IS IT TRUE December 26, 2013


Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE December 26, 2013

IS IT TRUE that Vanderburgh County Republican Party Chairman Wayne Parke took an opportunity that we at the CCO left open regarding keeping elected officials who are essentially lifetime politicians from running for office again to challenge our assertion?…that this came after someone wanted to know what we would have to say about a politician that has a high job approval rating?…our response was pretty much that an approval rating of over 60% for an incumbent may just merit an exception to the “toss the retreads out” theory?…Mr. Parke claimed that Republican Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke has a current approval rating above 60% and asked if we would make an exception for Mayor Winnecke?…our response was and is yes if the poll was done by a 3rd party and the makeup of those polled reflects and accurate assessment of the general population?…we have offered to publish the poll that Mr. Parke is referring to without edit, opinion, or bias and we will most certainly do so?…we would remind Mr. Parke that back in 2007 then Mayor Weinzapfel had an approval rating above 60% and actually defeated Republican non-candidate David Nixon by a margin of 85 – 15?…it seems as though second terms and hubris are the undoing of many politicians from Tricky Dick Nixon, to former Mayor Weinzapfel, and to the current President of the United States?…we would like to know what Mr. Parke thinks about the once very highly approved President Obama a scant 13 months since he was re-elected and how that could easily parallel Evansville politics?

IS IT TRUE a shareholder of Old National Bank who is not exactly thrilled about the proposed $14 Million investment that the bank is contemplating in the downtown convention hotel?…this person asked us to remind our readers that ONB has 100.69 million outstanding shares that sell for about $15.75 each?…that would mean that a $14 Million investment by this publicly traded bank would represent roughly 14 cents for each outstanding share or 1% of the value of each share?…that amounts to just under half of the dividend that each share pays annually?…ONB during the last five years has traded as high as $18.16 per share and as low as $9.22 per share?…one thing for sure is that a $14 Million investment of shareholder dollars is certainly something that ONB can afford to do but it is not a trivial amount when compared to annual earnings or the scheduled dividend?…none of the shareholders who have spoken with the CCO would accept their dividends in shares or warrants in a downtown convention hotel in Evansville?

IS IT TRUE that for a city that touts itself as a burgeoning tourist destination Evansville on Christmas Day is not an inviting place to look for an open restaurant?…of course there are scattered Chinese Buffets and a few other restaurants that had limited hours?…this is not any way to capture tourism or even people who are already tired of turkey to come to town for the Holidays?…while the CCO understands that restaurant workers do not wish to work on Christmas we also know that cities that have real tourism find ways to deal with this?…of the two restaurants that one visitor ate at today the food was mediocre and the service was even worse with the wait staff openly grousing in front of customers that they should not be working?…this shortcoming made a real impression?…the state law forbidding the sale of even so much as a glass of wine on Christmas drew a comment overheard to the extent of “you Hoosiers do know it is 2013 don’t you?”… in all seriousness this is a problem for people in town for anything other than a family gathering that lasts 24 hours?

IS IT TRUE during the final 5 IS IT TRUE columns of 2013 the CCO will begin to articulate some things that we hope to see happen in 2014 to make Evansville a better place to live and a more worthy place to visit?…the first of which is of course a new MASTER PLAN to replace the woefully obsolete thing that DMD claims is a fine plan in need of an update?…that is about as observant as if American Airlines said the Wright Brothers plane needs to be updates for passenger service?


  1. I’d like to see Wayne Parke produce that poll and a link to all its data as well. I’d be surprised if this is not just a sad senior moment we’re seeing. I wish Mr. Parke a speedy recovery from this mental lapse.

    As for the local alcohol ordinance on Christmas… I can’t figure out the aversion to allowing beer, wine, or even spirits sales on Christmas and Sundays. Why are we pretending the city or county government should play the role of telling responsible adults not only when they should be pious but what piety means?

    Jesus turned water into wine, not water into sparkling grape soda and O’Douls. It’s a historical fact that Jesus the man would have drank wine or beer almost exclusively when available, as did all peoples of the ancient world to ward off sickness through drinking of non-pasteurized liquids. The temperance movement is a modern Protestant fabrication, which has been superimposed upon the existing framework of religious convention. It’s antiquated and needs to go. Let responsible adults decide what ‘temperance’ and ‘piety’ means for them.

    • Is it a local ordinance on Christmas alcohol sales or state law?
      Restaurants being closed on Christmas Day, how can we survive. Shame on those restaurants for giving their employees a day off to be with family and celebrate the Holiday.

