“IS IT TRUE” February 14, 2020

We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way.
IS IT TRUE that last year we reported that Deaconess Hospital and Henderson Community Methodist Hospital formed a group called an “ACO?” …that “ACO” is where referrals are preferably kept within the group and only certain doctors at Deaconess and Methodist are invited to be a part of that group?  …we recently inquired how the “ACO” referral agreement between Deaconess-Evansville and Henderson Community Methodist Hospital is currently doing?  according to our sources that Henderson Community Methodist Hospital is now an affiliate of Deaconess Hospital-Evansville and things are going extremely well?
IS IT TRUE the LEAPFROG GROUP has been rating hospital safety for many years and last year graded Henderson Community Methodist Hospital as the only F hospital in the State of Kentucky and one of only 9 with a failing grade of F in the entire United States?  …we congratulate the new Board members of Henderson Community Methodist Hospital for having the good business sense to hire the former CEO of Deaconess Hospital-Evansville, Linda White to correct the grade of F of  Henderson Community Methodist Hospital?  …we are happy to report that they now have a passing grade and are expected to achieve the grade of A in the near future?  …five cheers to former Deaconness Hospital-Evansville CEO Linda White for coming out of retirement and working her magic for the betterment of Henderson Community Methodist Hospital?   ….it looks like the recent merger between Deaconness Hospital-Evansville and Henderson Community Methodist Hospital is doing extremely well?
IS IT TRUE that s number of well connected millennial Republicans is running for several of the Vanderburgh County Republican Party Precinct Chairman positions?  …we are also told that some of these people are also going to file as a Republican State Convention Delegate?  …that GOP  Chairman Wayne Parke isn’t happy about this move by the millennials because he can’t remove anyone that is elected to these positions if he disagrees with them on any party matter?  …we are told if the millennials are successful in getting elected as Vanderburgh County Republican Party Precinct Chairman positions it may be a signal that Chairman Parke may have a difficult time getting re-elected to the Vanderburgh County Chairmanship position?
IS IT TRUE this year that EVSC Superintendent of Schools, Dr. David Smith is being paid $260,056.96, not including perks and benefits?  …that Warrick County Superintendent Of Schools Brad Schneider makes $156,261.43 not including perks and benefits?  …that the Indianapolis School Superintendent, Aleesia Johnson is being paid $227,181.95 per year not including perks and benefits?
IS IT TRUE that many supporters of Rev. Steve Ary are quietly watching to see how local GOP Chairmen Wayne Parke is going to handle Mr. Ary’s request about allowing him to run for District 77 State Representative as a Republican?
IS IT TRUE it was pointed out to us by one of the readers that if you fly in and out of Evansville you will hear the voice of Mayor Winneckke?   …we are also told if you call the Civic Center the voice message that gives you City and County Department numbers is none other than Mayor Winnecke?  …it looks like the Mayor has become the self annotated spokesperson of Vanderburgh  County?
IS IT TRUE we wonder what the status of the four (4) vacancies at Convention and Vistors Bureau?  …we have been told that leaders of the Latino and Minority communities are watching to see if any qualified persons from their community will offend a position with this “E” IS FOR EVANSVILLE” governmental agency?
IS IT TRUE that ‘Government Shouldn’t Do For People What They Can Do For Themselves”?
IS IT TRUE  we being told that several City Council members are getting tired of City Council President Alex Burton texting them rambling philosophical messages?  …it looks like it might be time for the Mega Preacher, Adrian Brooks give Mr. Burton a Psychology 101 lecture on “How To Win Friends And Influence People”?
IS IT TRUE with sound budgetary planning and cash flow management practices the City Of Evansville City Council could curtail the out of control deficit spending practices of the City of Evansville? …many people are watching to see how the newly appointed Republican City Council Finance Chairman Ron Beane is going to implement a sound budgetary planning and cash flow management program?  …we predict he will do just fine?
IS IT TRUE we are told that County Commissioner Musgrave and County Commissioner Shoulders continue to lead with good public policy, fiscal conservatism, experience and vision for our community? …both Commissioner Musgrave and Commissioner Shoulders have served with both former Commissioner Bruce Ungethiem and current Commissioner Jeff Hatfield and have accomplished many things including historic projects since 2016?
IS IT TRUE we been told that the Evansville taxpayers subsidized ($28 million) vacancy rate of the downtown Doubletree Hotel is much higher than originally projected?
IS IT TRUE that Evansville taxpayers invested around $58 million dollars help fund the downtown Medical School several years ago with the promise that this facility would attract around 2,000 medical students to attend the downtown Medical School?  ….we are told that the number of medical students may be more around 250 plus students?
Today’s “Readers Poll’ question is:  If the Republican primary for the Vanderburgh County Council was held today which three (3) individuals would you vote for?
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  1. Guess everyone has forgotten about the water / sewer money at the McCurdy Hotel / apartments and the Kunkel Group. Anyone know the current status?


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