IS IT TRUE December 31, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE December 31, 2012

IS IT TRUE the Courier and Press has made a New Year’s resolution to clean up the comment section on their website by strictly enforcing the multi page agreement that all posters agree to while establishing an account?…if anyone reading this actually read every word of that agreement before signing it and knows all of the forbidden things then please let us know?…that recently a judge ordered a website in Indianapolis that allows anonymous comments to disclose the name of the person who made some comments?…while the CCO has an agreement as well we prefer to err on the side of freedom of expression and have no intention to remove posts for technicalities, we do have rules and have taken down some posts that are intentionally insulting or threatening?…we expect that all such websites have had to deal with words that constitute harassment and terroristic threatening?…taking those types of posts down and forwarding them to the sheriff is entirely appropriate?…we however expect that the CP will systematically censor posts and posters as it has in many cases that we are aware of based on the content of the opinion?…we have no intention to do that unless the posts begin to borderline on obsession?…we therefore thank the CP for what will in all likelihood be a traffic increase for the CCO from posters who do not want to be nickeled and dimed over technicalities?

IS IT TRUE the topic of gun ownership and the Rodney King riots came up over the weekend?…this is one instance where it was clearly in the best interest of private citizens to possess automatic weapons to protect their lives and their businesses?…that during the late 1980’s and early 90’s there was much tension in Los Angeles between the black community and the Korean community?…both sides were guilty of pettiness and random violence leading up to the riots?…over-reaction to shoplifting and general disrespect lead to the animosity between these two groups?…at one point in the riots a crowd formed with the purpose to go to Koreatown and burn down everything in sight?…what happened that night lead to the end of the riots?…much to the surprise the Korean merchants were heavily armed with automatic weapons and showed their hand early by spraying the street in front of the approaching mob?…this gave the mob in the street something to think about and the assault never happened the way it was planned?…that shortly thereafter President George Bush came to LA and stated “we will do what is necessary to stop this”, Edward James Olmos picked up a broom and began to clean a sidewalk, and thousands of private citizens followed his lead?…the end of the LA riots began when the Korean merchants sprayed the streets in front of the approaching mob?…if not for having a significant armed resistance Koreatown would have been raised to the ground?…here is one case where private ownership of automatic weapons turned out to be a positive thing?

IS IT TRUE that the fiscal cliff will most certainly be hit at the stroke of midnight tonight?…at this point President Obama, Congressman Boehner, and even Senator Harry Reid seem to have punted or failed in their half hearted attempts to reach a compromise that wouldn’t work anyway?…what we have now is Senator McConnell of Kentucky who is basically the self proclaimed leader of obstruction negotiating with Vice President Joe Biden who is a wind-up toy full of gaffes as the last two people of authority that are even willing to have a conversation about this topic?…we would be in much better hands if we could get the ghosts of Henry Clay and John Adams involved as opposed to the minority leader of obstruction and the laughing hyena of Delaware?…if 2012 is any indicator of the future capacity of the United States of America to self govern we are all hosed forever?…most of the comments by these stewards of the fiscal cliff would probably be censored by the CCO or the CP if they got into a posting war here?

IS IT TRUE we wish all of our readers a 2013 that is better than 2012?


  1. Best Wishes for a Happy, Prosperous, and Peaceful New Year to the City County Observer owners, editors, writers, staff, and readers.

  2. Well said Mr. Jeffers.

    I also wish the best in 2013 to the CCO staff and readers.

    Oh, the best to you Mr. Jeffers for a job well as our County Surveyor over the past many years. You shall be missed at the Civic Center.

    You were one heck of a public servant!

    • Thank you for your kindness. I am a very lucky person to have spent the past 30 years in an enjoyable and rewarding occupation, surrounded by many fine people in both city and county government.

      Please, everyone, support our new County Surveyor during the transition and his own time in office. I truly believe Jeff Mueller is a fine man with a superb engineering education, and a wealth of talent and knowledge gained from his career as a mining engineer. If you can help him get into the swing of things, changing from the private sector into public service, please do what you can. That way the County Surveyor’s office will have more full continuity of service to the taxpayers of Evansville and Vanderburgh County.

  3. I figured the CCO would see the CP’s ban on “talking bad about the good old boy network” as a boom for you.

    When I want to play, I go to the CP, when I want serious information I go to the CCO.

  4. Yes it is true, I canceled my account this morning with the C&P. I find it weird that the EPD took such interest in the matter and posted multiple comments in the comment section defending the C&P annoucement.

  5. The problem with the C&P and its terms of service is that they did not enforce them evenhandedly.

    They appear to have someone totally naive making some of their decisions regarding what is proper.

    I had suggested removal of one posting. It was concerning a bar named “Back Door” and the reported activities of a famous actor. My suggestion was ignored until I pointed out in very specific terms what the poster meant. They removed my posting (which I knew they would) and also removed the posting I objected to. Their response was “We didn’t know that.”

    • Totally agree. Seemed at times that they either didn’t pay attention to what was really going on or didn’t care on certain topics. But then when it came to others, they would delete posts left and right for the same thing.

      I know when the smoking ban was in the headlines earlier in the year, there were several folks (or maybe one person under multiple monikers) posting HUGE amounts of stuff–if I’m not mistaken, to the point that people on both sides of the debate were sick of seeing what this person posted.

      Although I have not read word for word their “rules”, I do know that it violates their terms of service due to posting large amounts of stuff as well as trying to take over a posting board.

      Definitely time to put that stuff to rest…or, force people to voice their opinions via FB as many news organizations have gone to in order to alleviate this issue.

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