IS IT TRUE December 27, 2012

The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that a well-known citizen of this community is being urged by numerous people of all political persuasion to run against County Commission President, Marsha Abell?…that this individual is none other than the Chairman of CORE, Bruce Ungethiem?…we hear if Mr. Ungethiem runs, Abell can expect the issues of her rudeness towards the taxpayers, nepotism and her pro-consolidation stance will be campaign issues?…if Mr. Ungethien decides to run, he shall be a candidate in the Republican primary? … that he shall enjoy votes from many crossover Democrats, Tea Party supporters and Independents? …we hear Mr. Ungethiem has about $50,000 worth of political contributions committed by his grassroots supporters so far?…that Ms. Abell can expect people of the 4th Ward to come out in droves to support Mr. Ungethiem?…if Mr. Ungenthiem runs for Vanderburgh County Commissioner, Ms. Abell shall be in the political battle of her career?

IS IT TRUE that in today’s modern technology, commerce is driven by the internet, specifically, email?… that the Evansville Redevelopment Commission says that they, the commission, discovered the missing $1.6 million, not discovered for over 13 months?…that the City, including the Commission and the Evansville Redevelopment Authority, approve bank transactions by way of Email?…that Mr. Hooper, the director of the Commission, came before the Council together with Jane Reel declaring that the funds have been reconciled?…that Councilman John Friend, CPA, requested the email traffic between the Bank and the ERA be presented to the Finance Committee concerning the found money and are still waiting for those emails?… that the North High School bond funds were disbursed from the same bank and on October 4, 2012, the $1.6 million was taking from the North High School by the bank and deposited into the City’s account?…that some are asking the question, if the EVSC had sufficient funds to cover the seizure?

IS IT TRUE that a recent readers poll that the CCO was running for a future Mayoral contest for the City of Evansville was corrupted by someone who worked very hard to skew the poll in favor of one of the candidates presented?…the level of corruption of the data was so large that we decided to remove the poll, put some extra security in place, and to restart the poll with Sheriff Eric Williams as an option?…we do have the ability to see the vote logs so we know that the actual result of the corrupted poll with the corruption removed had a “Strong Libertarian” candidate leading both Mayor Winnecke and Councilman John Friend by about a 2 to 1 margin?…that Mayor Winnecke and Councilman Friend were in a statistical tie before the poll was removed?…we will be very interested to see the results with the addition of Sheriff Williams and the elimination of corruption of the data?

IS IT TRUE that we are working on a couple of end of the year articles that have to do with the best things that happened in Evansville in 2012, the most dumbfounding negative things that happened in 2012, and of course what City government should concentrate on getting right in 2013?…we would appreciate nominations from our readership and will give each nomination due consideration for inclusion into the articles?

IS IT TRUE that a local for-profit “Business Incubator” is leasing part of their facility to an area church? …that the owners of the “Business Incubator” were told by Evansville Area Plan officials that they had to file a special use permit in order that they can continue to lease this facility to this church?…we were told that the for profit “Business Incubator” has the correct zoning to lease their facility to developing business?…we would like to point out to the leadership of “Evansville Area Planning” that they should also apply the same principals to C K Newsome Community Center because they also are allowing a church to hold services in that publicly funded facility?


  1. Ungenthiem will beat Abel [un] by a 4 to 1 margin, she is a rude, self-serving hack.

  2. It appears your poll regarding “Mayor of Evansville” remains corrupted because, for example, I am blocked from casting a vote on this new poll (from my home computer). I suppose that is because I entered a single vote on the previous poll. However, now that you have added a candidate to the poll, do you suppose some who voted on the previous poll may wish to reconsider their votes? This calls into question all your polling data.

  3. If that’s the case…disable the poll….start a new one…give it a different name so that everyone’s cookies/ip address is different and not related to their previous votes…

  4. Bill, I voted in the previous poll and was able to vote on this one without any problems.

    Try to refresh before voting, maybe that will help you vote.

    • It’s not a matter of my single vote that prompted my comment. What I’m trying to point out is that if the editor wished to purge the “corrupted data” from the poll, then the poll should be reconstructed so all legitimate data may be collected. No biggie to me. I figure all these polls show corrupted, non-scientific data, and basically are worthless. Especially the ones that are structured/worded to draw the intended responses.

      • If you email your vote preference to me I will enter it manually. Same for the others who voted in round one.

  5. As a Teaparty person I can say that Mr. Ungethiem has my vote over Abell.

    I also agree that Abell is extremely rude to people. She’s also is a self serving know it all.