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
      Jack Waldroup

  2. The owners are too cheap to pay them holiday pay. So let me get this straight, are you wanting the local government to pass an ordinance or something forcing people to open their businesses on Christmas day? Surely a libertarian wouldn’t advocate fascism. Or are you just looking for something to bitch about? I’m glad these underpaid, exploited workers got to spend the holiday with their families.

    • No not at all. By city in this IIT we mean all of Evansville without the assistance of the Civic Center. And it was not just it bitch, the restaurant episode was from personal experience. The best meal available yesterday was popcorn at the Showplace East.

  3. My guess is that Wayne’s “poll” on One Term Winnecke’s popularity is about as scientific as the CCO’s polls. It was probably taken among Republican committeepersons.
    Here’s a little reality check on the restaurants open on Christmas and tourism thing. EVANSVILLE IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A CHRISTMAS TIME TOURISM MECCA. IT WILL LIKELY NEVER BE A TOURIST SPOT, PERIOD. You are putting the horse before the cart. Businesses open in response to demand. Tourists do not flock to open businesses, open businesses flock to where the tourists are.

    • Somebody is going to lose their money betting on “One and Done” Winnecke,–couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch either.

    • Agreed!

      I actually worked 12 hours yesterday off site because the business was closed and the work had to be performed while closed, the city looked like a ghost town yesterday morning, I’d guess there are those that don’t cook a family meal at Christmas time get-togethers but in my world that has always been a time for family and friends to come together each bringing a dish to share around the table, it’s also always been a time for family to put aside their differences and give thanks for the people around them, breaking bread together has always been a tradition in our family and I can’t imagine going to a restaurant to do that, but that’s just me.


    • Well EKB,the last sentence of your post is “spot” on.
      Evansville’s Metro,needs a redirect on the tourism business. Face it Evansville isn’t really a location for some vacation adventure package,it does have(had)a few attractions.
      The things Evansville once did offer have been kind of lost in misdirection,loss of funding,or focus area neglect.
      “People trend to places where the population also thrives with balanced life pathways in its presentation as a whole unit population imaging*.
      “Takes some thought to front that store front application to a tourism target groups application.”
      It can be done. Myself outside looking in on a smaller scale the Franklin street passage over on your cities west side is on to the process. Being open for business and offering “something unique” and “time worthy enjoyable” with “base line affordability” is a constant any place.
      The simple things like customer service,quality verse’s value, and throughput timing make or break the popular tourist type locations around the planet. Tourism something you just cannot force feed any proposed target group by specified districts,”the offering makes the statement,by its own unique presentation,while paying that forward.”*

      Trending shows today, locations around the planet are networking together to provide timing and unique packaged destinations values,increased tourism. This is provisional through pathway conditionals throughput timing per group focuses.
      Its not offered as an one spot deal,the package includes transitional timing through a planned pathway offering with each locations unique addition to an overall themed tour.
      In other words each day is a new horizon,and a different offering,of the same overall theme in the presentations tourism package. And,an area such as a ‘whole Tri-State presents its most unique locations as a whole unit package.”*
      Wine trails,Historical tours,cultural pathways,eco tours,even Ethnic Food groups timing,arts and entertainment packages,
      I just read of the success a couples new found business is having while offering and guiding a week long cross country “Underground Railroad tour,with geographical,and cultural throughput blending from the deep south to the industrial north,with the trends in cultural adaptations per each defined locations anthropological thus historical social footprinting.
      WOW!From what I observed they have a very smart 21st century “tourism goldmine”. Actually, paid forward by the past”.
      They are hiring personal timing managers/guides just for the influx popular of globally known,celebrities and “the entourages infrastructures” that come along with those,whom,and they do blend them with the actual tour groups throughout the package timing,and location offerings. (multiple interactive features tourism*)
      They have to have exclusive timing,and a location driven buy in,for successes and growth for the blend,it appears they do.
      Awesome ideation! Cool stuff there, and very Balanced regional overall tourism numbers,as well.

      (“More bang for your(everybodies) buck!”) 🙂

      • I just thought of how Etown can become a Christmas destination. We can leave our sewers alone and bill the city as the home of the “Christmas poo.” Then, we could have a South Park fans convention. They could come and look for Christmas poo in the gutters. The EPA won’t like it, but Jon Stewart will love it. We’d get all kinds of free publicity.

