IS IT TRUE December 21, 2012

The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that the real truth about the 2:00 PM meeting in the Mayor Conference room this afternoon is really about the proposed $54 million Johnson Control project and not about the terms of the upcoming state audit?…that the Mayor’s Attorney, Ted Ziemer has called and shall chair this meeting on behalf of the Mayor?…that John Friend, CPA, President of City Council, Connie Robinson, At-Large City Councilman, Dr. Dan Adams, City Attorney, Scott Danks and David Garrett, CPA will represent the Evansville City Council interest at this meeting?…that City Attorney Ted Ziemer and Chief of Staff, Steve Schaefer and select others will represent the Mayors position on this pork barrel project? … the first question asked in this meeting by the President of the Evansville City Council should be “Mr. Mayor, why on earth did you not tell us that you filed an appeal to the IURC ruling that rejected the Johnson Controls contract”?…the look on the Mayor’s face and the demeanor that follows that question will set the tone for the next three years of this administration?

IS IT TRUE it has been alleged that the Mayor wants city council to support this $54 million dollar pork barrel project so he can push it through quietly without fanfare?…also, it has also been alleged if this project is approved, the Mayor can take care of many of his major political contributors of Mayoral campaign?…this should be one of those “coming to Jesus” meetings where SNEGAL ways of this administration with regard to this project are exposed and the real intentions can be extracted?…if someone representing the council is really on their toes there could and should be a line of questions directed at why bad decisions handed down by the Weinzapfel Administration are not be allowed to vanish when a perfect opportunity to do so it handed to the Winnecke Administration on a silver platter?

IS IT TRUE that the infamous ball field project is back in the news and that the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau is busy planning another 8 field project?…the location of this will supposedly be anywhere but Roberts Stadium?…as has been written many times here there is nothing wrong with a ball field complex as long as it does not become an overpriced project like the last one that was estimated to cost over $2 Million per ball field?…this new proposal is looking more like $1.6 Million per ball field which is still a ridiculous amount of money for a ball field complex?…an 8 field complex that caters to out of town little league teams coming to Evansville for a tournament should not exceed $4 Million plus the cost of land if the land has to be purchased?…all we really ask of local government and its surrogates like the CVB is sanity when it comes to spending the innkeeper’s tax?

IS IT TRUE that we have it on good authority that the reconciliation of the financial accounts of the City of Evansville are not yet completed?…we also have learned that some progress has been made toward that but that the real drop dead timeframe for complete reconciliation is not even established?…if a timeline is not set in stone that is consistent with having a State Board of Accounts audit on time for 2012 the City of Evansville will once again be embarrassed for ineptness and exposed for financial buffoonery?…most of the readership of the CCO indicates they do not think our local government are thieves?…on the other hand it is widely believed that the ineptness is systematic, rewarded, and has some nefarious purpose that the pawns in the thick of it for the most part are oblivious to?

IS IT TRUE that the Vision 1505 project that spent $7.6 Million to refurbish the old abandoned Safe House into 32 apartments has been completed and is deemed to be a success?…we are sure that for nearly $240,000 per apartment this should be a success?…for the same amount of money one could have bought a 380 unit apartment complex, 100 average cost middle class houses, or even 32 luxury holes with a pool in the Evansville market?…that people who praise government projects for “doing good” at a price that is 10 times what it needs to be are as much a part of the financial demise of the United States as the Congress of the United States?…if this project is any indication of what government spends for things relative to the real free market prices our national budget could be balanced by just putting a couple of thousand middle class moms in charge of the nations checkbook?…that being stupid in the name of doing good is the enemy of really doing all the good one can do?


  1. Thanks CCO for a in your face right on IS IT TRUE in today’s edition.

    This post makes me ashamed that I voted for the Mayor.

    Why isn’t the Courier and Press covering the Johnson Control contract issue?

  2. Say NO to the Johnson Controls deal. It is mind boggling to think they are trying resurrect this. Surely Friend, Adams, Robinson, McGinn, Lindsey and legal counsel Danks will put an end to this once and for all.

  3. It is not time to upgrade our meters. We have too many other forced projects on the books now. Evansville is already facing a certain exodus…and since the Consolidation did not pass, this puts every future project into the purview of exodus jeorpardy. I mean, who really wants to buy a house within the city limits and actually take care of it?!? Who will be able to afford the things that will come to pass?!? Nobody in their right mind would do so and the City of Evansville will become a slum town.


