IS IT TRUE December 20, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE December 20, 2012

IS IT TRUE according to some superstitious minds the Mayan calendar ends tomorrow and that this means doomsday scenario #4,052 will be playing out on December 21, 2012?…of course being a practical publication the CCO thinks this latest “end of the world” prediction will pass into the annuls of nonsense as all of the others have?…what probably happened is that the last skilled chiseller for the Mayan king passed away at that point of his chiseling and he was not replaced?…that maybe the Mayans were experiencing a bad economy and the royal chiseller’s job was subject to layoff by attrition?…it is even possible that the Mayans raised the taxes on skilled people like chisellers and they all just headed to the beach rather than give their earnings to the king thus the last date chiseled was Dec. 21, 2012?…if there is no IS IT TRUE tomorrow morning that the modern day psychotic interpretation of the Mayan calendar must have been true?

IS IT TRUE that it has been pointed out to the CCO that Garrard and Associates, the business hired by the Winnecke Administration for $185.00 per hour to spend the next 6 months herding the EPA on behalf of the City of Evansville’s sewer problem is the very same James Garrard who was in charge of this under Mayor Weinzapfel?…it seems as though Mayor Winnecke just hired the guy who it would seem should have done this during the last two years to take up his pen and do it now?…the City Council may want to ask Mr. Garrard for an overview of what was done to herd the EPA during the last 2 years and how he plans to make it to the finish line in the next 6 months?…we also wonder if this contract was let out for bids so that engineering firms that have handled such problems in other cities could bid on this contract OR if the typical action of just continuing to do as ex Mayor Weinzapfel did still dominates the decision process of the Winnecke Administration?

IS IT TRUE the American people were treated to the news that General Motors (GM: NYSE) will be buying back a large block of the shares that the federal government bought from GM to bail them out at half of the price they sold them to the government for in the first place?…this transaction will guarantee a $12 Billion loss for the US government for its intrusive foray into investing in a public company and changing the rules of commerce?…the remainder of the governments stock will be sold at “market price” over the next year at prices that will guarantee even more losses?…of all the bail outs that were done back in the days when the term “too big to fail” was coined, only three have resulted in giant losses for the American people?…those three are General Motors, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, the last two being the purveyors of government intrusion into the housing markets that are hopelessly under water?…these three bailout bombs (or bongs if you prefer) all got government money, government management, and the laws were changed to their benefit yet all still failed?

IS IT TRUE even the bailout companies that were found guilty of corruption and manipulation managed to pay the government back but these three prima donnas did not?…this should surprise no one and the statement from GM management that the “stigma” of being called Government Motors had hurt their business shouldn’t either?…if any one of us could sell the government stock for $52, then hold the cash for a few years before buying that stock back for $27.50 with the same money it would be pretty difficult not to make money doing so?

IS IT TRUE that it was reported yesterday that the renouncing of citizenship by French citizens has increased by roughly 500% since President Francois Hollande shoved through a “soak the rich” tax rate of up to 75% on marginal earnings?…the people leaving France are the high earners and entrepreneurs that pay the lion’s share of the taxes to keep the socialist machine running?…one prominent actor even made the statement that “he was tired of living where he is hated for financial success and taxed beyond the point of sanity”?…if this sounds familiar to modern America it would behoove us all to see what happens in a society that allows out migration when the government takes over virtually everything?…we hope our readers enjoy Les Miserables this Christmas but not to let guillotines and nationalization of assets fan the fires of hate for wealthy Americans who do indeed pay for way more than their share of government services already?


  1. Tomorrow is the day. Since the world is going to end, Rumplebeancounter and his staff will finally be caught up with their bank reconcilements. Also, the Internal Auditor and “Munis expert” in the Controller’s Office will quit her job to become America’s next top model

  2. That and John Friend, CPA will wake up will a full head of hair and will actually start making sense when he talks

  3. You need to back off the Controller’s Office! They do a fine job. It’s the State Board Auditors who are the problem. They fling their sertifications around the Civic Center like they run the place. If they were so great then they’d be the ones having newly created positions making 81K/year.

    • If bean counter and Jenny’s brains were gun powder neither would have enough to even blow their nose ,or either they had their hands in cookie jar and have gotten caught. You tell me Ms. Collins which it is

      • It’s not anyone that works in the Controller’s Office. It’s the State Board! They think that they know it all because some of them have CPA’s. One of them is 50 going on 30, and you can’t keep the other auditor away from booze or a buffet. (He’s doubled his weight over the past decade!) They sertainly don’t know more than the Controller’s Office, Umbaugh, or Harding!

        • How is not doing your job for two years the Auditor’s fault? I don’t get that logic. Sounds to me that Jenny and Beancounter are upset because they were called out for not doing their jobs.

    • Yep, both the blue pill and the red pill will poison you now. On top of that the hole in the hedge is a black hole that money is sucked into never to be seen again.

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