IS IT TRUE December 23, 2014


IS IT TRUE last month we just crossed 1.8 Million page views for 2014?  … without the computer programming issues we faced during a 2 month span earlier this year we would have exceeded 2 million page views this year?  … that we want to thank our readers for the support they have given us this year?

IS IT TRUE in what is perhaps the most symbolic accident of the two centuries that Evansville, Indiana has been a home to anyone, some poor soul who was in Hammerheads to enjoy the entertainment on Saturday night got shot in the foot?…of course this person was not holding the gun and did not shoot themselves in the foot, but a bullet to the foot in downtown Evansville no matter how painful it may have been is a metaphor for everything the City of Evansville has done in the last 10 years?…that “shooting yourself in the foot” is a metaphor for doing or saying something that causes problems for you?…the words “I think you might be shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t take his offer” apply so appropriately to the Earthcare Energy misfire and the 4 failed attempts to use traditional methods to get a downtown hotel that it is laughable?…with all due respect to the person who was shot by another person in Hammerheads, this is exactly what the governance of the City of Evansville has been doing to the people of Evansville with downtown projects as long as most of us can remember?…once again, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity?…it is time to stop the insanity?

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer is pleased to see an assertive President of the United States who is making decisions and taking actions instead of acquiescing like a bump on a log to every special interest knumbskull who vies for his attention?

IS IT TRUE we are totally impressed that someway and somehow the internet service to North Korea has been shut down?…we do not know if this happened as a result that something the United States government did or if it was just some teenage hackers who made this happen, but we know given the North Korean attack on our Freedom of Speech that the black out of this rouge republic was proportional and appropriate?…whether one wants to watch this movie or not is not material, as one of our basic freeedoms was attacked by a foreign entity and retribution is the correct response?

IS IT TRUE we are watching closely for the upcoming appointments by Mayor Winnecke and the City Council to the boards and commissions that lose many of their members one week from Friday?…we hope that the “Homerule” ordinance will result in a group of city dwellers of substance who are willing to take on these tasks?…we doubt that there is enough time to even do background checks at this stage of the game, much less to vet them properly?…we suggest you see paragraph one about shooting oneself in the foot?

IS IT TRUE many of our readers have been making comments about the success of Owensboro in attracting hotels and revitalizing their riverfront as though Evansville should be following Owensboro’s lead?…there may be some merit to that advice as Owensboro’s riverfront does seem much more user friendly and is filled with people on most weekends?…Owensboro also has 2 new hotels that supposedly were built entirely from investor dollars without any public incentive up front?…up front is the operative word as Owensboro did indeed guarantee a certain number of room sales and will be on the hook for some bucks if the hotels do not perform as agreed upon?…that seems like a much smarter way to incentivize a hotel than just handing out a big check up front that the developer could easily just flip for a profit the day the construction ends?…there is on other little known fact about Owensboro and that is that the last public hanging in the United States took place on August 14, 1936, in Owensboro to dispense justice upon Rainey Bethea who was executed for the rape and murder of 70-year-old Lischa Edwards?…that execution was presided over by the first female sheriff in Kentucky, Florence Shoemaker Thompson?

Finally, attached below is a video that one of our readers sent this morning for your viewing pleasure. This video is about recent downtown ground breaking for the hotel.


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  1. North Korea Internet Outage: has Friend been back out on the Dark Internet recently, still looking for that State Board of Accounts transcript of the Exit Conference ?

    • Are you suggesting Mr. Friend “accidentally” took out North Korea whilst surfing the Dark Web ?

      • The Commodore waltzes across the world stage with the vibrancy of a bow string. He came off the North Korea mission smiling like an old alligator.

        • No, don’t take us wrong with the disputation of the valuation of your comment. We do know what you are in the scramble for there. But, get this clearly, the ones who laid North Koreas lil E.d,combo gout, poster boy into the darkness, doesn’t ever have the need to sport an “slow motion unicorn”. As, is a ongoing consistency in you all’s weak machine politics. —–> Nobody, there had one iota of an affect. Got it?

      • Only Mr. Friend publicly mentioned the “dark internet”. Mr. Friend may be like the blogger “V”. Crazy smart.

  2. “Computer Programming issues we faced . . . ”

    I thought CCO was hacked by a local IT Firm called something like Apex or Zenith ?

  3. I think a “proportional response” to North Korea’s cyber attack of Sony was needed. At the same time, movies depicting the assassination, or attempted assassination of a current political leader of any country, run counter to the actual goal, if the goal is reformation of the country to a more democratic society.

    Imagine your response if the situation was reversed and the President of the United States was the target in the movie.

  4. In the video, what the hell is Winnie talking about when he says Evansville will “CONTINUE TO GROW’? Does he even know where he is?

