Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE our “MOLES” tell us that Democratic At-Large Councilman Jonathan Weaver attended the Mayors re-election “GALA” at the Old National Bank Events Center last Friday?  …that a move is afoot by many loyal democrats to stripe Weaver not only of his political Ward  position but also not allowing him to attend future political caucus gatherings?  …we also hear that loyal democrats also a going to attempt  to keep Weaver from running as a Democrat in the next city election?

IS IT TRUE we hear that a City of Evansville police officer was forced to resign his position last week because of an alleged insulting post he made on Facebook?  …that many rank file officers are questioning this decision made by the Chief of Police because they believe that other options were available?  …we wonder what the difference between the Superintendent of City Cemeteries and an Evansville police officer posting insulting remarks on Facebook?  …it looks like the City of Evansville has conflicting city policies when it comes to the posting of negative and insulting comments by city employees on Facebook?

IS IT TRUE we hear that the GOP primary battle for the Vanderburgh County Commission seat between Marsha Abell and Bruce Ungethiem is about ready to become very interesting?  …we are hearing that Mr. Ungethiem’s political war chest is receiving impressive contributions from many Marsha Abell foes?  …we predict that the race between Abell and Ungetthiem will be the most politically heated and aggressive political battle Vanderburgh County has seen in years?


  1. Jonathon Weaver needs to get out of politics and do something he is qualified for,most likely he could get a job as a full time butthole or even as a full time idiot.
    The city of Evansville makes up policies ,or changes policies as needed so they can steal from the poor and middle class and give back to themselves.

    • Where are those jobs available, except in the public sector? I would suggest that Mr. Weaver is only one of many employed in those capacities, it’s just listed under another job title?

    • Just watching the little JW, I am of the opinion that he has probably beaten wives or girlfriends sometime in his life. IMO, he is mental. Someone correct me if I am off-track.

      • Odd, he strikes me as the type who would pay ladies to spank him. Just my impression.

  2. Weaver us an odd polticial duck. He supports Democratic principles but pals around with the TPer’s and repubs a LOT.

    Many Vanderburgh Democrats have long supsected many in their party to walk, talk and act like republicans but joined the Demo party becuase there are more D’s in the City than R’s and that this was the easiest path to victory, patronage and the spoils of victory.

    My guess is that Johnathan is for whomever and whatever is best for Johnathan’s back account.

    I would be carefull about expelling someone just because they attended an event from the opposite party.

    Making a donation, distributing or wearing campaign material of the opposite party or running to the media and endorsing the opposition candidate are over the line,
    WAY over the line.


        • This video reminds me of how a lot of the posters here behave only they’re not being sarcastic. Enoch would blame obama if a bird shit on his head! He was controlling the bird with his super nsa mind control drones.

          • No, I blame birds for what birds do and Obama for what Obama does.

            Enoch is man enough and intelligent enough to address you and Brains on the issues which you can’t answer. That’s why you guys act like middle school girls playground starting whisper rumors. Grow up children.

    • Brains: As observed from afar.
      Expelled? They’re you go,stay on that “track’,but help”em find his coat first.

      Social media,halo,or pitchfork? The county commissioners GOP primary race probably,just,a fork.

      The medical dictionary defines an (halo,pl:haloes) As:
      A “reddish,yellow ring” surrounding the optic disk of the scleral ring,”that makes the deeper structures visible.”
      As usual the science based definition of halo seems most likely as a more relative reference for your defined “line” there Brains,mine,as well.

      coronae noctibus? armabitur? forks

      halos? pitchfork? furcas

      igitur perfecti.


  3. This paper has completely turned into an anti-Winnecke blog that is clearly supporting John Friend.

    Is it true that John Friend and the editor talk on the phone damn near every night?

    • I’m not so sure that it is pro-Friend, but it is becoming anti-Winnecke because its readership is turing on the current Mayor, and is doing so with good reason.

      • elkaybee: You need to wake up and get into the real world. Mayor Winnecke is more popular now than he ever has been.

