IS IT TRUE December 5, 2012

The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE the PRICING PIXIES for the Evansville Regional Airport must have been getting into the stash of medical marijuana when deciding what to charge for a short notice round trip ticket from California to EVV Monday?…this writer had an emergency situation come up that required a rapid trip and ALWAYS tries hard to use EVV for loyalty and convenience purposes?…those PRICING PIXIES must have been thinking that Evansville is some exotic tourist destination when coming up with the fare that was quoted on multiple travel websites for the hours of arrival that were necessary?…the fare quoted for this round trip ticket was $1003.00 compared to $380.77 to Nashville?…that is over a $600.00 difference which is beyond the envelope of sanity in pricing?…the first flight coming in and the last flight going back are THE EXACT SAME FLIGHT?…that means the entire $602.23 difference was for the Dallas to Nashville portion of the travel?…we know that the PRICING PIXIES are not employees of the Evansville Airport but need them to realize that if they even want to have such flights at all the fares have to be close to competitive?…the writer would have been more than willing to have paid in the mid $500 range for the convenience of flying into EVV?…all things considered the arrival time including the drive from Nashville was the same as it would have been anyway?…that it would be easy to conclude based on this non-competitive pricing that the PRICING PIXIES are trying to kill EVV?

IS IT TRUE that it has now been 5 full days since the deadline for the City of Evansville to file a repair plan with the EPA to mitigate the discharges into the Ohio River due to having a combined sewer system was due?…we have not even been advised yet as to whether or not permission to file the plan late has been granted?…if the EPA is nice (fat chance) and grants the City of Evansville the 6 month extension that has been requested that there are now 175 days until the plan is due again?…the City of Evansville whistled Dixie for 730 days and did not produce a plan so we are really intrigued to see what will happen in 175 days?…in the meantime the high level of fines can legally be started any day at the whim of the EPA?

IS IT TRUE that the question brought up in IS IT TRUE yesterday regarding the ability or lack thereof of a sitting Mayor to bypass a City Council in Indiana to spend money on a parks got the legal minds on the CCO comment section into a frenzy?…the key seems to be on whether or not the issuance of bonds is required?…there is an opinion in place from outgoing City Attorney John Hamilton on this that states “My research indicates that bonds issued by the Board of Parks Commissioners require approval by the City Council. The statute is I.C. 36-10-4-35(g).”?…this means that a Mayor cannot borrow money without the approval of the City Council to do such a project?…there are opinions that state the loophole to allow such projects has to do with entering into leases and that Mayors though a contortion of activities have indeed built things without so much as asking their City Councils through the LEASE LOOPHOLE?…in a town divided as Evansville is to exploit such a loophole to circumvent the will of the City Council would rank right up there with building a downtown arena without a referendum, tearing down Roberts on the recommendation of an appointed Kangaroo Committee, or handing out crony deals for refurbishment projects?…we strongly advise Mayor Winnecke to do his spending the old fashioned way and that is to get City Council approval for all bonds, leases, or even cash expenditures?…if he can’t sell his ideas to 9 people he will surely be challenged to sell them to 117,000 people?


  1. IC 36-10-5-3
    Municipalities except consolidated cities; recreational facilities and
    programs; issuance of bonds or appropriations; revenue bonds
    Sec. 3. (a) This section applies to all municipalities except
    consolidated cities.
    (b) If a municipality decides to acquire, construct, develop,
    improve, and operate recreational facilities and programs for park
    purposes, it may issue the bonds of the municipality to pay the cost
    of acquisition, development, and improvement, subject to statutes
    concerning the issuance of bonds and the making of appropriations
    by municipalities.
    (c) As an alternative method of financing the cost of acquisition,
    development, and improvement, the municipality may issue revenue
    bonds. The revenue bonds are not obligations of the municipality
    within the meaning of constitutional limitations, but are payable
    solely from the income and revenues of the recreational facilities and
    programs for park purposes for which they are issued. If the proceeds
    of the bonds are used to acquire land, the payment of the bonds may
    be secured by a pledge of the land. Statutes concerning the issuance
    of revenue bonds by municipalities to construct, acquire, extend, or
    improve waterworks apply, as far as applicable, to revenue bonds
    issued under this section regarding the authorization, issuance, sale,
    character, and immunities of the bonds and the rights, privileges, and
    powers of the bondholders. However, neither a petition nor an
    election is required in these proceedings. If statutes authorizing the
    issuance of waterworks revenue bonds contain different provisions
    regarding procedure or the rights and remedies of bondholders, the
    ordinance authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds under this
    section must set out the particular procedure that the municipal
    legislative body has adopted and the rights and remedies given to the
    As added by Acts 1981, P.L.309, SEC.112. Amended by
    P.L.157-1991, SEC.6.


