IS IT TRUE? December 20, 2011 “Paradise by the Dashboard Light Revisited”


Mission Accomplished Moment Coming to Evansville in the next 11 Days

IS IT TRUE? December 20, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the “last dance of the puppet council” went off last night just as expected with Councilman Dan McGinn recording the only NO vote on a resolution that was characterized as being non-binding and having no legal standing whatsoever for the purpose of expressing support for a memorandum of understanding that explicitly states that it is, you guessed it, non-binding and with no legal standing?…that if and we do mean if the words of the Evansville City Council, the attorney for the Kunkel Group, and even the written words of the MOU are true one must really wonder what was the point to the last four days of urgency?…that if this little exercise had no meaning beyond expressing a willingness to work together in the future to get a hotel built that this was truly an exercise in futility for the sake of futility?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO and others suspect that other actions will be furthered by the Weinzapfel Administration in its last 11 days that will result in a “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” moment for Mayor Weinzapfel?…that we furthermore expect that the whole urgent circle jerk was not as futile as the participants are portraying it to be?…that if and we do mean if the City Council and all of the supporting cast of characters in this so called meaningless charade are truthful that they have been indulged, the media has provided the desired adoration, and without further adieu the Winnecke Administration can get on with the business of hammering out a deal that can really ACCOMPLISH THIS MISSION that the Weinzapfel Administration has failed miserably with?

IS IT TRUE that in the “POLITICAL MACHINE LOVE FEST” that followed the final vote of the puppet council, Councilwoman Connie Robinson actually called Councilman Curt John “THE GODFATHER”?…that she actually said it two times while expressing brotherly love and giving him a hug to go with his service plaque?…that we wonder if Councilwoman Robinson has ever seen “THE GODFATHER” and if she knows that “THE GODFATHER” is a behind the scenes manipulator who directs criminal activities including, assault, extortion, theft, gun running, drug running, racketeering, election rigging, politician buying, gambling, prostitution, and even murder all for the purpose of acquiring a lavish lifestyle and maintaining control of his neighborhood?…that the CCO hopes that Councilwoman Robinson was not using the term “GODFATHER” in the same context that nearly any American or Italian understands it to mean about outgoing Councilman Curt John?

IS IT TRUE that in closing that the CCO wishes to include a song that is very reminiscent of the events of the last 4 days that culminated in last night’s vote by Evansville’s chosen ones (sans Councilman McGinn) enthusiastically chanting “AYE” for a supposed non-binding and unnecessary resolution that has no legal standing at all?…that Meatloaf could have written the words to “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” just for the Evansville City Council’s showboating self love fest last night?…that for those of you who have forgotten the song is about two teenagers rationalizing saying the words that just had to be said for them to justify their actions?

Ain’t no doubt about it we were doubly blessed! Enjoy the Meatloaf!


  1. Mr. McGinn stood up and did the right thing. I’m surprised that Dr. Adams voted with the Connie Robinson majority on this window dressing to help repair the legacy of the soon to be departing Weinzapfle administration.

  2. Evansville’s fate as a Banana Republic is sealed for the near future. Local government by the fat, dumb, and happy for the fat, dumb, and happy.

    • Mr Collector tell your employer to work on their culinary skills. Their food isnt fit for VCCC inmates!

  3. seems like harmless theatre. At least they didn’t discuss zoning or racing pigeons ! Also, sorry to hear Curt has plaque. Several good toothpastes on the market. “The Godfather” ? Hope McGinn can swim !

  4. Another performance by the “Dispicable”,–as directed by their “Dear Leader”. That This city Concil has no shame or moral fiber in their whole being is astounding.
    “Abandon ship” is the goal of those who can, while those who have already left watch the ruination of a once proud city continue–“on Course”.
    Utterly Depressing!

  5. Last night Connie Robinson finally said something that made sense when she calle Curt John the “Godfather”. I’m glad he’s gone and now he can spend more time selling his friends dry gas wells. Let the buyers beware…he now has more time for “business ventures”.

  6. Looks like John Friend undid all of the good work he did convincing voters during the election that he is now an independent thinker with his vote last night. From here on out he is back in the social circle of the puppets. The 2012 Puppet Master, Connie Robinson, now has control over Friend and Missy Mosby. We’ll have to wait and see if Jonathan Weaver and Connor O’Daniel will join in to make this a gang of five.

    • Connor O’Daniel was Born a member of the Democratic Party Machine!

  7. A friend of mine who works at the civic center told me something that is hard for me to believe. She claims that Connie Robinson’s husband and two step-sons were all employed by the city at the same time. Can anyone confirm this?

    • Probably like Rick Davis and his sister, brother, mother, most of his aunts and cousins too

  8. What difference does it make? We commoners have been shut out, last year a certain group was drinking expensive booze “wondering what the poor people were doing”-this year they hid the booze until the cameras were off.
    Doc, what were you thinking, buddy? You’re considered (by me and many others) every bit as honorable a man as Mr. McGinn-I got to guess that you thought carefully about it, and did your best, as you always do.
    It’s a rock and a hard place-we’ve seen better times, that’s for sure.

  9. Thanks Curt for your many years of service. You will be missed. You always faced the issues, never backed down. Took some heat but mostly from cowards afraid to sign their names. Thanks again.
    Jack Waldroup

    • Would you sign your name to criticize a person who was just called “The Godfather”? Come on Jack, it is easy to sign your name when patronizing “The Godfather” but laying your name on the line to a dig may be hazardous to your health. It may get you whacked.


        • Cause I am afraid of getting whacked by The Godfather. You take on someone with machine power and sign your name. Like I said, it is easy to give the love to powerful people and sign your name. It is not so easy to criticize. I might lose my job if the machine figures out who I am. I wouldn’t be the first one either.

    • Yes thank you Curt for making sure our party got the contract to the new jail so that we can bring home lots of benjamins to united consulting. We sure hope you got yours with the Main Gate next to the arena. Your bunch of cronies disgust me.

        • Nobody said anybody went down on Debbie… I think David Mosby prefers cheap bartenders instead.

        • lol. He didn’t make the decision on the jail, he is allied with the party ala I scratch your back you scratch mine. You get yours on the jail and I’ll get mine at the Main Gate, make sense now donkey?

          Why do you think Waldroup sticks up for someone who drinks and drives, cheats on his wife, was accused of rape, sues Lindsey over a patch, and runs off all of his supporters and friends?

          • Fire…you are getting pretty personal with your blogs. What job did Davis promise to you if he won???? Have you been employed since losing your job at the Demo Central Committee???

          • Gallagher complaining about my posts being personal? There’s a pot meet kettle moment if I ever saw 1. I did not work with the Davis camp so I truly doubt that he had a spot promised to me. And all jobs that I have done for the DemCentralComm have ended on my own free will. I have never “lost my job” from them.

      • Again my misinformed friend, it’s my job to make united a profit. Sorry your to dumb to figure that out. I would like to thank Curt for anything he did to help but he had nothing to do with picking the firm to do the jail. The jail that came in on time and under budget. Hope to see you at the Maingate.
        Jack Waldroup

        • Everything you do Jackie is SNEGAL. If your buddies and cronies weren’t in office you wouldn’t be interested.

  10. Curt John and his followers will still be around..just because he is not on the seat doesn’t mean he won’t still pull the strings..thats why he did not run..why work when you already know what your going to get anyway..and his lacking B.J. Watts. They are just wanting Maingate to make money..what a joke

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