IS IT TRUE December 9, 2014


IS IT TRUE the revelation about the declining TIF revenue due to ONB’s successful challenge of it’s assessment make one thing perfectly clear?…the clarity that came into view this weekend is that the City of Evansville has not sold any of the $20 million in bonds to raise the cash to fund their portion of the hotel project?…as we have previously reported, ONB has also not written a $14 Million check for the worthless naming rights for the Centre?…without regard as to whether HCW has gotten its part of the money in place any activity that may happen at the hotel lot is for theatrical purposes?…the CCO has real doubts however that any bank would actually fund a loan until all of the funding sources were rock solid?…it is now public record that the bonds for the hotel and the IU Medical School have not been sold?…the PR campaign, golden shovel events, and hotel start dates that we as citizens have all been bombarded with has been an orchestration of nonsense?…as the CCO has opined on many occasions, until all of the funding has been notarized and we can see a deposit slip, the hotel is nothing more than a dream for dreamers?…to think that many of the people of Evansville were hoodwinked by former Mayor Weinzapfel’s declaration that “if we build an arena we get a hotel for free” should serve as a good backdrop for the 2015 election cycle?

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer thinks it is really great when elections have a well vetted group of candidates with opposed primaries to allow voters to learn as much as possible about each candidate before November comes calling?…that being the case we are thrilled to see the recent announcements by a new crop of Republican candidates for their party’s nominations for City Council?…we do at this point hope to see other Republicans step up to create a healthy primary for all 9 seats on the City Council?…we would like to see a fully opposed Democrat party primary as well to test the records of any and all sitting council members who choose to run again?…without strong primary challenges we may be faced with another carefully assembled team of cheerleaders for a sitting Mayor like Team Weinzapfel was in the 2007 election?…swearing oaths to a sitting Mayor and promising to support a strong man agenda is what inspired the CCO to do artist renderings of certain City Council members with puppet strings being pulled by former Mayor Weinzapfel?  …we are presently working on a similar artist rendering starring four (4) present members of City Council?  …we surely hope that the recent announcements by Republican candidates does not constitute a collection of puppets that form the nucleus of a Team Winnecke?…regardless of party affiliation Evansville needs cognizant independent thinking on the City Council by people who understand the reality of the financial challenges we are collectively facing?

IS IT TRUE we would like to hear these new candidates opinions on how projects should be vetted?…we would like to hear what these new candidates think about the Earthcare Energy LLC fiasco and how such a thing could possibly happen in a responsible government?…we would like to know if these new candidates recognize the value of having an adaptively updated master plan as opposed to carrying out a flavor of the month development plan?…we would like to know what these new candidates think could jump start the NAVSEA Technology Transfer agreement signed by GAGE in 2008?…we truly would like to see all of the new candidates VET well with respect to knowledge, cognizant ability, and positive intentions?…having a slate of puppets has not worked out well in the past and it will not in the future?…we will choose to be hopeful that is not the case with these new candidates?

IS IT TRUE it was recently disclosed that after six consecutive years of getting an F that Lincoln School will not be taken over by the Indiana State Board of Education?…the CCO was shocked and amazed that six years of failures have resulted in no accountability?…the EVSC has failed the kids at Lincoln and now the SBOE is failing them too?…the only logical conclusion for six years of failure to go without repercussion is that the SBOE either has no solutions and/or is unwilling to assume the responsibility that should come with governance?…it is clear now that the threat of a takeover by the SBOE is a toothless threat?…it seems that the SBOE is like a teacher who is competent at assigning failing grades but completely useless in the classroom?…if this is the best the SBOE can do, we had just as well close the place down?…the kids who attend Lincoln are on their own because the adults in charge locally and at the state level have failed?

IS IT TRUE Sears recently announced losses of $550 million in their flagship brand stores and K-Mart?…their response is to accelerate their current plan of closing losing stores by an additional 100 stores in 2015?…we do not know if the Evansville store is a winner or a loser but the trend for the Sears stores nationwide is downward and the eventual closure is inevitable unless corporate management can implement a plan to compete with younger, smarter, and faster competitors?