  2. Thanks to the CCO for pushing for an answer on this issue.

    Thanks to city counciman John Friend, CPA for pushing city attoney John Hamiliton to research the answer to this question.

    Because you’all did your homework, it saved the taxpayers of this community a great deal of money being wasted on a useless projects by our of ocontrol tax and spend Mayor.

  3. I hear that a group of financially heeled and politically connented group of people are going to approach city councilman, John Friend to consider throwing his hat in the ring to become our next Mayor.

    They are really done with the Mayors spend, spend our hard tax money without research or public debate attitude.

    I hear they are going to try to sit up a meeting with Friend sometime in January, 2013.

    • whatever happened to Mr Friend’s petition against Vectren rates? Did he drop it as soon as he got reelected?

  4. I’m a Republican but I now can easily support John Friend as our next Mayor.

    He is taking on the hard issues and saving the taxpayers of Evansville million of dollars over the last couple of years.

    I’m very disappointed in our newly elected Republican Mayor and predict he shall be a one termer like Russ Lloyd, Jr.

    In fact I’m ashamed that I voted for either one of them.

    • “Taking on hard issues” like voting for the proposed 2013 budget?

      I’m sorry, but this man, in my opinion, is trying his best to look the part of being responsible while allowing just enough to slip through to do real damage.

      I think he’s known about the unbalanced books for longer than he has let on and didn’t blow the whistle. I think he let the 2013 budget pass because of his own pet projects and special interests, ignoring the fight that he could have/SHOULD HAVE waged with the likes of Riley and Adams.

      Like our most adept politicians in Washington, I think he’s been good at publicizing his proud moments while managing to divert attention from his massive failures.

      Unless this man steps up big time, I will not be supporting John Friend for any office. He needs to get serious about budget cuts to gain my respect.

    • If it is change you are looking for then why would you even consider Friend? He has had countless opportunities over the years to change things for the better and squandered all of them. He is the finance Chair who didn’t know for a year and a half that the books were not reconciled!


  5. John Friend is a p—-. If he was such a good CPA he’d actually be in his CPA office overseeing the audits that his staff performs more. Instead he’s blaming the State Board and others for the fact that he does a piss poor job as the Council’s Finance Chair. He’s also busy kissing butt to the same SBOA auditor that the City has had for over 20 years.

    Here’s an idea Mr. Friend. Hire competent people in the Controller’s Office. You don’t need a separate internal auditor. The controller’s office should employ one. And not just one with a Good Enough Diploma, but one with an Accounting degree that is or can become a CPA in the near future. And why in the world is Jenny still on the City payroll? You did nothing to throw her under the bus. Instead you let her hire “consultants” for hundreds of thousands a year to do her job because she isn’t a CPA and barely knows what a debit and credit are.

    • The State Board is almost as big of a joke as the City Controller’s Office. The local boss guy can’t speak and doesn’t have a CPA while the City’s lifelong auditor talks 24/7. Rumor has it she is back looking at the arena records. If she finds anything they will whine to the Governor’s Office and beg them to not release the report again.

      • That was going to be my question….whatever happen to that arena audit. I noticed that the arena is advertising on the CCO page…..Could be they are trying to assuage the dragon before the SHTF?

  6. The City Council has the right to dissolve the Parks Board by repealing their creative ordinance!!!

    If the Parks Board goes along with our Mayor, they should understand their jobs are at stake. If I were sitting on the City Council, that would be my very first statement regarding this matter.

    Let’s see is Mr. Friend has the balls to step up and make THAT statement! Then he might gain back some of the respect he lost when he voted for the 2013 budget.

    At least I might count on Ms. Riley to consider it. She seems to be the only Councilperson with balls of late.

    • ^The above comment should have read “Parks Dept”, not “Parks Board”. The entire Dept owes its existence to the City Council, who can, as our mothers used to say to us, “take us out of this world just as [she] brought us in”.

