears censorship was being applied which is frown upon
        in legitimate media which is claimed here. A small sincere retraction is all to be asked. I appears
        you know more about this as well.

        • I do not recall your post and cannot find it in the trash or spam bins. We certainly have no intention to engage in censorship and may have erred in your case. Please accept our apology and keep posting comments.

          • Re post the information to which you’re referring, arm. I’ve been curious every time you mention said censorship.

          • @Arm: I’m with Ghost. I can’t imagine what you posted that would merit such a reaction.

        • Armstrongres…I believe the following is the post that you are referring to. This sounds more like a response from the publisher and not Joe. I think a simple “removed by the editor” would have been more than sufficient. Advertising and being friends with the owners pretty much buys you protection on the CCO.

          ArmstrongresDec 15, 2014 at 7:01 pm

          This entire post was taken down because it was extremely insulting and personal about Mr.Danks If you make another post similar this you will be banned from this site. Your remarks were very insulting.



          • I’m still baffled about what was said. Mr. Danks is sort of in an odd category for comments. I feel strongly that if someone holds public office, past or present, they need to grow a thick skin and get over what is said about them. While not an office holder, he did accept a position that is very public, so he is in the “in between” private citizen and public person classification.

          • The issue has been resolved by actions taken by both parties.
            Sorry to leave you hanging, but it will be the right thing to do.
            FYI, I will continue to post in the same perspective as I “always”
            have in the past.

  6. Question of the day.

    How do you become a Kentucky Colonel without living a day in the state of KY?

    Will the phantom I-69 bridge bring lots of blue grass conventioneers to the phantom hotel?

    • I think you can be a KY Colonel if you are from there, wherever you live.

      Yes, the phantom bridge will fill the phantom hotel with phantom KY conventioneers.

      • I am a Kentucky Colonel so here is how you can become one too. This is from the Kentucky Colonels website. It is somewhat like a Sagamore of the Wabash.

        How does one become a Kentucky Colonel?

        The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels does not appoint or commission Kentucky Colonels. That can only be done by the sitting Governor of the Commonwealth. Only the Governor knows the reason for bestowing the honor of a Colonel’s Commission on any particular individual. One recent Governor made this comment about the qualities he considered; “Each time I have the pleasure of bestowing a membership to this exceptional organization on an individual, the great tradition established by Kentucky’s first governor, Isaac Shelby, lives on. The name Kentucky Colonel has become synonymous with strength of character, leadership and dedication to the welfare of others. Just as Isaac Shelby declared his trusted militia members to be his Kentucky Colonels, I see in you those things that place others above self”.

        To obtain a Kentucky Colonel Commission, an applicant must be recommended by an individual who holds a Colonel Commission. The applicant must also be 18 years old. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Governor’s Office in Frankfort. The address is Attention: Lora Quire, Room 8, Governor’s Office, State Capital, Frankfort, KY 40601.

        • Every time someone uses Phantom, I wonder somewhat if they could understand just what that would mean to the likes of myself, Joe. What I’ve felt kept the free world free for decades, and of course today is regulated to the boneyard or target drone duty. But given the valuation to the free world it hasn’t been properly scored just yet. Phorever so too speak.
          One of my very own Evansville uncles helped bring the double ugly to life back in the extremes of the mid 50’s cold war rush to hold freedoms around the globe. Aerospace engineering, St. Louis , aircraft pioneering, and thus was born “the Phantom” The “ole ole double ugly” , fate would put his little sisters child into one of those one day. Never felt more secured. “Phantastic” stuff, and what America can always do without restrictions of the political corny capitalism that seems to roll today in Evansville bents.

          Even the very people he fought in WWII once freed, knew the balance, and actually they did a really good phantasic retirement video in respect to the cause. Me I’m just cool with the fact my hands steered one in the past. Note on the videos in the Sierra Nevada’s The wash on pyramid lake on the first at the end there is a “Marcia’s pass” so too speak. That’s kind of like flying a J-3 under the railroad bridge near Macfadden island on the Wabash, Thank goodness the damned water wasn’t up.
          Then in the second, the people and now allies do today to really sport the changes in technology , yet promote the next step.
          The musical scores were smack on. Phantastic.

          • So you are the sob that scared the crap out of my wife and me when we were river fishing on the Wabash at the bridge? Imagine seeing something like that in front of you, before ever hearing a sound, and then just to add to the scare factor the sound catches up a split second later! It has been a bunch of years ago and I could not give an exact date anymore.

            Really, it made our day. Dad was in the Army Air Corps 42-45 but he never got to fly.


        The Sagamore of the Wabash award was created during the term of Governor Ralph Gates, who served from 1945 to 1949. Governor Gates was to attend a tristate meeting in Louisville with officials from the states of Ohio and Kentucky. Aides to the governor discovered that the governor of Kentucky was preparing a Kentucky Colonel certificates for Governor Gates and Senator Robert A. Taft, who to represent the State of Ohio. The Hoosiers decided that Indiana should have an appropriate award to present in return.

        The term “sagamore” was used by the American Indian Tribes of the northeastern United States to describe a lesser chief or a great man among the tribe to whom the true chief would look for wisdom and advice. Each governor since Gates has presented the certificates in their own way. It has been said that one governor even resorted to wearing full Indian headdress as he read the scrolls. The award is highest honor, which the Governor of Indiana bestows. It is a personal tribute usually given to those who have rendered a distinguished service to the state or to the governor. Among these who have received Sagamores have been astronauts, presidents, ambassadors, artists, musicians, politicians, and ordinary citizens who have contributed greatly to our
        Hoosier heritage.