IS IT TRUE in what has to be one of the most idiotic lawsuits ever filed in the United States a chimpanzee in New York State had a suit filed on its behalf to be granted rights as though it were a human being?…a judge fortunately denied this idiotic request and kept the chimp status in the animal rights realm where it clearly should be?…we wonder what the taxpayers of New York paid to reaffirm the difference between man and beast?…maybe a Chimp Park is in order in the future?…we already have such a place and it is called The Zoo?

IS IT TRUE with respect to a solution to the demonstrations that followed police interactions that resulted in the deaths of black men in Ferguson, MO and Staten Island there seems to be some fundamental problems that need to be recognized and acknowledged?…Booker T. Washington once said, “there is a certain class of race problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public”?…the year was 1911 and this statement cuts right through much of the clutter and misinformation being spread by charlatans and their enablers in the media today?…we could well use the wisdom and resolve for positive change of leaders like Booker T. Washington in today’s United States of America?

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  1. The Republican primary candidates are running on basically the platform of being a rubber stamp for Winnecke.

    • Very smart by Winnecke. He finds City Council candidates that are popular community cheerleader types that will support whatever he wants. They are honored and happy to be a candidate. They will have fun running. It is an exciting social event. All their extended friends will vote for them and Winnecke. The current City Council members have made competency a non-factor for office (you know the 4), so these new candidates can have parties & fundraisers with their Junior League and Country Club friends with no worries. Maybe the smartest political move that Mayor Winnecke has made.

    • I just KNEW there would be a day when I agreed with you, Ghost. Today is that day. No rubber stamps!

    • What would they rubber stamp? The out of control spending is near the end. The democrats after 20 years have pushed Evansville to the bottom, haven’t you heard, we’re out of money. People have pretty well determined that the democrat party is made up of the powerful influence of unions, glbt, African Americans and liberals, all on the decline and seem to suffer from self defeating/self destructive personality disorders. Samuel Jackson stated it best,” America you need to wake the ____ up and the last election is proof that they listened. Winnecke needs to man up, he helped Weinzapfel create a mess but the difference is that Winnecke is holding the bag. This whole mess has put our city up there with all the rest of the poorly run democrat controlled cities in this country. The republicans found that the democrats had lost touch with a very important and powerful group in the country, the common man/woman, they capitalized on it and won quite a few elections. The sooner unions tube themselves the quicker this country will recover it’s former greatness. I hope everyone in Evansville has gotten the word that this water meter fiasco was union created. What did the union leadership say to the City Council that caused them to vote 9-0 for the new meters at the expense of the most vulnerable of our community? The local democrats are so elitist that they no longer care for the common person. Remember the homestead exemption theft? Say what you will but Weinszapfel had the finally say. Before Winnecke all the commonsense in Evansville seemed to be under the control of the Republican Party, remember sewers before stadiums?

      • Wow managed to mention every single fox news boogeyman is the cause of Evansville’s problems! The hyperpartisan moron who loved govt spending as long as it’s a Republican idea!

        • Ghost. You are ridiculous. What happened during Weinzapfel? There was a $127 million bond that tax payers paid for to create the Ford Center. And people on here are going crazy on Winnecke because of a $20 mil bond? Our budgets are tight and we don’t have much money BECAUSE of Weinzapfel. So, is the mayor supposed to do nothing at all since according to you “we don’t have money”? Then you would get mad that he is not doing anything. What you’re supposed to do, is provide progress with what you have. Are the budgets going to be tight? Yes, they are, but we are going to fine with how much we are spending. Our own bond counsel has said that we will be fine with what we are doing now. Calm down. If you think you’re always right, how about you go to the City Council meetings and confront them about it instead of sitting here on City-County Observer all day and night.

