IS IT TRUE at the Vanderburgh County Republican party breakfast yesterday morning at the Hampton Inn-Evansville.  …that newly appointed District 78 State Representative Holli Sullivan announced at this gathering that she shall be voting to put the same sex issue on the state ballot.  …this announcement doesn’t surprise us because she was the founder and past president of a conservative group called “The Right Of Center”?



  1. Looks like another GOP puppet head. Wish that Sean Selby guy would have beaten her in the recent GOP caucus.

  2. And? Is it wrong to be right of center? Is there a left of center? In fact, what is center? Is she putting same sex marriage on the ballot or a definition of marriage as one man and one woman? Will there also be breaking news on those who oppose the amendment?

    If she is putting same sex marriage on the ballot, then are not other non traditional unions being put on the ballot or is it only homosexuality? If it doesn’t pass the sniff test for unfairly singling out homosexuals, then the amendment will be struck down.

    The correct way to address this issue is to put the amendment up for referendum and let the court decide constitutionality like 29 other states have done. One has had their amendment struck down, one is under review, and 27 are standing. we are only one of four states that has not decided this issue one way or another.

    The wrong way to settle this issue is by a court ruling legalizing same sex marriage for us.

    Further more, churches, businesses, and organizations also need to add statements defining their principles concerning same sex marriage before they become victims of destructive law suits.

    Goodbye gay 2013. In 2014 we can all get high.

  3. Not exactly breaking news in light of her answer at the chamber luncheon where she said her district polled at 85% wanting to vote on the issue and she takes serious her duty to represent the people of the district. Also I am curious why you have labeled a “right of center” organization as “extremely” conservative. Any facts to support or does it just fit a narrative you are trying to build?

  4. Was it “Breaking News” when liberals like Winnecke, Riecken, and Becker announced they opposed giving Indiana’s citizens their constitutional right to decide changing Indiana’s Constitution?

    • The new yapping point from the knuckle draggers.

      Passive aggressive, disingenuous, perfidious BS.

      A phrase designed to relieve and absolve TBagger guilt about taking people’s rights away while allowing them to enjoy self-righteous retribution against people they don’t like and reduce their cognitive dissonance.

      Right out of the playbook of 1984 and Frank Luntz.

      It’s pathetic and sickening, just like the rest of RW ideology.

      • I’ll bet you’re a hoot to be around. Hard to listen to a liberal discuss rights after the way they went after the 2nd amendment. Never heard the tea party say anything about gays, they talk tax and government spending. Never heard them talk about religion. I think gays are bigots and extreme LW, so I’m not going out of my way to help bigots or left wing humorless zealots. Passive aggressiveness is a liberal attribute, smile to your face and then stab you in the back.

        • Since when did liberals put a referendum on the ballot about the 2nd amendment Mr. Strawman?

          Maybe the LGBT are on the side of the left because were the ones defending their rights.

        • The liberal parrots have their marching orders. They are too weak-minded to think for themselves and actually observe what other people say.

      • And the oppositions arguments and tactics are right out of Kirk’s and Madsen’s book “After the Ball.”

        An even more pathetic and sickening book that uses marketing tactics and the tactic of personal destruction to push an agenda.

  5. So in other words: “Holli Sullivan is a bigot.”

    Thanks, got it.

    Once again, who the hell is Holli Sullivan?

    • Someone who strikes fear in the heart of liberals and brings their hate to the surface. I’ll vote for Holli and then throw a little in her campaign fund. The more defined the line between liberals and conservatives the happier I am. You can win an election in Indiana on conservative values but not on liberal bigotry. What’s wrong with living people a choice?

      • Go for i!!. You’re on the losing side of civil rights, history, and emerging demographics.

        BTW the anger you feel when “liberals try to take away your guns” is the the same anger and resentment LGBT feel when you and your ilk take away their rights for real and label them “perverts”, “immoral” and other such lovely terms. Yet they don’t have the same societal freedom to speak out for their rights because they could lose their jobs, their apts. and have many other ugly things happen to them Then the anger turns to depression and suicide.

        Meanwhile the gun owners slap themselves on the back and call themselves “patriots” and “defenders of freedom”.

        Your massive hypocrisy is on display for all the world to see.

        • Glad to see tolerance this morning. I don’t think she has stated her basis for her position, which might have nothing to do with religion.

        • Actually, we are on the winning side, IF it is about “losing and winning” rather that working working together for solutions that will work for all.

          Eighty percent of Hoosiers want to vote on this amendment. if they were on the losing side, those who oppose the constitution would not be wanting to deny them their constitutional right to a vote.