  6. In the Mayoral poll, I just clicked on “Strong Libertarian Candidate”. It is not a vote for the Libertarian Party, but rather a cry for a decent candidate, any candidate, with integrity and a lack of self serving motivations. That, of course, is in contrast to the remaining choices who all soiled themselves with glee over the attempt to create a political kingdom. A kingdom which they had undoubtedly already carved up amongst, and for, themselves.
    Friend I dismiss due to passing a City budget without knowledge of account balances. I still think his current aggressive posture is meant only to distract from his previous ineptness or inattention.

    • So are you saying you believe even a generic libertarian would be more ethical and have more integrity than what you have seen from both other major parties in this area?

      • For the most part, I would agree with that. Until they actually get to serving, and they turn into Politicians.. That being said, I don’t know how long I could hold out grabbing if I worked in the money machine that is modern politics. I honestly think we would have much better luck with Libertarians at the local and county levels though. They don’t owe anyone anything.

    • I believe that John Friend’s “posturing” can only fall in the realm of theatrics until it results in some concrete action . There are people currently serving in local government jobs who, do to past performance, need to be replaced. Unfortunately, Mr. Friend, in my personal opinion, is one of those people.

      I do not see ANYONE stepping up to the plate to initiate a course of action that will produce the desired results that could restore citizens faith in city government. We seem to have a paucity of acceptable leaders at the moment.


  7. In my dealings with Ms. Abell over many years, she has always been very professional and respectful. However, she will call BS when something is BS. I like that.

      • I have known Marsha for over 30 years. We are lucky to have her in public service. She has my support no matter who runs against her. No disrespect meant to other people who may wish to unseat her, but she deserves a 2nd term. Count me a solid Marsha Abell voter.

  8. Never known Marsha to be rude she just has a good BS detector. Being forceful is not the same as being rude. She knows the poltitics of this city. Wish she lived in my ward so I could vote for her.

    • Every registered voter in Vanderburgh County, including those living inside the City of Evansville, may vote for County Commissioner candidates. Although a commissioner must serve from a geographic district, the position is elected “at-large.”

  9. Ya know, this poll reminds me of something. I remeber when Ellsworth was our Sheriff. I voted for him for Sheriff because that is what he was good at. Then he ran for Federal office…twice I voted against him…now he is gone.

    If Eric Williams runs for Mayor, I will vote against him too. There is a big difference in being Sheriff and being a poltiical office holder making changes to the laws. AND I believe if Eric runs for other poltical offices, he will eventually meet the same fate as Ellsworth. Is Vectren hiring?

    • How exactly can a mayor “make changes to the laws?” State laws are the product of the state legislature. Local ordinances and codes, including amendments (changes) thereto, are product of the City Council and County Commissioners.

      • You are right Bill! But we know this would be just a stop on his new political career for Williams. Just like Ellsworth, being a Congressman was just a stop for him enroute to Senator(so he thought).

        Why has the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s office become a starting point of political careers? Can’t I just have a Sheriff with no other ambitions outside of being just a good Sheriff?!?

        • Ellsworth was a good sheriff. If personality counts, then he was a great sheriff. But sheriffs in Indiana are limited to two terms. And it would be a waste of political talent to relegate an officeholder like Ellsworth to fallow pastures.

          If times had been different, I believe Ellsworth would’ve been a good congressman, too. But national politics were wedged by radicals on both sides of the isle. And then DINO D.C. Dandy Bayh pulled that last minute, musical chairs stunt …

          • I agree Bill. Ellsworth was a great Sherriff! I just didn’t care for his stances on Federal level initiatives.

            So…do you think Vectren is capitalizing on his talent?

  10. The “special use” designation applied to the business incubator to allow worship services seems to be unnecessary bureaucratic regulatory layer caking. If the issue is parking, then say so. But I doubt a couple of Sunday services or a Wednesday evening service is going to overload the available parking spaces. Besides, I don’t believe the APC has the legal authority to interfere with religious worship. But that’s just a layman’s opinion.

  11. Hey CCO! Better reset the poll again. The Libertarians are winning the poll again.

  12. Hey Joe Biden, why didn’t you defend Marsha Abell hiring her step son to head one of the county funded offices? Oh, why didn’t you defend Marsha Abell hiring Russ Lloyd, Jr. wife to work in county funded office? Mr. Biden, isn’t this type of activity called politial patronage and nepotism?

    Mr. Biden why don’t you call Wally Painter and ask how Marsha Abell treated his group?

    Mr. Biden, why don’t you call Ms. Clements and ask her how Marsha Abell treated her group?

    Mr. Biden, why don’t you look at Marsha Abell’s political donation list and see how many individuals and groups who gave to her campaign got county contracts under Abell’s leadship?

    • A blogger, I stand by my remarks because they are true. I don’t know why you drag Mr. Paynter into your personal attack on Ms. Abell. If you refer to Ms. Clements from the HRC, I would defund the entire HRC and would support any candidate that stops wasting our tax dollars on the HRC. Call the Evansville Rescue Mission and learn how the HRC really works.