        You do not like it, but it is a fact.

        • Wayne, you ought to seek treatment. If Jesus was Mayor, I doubt he’d get 70% approval, as you claimed LW has, the other day.
          Your 600 person turn out you point to so proudly was probably about half people who came because they got free tickets. As I said when I posted an answer to your comments this morning on the other thread, we used to get better crowds for the first Mayor Lloyd and for Mike Vandeveer.

          • IIT that it has been more than two weeks since the annoucement of the delay in the golden shovel moment?? IIT the public and the tri-state have not been given an ETA on the whole downtown hotel project??

            IIT that on the night of the city council vote that the supporters of the hotel were still taunting and angrily critcizing the council members that dared to asked questions about this pig in a poke??

            IIT the supporters of the downtown hotel including Bob Jones of ONB and Mayor Winnecke were slapping each other on the back and yukking it up about how they had pulled victory from the jaws of defeat and touting what a great investment this was for all involved??

            IIT that the supporters of the downtown hotel, various members of the City council and the powers that be gave the public the impression that the ONB REIT had fullfilled its goal of raising the $11.5 in private investments(in just a few days) needed to compelete the funding neccessary to start the hotel project???

            IIT that this impression was false and if many of the City Council members had known the $11.5M was not in the bank as cash or in an irrecovable escrow account or letter of credit the Council vote on going forward with the hotel might have been very, very different???

            IIT true that since the night of the vote the city powers that be have not given the public ONE status update on the $11.5M????

            IIT that the bottom line is that HCW the developer of said downtown hotel project will have to raise $25M in capital to begin the project and IIT that if HCW must go to and bank or series of banks for financing that despite the cost of building the hotel for $40M it will appraise for $25M to day it is completed. IIT that this math will result in a LTV(Loan To Value) ratio of 100% and that no bank or bank regulator will approve such a loan???

            IIT that the powers that be continue to ignore basic government services like sidewalks for the West side, and an sewer and water system that is beyond retirement age and ready for the nursing home!!???

            IIT that the powers that be continue to slap themselves on the back and tell themselves what great ideas they have and what great approval ratings they have but cannot provide basic government services or provide a status update on their great ideas!!!???

        • I did also ask on the other thread what the specific question on your wonderful poll is, and how did they pull their sample. Your claim is bogus, whether you know it or not.

          • Wayne is delusional.

            Brains. Yes everything you wrote IS TRUE. It’s pathetic and disgraceful.

    • Maybe the reason might be lack of leadership. Thank you Mr. Friend and other council members for looking out for the taxpayers. As you well know, living in Florida, local taxes are not necessarily concerning to you unless your husband owns a business here. Winnecke tried to spend 5 million on an unproven entity, i.e. Earthcare, willing to spend 11 million on unproven Wi-Fi, i.e. Johnson Controls deal, and, of course, over a six month negotiating period of time, did not move the city from spending 38.5 million on the hotel. Then comes Mr. Friend’s help together with other smart council members and save us nearly 20 million dollars. So, in summary, maybe this news media is critical of Mr. Winnecke’s job performance?

      • There’s a thought. Maybe Wayne and the team don’t “vet” their pollsters any better than the Mayor and City Council did their recipients of public funds.
        One thing Wayne doesn’t seem to account for is the fact that this is a heavily Republican-leaning site. If the Mayor had a 70% positive rating in the general public, he’d have 90% here, instead of being as unpopular as he is.

        • His poll has already been thoroughly debunked yet he keeps preaching it as gospel. It appears he just doesn’t know when to say when. At this point he’s just trying toget his money’s worth out of it.

      • Except for earthcare all of the items you mentioned were inplace before Winnecke took office. I still believe earthcare was a setup by democrats and the African American elite to get Winnecke started out on the wrong foot. I also believe if Winzapfel was mayor we would already have a new hotel and the taxpayer portion would be 50 million plus. I’m critical of Winnecke because he had an opportunity for a clean sweep and didn’t capitalize on it.