        • EKB: That sewer thing gets plenty of attention already (Fines) Its has to be the number one fix put into the Evansville populations payment forward right now.
          The people in the ESWD have a huge task with that.
          Right now some leadership focus should be in staged progression to accomplish such a project. Can’t tell you a way to improve that presently,however if one casts a ballot in the area serviced by them then theirs an option pathway I suppose.
          Some innovation is out there to solve the problem and balance the CSO problems nation wide,hopefully for those who must support the change in your town maybe a solution can be found for the entire municipal benefit of those whom actually must now pay that forward.

          Fines for “poo in the street” is on thing,leaving a home because of toxic carcinogenic waste or genetic neuro-toxins in the basements and inner home structures environmental systems, or an apartment,workplace location,or office space,healthcare facilities included,even some school buildings,are others.

          As,I said before,the fines are the tip of an iceberg,”with the more overall focus brought forth,the more the undersurface mass is identified”.
          Not,just Evansville’s old combined sewer systems conditional districts,include like infrastructures nationwide.
          Believe me right now your local sewer infrastructure is in focus, so to speak.
          This stuff doesn’t just evaporate,the problem must by definition (Environmental Protection Agency), be solved.

          Basically,its “identified now” whole impact planet wide basin to the gulf,the science is in,its undeniable,and its incremental to climate change action “positively applied solutions forward now brings balance,and pays it forward for the generations to come.”*

          “exitus acta probat”

          “the outcome proves the deeds” or “the end justifies the means” (Ovid)

  4. I can’t wait to see the Parke Poll, maybe the chairman is just having trouble locating it. I don’t think our mayor is polling at 60% approval right now in any even remotely legitimate survey. I am willing to be proved wrong on that.

    Very sad if our local Reince Priebus made it up. Grandiose claims require at least a modicum of backup. Actually they require more than that but just a bit would do right now. Such a strong statement could certainly benefit from some proof, as could Local Reince’s reputation for truthfulness.

    • I am perfectly capable of conducting a scientific poll. The method is changing due to our dependecy on our cell phones. It can no longer be done by calling land lines, because you get a really skewed sample that way. Robo-call polling is absolutely worthless.
      I’ll be glad to do a valid poll for anybody who wants to pay me, though. Get in touch, Wayne. I’ll give you a good deal.

      • You are bang on about cell phones. That has been a hurdle the last couple election cycles.

        • The best way to pull a good sample is now through in-person polling. It is kind of ironic that the cyber-age is making scientific polling a much more labor-intensive and skilled process. There was a time when I could write a script and hand a phone book to some volunteers and would get a “good” poll.
          Many years back, Chris Weaver and I did the first poll in the 8th District after Joel Deckard had his drinking and driving incident. The poll, within 24 hours of the incident being in the news, showed that Frank McCloskey was going to be our next Rep, and was within the the margin of error when the election results were in. You should have seen the Democrats scrambling to get on board with what we had thought was a “throw away” campaign!

  5. I challenge anyone to name ONE THING which LW has accomplished at the half-way point of his Administration ???

    • He also claims that there was “Overwhelming Support” for a downtown hotel with a $37.5M public subsidy. I’m sure he based this on the cronies and tradespeople who showed up at the town meetings. What was clear to the overwhelming majority was that the people at these meetings that supported the $37.5M give-away all had something to gain.

  6. So, now Evansville touts itself as a burgeoning tourist destination. I think that’s fitting. Along with other tourist destinations like the Carribian Islands, Mexico, and Cuba (yes Cuba), the average citizens live in poverty while leaders live like kings.

  7. Summarizing posters on the ACCOMPLISHMENTS of LW, after 2 Full Years on the job:

    1) Picked up Trash;
    2) Provided 96 GL Trash Receptacles;
    3) Tore Down a Stadium;
    4) Made a Chicken Fat video;
    5) Loaned $ 500,000 to Earthcare Energy;
    6) Advocated for gay rights over polygamist rights

    Anyone else, or is this everything ??

    • 7) Failed to take action to curb meth in the community;
      8) Failed (spectacularly) to be transparent–LW’s Administration even worse than the low bar Wine-Sap in that regard;
      9) Apparently gave away naming rights to Centre for $ 0 on-the-barrelhead ?

      • -Lost the ball fields project to the county instead of right down the road from the arena/hotel.