      • You are exactly on it about HRC. HRC is more interested in issues favorable to Wally’s group than other minority groups. I’m a supporter of the Evansville Rescue Mission because they do great work, they don’t talk about it they do it. This group has a long history of doing Gods work and Clemens tried to destroy them. Wally’s group needs to take a global approach to the least of Gods children and practice the the teachings of Mathew.

        • Marsha hit nail with hammer on HRC. The Rescue Mission does wonderful, very hard work with the most desperate people challenged with all issues. God bless them all at the Mission and best wishes for all a happy new year.

  13. Please answer my questions about nepotism and politial patronage Mr. Biden.

    Also how much money did a local engineering firm donated to Abell political war chest over the last couple of years and how many county contracts did she push for them to receive without formal bids?

    Mr. Biden, it’s time you get a copy of Abell’s political donation fund raiser print out and see how many of people donating to her campaign received county contracts.

    This part was taken down by editor because it was to personal.

  14. Mr. Biden, everbody knows that Marsha Abell is a self serving and rude person.

  15. Jeffers you know government and politics , don’t retire from for as polls, take and participate in as many as you want, the only one that counts is on election for as nepotism and patronage, check back thru the years, the main thing is that they do the job they are hired to do. donatiins, could anyone win an election without them? HRC, I was told that when questioned about what they do (they should be open enough that taxpayers are aware of what they do) Marsha was told by Ms. Cements that she didn’t have to tell because she didn’t work for her. excuse me , she works for the taxpayers, all of us.

  16. How about “NONE OF THE ABOVE” …
    Winnecke stinks.
    Friend allowed 2 budgets to be passed without knowing how much money was in the bank.
    Williams is a FRAUD – big news will break about him in the next few months. When you run for an office like mayor the spotlight reveals lots of stuff. And he has LOTS of stuff to be revealed.
    A libertarian cannot win in Evansville. A candidate must be fully entrenched in special interests and bought and sold to vendors in order to win.

    • The poll question wasn’t “who CAN win?” The question was “who would you vote for?”

      If your answer is still “none of the above”, then you’re part of the problem you describe.

  17. I was excited when Abel was elected because her main platform issue was that the ball fields didn’t belong at Roberts. And there’s no doubt that’s why she beat Tornatta. So I was hoping she would take a more hands on approach to making sure that they get built in the correct spot.

    But so far she has basically gone completely silent on the issue and it now appears that city officials are quite content to let Warren go right on down the same path Dunn went down and now we’re going to end up back in the same screwed up mess again. It now seems to me that she just brought them up to get elected.

  18. Just exactly how many commissions, boards, panels, working groups, etc. are in Evansville ?

  19. add consultants to that list . who ever runs for mayor or commissioner, in the past also, say that they have a plan to take care of all the problems and the first thing they do…hire consultants .

  20. Agreed green giant they do hire a lot of consultants.

    Just check Marsha Abell’s and her political buddy, Mayor Lloyd Winnenke’s campaign donation list and you’ll see many consultants listed. I wonder how many of these political contributors get city and county jobs? Isn’t this called, “influence peddling”?

  21. In most of her previous runs for office, Marsha has had an opponent with more baggage that she (Marcha) had.

    One example is her having an opponent who claimed academic credentials that she had not earned.

    I do not want to belabor the point, but Marsha has had the good fortune to run against weak opponents. A strong candidate would bury her.

  22. Some say that Friend is postureing, well I have live in this fair city for over forty years and during this time, I have never heard of ANY politician calling for an audit of any public project, never called for an assessment of an IT department that is taking profits of over two million dollars per year from the taxpayer of the this community. Never heard of any elected official questioning a project costing the ratepayers of this community 53 MILLION DOLLARS of which 14 million for a Wi-Fi network illegal under the Indiana Statutes. And, oh, by the way, like it or not, beat Vectren’s rate hike….So, Mr Friend, please keep on posturing!!

  23. Sir….on Novermeber 15, 2011, the former Mayor committed this city’s utility into a contract with Johnson Controls. My sources indicate that Friend informed the City Attorney that this contract was illegal under the Indiana Code because utilities can NOT charge or issue bonds that fund projects outside of the scope of the utility…since when does the water and sewer department’s function involve providing free internet connections for businesses and personal use. Why should folks in the county pay for this kind of nonsense..oh, by the way, was MRC involve in this?? i.e. Mr. Rolley??? In additional, why did the Winnecke Administration appeal the rejection of the IURC. And, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission concured with Friend’s assessment…See Case numbner 44123 on the IURC’s website…and, while there, look up case 44137 and see what the OUCC has to say!

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