        It should be noted that the Sagamores have been conferred upon both men and women. There is no record of the total number which have been presented, as each governor has kept his own roll; just as each has reserved the right to personally select the recipients.

        • It really has little value to what actual history is. I personally have a direct forefather that left the Carolinas directly after serving in the revolutionary war.
          He made that move simply because the woman he grew to love was considered an native

          • Why? Because his love was considered to be an Indian indentured house servant. So ,after being banished, and set to fend, he was offered a post in Vincennes from the Capitan that drove his command during the revolutionary war. He took it ,rode a flat boat down past the falls of the Ohio, served. simply took his payment, and was an original Indiana land owner when the state was formed.
            I still know where the survey’s brass marker is, My that’s a secret today. Don’t sing the Sagamore”s song to me. Its bullshit from the last century and that’s all.
            Served it, payment ,original property In the Clark purchase. Ended up being Indiana only because the guys wife understood the Algonquian languages, and during the next war they were passed by. That story comes along doesn’t it . Its absolutely true. And is history.
            Sagamores, Shoot, you wouldn’t get close too knowing the second generation Scot lads take on that was cast from history into it. I’ve read the daily Journal’s the Man actually wrote himself.
            Or even his once indentured native Algonquian wife’s take on it as well.
            Sagamore’s, yeah seriously, really give me a break!

            Indiana history, I’ll call wake up, and that’s slightly less than Bull shit!
            Sagamore of the Wabash, I call woodland buffalo shit!

      • Always think of Harland Sanders when I hear Kentucky Colonel. Also the old ABA
        basketball league with the red/white/blue basketballs and the three point shot.

        I don’t think that a (former) state residency is a requirement. A quick glance at famous
        Colonel’s has a former Little Rock Arkansas resident. there is 200 years of history tied with
        this organization.

        • One does not have to be from Kentucky or even to have ever been there to be named a Kentucky Colonel. It is at the discretion of a sitting governor. The Indiana equivalent is a Sagamore of the Wabash. That came into being when an Indiana governor was made a Kentucky Colonel and wanted to have a similar certificate to hand out.

        • Same here on the ABA. Dan Issel, Artis Gilmore et al. Few remember the 3 point originated in the old ABA. What a time for pro basketball! Walt “Clyde” Frazier, Earl “the Pearl” Monroe, “Jumpin” Joe Caldwell, Maurice Lucas, Dr J. Doctor of Dunk Darrell Dawkins, World B Free, Downtown Freddy Brown, Rick Barry, Jerry Sloan, Bill Walton, Man those are some great memories.

  7. 1. Las Vegas = 34.5 per 100K
    2. Vanderburgh County = 27 per 100K
    3. Tucson, AZ at 26 per 100,000

    It is alarming that Vanderburgh County as reported is # 2 on the list.

    I hope it’s smoke & mirrors though because Tucson, AZ. may or may not take up it’s whole county. Ditto every other city.

    More I think about it the above results only mean we have many troubled people that need hope & help.

    Pray for your leved ones, neighbors & co-workers. You never know who is sick until it is too late.

  8. Las Vegas has a population of 600+ thousand, Tucson has a population of 550+ thousand, and Vanderburgh county has a population of 181 thousand. Something very wrong here. Something that needs to be addressed.

  9. Availability of mental health services is a real problem locally, and there truly is an aura of misery here. There is also a lack of understanding of mental illness on the part of the public in general, that seems to be worse here than in many cities. I’d be interested to know if there are any demographic patterns among those who commit suicide both here and in other high-suicide rate cities.

  10. Is it true that an EVSC school bus just had a window shot out as it was leaving the Glenwood Leadership Academy , 6:25pm? Is it true there were kids on that bus?

      Instead of “Growing the City or Revitalizing the Downtown District” we need more Cops in cars and on the ground in our high crime areas. A moratorium on discretionary projects should be declared until the streets are safe. When school buss’s are getting shot up it is way past time to get serious. …

    • It’s being played down on Tristate Homepage. com. They are saying that it was BB’s, but what ever it was I agree that it is a wake up call.
      I have it on good authority that there was a paddy wagon load of undocumented workers hauled off from TJ Maxx today too. I missed that story if it was covered on the news. I believe that Is now Evansville’s largest private employer, and it doesn’t reflect well on the city.

      • There are A LOT of employers in the area who employ undocumented immigrants. The owners are of course republicans. Why do you think republicans are the biggest opponents of immigration reform? They would have to treat their slaves like actual employees! All the poultry processing plants in Dubois County, full of illegals. I’ve even heard rumors the City of Evansville employs undocumented workers with some of their bogus sweetheart downtown home renovation projects. Obviously this is probably their contractors employing said illegals, but that would still be a bombshell if somebody could substantiate it. Or maybe not. Nobody seems to care about all the other shady shit that goes on in this town. They can be 20 million dollars off on the damn books and just plug in what number is missing and nobody bats an eye.

  11. LKB

    Gail Riecken’s family runs too. They should all run to Illunois !!
    Runs in the family 🙂

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