  2. Isn’t Lincoln school on the “year round” calendar? Maybe this is part of the problem.

    • Could it have something to do the along “political correctness” line of the student ethics and the pretend black/white rift of recent months?

    • They used to be, and now they are not. And that is the problem. Some parents WANT year round school and they had a more diverse population because of it.

      • You’re right about the diversity factor that the year-round school schedule brought to Lincoln. My daughter sent my grandson there for two years because the doctors at Riley recommended such a schedule for him while his ADHD and seizure meds were adjusted. It was a little inconvenient to drive him there and schedule family trips, but I will always think it really helped him to keep up with his studies. Things turned out very well for him, as he outgrew both conditions without any ill effects. At 19, he is going to school and holding down a great job. I think the year-round learning schedule option was a big piece of the good outcomes we’ve had.

          • You’re right about how Stanley Hall worked for teens. The year round school schedule worked well for much younger kids. My grandson went to Lincoln in third and fourth grades.
            It is a shame that the Stanley Hall model has been abandoned for the “school-to-prison pipeline” model of AIS. Judge Neimier’s office on the campus has been hailed by some, but I think it is just a subliminal message to the students about what their futures hold.

  3. Is it true that city council had their first reading on the ordinance requiring that a person must be a city resident to be on a city appointed board?

    Is it true with the resident requirement being pushed, that there should also be a ordinance that requires a property to be inside city limits to have city tax applied to it’s property billings? That property outside city limits are paying 6% of it’s property tax to that line item on the billing know as CITY?

  4. Is it true that the Mitch Daniels delusions of grandeur education reform doesn’t work and those that would take it over don’t even want to mess with trying to improve an all black segregated school? Let’s call it like it is. Mitch Daniels’ “reforms” were simply a way to break the education system and funnel money to churches.

    • That schools tested poorly before Mitch, during Mitch, and after Mitch. If you want to tar and feather someone for the failures of the schools like Lincoln, I suggest that Lyndon Johnson should bear the blame. Johnson’s Great Society is clearly the source of the breakdown of the black family. The kids at Lincoln are capable of success. It is the dangerous neighborhoods, absent fathers, and rotten family life that is handicapping these kids and causing this school to chronically fail.

      • A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it and the truth is the truth even if no one believes it. What you have typed is the truth but truth gets in the way of the lies of the left; the lies that conservatives are the enemies of minorities. Never mind that it was Eisenhower’s AG that introduced the first Civil Rights bill since right after the Civil War. In the Senate, no republicans voted against it but 18 democrats did. It wasn’t long until the lies began that republicans were racists and democrats were the ones looking out for minorities. They told that lie long enough and loud enough, and with the advent of the Great Society, created a perpetual voting block. That’s been 50 years and still we, as a nation, haven’t gained any ground in the War on Poverty. All we’ve done is created generations of people that are told, “You can’t take care of yourself. You need us to take care of you”. That’s the worst kind of slavery. Give a man a fish…

        • 19 republicans vote against it in the House of Representatives. It is also noted that the Democrats which made up most of the south, felt this was a “state issue” and not a “federal issue”. This stance was also the stance taken the years leading up to the Civil War(War of Northern Aggression). *politics/opinion left out this post*

          • 109 democrats in the House voted against it. Funning thing about states rights…they are quickly becoming a thing of the past in this post-constitutional, massive federal government era.

            Civil rights were commandeered by the democrats and they ran with it, but alas, not in a productive way that would encourage independence and personal responsibility.

          • Ellen, the parties have flipped. Lincoln was a liberal. Read a book.

            Also, the main cause of poverty is globalization (greed.) Take that away from the equation and these programs would have made significant gains. Also remove Ronald Reagan’s lies about the so called welfare queen and ignorant sheep like Ellen might have a clue.

          • Ghost,
            Republicans never flipped. The democrats commandeered the movement and began shouting the lie, with the help of the media, that republicans hate minorities. What I hate is what the democrats have done to the minorities from the breakdown of the black family to the creation of perpetual dependence. It’s much like the parent that never expects their children to grow up so they don’t; they remain dependent and never learn to stand on their own two feet. And Ghost, I do read…a lot. I rely on logic to make decisions, not the way I feel. Feelings change but the truth does not.