    • Evansville is a slum town dude. With the exceptions of most of the 1st and 5th wards Evansville is already deserving of being called little Detroit, or Gary. Take a drive through the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th wards after looking at some pics of Detroit if you don’t believe it. A shiny new water meter on a dilapidated house will not solve any problems at all. It is as idiotic as placing cameras in Detroit neighborhoods expecting the cameras to refurbish the squalor.

  4. The evidence that “Integrity” remains a “Dirty Word” to Evansville’s Leadership, is as plain as the Nose on Rudolph.

  5. Lets see what happens at the Mayor Winnenke and Ted Zimmer Johnson Control new water meter “Summit” meeting in the Mayors conference today at 2:00 PM.

    Why didn’t the Mayor attend his own “Summit”? Oh, I got it, he to busy recording his next “Go Chicken Fat” video.

    What a failure our Mayor has turned out to be.

  6. His honor the mayor did not show because it is a done deal. Just like the overpriced apts were and the ball fields will be. Every one of the people at that meeting and many people not will get some compensation for their cooperation.

    Also anyone who thinks books who have not been balanced in two years are not being misused is being very naïve. Someone or even more the one person is taking advantage of this, count on it. I have never been responsible for an account that I was not expected to reconcile regularly. Not a one of us would put up with that in our business or homes.

  7. Were Jonathan Weinzapfel and Mark S. Moore of Baker & Daniels also present at the 2:00pm meeting?


    • Is this the payment, or partial payment, to Weinzapfel for his “help” in securing a victory for Mr. Winnecke last November?


  8. And they wonder why us County residents didn’t support the blank political canvas painted by the consolidation proposal? Can you imagine the kind of mess the Weinnecke team would be excreting if they had gotten the increased bonding capacity and that big gulp of windfall power that would have been afforded them had CONsolidation passed.

  9. Does the editor have any inside knowledge on when and if Friend is going to put together an exploratory committee for a possible bid for Mayor? John will need plenty of time to raise money if he has any interest in putting together a successful campaign, or he could just wait until bumbling Lloyd and the Our Gang bring the city to its financial knees and John should be able to defeat Winnecke with about $10.00 in his campaign coffer.

  10. “…all we really ask of local government and its surrogates like the CVB is sanity when it comes to spending the innkeeper’s tax?”

    Is this really “all” we’re asking? How about repealing the innkeeper’s tax, repealing any and ALL unfair taxes on segments of society, stopping the abatements for others, and reigning in wasteful spending? Is that really too much to ask? Where have all the true fiscal conservatives gone?


    • Compared to these last two, a barely sentient being could do better. Our standards apparently aren’t that high. Thanks for the vote of confidence nonetheless. To answer your question, I live in City limits. Ward 1.

      If no other Republican steps up, we’ll see. Someone sure needs to. Hopefully we get at least a Libertarian injecting some real issues and asking some real questions.

  11. The contraction in the Economy, has had Every American re-evaluating, –their “Needs”,and “Wants”.
    With the Public Treasury as the Bank of choice, The “Spoiled Brats” running Evansville seemingly have no intention of letting the City’s “Needs”, obstruct getting their “Wants”.

  12. I looked at some of the other locations contracting with Johnson Controls for water meters. Looks like $6-700.00 per meter is what they are charging. By that figure, Evansville would get 89,000 meters for the 53 million.

  13. Thank God Winnenke shall a one term Mayor.

    If only he knew what people are really saying about him behind his back he would just resign and go back to be the art director for Fifth/ Third Bank.

    • Winnecke knows but doesn’t care. He has sold his soul and is content to rake in the lucre, regardless how filthy and contaminated it is, while he can. He evens gets to be a part of the Weinzapfel Gang, as a bonus. He will be thrown to the wolves when his usefulness wanes.

      Anyone know enough to make his term less than 4 years? That would be a first for Evansville and might put the Fear into other politicians like him.

      Santa, could that be a late Christmas gift for all of the long-suffering citizens of Evansville? The goody in the toe of our stocking?

  14. When the mayor fell for earthscam and failed to eliminate the Human Relation Commission he set the direction of his administration. This guy has absolutely no conservative values or commonsense.

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