        – Failed to bring back the 2001 Master Plan as promised

        – Failed to start a successful angel investor network

        – Failed to advocate for high speed rail as promised

        – Failed to advocate for placing a neighborhood themed art project for each neighborhood as promised

        – Failed to help solve the McCurdy dilemma

        – Failed to revitalize existing parks

        – Only makes public appearances at the cemeteries on picture day

        – Started a VOICE group that ended up being a Crayola Crown session fest.

        – Failed to maintain > or = amount of local funding for blight demo or revitalization

        – Failed to put anything memorializing Roberts Stadium in a lawn of nothing plan that goes well into the $8 million budget

        – Failed to get the ball rolling on the slack water port

        – Failed at curbing the in crowds power over the city in general.

        • I also need to add…

          – failed to maintain mesker amphitheater

          – failed to stabilize the LST at a proper location with proper surrounding amenities

          – failed to keep global blade tech at the old whirlpool plant

      • Oh, by the way, don’t forget about the IT Assessment cover-up….remember the April report 2013 which Winnecke indicated that there was no report and suddenly 3 1/2 month later a report appears…180 degree opposite of the April report so to keep his bank role rolling….Rick Davis was dead on with his campaign reminders about the homestead credit back room deal…remember, a leopard never changes his spots!!!!!

    • Don’t forget the old Brinks truck converted for EPD inner-city surveillance use, given the street crime deterring nickname of “The Guardian”.

    • That’s the biggest elephant in the room that the royal family at MLK Palace won’t speak of. Hey LW & the rest of you baffoons in there…IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!

  8. Think he was ready to hand over millions to EarthScam if it was for a ladies 30 second google search.
    Lloyd is going to have to go back to bring a housewife. Anything with a pulse will defeat him next election.

  9. The amazing list of Parke prove its is growing…

    – Parke, you said you are a civil engineer. Where is your report proving Roberts Stadium had structural damage and was totaled?

    – Parke, prove the general conclusions page of the task force report that supposedly recommended the idea you stood behind in front of the Parks Board.

    – Parke, prove Winnecke has a 60% + approval rating from a credible poll.

    – Parke, prove the new naming rights deal for the Centre is a good thing for the city.

    – Parke, why in the world haven’t you stepped down after that whole saga with Brenda Bergwitz?

    • You might also add the fight like the dickens to give money to Johnson Controls after the IRC gave him a out.


      • agreed Blanger, $80 Million well spent (NOT). Put that on the list of ‘accomplishments’.

      • Lest we forget,also lost City/County Consolidation by a 2/3 to 1/3 majority

  10. Looks like there’s plenty of ammunition here for those who oppose the incumbents at the next election.

    • Yep…..but I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, if the mayor gets IU to build a med center downtown I’ll actually vote for him in the next election.

      So Mr Parke all you need to get me to vote for Mr Winnecke is to get IU to sign on the dotted line insuring that the med center is built south of the civic center in downtown proper. Should be very simple given everything down there fits the criteria set forth in their RFP. 😉


  11. 60%??? Yeah I think Waynester pulled that number out of the air. However….

    1) The Unions back him to the hilt

    2) At least 50% of the Republican precinct committemen and women will support him and will be knocking on doors for him

    3) He’s supported the LGBT community and they will certainly return the favor

    4) Despite the dustup with the police the black community will support him, cuz Connie will tell them to.

    5)About half the Democratic party supports him and I don’t see any change in that support and justified or not there are a lot more Democrats in the City than republicans

    6) Weaver and Mosby will support him and therefore so will their followers

    7) Winneke will raise gobs and gobs of money from the building of the Hotel. (Right or wrong, faid or unfair that is our LEGAL current political system we’re stuck with it) and any negative affects will not be felt until after the election

    8) Whatever you think of his policies and administrative skills Mayor Winneke is articulate and well spoken it will not be easy to knock him off stride.

    9) When you gentlemen say Winneke will be a one-termer you’re comparing him to a generic candidate a real candidate wil have their own problems and baggage they will have to deal with.


    Winneke’s support probably hovers around 50-55% tops but nowhere near 60% and it will be very difficult to knock him off his perch barring a verifiable scandal and as of this writing I don’t think Earthcare or the Hotel rises to that level.

    • Support from the Democrats (#4, 5 & 6) will be totally dependent on who the Democrats run, and who wins the Democratic primary, Mr Parke is praying for another split in the Democrats like last time, it’s a pretty safe bet that Winnecke can not win against a Democratic challenger who has the full support of their party.