      • The Daniel P Moynihan, one of the last great educated democrats predicted all of this 50 years ago. I thought he was being racist, how wrong I was. I think it is worse than he predicted. Whatever happens in the Black is shortly thereafter replicated in the white community. All the old radical liberals are dying off and not being replaced so maybe there is room for hope. It’s very interesting to watch the African American community responding to the old school race baiters. The only respect Sharp and Jackson get is from losers, like Obama. Hanoi Jane is laughing stock to the modern young woman.

        • I’m sure you hang around a lot of modern young women! Seriously now, you don’t believe the brainwashed skirt only wearing women at your pentecostal church speak for all women now do you?

          • Ghost, Why do you always find it necessary to attach on a personal level? You spout conjecture as if you know anything about any of us. Let’s just stick to issues and not get so ugly.

          • Actually I do hang around a bunch modern young women, I work in a field dominated by women. Most of them come into the field very as liberal Do Gooders, and leave as worldly cynical moderates. I’m not religious but I recognize and appreciate good work when I see it. Do you realize that without the religious influence in this country we would have very few institution of higher learning, even Harvard was started by the Puritans. It’s obvious from your post that you are a creature of envy. You envy the happiness and sense joy that emanates from people of faith. You envy and hate the folks who work hard, take risk and become successful. I guess you’re just a common everyday liberal in love with your ebt card, section 8 and tanf. I have observed that you worship the pseudo GODS, GOD=Greedy Old Democrats. Like they care for the common person.

          • Wrong again. Never been on any form of public assistance, period. Not even student loans which aren’t even really assistance but an ignorant republican like yourself probably would think it is.

          • Most people who insult other people are insecure. They think that it will make them feel better if they put someone else down, or they insult the other person to take attention off of themselves. Sometimes people who are angry insult other people because they are not mature enough to think of a different way to handle their anger except to try to start a fight or to try to make the other person feel bad.
            Mature people can communicate with others without insulting them. Any ideas can be discussed between mature adults without fighting or insulting each other. Mature people can “agree to disagree” and give each other the right to have different opinions.

  5. I believe challenges will be forthcoming regarding more GOP candidates in the upcoming election. There are people in the GOP who are independent thinking. Unfortunately, it also appears that philosophically speaking in our city; we have more of a monolith of progressivism in both parties. I have become wary of those who speak of progress as always being positive and good. It is progressives who brought us eugenics and the pro death movement. It is progressives who use false compassion to advance an agenda of creating more dependency and reliance on government programs, it is progressivism that says, “We just need to do something even if it’s wrong.”

    Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing, and I know that nature abhors a vacuum, and we want to run into it in order to fill that void; it’s human nature. I believe that sometimes the best thing to do is the process of undoing things in an orderly manner. Admin wants to see projects go forward, but why is that the responsibility of government to say what those projects should be and why it should be involved in providing the “startup” cash for such developments? The most positive thing government can do is to create laws that insure freedom and to quit micromanaging people’s lives through regulation, ordinance, and taxation. Government may suggest, but shouldn’t be the initiator of projects.

    Philosophically speaking, when we have government become so bloated with ever expanding departments, commissions, agencies requiring more and more people working in the public sector, at some point it collapses under its own weight. Therefore, the positive thing we can do is to stop these projects and back away from them, reduce the regulations that stifle growth, take a long hard look at our governmental structure and create a leaner more efficient and effective governance.