  5. Off topic, but worth mentioning: The Stock Market passed 18.000 this morning. The new historic high is based on the growth in the GDP, which was 5 pts. for the last quarter, the highest in 11 years. If we didn’t have such an inept, weak, foreigner for a president who’s out to “destroy America” there’s no telling how good the economy would be.

    • Actually if we were not competing with countries that are more inept than we have become the numbers would be different. The sluggishness of the euro and asian economies is testament to the fact that Keynes was wrong and that capitalism drives prosperity, even when a president who does not like it is elected.

    • This means the rich wall street democrats stole a large amount of money from the widows and orphans. This president hasn’t done much for so those who protect us on a daily basis from our growing democrat criminal population. If there has been any economic growth from Obama it’s been in the arms and ammunition industry. Except for weapons almost all other areas have shown a decrease. The average age of automobiles on the road has grown from 9 years to 11 years. Rule one for Americans under Obama is get a gun. I know you’re a social scientist, so here’s a little experiment, when you’re driving around Evansville and see those signs that say, “Proud Union Home” and see what cars are setting in the driveway. Well, so much for that great union brotherhood, maybe the liberal had it right about those little non UAW cars.

  6. Watched the whole video. ONB is congratulated for saving the Hotel project. ONB officials later got to turn dirt with golden shovels. Didn’t hear anything about ONB’s contribution to later be determined by their own naming rights appraisal.

  7. Speaking of the city council I want to thank Ms Mosby and Mr Weaver of the Evansville city council for putting together a rally @4pm Monday for the support of our local heroes in law enforcement…….Law enforcement needs our support now more than ever after the constant attacks by the race baiters and far left commies…………..God bless our Law enforcement and their families…….

    • Hell that’s a load of bullshit and you and everybody else knows it. Don’t stain you local LEOs with the likes of those two pieces of political patronage crap. Its unbecoming. Period.

      Maybe someone should post the real balances……. However, please do ask for a blessing for those little assholes “pawns” in this BS publicity stunt. Real stuff, vs, political bullshit.
      They’d actually really like to have the overtime their said to be due. Sporting the two most creepiest humans on your council isn’t going to get those LEOs their due balances in the bank. Good governance will, so please leave those two real estate cruds off the balance. “Everybody knows that” yeah, but did you know……..?
      To bad most there don’t.

    • Always supportive of law enforcement….Mosby & Weaver are so predictable….wonder how the African-American community will process this so close to the December 1, rally…the unintended consequences could be unfortunate….

      • Hell, Weaver is not concerned about the African-American community…rumor has it he believe their vote is insignificant.

    • Hey, Sharpie, please don’t forget about our Firefighters…they have families as well….remember how many lost their lives on 9/11….Pray for those lost firefighters’ families….

  8. little v typical liberal coward……………………..blah blah blah……….Ms Mosby and Mr Weaver are with out a doubt fine Americans……….

    • Al I agree that our law enforcement deserve and need our support .
      I’m just wondering why missy always sucks up to the police , if she does it
      Cause she truly believes they deserve it or are their other reasons
      I have only heard many rumors that herself and jonathon drink alcohol and
      Drive , if that’s the case then she is truly slapping police in the face by committing a
      serious crime…honestly I hope she on the up n up
      Myself I don’t trust missy and weaver lied to me by omission when he was accessor

    • Damn, why do you bleed from such a distant swing of the blade? You don’t have the set up troll, to find a few of the important numbers.
      Another thing, if you know what some v or that who is, spit that out, then we’ll call the old eighteenth century challenge. “You, coward, and politically bent pig.”
      Lets just duel, on a open field coward, have your second bring the pistols, blades or other polished stuff you might prefer, creep politico COWARD. A matched set, to be inspected by our seconds. Do be informed its always been said by others, v, large or small case, seldom ever misses. Literally, troll, so.
      You stinking political COWARD, here’s the call. You don’t bother to answer, just send in your second, to our second. “Coward.”

      Oh my, some v just called al sharpie a complete POLITICO COWARD of a troll. Yep, so sport the second, if you can find one with some integrity that’ll stand a balance with the likes of you, You little puke COWARD. And also don’t puss around with the caliber or length of blade. There can be only one………

    • Oh and something else al, have a merry Christmas, sincerely, we might also add the little CCO page sported a couple more hits due to the call to arms, “so too speak.” 😛

    • My dear Sharpie….it depends on how you spell fine…always encouraged everyone to be successful in their own right…Mosby took the thirty pieces of silver, went to work for McClintoch, over tripled her listings over night, unheard in the real estate world, especially with her limited success before she called it quits five years ago…one great Mosbycrat…now, Weaver is another story….no wonder why Weaver and Scheafer are the best of buds, guess they both are charter members of the “Focus on the Chicks” local chapter….what characters!!!

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