        • You’re crazy. Everyone got duped, it was no setup. You’ve always got to have grandiose crazy conspiracies behind everything. I’m also not defending morons like Connie Robinson who also didn’t realize earthcare was bs.

          • Thanks for an honest comment. Pretty well says it all about the current stable of politicians running/ruining our fair city. If I didn’t live here it would be funny.

        • pov, the Johnson Controls deal was killed by the IURC because it didn’t meet the criteria of a zero-cost project as it was sold to be. Winnecke then reworked it and revived it. It is still a terrible deal.

  4. Hey KnowNothing who cares who talks to who. Stay on message and give us your opinion on Democrat Weaver attending a Republican Mayors fundraiser.

    • If Evansville’s is ever going to get in the +(plus) column, –it must get rid of the Zeros(-) first!
      The present Government is full of them!
      Weaver, Abell, Missy, Winnecke, Friend, Melcher, Kifer, Connie– it’s a long list of self-serving of Butt Buddies.
      Damn Evansville, are you not sick of them yet?

      • Hey, Butt Head, if you are going bring in the so-called zeros, at less know how to spell Joe’s last name!!! [Joe Kiefer} Remember the German spelling the “i” is silent…and the emphasis is on the “e”!!

        • Sorry MM. –“at less”, at lease, or at least, I should have proof read the comment. 🙂

      • LOL +1

        But handing Weaver and Mosby their walking papers for be a great start. Its so embarrassing knowing these two are representing the people of Evansville.

        If we’re lucky the brainless voting populous will base their vote on where the candidate stands and not just because they recognize their name.

        • I hear ya.

          Just some things to think about.
          Missy has about 1000-1200 voters in the 2nd Ward that are very loyal. She got the drainage/Flooding problems fixed.
          Whether it was mandated or not she still got credit for it.

          She makes every neighborhood association meeting religiously. The old Dems liked their smokies, and she fought for them.
          She writes tons of thank you notes and follow up letters.
          She carries out the orders of the machine with ruthless efficiency and they reward her for it. Lon Walters carried two precincts by narrow margins and got creamed in the rest.

          Weaver is very popular and has great name recognition. Fair or unfair, right or wrong thems the facts. Weave got the most votes of anybody in the primary and nearly got as many as Winnecke. That may be crazy to you and I but again thems the facts.

          You might be able to unseat them but you better have one huge lump of money ready before you even think about it.

  5. Wayne Parke not commenting on the comments made by Chris Cooke and especially Phyllip Davis just goes to show there’s no accountability in the republican party here. And oh don’t expect weaver to get more than a slap on the wrist either. I’m sure Parke will welcome him in with open arms too.

    • 2ndAmendment1stONMind we could only wish that Wayne would allow Weaver to join the GOP. What idiots!

    • Good luck getting any ounce of accountability out of there. You’ll just keep getting a heavy dose of hypocrisy time and time again.

  6. What did EPDs finest say this time? They get fired for a Facebook post but Bolin can flashbang a blue hair and not even get a reprimand of any kind? Not to mention all the other bs he has done.

  7. We can’t wait for Chief Bolin coming to the 4th Ward asking us to support his Mayor for re-election. He hooked us once but never again. He is another know it all, two faced political person who uses people. Also many of his EPD rank and file members don’t trust him at all any more.

    • I’m sure Connie will campaign for Winnecke again, so will Eric Williams and Steve Bagby. I seriously doubt there is a democrat out there who can beat LW. The democrat party is divided and in shambles. If Rick decides to run as an independent, which I hope he does, it will further divide the democrats and give LW a boost.

  8. I will say this comment thread format gets jumbled up in a hurry. Hard to tell what comment is responding to what.

  9. does anybody know how much rent lw paid for his gala last Friday at the centre?????

    • That’s an excellent question. Maybe ONB donated the use as one of its “freebies”.
      Maybe CCO will take a look at this!

      • With a political machine like we have, it’s no wonder educated individuals leave/choose not to move here. Toss in the backwoods inbred redneck attitude of the state legislature and the majority of the best and brightest wouldn’t dream of settling in Evanspatch.