    On the topic of the water and sewer maintenance, I want to know what is meant by data mining. The term data mining doesn’t have a positive connotation, and I, for one, want to know exactly what data is being gathered by the city with these smart meters? I still would like to know if individual’s water can be shut off from “central command,” and if the shut off control can be used universally. I understand that if someone is delinquent in paying their bill that their water is shut off. I also want to know if there is a master plan that would allow for the rationing of water. Don’t get me wrong, I think technology is great, but I also see its potential dangers as well. Technology can either enslave us or it can unleash a rebirth of freedom for the individual. As individuals we’re admonished to practice self-control, and I believe this applies to government as well.

    What we have is the classic battle of individualism versus collectivism. Progressives use words like, “for the greater good,” which trumps individual concerns. I have come to disdain that phrase because it implies that someone has determined that others will necessarily have to suffer or be eliminated for the good of the collective.

    Getting back to the elections for 2015, citizens who are registered to vote, and if you’re not, please register and vote in the primary. Elections have consequences, and the more choices we have, the better. As Matt Kibbe of Freedomworks says, “Government goes to those who show up.” If you’re unhappy with the way things are going, show up at the polls, and if you’re fine with the ways things are, then show up too. It’s time we take responsibility for our government and show up at meetings, and if we have concerns, then speak those concerns. If you’re really compelled, and if you have issues with the direction of government, then run for office. It’s easy to sit down and post comments or on blogs, pass e-mails around, but will we actually show up and participate in the process? John Kennedy said in January 1961, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Can we have this same ideal for Evansville?

    • IIT that the new version is: Ask not what this politician can do for you, ask what you can do for this politician!

    • There are independent thinkers in both parties, and they are looked upon with suspicion by the leadership. We also agree that the best solution is for people to show up and VOTE, especially in primaries. I also understand the concern about being given a party label is a deterrent for voting in primaries. I would love to see Indiana adopt an “open primary” law, but that is highly unlikely, because the party bosses on both sides would see that as a threat to their omnipotence.

    • The choice between individualism vs collectivism ship has long ago sailed.

      We’ve went from King Taxzappel, to the Duke of Pigeon, with still the Duke of Knight still as president of the Council. And Still the Prince of Center working the books.

      We’ve given collectivism a strong enough foothold to allow this troika to maintain the status quo and grow at it’s leisure. Plus, the Courier and Press refuses to challenge the Evansville royalty previously mentioned, and is openly encouraging progressives.

      Yes, while government does go to those that show up, any “R” that runs on some notion that individualism can gain here? Please… We’re just arguing about a “R” or a “D” taking the paycheck, driving the progressive boat (or just being a deck hand) aren’t we?

      • Taxpayer. If you are referring to the current mayor, the answer is a resounding YES.

  6. Booker T. Washington was a brilliant man; it would behoove us to reread many of his quotes and try to live up to those standards and I’m speaking as a white person. I would like to add something to the “misinformation being spread by charlatans and their enablers in the media” statement; not only is misinformation spread in the media but by some of the media. “Creative” editing in order to sell more copies seems to be the norm today.

  7. ITT on Booker T Washington.
    IIT that their may be much truth to that quote?
    IIT that that a statement was made on a 24/7 network that struck home with this poster?
    This black gentleman that was being interviewed commented on the happenings down south back in the late 60’s, early 70’s. I believe he held some type of community position. He had been asked about being profiled of white cop/ black suspect back then. He said he was aware of it, but took the correct approach to it. When he was stopped, he kept his mouth closed, and attitude in check. This “forced” the cop to explain to him why he was stopped! No confrontations because of no “attitude”!

    • Of course those people who showed “attitude” and took the beatings, like John Lewis, are the ones who accomplished something for civil rights. The man in the interview just kept from being beaten, but did do anything for his cause?

      • Well he still is alive and a “asset” to his community instead of a liability / statistic!
        He has my respect vrs, otherwise!
        Millions of dollars of property and merchandise was not burned/stolen!
        Many innocent merchants were not put out of business!
        Hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax money was not needed for mob control!
        He did not create a deeper divide!
        He did not commit a random felony as a platform for “you” to worship!
        He had a conscious of right/wrong vrs what law breakers you “cuddle” to, do!
        You want “attitude”, while condemning the consequences for their actions!
        You condemn the law enforcement when you think they have attitude!
        Your “need of attitude” attitude will keep you and I, miles apart on this issue!