      Having said that, if Weaver or Friend wins the primary it will once again split the dems and Mr Winnecke should be a shoe-in, but if a unknown rises, wins the Democratic primary and has the full support of the party Winnecke will be just another 1 term Republican mayor….history and the numbers are not in his favor unless the above happens.

      Of course this is JMHO

    • View point,to conclusion, Really? Most people outside your town cannot understand why in your area its takes a blasted “verifiable scandal” to get anything perceived to be positive,forward,or even acceptable out of the ordinary,however persistent common political problem you seem to possess there. Progress,”not so much”.

      “Shame,it has to work that way.”

      Most visionary modern people can figure out that approach doesn’t work well in the eyes of those who might want to locate, live in, or support the place as whole unit community.
      Someone, with,and offering a fresh look to the voting public will visibly “flat out dominate” the polls,throughout the core of electorates values driven forward,in all three parties platforms.

      “Positive Actions can mean conceptual viability”* without the stinking scandals. Find a problem fix it together,hard case politics are rapidly going the way of a fat sterile dinosaur,even the eggs are just shells with no substance,evolving communications sciences, and the information that offers,opens the planets political environments to the evolution of change there.
      “Political tar pits” are now trending historically capable of holding both the prey,and predator in an shared joint venture casting,with dead ended,and fossilized career victimization forward,as well.

      Closed network politics,is finally undergoing a mass extinction event while todays new cloud based planet adds the layers of compression needed to convert those wasteful carbons to some kind useful and thus sustainable balance.*

      I’d say who ever gets that concept down first will find themselves holding a public office PDQ.

      “Lose the incumbents,and those drivers who front them is pretty much a National Trend Looming,and building momentum for a rather large sweeping incursion into the old archaic campaign methodologies of the past.

      I wouldn’t gamble,or speculate that your area isn’t going to feel that smacked down incumbency effect either.

      “Reality is merely an illusion,albeit an very persistent one.” adding this, “No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it”….. (Albert Einstein)

  12. Joe how are you figuring that we need a new master plan instead of a reinstated 2001 plan or 2003 parks plan? To lose the canal, the marina, the ballpark, the new civic center, and even the bridge to kleymeyer park would be worse than not even having a plan. The people who filled the rooms of the centre were told theirtime and efforts would be used to build an Evansville of tomorrow. It’s time the city honored that promise.

    • The master plan does not have the Ford Center on it and has a baseball park where the District is. It is impossible to undo that which has been done therefore I say that a new plan is needed. The old plan also is only for downtown and ignores the other 117,000 people who live in the city limits. The plan you refer to was a good plan. Haphazard development negated it.

      • The fc was earmarked for either the back forty or john st. As a result there are two counter options given around each idea. The ballpark could still fit on the original lot if u really wanted to but I fail to understand how any lot is better than the mulzer lot which solves multiple things.

        As for the rest of Evansville. Yes it does address a lot of Franklin, jacobsville, and old 41 areas that border downtown as it should. The whole purpose of the plan is to shift growth back to the core so I fail to see any reason to plan for growth in any of the far reaching parts of the city which would be making a master plan to fight a master plan. The fact that both the ballfields and interstate were constructed away from where they should be without anybody fighting it is reason enough for that area not to receive the same plan the core is.

        The canal marina new civic center and ballpark are all still doable and to scrap those ideas is a non starter and really unjustified.

    • Don’t hold your breath waiting for local pols to honor any promises, and that applies to both parties. The whole “honor” concept is becoming a “chupacabra” in running this city.

  13. Editor and Others: The poll was done by a 3rd Party professional and the makeup of those polled reflects and accurate assessment of the general population of Evansville. Most Evansville citizens fully recognize that Mayor Winnecke started his term in office in a deep hole because previous contractual commitments were made by the prior administration. The Mayor has been working day and night making the best of it. With 20/20 hindsight, there are a couple things that maybe could have been done better but over all he got an excellent grade card. Yes—his favorable approval rating is greater than 60 %.

    I hope in the future, that you and your commenters will devote more time figuring out to help our great City rather than run it down. We all need to be pulling together to find solutions to our problems so WE can build a brighter future for Evansville. I am proud to live in Evansville.

    • Please allow us to publish the poll as we have offered. We recognize both the things that Mayor Winnecke has done well and what was not. We would love and appreciate the opportunity to publish this poll if it really exists. We are beginning to think it either is biased or non-existent.