          Twenty seven states have constitutionally defined marriage and remain unchallenged. Those who have not, will not, or poorly defined marriage will have the issues decided by the courts.

    • once again a low information barry ball washer……Holli is a very accomplished woman……do a little research for once i know it is work but you can do it knownothing……….

  6. Knownothing, First, I am not a Homophobic, it seems to be a honest/required disclaimer here, when asking a legitimate question. Ms. Sullivan may or may not be a Bigot.
    My question is how does her vote,- to give you a vote, make her a Bigot? I am curious about the insight/logic you employed to arrive at your conclusion.

  7. So what is wrong with allowing the people to decide what they want their state to permit? Hopefully it will be over and done with, I am tired of this BS.

    • So, what’s next? Will Holli Sullivan introduce a bill to amend the Indiana Constitution so that adulterous women are stoned to death.

      • Great point. I don’t see any amendments banning fornicators and adulters from getting married.

          • So, let’s get this straight. As capital offenses in our new constitutional government, do we employ the seven deadly sins per Paul or the many others per Moses to determine death penalties?

          • Oh please enlighten us with your sining priority list per the christian folklore guide.

        • Nor is there any amendment banning homosexuals from getting married. It is unconstitutional to single out a group to deny them rights.

      • And how does that have anything to do with the issue? Another liberal ploy to avoid addressing the facts of the issue.

  8. More to a local point, which I’m sure was not discussed at this weekend’s get-together. However, any Northside attendees couldn’t have missed noticing on their ride down to the Hampton Inn.

    What I’m referring to is the new 4-lane section of Green River Road from Millersburg Road to Lynch Road. There has been substantial new road surface subsidence and pavement cracking. For example. the bridge approaches have sunk deeper, and there is new subsidence of cross culvert trenches even south of Hirsch Road that were not noticeable before. There is now some alligator cracking showing up in the pavement surface too.

    These new and accentuated problems have cropped up after and in addition to the problems found by the engineers the county hired to inspect and report on previously noted road surface and subgrade problems.

    What it means is that the defects are more serious than enumerated in the inspection report and it will be far more expensive to fix all the defects than the previously estimated amount which was approximately $2 million. It also means we can expect even more problem areas to pop up while existing problems continue to get worse.

    Will there be additional inspections to update the report and cost estimates? How’s the negotiated settlement coming? Anyone heard anything?

    • Heck,rough rider,one can see that from orbit,surely,the people maintaining the transportation infrastructure know that. Wow,the bridge there had mondo ice jam on it after the thaw and some moderate rain,as well. Geez,that had to build some extra structural stress. “Ole Cuz,Sofa Spud” said,the road even had a harmonic vibration on it,set up,and maintained,by traffic vs the high creek flow pulsing under the ice jammed on the bridge” Heck,what’s an old geologist know about that kinda a stuff aye?
      I thought the roadbed base structures unlaying compaction was maybe pretty saturated again after the creek took that big rain before your freeze up and thaw,that took a thermodynamic hit,along with the higher water levels by seasonal weather system timing,as well.

      Spud retorted “that goes back over 60 years and due pretty much to the same human genetic traces passing out the damned construction contracts with the dumbass bids,on some other”similar traces” overpriced,practically useless,vanderburgh county,alluvial,swamp ground.”
      He also said “The northern passage on the towns east side should’a been built along the top of oak hill road where the planet built the road bed on geological ridge line, mostly high and dry,and fairly stable”. His words here,”What do you expect man,they built the road thats used the most,right square in the middle of a alluvial creek bottom!
      “The damned Romans,and Greeks knew better than that crap,and,those pre-dark aged,jerks thought they had an unlimited supply of Gold,Silver,draft critters,and conquered slaves.”

      “Cuz,Spud”,The old Indiana, mining/oilfield/quarry/roadway,any other valuable resources,”Geologist.”

      He’s givin up on’um there in vanderburgh, said, “Now they’ll pitch a small bitch about it for show,then agree in some other low places about how the hell they’ll pay another load of cronies to fix,the fixed,fix anyway,what the hells use?” Then muttered,”typical.”……..Wow,”that splains it,allot.”

      “intellectuals solve problems,geniuses prevent them”

      (Albert Einstein”)circa 1948…ad.

  9. Not surprising, but disappointing nonetheless. Not to put words in his mouth, but I believe Mr. Selby would have refused to put to referendum anything that would violate the rights of members of one group over another. This is central to the idea of individualism, where our rights come to us by virtue of our identities as individuals under the law, not by virtue of our belonging to one group or another.

