IS IT TRUE? December 30, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? December 30, 2011

IS IT TRUE that Mayor Elect Winnecke has once again taken an action that was true to his campaign words?…that yesterday Winnecke appointed a 15 person committee to determine the fate of Roberts Stadium?…that this committee will have at least 3 months to do their job and that there is currently no mention of any wrecking ball?…that Winnecke even had the presence of mind to appoint the #1 Save the Stadium advocate Jordan Baer to the committee?…that now is the time for ideas and investors who have real tangible solutions on what useful functions that Roberts can serve to step forward with proposals?…that if Roberts eventually has to meet the wrecking ball that Mayor Winnecke’s hands will be clean and the blame will simply be on either the lack of investment dollars or worthy ideas coming forward?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville icon Industrial Contractors has been sold to a Swedish Company?…that the familiar headquarters of ICI behind the Aztar parking garage is no longer under local ownership?…that sometimes an acquisition is the right thing for a business to take the next step up the growth curve and that we hope this joining of forces will turn out to be positive for the Braun family, the employees of ICI and its subsidiaries, and the Evansville region?

IS IT TRUE that the Sears and Roebucks Company has failed to change with the times and that it was recently announced that about 100 stores of the Sears and K-Mart brands would be shut down across America?…that Evansville is all out of K-Marts and down to one Sears from past shuttering efforts so it was no surprise that the anchor Sears store at the Washington Square Mall which is actually making a good comeback is not on the closure list?…that Sears may not be the fashion magnet that it was when we were kids but when it comes to appliances, tools, and tires, Sears is still a good and convenient choice?

IS IT TRUE that the Freedom of Information Act request with respect to the FREE $51 Million deal between Johnson Controls and the City of Evansville has finally borne fruit?…that yesterday after posting that the time to respond had passed that the CCO was contacted by the City and supplied with all that we asked for?…that all of the documents and presentation materials that are less that 2 MB are posted and available on the CCO and that we will gladly sent the 3 file over 200 page contract to anyone who makes a direct request to us?…that the pro-forma on the surface appears to project savings over the life of the equipment that exceed the cost of purchase and installation?…that nevertheless the City of Evansville does appear to have another $51 Million debt on its books with all of the monthly payments coming from “savings”?…that we are very interested to see how this plays out and what “savings” really means?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO is pleased to congratulate the University of Evansville Aces on a conference win over Southern Illinois last night at the Ford Center in front of a respectable crowd of 6,105 people?

IS IT TRUE that there are now only 2 days left in the Weinzapfel Administration?…that it seems as though the Water and Sewer Department that is administering the Johnson Controls contract is the new employer of choice for those close to the Weinzapfel Administration?…that we must say that some of these people are quite talented and that we congratulate them on finding a new place within the City of Evansville structure to keep working?