  10. I hear about 600 people attended the Mayors fund raiser. Was told about half paid to attend this event and others were comp. Wonder who paid for the over zelilous police protection that supervised this event? How much did it cost?

  11. Someone told me today that the police officer who made the post on Facebook served two tours over seas. Why would Chief Billy Bolin forced a decorated Veteran to resign from the force when it was possible he could had some issues in adjusting back in society. Seems like the Chief of Police could had seek professional help in helping this officer to work through his personal issues.

    Wonder what military service branch did Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin serve in?

    • I really think the Chief was totally out of line on this. I agree that the officer may have some issues he needs help with, but whatever the back-story is, Bolin’s behavior doesn’t pass the “smell test.”
      I thought very highly of him when he took the job, and my opinion has done nothing but drop with each passing “incident.”

    • Was that the same police officer who claimed he doing military training while on paid leave from the police dept? I remember that incident and wondered why that officer remained employed as a police officer. I think Chief Bolin is giving the EPD something to live up to instead of something to live down to. If Winnecke gets 4 more years and Bolin remains as the Chief we’ll have the best police dept in the state.

  12. So….let me get this straight.

    We all know that the Democrats put a Republican mayor in office to keep Rick Davis out of office who is a Democrat and won their democratic primary and by all counts would have been our mayor if his party would have supported him.

    Now Mr Weaver is being chastised and threatened for simply being ahead of the game for the next election cycle since if the stars align and the gods smile on Mr Friend he will be running for mayor next election. Then it has also been stated that Mr Weaver has aspirations of running for mayor also, neither of these fellows can garner the full support of the Democrats which will once again split the demo party throwing there support to our current mayor as in the last cycle.

    While Mr Weaver just looks dumber and dumber, and the Democratic party is following suit the only real winners are Mr Winnicke and Mr Parke, a divided Democratic party will have to support someone and as the last election has shown they have the power to elect whoever they want unless there is a compelling reason to get the voters in the polls voting, in the next cycle for the Democrats it may just be the devil you know vs one of their own which would put Mr Winnecke in the history books as a 2 term Republican mayor which hasn’t happen since Lloyd Sr breaking a 40 year tradition.

    Weaver is just hedging his bets, he has nothing to gain or loose by being at a fund raiser for the mayor but the press does continue to get his name in front of the public which doesn’t really care about his motives. 😉


      • Every one of the people who signed their name to this resolution are making the statement that it is alright with the democrat party if its members who hold office want to actively support a republican candidate for office!



      • Press, apparently that rule only applies in Vanderburgh County:

        January 31, 2009

        State Democratic Central Committee removes Henry County Chair
        Unanimous vote comes after investigation, finding of party disloyalty

        INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party State Central Committee met today and unanimously voted to remove Henry County Chair Steve Clark from his position as a result of failed leadership that included multiple violations of party rules.

        Clark was barred from holding any party office sanctioned by the Indiana Democratic Party for a term of five years. The Henry County Vice Chair will assume the Chair’s responsibilities until the party reorganization meeting on March 7.

        Clark was removed from office following a formal investigation into allegations that he allowed Democratic party officials to openly support the Republican mayoral candidate in New Castle in 2007, leading to the election of the first Republican mayor there in 56 years.

        A Jan. 19 report summarizing the investigation found that “[t]he Hearing Officer came away from the hearing with the clear but sad conviction that the Henry County Party is in disarray. Individuals on both sides of the controversy are good and sincere people, but the hostility between factions in the County Party is extensive and alarming.”

        Party rules allow for the removal of a party officer for neglect of duty; willful violation of the party rules; conviction of a felony; disloyalty to the party; or any other course of conduct that does not promote the best interests of the party or creates dissension within the party.

        “This is never a step we like to take, but the rules are in place to make sure the party can achieve its goal of electing Democrats,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Dan Parker. “When a party officer permits other party officials to work for a Republican candidate, we can’t turn a blind eye.”

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