  10. We can learn from people who have lived through the dark ages of communist central planning and forced abortions and have survived to create a new and better society:

    This story has been all but banned by the American media as being anathema to their liberal socialist agenda. However, more Christians are finding their voice and standing up for the pro life, pro family, and pro children values from which we never should have strayed, and indeed many never have, but they have been a largely silent non confrontational majority.

    Holli Sullivan appears to be willing to stand up for her beliefs, and that is a good sign.


  11. I sure hope she gets primaried by a true conservative–one that respects individual choice, liberty, and autonomy.

  12. There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
    She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do.
    So she moved them to Utah where court ruled she could marry them all.
    And son married mother, and mother married daughter.
    Brother married sister, and sisters were married all.
    So don’t be a bigot, and think marriage is for only ma and pa.
    It’s 2013, and marriage is for all.

    • Hickory dickory d—
      Discrimination makes me sick
      Some folks are scary
      they won’t let you marry
      unless the union has only one d—

      • Hickory dickory dock
        Tea Party crap doth filleth the crock
        GOP lawmakers whip out their bibles
        For their own political survival
        And turn back the hands of the clock

        We all know what’s next!

        • Hickory dikory dock,
          Bringing your religion and politics into it is the crock.
          Twenty-seven state have it,
          Only four lag behind.
          It’s time to decide now,
          an amendment is how.

      • Hikory dikory sick.
        Why must the state certify you you love another man’s stick?
        Marry who you will, I won’t think of you ill, but why draw the line at Bill and Bill and deny it to Bill and Jill and Jill?

        • Hickory Dickory Harem
          if Bill feeds em, the Jills can bear em
          if a herd of brides are what Bill abides
          I don’t see why the gubment should unpair em

          • LOL you’re cracking me up Adam…or Steve.

            Humpy Dumpy sat on a wall.
            Humpy Dumpy said domestic partnerships for all.
            Why say your married, and say you are not?
            We have to put this issue behind us,
            and move on to pot.

            • I can’t resist getting into this fray.

              Humpty Dumpty puffed on a blunt
              The ISP caught her and jailed her for that stunt
              She moved to the mountains and bought a whole bag
              The ISP said “to hell with that hag”

              The hag started a business and hired lots of heads
              by the time Indiana came around their economy was dead

          • That’s the spirit Joe.

            Good prose, easy to dance to.

            Now Bandana needs to rhyme in. He is the master linguist.

  13. A Rudderless Generation

    Growing up is filled with challenges, disappointments, excitement and anticipation of the future. Growing up should contain some measure of enjoyment and the self-satisfaction that the pride in our own personal growth can bring. However, for too many of our soon-to-be young adults, life is filled with misery, disappointment and a sense of hopelessness.

    Society is responsible for providing an environment which fosters growth and the freedom to explore one’s limits. And for decades, America produced children which surpassed the accomplishments and life-style amenities of the previous generation. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. At one time in this country, parents formed the backbone for child development along with teachers and clergy. Today, the influences on our youth are not what they should be. Today’s sheep have largely forsaken their duty as parents. Take a look at what children say about the influences in their lives.

    Today, where do these influences come from? A Gallup Poll from the late 1950′s asked teens to rate their biggest influences on their attitudes and lives and they listed these variables in the following order:

    1. Parents 2. Church 3. Teachers 4. Peers 5. Media

    Fifty years later, this same survey produced the following results:

    1 & 2. Peers and media are in a virtual tie

    3. Parents 4. Teachers 5. Church

    (information derived from a conference presentation on child safety sponsored by the state of Arizona in 2006).

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    It would appear that the liberal propagandists have had their biggest “success”, in those 50 years, in their battle against Christian values.

    What a sad statement. It is past time to start the reversal process and to restore peoples faith in this Country. Remaining silent is no longer an option.



      We can longer indoctrinate and intimidate children into our bronze age mythology.

      Good riddance!

      It’s bad enough that we’ve become the laughing stock of the world regarding our religious zealotry, denial of man made global warming and evolution, but now we’re regarded as the most dangerous and rogue country in the world. When asked which country are you afraid might invade your country the US was the overwhelmingly #1.

      I can’t think of anything more immoral and loathsome than telling/intimidating a child with the old line of telling them they will go to hell and be tortured with fire for all of eternity if they are not “saved” by Jesbus. Despicable

    • we have o many people lost at sea with sails full of wind but no rudders. They are blown around by the prevailing winds. Most the comments against this amendment have blown in by emotions.

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