IS IT TRUE? December 4, 2010


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? December 4, 2010

IS IT TRUE that Mole #43 tells us that David Dunn and EVSC Superintendent Vince Bertrum may just be hatching a scheme to resurrect the ballfields onto the campuses of public high schools of Evansville?….that those five high schools will have their fields brought up to first class condition?…that we wonder just how much money will be spent to do this level of improvement?….that we are encouraged to see some innovative thinking going on around the project that will not die?

IS IT TRUE that recently defeated candidate for the Indiana House of Representatives, Mater Dei Coach Mike Goebel is being cultivated and encouraged to run for the Democratic nomination for the office of the Mayor of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE that there are now 708 days remaining in the two years that the EPA had given the City of Evansville to present an acceptable solution to the Combined Sewer Overflow problem?…..that this plan is an expensive and complex endeavor that needs immediate attention to avoid the embarrassment and expense of another round of fines?

IS IT TRUE we still wonder what the real status of the McCurdy Apartment/Condo project?…that at a time when the sound of hammers should be heard on a daily basis only the sound of pigeons and Indiana brown bats pierce the silence?….that we hope the sound of pipes bursting from freezing does not occur in this historically significant building?

IS IT TRUE we wonder how many of the notified Gage employees have re-applied for a new position with that politically and financially embattled not-for-profit organization?

IS IT TRUE we wonder who are the Board members of the Evansville Brownfield’s Corporation? ….that we also wonder about the day, time and place they meet? ….that we estimate that Evansville Brownfield’s own about 190 plus properties throughout the city?….that we wonder what criteria they use to get rid of these surplus properties?…that we wonder how it is that some buyers seem to be able to get assistance with buying properties and others can not?…that we wonder why the Director of the Metro Development, Tom Barnett’s public promise to invite the media and other members of the public to these meetings never happened? ….that we wonder exactly who appoints members to this board?…that we wonder if members of this organization’s board receive any payment for being on this secret board? ….that we hope the Evansville City Council will demand that Mr. Barnett opens these financial records and meetings to the public?

IS IT TRUE we wonder what is the mission of the Evansville Sports Corporation? ….that we wonder who are the members of its Board of Directors?…that we wonder who appointed the members to the Board?…that we wonder if board members receive any taxpayer monies to fund the functions of this not-for-profit entity?…that we finally wonder if this organization is one the groups to submit a “REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL” to the city to run the events activities at the new arena?


  1. It IS true, that the City-County Observer keeps the citizenry up to date on the good, the bad and the ugly issues facing the community.

    Keep up the good work!

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