IS IT TRUE? December 21, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? December 21, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the closing lines from yesterday’s IIT Meatloaf song are a perfect ending for the final bow of the puppet council and the state the Evansville finds itself in?…that those words are “it was long ago and it was far away but it was so much better than it is today”?…that could apply to Evansville’s parks, or budget, our roads, our economy, our crime rate, our suicide rate, and of course our drug related problems?…that there is much to do in the wake of 8 years without transparency or accountability?…that Mayor Weinzapfel may have been much better if he would have had wisdom and honesty for Council to prevent the hubris of the illusion of a landslide from blinding him to the truth of who his master should have been?…that master should have been the people of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE that in this Christmas season there are 81 homes listed in the record of houses that are to be offered up at the January Sheriff’s Auction?…that these transfers of property are highly probable to make up on the order of half or more of all residential real estate that will change hands in Vanderburgh County last month?…that we have been advised before that these transactions are not included in the “official” records of homes sold?…that the CCO finds it disturbing and ironic that in a number of the notices that the banks that have initiated the legal proceedings that lead to a Sheriff’s Auction are the very same banks that were bailed out by the United States government?

IS IT TRUE that former President of the United States Bill Clinton in his new book speaks out on a couple of subjects with plans and opinions to get America back to work that would be well accepted in conservative Republican surroundings?…that President Clinton acknowledges that America cannot prosper without doing a much better job of eliminating long term debt and balancing the federal budget?…that President Clinton also favors allowing free markets in the health insurance business instead of closed markets within state borders?…that if he favors this approach for insurance that maybe he would also support open grid free market competition in the utility industry?…that if he could do such things by working with a Republican congress as he did in cooperation with then Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich during his presidency that the country would begin to heal much faster and may actually be sustainable?…that the CCO endorses a three month vacation for President Obama so that President Clinton can take over in his absence and repair these three things?

IS IT TRUE that one of the interested parties in doing something with the McCurdy has been identified by the Evansville Redevelopment Commission as the “MYSTERY DEVELOPER”?…that this may or may not be an improvement on the previous “MISERY DEVELOPER” that spent 4 years needing only one signature to get started?…that the “MAGICAL MYSTERY DEVELOPER” is not one of the people who has contacted Mr. Joe Wallace who published an article that makes a financial case for the McCurdy as a hotel but dismissed the apartment concept based on valuation and market rate rents?…that it will be quite interesting to see the rent and occupancy assumptions of the “MAGICAL MYSTERY DEVELOPER” to analyze just what numbers have to be stuck into a pro-forma to make a case to turn the McCurdy into apartments?…that the downtown Convention Hotel while challenging with reasonable assumptions works very well at $250 per night and 80% occupancy?…that pipe dreams seem to have a long life here in river city?


  1. CCO: forget Meatloaf. Go with James Taylor ” Long Ago and Far Way” (with backing vocals by Joni Mitchell).

  2. Apparently your magical McCurdy Place developer doesn’t want to be named yet either, so I don’t see why you are making such a big deal about the ERC’s magical developer. I’m skeptical of anything that the ERC is involved with, but I’m OK with their magical developer not being named until something solid is brought forth. At this point it’s all smoke and mirrors.

  3. The new city adminstration should pursue a grant to convert the McCurdy into a mental rehab facility as there appears from CCO and C&P blogs to be a sufficient patient population to support such a venture immediately!

  4. Are you serious?

    You definitely remember a different Evansville than I do. I remember a time in Evansville during the Lloyd, Jr.administation when the weeds at the Parks weren’t mowed til Memorial Day. I also remember the games that were played at Locust Hill Cemetary; they kept the one side that you could see going down Kratzville nice while on the other side of the hill the weeds were left to grow. I also remember the Summer of 2003, Lloyd was Mayor, when they had a big storm and numerous homes on the Southeast Side were flooded and there was sewage floating around in the streets.

    I remember a city that in 2004 when Weinzapfel was inaugurated was looking at 40 years of neglect; our infrastructure was in far worse shape than it is today. The four years of Lloyd, Jr. saw little or no repaving.

    As far as our budget how many cities in Indiana can say that they have not laid off firemen or policemen. I believe the figure is $12 million less that Evansville is getting from property taxes and basic services are still being provided.

    To say that things were better in Evansville 8 years ago is absurd. It never ceases to amaze me what half truths and propaganda the CCO comes up with.

    • Thank you for that useless propaganda. You can take your head out of Mayor Whiny-Zapple’s butt now…

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