        I always look forward to many of the other topics that we have some common ground,
        but unfortunate this is not one of them!

        • Do you know who John Lewis is? He is alive, well, and an asset to the US House of Representatives, just in case you didn’t.

          • The invention of the internet was used to see who you were talking about before my 11:21am post Thanks for avoiding my post.

      • EKB, you need to get out of the sixties. Haynie’s corner is past it’s prime, this is a new and different world. I use to get to get stopped by the police and I hated that, haven’t been stopped in years because I now follow the law. I make people mad because I drive the speed limit, keep both hands on the wheel and stay alert when I’m driving. I don’t steal, rob or hurt people. I credit this to my parents, parents is a word not heard often today. I also understand and recognize power, when you are stopped by a police officer he’s in charge. I know it’s difficult, but be polite, take your ticket and keep your mouth shut. This police officer works for me and he’s paid to keep us safe. If you put your hands on him or act aggressive toward him I expect him to use whatever force is necessary to take you down. When the police tell you to put the cell phone down, do it. I don’t want a police officer to get hurt on duty and go on disability. Mr. Lewis’ cause is past, it’s old school history. We don’t need diversity training, which I believe is counter productive, we need people who understand the rules and follow them. People who don’t learn to follow the rules and continually break the law are known as repeat customers or recids in the corrections world. Regardless of what Mr. Lewis accomplished in the 60’s it’s over, quit fighting, you won.

        • Dang POV, I agree with your post 100% (did the earth just shake?). These are the same ideas I have been repeating for weeks here!

  8. Given the definition of TIF zones, any monies in a Ford center TIF fund is nothing but a mirage. However, money was designated for Ford Center bond retirement from these “funds”. When there’s a shortage, How is the shortfall made up?

    • The annual payment of boat revenue is to funnel to the Ford center after the last payment on the Vanderburgh County Centre building (the building with the free bank advertisement on it) in 2018. This is some of the counties part of that riverboat money ($450,000) that is going to be “given free” to the city! Thanks Marsha!!!!!!!1

      • Don’t forget the food and beverage money that will be funneled to the fraud. Remember that tax that would be retired when the original center was paid off. But next it paid for the airport remodel, then on to needlessly remodel the center, now on to the fraud. That 1% will never be retired. Talked to a firefighter this morning who is concerned about his pension being raided, any chance this is legal? Thought pension funds were untouchable back in the 70’s/ 80’s, by federal law.

        • You just made me realized I goofed on my 10:39am post. That $450,000 “was” that food and beverage tax, and not the boat money that I had mention! That new airport was where our local 1/4% income tax got started and was suppose to end when the bonds were retired. Now we have the full 1% and likely they want more if allowed!

  9. “chimpanzee in New York State had a suit filed on its behalf to be granted rights as though it were a human being?…”

    Why would anyone be surprised about this when a man can pretend to be a woman and people take them seriously?, even allowing the male to use women’s restrooms and other area’s of privacy. The new liberal order has decided that words don’t have definitions anymore so I would expect much more of this kind of nonsense in the future. Enjoy!

  10. You can not tell the players without a program:

    Evansville Regional Business Committee:

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Old National Bank of Indiana

    Board of Directors
    Larry E. Dunigan

    Larry E. Dunigan has been a Director since 1982 and is an independent director of the company. He currently serves as the company’s non-executive Chairman. Mr. Dunigan is the Chief Executive Officer of Holiday Management Company, a healthcare services company.

    Alan W. Braun

    Alan W. Braun has been a Director since 1988 and is an independent director of the company. He is Chairman Emeritus of Industrial Contractors Skanska, an Evansville-based construction company, where he has had a 40+ year career as a construction company executive.