  7. Come on Brad didn’t you know that John Friend help Ms. Riley gather information concerning the Earthcare issue. He and city councilmen, Dan McGinn both help in researching the financial and legal issues concerning the Eartcare deal.

    Just ask her and she will confirm what I just posted.

    Please basck off asnd give Mr. Friend some credit for standing up for the tax payers of this community.

    Love your well thought out posts and enjoy reading them. Keep up the excellent writting and research.

    • Again, I’m not saying he is all bad. He’s had some victories, and as your comment proves, he’s been good at diverting attention from his massive failures, i.e. the 2013 budget on which he should have fought for concessions.

      But, I guess that’s what people want in their politicians…someone who can look you in the eye while stabbing you in the back?

      Hey, it’s just my personal observation.

    • I’ll give Mr Friend credit…..he is doing a good job as a steward for the taxpayers. Having said that, has he always, not really, but he has been on a roll for the last 12-18 months doing what we as taxpayers would consider the right thing most of the time.

      As to running for mayor….it was stated to me months ago that if consolidation passed that Mr Williams would be the Dems choice for metro mayor, but if consolidation failed as it did that Mr Friend would be the choice. Williams is now tainted and unelectable at this point in time. So is what Mr Friend is doing genuine and sincere? or is it posturing for good press and sentiment from the voting public?

      If you stop and think about it just who do the current crop of Democrats have to run (that would be electable)? while just about anyone will be able to beat Mr Winnecke and certainly a unknown could arrive on the scene, it’s going to take name recognition and a defend able track record both of which Mr Friend has and is building.

      And of course it’s still possible for Mr Davis to take another stab at it but gaining full support of the local Democrats will be might near impossible, but as a independent, if he can find adequate funding for another mayoral race he could maybe, just maybe have a shot.


      • Three years is a lifetime in politics. We’ll see what happens. I think you’re going to see an Independent or Libertarian challenger.

        I just know I haven’t been thoroughly impressed enough with Mr. Friend. His budget vote was a giant red flag for me as to the type of Mayor he would be.

        • Oh I do agree Brad…..just trying to give him the benefit of doubt, he is part of the Demo’s club, he did sign the support document for Mr Winnecke, do I trust him….Hell no! but you got to admit banging his fist on his desk at the council meetings does add drama to a rather boring bunch of lap dogs going through the motions of being concern about their constituents. 😉


          • The banging is “sound and fury signifying nothing”… Well almost nothing. It signifies his ambition to be noticed as someone “tough” and worthy of a higher office. His record has a few too many holes in it to live up to that self-promoted reputation, in my opinion.

            The best trick the good old boys always pull is fooling the public into believing their next in line isn’t one of them.

            They are usually easy to spot though… Just look for the guy making a lot of noise on relatively inconsequential issues while capitulating on the big ones.

          • Agreed…..

            If more local voters would spend time on the CCO they would/could be educated, I’m glad you recognize the posturing most folks are so conditioned or complacent to the notion that this is the best the parties have to offer they don’t see or think about the wizard behind the curtain pulling the levers.

            Hey! given the “one trick pony” we currently have as mayor maybe it is the best we can hope for at least the illusion is fun to watch, just don’t peek behind the curtain or ask too many questions. 😉


        • Would you care to venture a name or two for the Independent or Libertarian mayoral candidates 2015?

          • Way too early for that. Without naming names, I’ve had private conversations with people in the Libertarian Party who would like to see an “L” Mayoral challenger on that ticket. I’ve also had private conversations with Republican Precinct Committeemen keen to see either a Republican primary challenger to Winnecke as their first choice, or a Libertarian option on the general ticket. As far as I know no Libertarian individuals have expressed interest yet, but there is a general feeling a run would raise the profile of the Libertarian Party in Vanderburgh County while injecting real issues into the debates.

            As a Republican, I am first and foremost keen to see an R challenger in the primary. There are at least 6 or 8 Ron Paul type libertarian Republicans in precinct committeeman positions within the R Party I could easily support.

            Rick Davis would be an obvious possibility for an Independent run. He has widespread support, good name recognition, and his own Party seems poised to nominate someone else.

          • Well I think the obvious would be one of the two party leaders would step up and run, either Bart Gadau or Kurt Clement. They both have a campaign under their belt and both had tremendous support during the campaigns. I think either could be convinced to make a run for mayor if they believed they had the support behind them. I think the best candidate would be Bart Gadau and we need to actively push for him to run.