      • I pretty much thought from the beginning he was full of it, but I’m always in for the entertainment value of seeing this old coot try to cover his ass with more untruths. It’s like watching a worm wriggle on a hook.

        • You would think that ANY politician with a 60% approval rating in this day and age would want it all over every media outlet available. Every paper, website, and social media outlet known to man.

          In 2006 extremely popular Brad Ellesworth topped out at 63% of the Vandy vote and hometown Mourdock only mustered 56%.

          I’d say Wayne is bluffing and the CCO is right to call his rag hand.

      • If I was Wayne, I’d be curled up in a fetal position under my bed, right now. If a right-leaning site can’t muster more approval for a GOP incumbent that your “poll” shows, he’s probably toast.
        I have a really smart, cute, sweet Goldendoodle that may take a run at it. How does Mayor Camilla (Millie) Blackburn sound? I always wanted one of my human kids to hold office, but none of them are interested at this time.

    • Ok I will spend time figuring out how to help Evansville

      1) Fix the GD sewers
      2) Clean up and modernize our parks, all of them, not just in the rich areas.

      3) Come up with a plan for the City for all sides of the town, not just downtown!!

      4) That plan should show how we’re going to take advantage of I-69 and become something more than a glorified Effinham Illinois, i.e. a truck stop/place to go get a sandwich and use the restroom

      5) Stop daydreaming about how Evansville is some sort of glorious tourist attraction/convention destination.
      You may want Walter Mitty as a Mayor but I DON”T

      That’s a short list of a long, long list of things that need to be done WAY before we build a stupid convention hotel!!!

      • Taking advantage of i-69? Absolutely not. It’s a road, and a sinking one at that. It serves very little purpose. It’s longer than existing interstates from Laredo Texas to port Huron Ontario and its wasting money by the BILLIONS to continue.

        Most importantly why on earth should we be undertaking this ” innovation corridor” mess when we have the old Hercules district situated in an urban area attached to a class I railroad line to both a port and airport? Just bc usi is doing it? Bologna.

        The master plan should be the 01 plan with attachments from surrounding inner core neighborhoods. Let the sprawlers fight their own battles. They’ve destroyed enough from the core with their half baked solutions that NEVER get dissected apart like projects in and around the core.

        • OK your plan is better than mine, but yours and my plans don’t count, only the Mayor’s and City Council’s plans count and neither one has ANY plan. So I will take anything that can be taken to the public for review.

    • More diversion from Parke & co. You’ve failed to answer any of my prove its above. And so we’re the ones who should be giving an effort? Did u seriously just say that. How many rigged task force and preselected project sites do u expect someone to go through before it finally becomes obvious to the whole entire city that giving even an ounce of effort is pointless? There’s a reason why no one wants any part of this city’s gimmicks.

      And we should all work together? I asked u to simply purchase a wreath for wreaths across America and you went silent. This coming after you came on here with some big tangent about me speaking in favor of cemetery funding for the second straight time was some kind of ambush. If only you would practice what you preach.

  14. Hey, Wayne, I think you must be on one of the Stephan King’s movies sets, which is it, let’s think, is it Christina or Carie? Whatever it is, let’s have a reality check. Politics is like predicting the weather…sunny today, but can be stormy tomorrow…so, until, like Councilman Friend once said, ” until Ben Bennacke shows up on the Mayor Winneck’s Department Head list, we will have to live within your means” we will have to sat around with baited breath waiting for the 6 o’clock weather report?

  15. No poll data forthcoming. No poll, no data to verify. One persons word does not a poll make. Some old formula pols apparently don’t know we write these things down now and now and they never go away. Almost as good as a video tape. They’re right, it’ll fade but it’ll come back at the damnedest time.

      • Who commissions an expensive popularity poll only a year into a 4 year administration? The answer may well be no one at all. You’d have to think they’d be waving it to passing cars and Dobermans from the Great Lawn, as favorable to the mayor as it is said to be.

  16. With all these lists of Lloyd’s accomplishments, it pretty much proves he’s a Democrat.

    • republican,democrat,evansville politics,,machine. flaky stuff for the last 5o and stuff, vegas vs pintos,vegas no power crumby drivetrains,pintos hit it in the rear,blew up in your face,flamed everything thing close to it, no wonder people prefer imports today.
      Run better more dependable, value added customer services too…not a bad sales pitch…machines..politics. oh well.

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