    Niel C. Ellerbrook

    Niel C. Ellerbrook has been a Director since 2002 and is an independent director of the company. He is the retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vectren Corporation, an energy holding company. Mr. Ellerbrook had a 30+ year career in the energy industry.

    Andrew E. Goebel

    Andrew E. Goebel has been a Director of the company since 2000. He is an independent director of the company and is an ‘Audit Committee Financial Expert’ as defined by the SEC. Mr. Goebel retired as President and COO of Vectren Corporation, an energy holding company, following a 34-year career in the energy industry. He is currently a financial and management consultant.

    Jerome F. Henry Jr.

    Jerome F. Henry Jr was appointed to the Old National Bancorp Board of Directors in June 2014 and is an independent director of the company. He is the Owner/President of Midwest Pipe & Steel. Mr. Henry is also President of Paragon Tube Corporation as well as Hartzell Realty Corporation. Mr. Henry is a life-long entrepreneur with ownership interest in numerous business enterprises including start-ups and recent turnarounds.

    Robert G. Jones

    Robert G. Jones is President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors of Old National Bancorp. Jones joined Old National in September 2004 after a 25-year career at Cleveland-based KeyCorp. Most recently Jones was Chief Executive Officer of McDonald Investments Inc., the KeyCorp business unit that provides brokerage, capital markets, insurance, investment banking, and asset management services. Mr. Jones serves on the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Board of Directors, where he is a member of its Executive Committee and chairs the Audit Committee. He is very active in the community and serves on the boards of the University of Evansville, Evansville Regional Business Council, Vectren Corporation, the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana, Riley Children’s Hospital, and Youth Resources of Southwestern Indiana.

    Phelps L. Lambert

    Phelps L. Lambert has been a Director since 1990 and is an independent director of the company. He is a Managing Partner with Lambert and Lambert, an investment company. Mr. Lambert served as CEO of Farmers Bank & Trust Company in Henderson, Kentucky from 1978 to 1992.

    Arthur H. McElwee Jr.

    Arthur H. McElwee Jr. was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2007 and is an independent director of the company. He is Chairman of Toefco Engineered Coating Systems Inc. and is a partner in Rosenthal Partners Capital Advisors. He had previously served as President and COO of the former St. Joseph Bank and Trust Company in South Bend, Indiana and most recently served on the Board of St. Joseph Capital Corporation and St. Joseph Capital Bank located in Mishawaka, Indiana.

    James T. Morris

    James T. Morris was appointed to the Old National Bancorp Board of Directors in November 2010 and is an independent director of the company. He is President of Pacers Sports & Entertainment (PS&E). He had previously served as Executive Director for the United Nations World Food Programme.

    Randall T. Shepard

    Randall T. Shepard was appointed to the Old National Bancorp Board of Directors in July 2012 and is an independent director of the company. Mr. Shepard retired in March 2012 after serving on the Indiana Supreme Court for 27 years.

    Rebecca S. Skillman

    Rebecca S. Skillman was appointed to the Old National Bancorp Board of Directors in June 2013 and is an independent director of the company. Ms. Skillman serves as President/CEO of Radius Indiana, an economic development company for South Central Indiana. Prior to that Ms. Skillman served as Lt. Governor of the State of Indiana for eight years.

    Kelly N. Stanley

    Kelly N. Stanley has been a Director since 2000 and is an independent director of the company. He retired in 2009 as President and CEO of Cardinal Health System located in Muncie, Indiana. He is Chairman of Ball Memorial Hospital Foundation, a non-profit foundation. Mr. Stanley has held leadership roles in healthcare for 30+ years.

    Linda E. White

    Linda E. White was appointed to the Old National Bancorp Board of Directors in 2008 and is an independent director of the company. She previously had served on the Community Board of Old National Bank’s Southern Region, located in Evansville, Indiana. Ms. White is President and CEO of Deaconess Health System and has served as an administrator at Deaconess since 1985.

    • Evansville Regional Business Committee

      03-0408032 FORM 990-EZ, PART III, LINE 28,


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