  8. I believe that the evidence is before us.– The Common Thread that sews Wennicke,and Weinzapfel together is: Narcissism. This does not bode well for the Citizenery. First we had “King John”, and now we have a “Prince” pretender to the Throne.

  9. Oh, Brad you forgot to give 6th Ward City councilman Al Lindsy credit for also voting against the 2013 city budget.

    • Yes and agreed. Al Lindsy voted against the proposed budget. He has done a heck of a job and surprised many, including me.

  10. I also hear many Republicans are quietly asking Barry Blackard-Atty. to consider running against the Mayor.

    If he does, the Mayor should get ready for a political blood bath.

    • Would be a better choice then our current mayor, but the chances of another Republican or the current one being elected is really rather remote. Mr Blackard has name recognition and money for funding, but he has no track record as a city official (hired or elected) and being a Republican is going to be a disadvantage for him although I could see him easily defeating Mr Winnecke in a Republican primary.

      But history has shown that it will be another Democrat elected as our next mayor, yeah trends are broken from time to time but you have to consider if it wasn’t for the help of the Democrats we would not have a Republican mayor today. If the Democrats had chosen to stick to party lines Rick Davis would be our mayor not Lloyd Winnecke.

      Mr Parke can run whoever he likes and they can spent all the money Mr Blackard can put together but the odds are not in their favor, now throw in a independent candidate and split up the parties votes and support…Mr Blackard and the Republican party would have a great opportunity in that scenario but it would take Mr Davis to run as a independent to create the perfect storm in which another Republican might have a chance to win the office.

      Of course this is JMHO

      • Remember, in a primary race the Republican challenger to Winnecke only has to beat Winnecke. Considering most Republicans I know can’t stand this Mayor, that shouldn’t be too difficult a hurdle to overcome. A large portion of the precinct committeemen I’ve spoken to have expressed displeasure with him.

        You’re right about winning a general election against an entrenched Democrat; however, if it’s the WRONG Democrat with a vulnerable voting record, you never know. If the electorate is in enough of a “throw the bums out” mood, a relative newcomer with the right image and no voting record could pull off an upset against someone like John Friend with glaring problems in his voting record.

        • Yeah…..that is IF all the voting is on the up and up, no manipulation of voters, and people (the throw the bums out crowd) are in the mood to actually get out and vote. I keep hoping to see the day when we see at least 80% of the eligible local voters turn out and vote, just one time and we could rid ourselves of the leeches long enough to make a difference…maybe.


  11. Has anyone heard that a group of people are working on a “vote of no confidence” petition against the Mayor Winnenke?

    I hear they going to start a year long petition drive against the Mayor.
    They are planning to present the petetions to city council so it becomes public record.

    The petitioners expect the Mayors political opponents to use it against him during his re-election campaign.

    • Actually, I’d rather see formal charges brought up against this Mayor for his participation in the budget cover up. It would then be possible to see him impeached from office.

      Indiana Code 5-8-1-1 section 1(a):
      Under Article 6, Sections 7 and 8 of the Constitution of the State of Indiana, all state officers other than justices of the supreme court or judges of the court of appeals of Indiana or the Indiana tax court, all other judges, prosecuting attorneys, and all county, city, town, and township officers are liable to impeachment for any misdemeanor in office.

      • Lets say that happen…..who would then take the mayoral job? president of the city council? Chief of staff? City Controller?

        It’s a interesting prospect, could we just operate to the end of his term without a mayor? or would it require a special election?

        Sorry lots of questions but it’s intriguing.


        • I don’t know on that… I do know the procedure…

          IC 5-8-1-35 says that any person can make an accusation in writing with the Circuit Court that an officer has refused to perform the duties of his office.

          Then, if found guilty in the subsequent hearing, the court itself could remove him from office. No Articles of Impeachment would be neccessary. The Court could do it right then and there.

          ” (b) If after the hearing under subsection (a) it appears that the charge is sustained, the court must do the following:
          (1) Enter a decree that the party accused be deprived of his office.”

        • To answer your question, the Circuit Court Clerk would send a notice to the Chairman of the Republican Party and a caucus would be held to elect a replacement Mayor.

  12. I will sign it-what else CAN we do? He’s out to do maximum damage before he’s voted out-if there’s actual way to rid ourselves of him? I am all over it.

  13. A few buddies should have been fired, instead got custom raises-he should be kicked to the curb.

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