IS IT TRUE? December 2, 2011


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IS IT TRUE? December 2, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the readers of the City County Observer have voted by a 25 to 1 margin to express the opinion that the Evansville Redevelopment Commission and the Weinzapfel Administration should formally end the agreement with City Centre Properties LLC for the refurbishment of the McCurdy Hotel?…that this does not mean that our readers want the clock to run out with no action?…that it certainly does not mean that our readers have any tolerance for another 30 day extension to kick this particular decision to the Winnecke Administration to unwind?…that this clearly means that what the readers of the CCO are looking for is for the Evansville Redevelopment Commission and the Weinzapfel Administration to take their medicine and start the process to unwind this stinking deal and to eat the costs associated with a project that was devoid of VETTING, SANITY, and FINANCIAL OVERSIGHT?…that this is the opportunity to BE THE ERC THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN and do what is right for the people of Evansville instead of a politically connected crony?… that the political donation train will certainly come to a stop but putting an end to this fiasco is the right thing to do?

IS IT TRUE that the 8th District Democrat Committee has decided to forgo the risk associated with a primary and to decide their nominee for the House of Representatives by caucus?…that the CCO christens this action and others like it as “THE RICK DAVIS EFFECT”?…that the Rick Davis effect is defined as what Democratic Party leaders do when faced with the proposition that someone who the Central Committee does not support will most likely win a primary that the Central Committee simply decides not to have a primary?…that is circumvents the will of the people?…that if the “RICK DAVIS EFFECT” was understood last year that there would have been no primary in Vanderburgh County?…that if the “RICK DAVIS EFFECT” had been understood that the OLD BOYS NETWORK of Vanderburgh County would have gotten together in a smoke filled room and anointed Troy Tornatta as the official Democrat candidate for Mayor of Evansville in 2011?…that it is a sin and a shame when the Democrat Central Committee thinks that registered Democrats are too stupid to make a competent choice for the party’s nomination for any office?…that caucuses are assembled for the very reason of keeping the so thought “brain dead” huddled masses from choosing a candidate?…that among other things that are dysfunctional the Democrat Party of SW Indiana clearly believes that their membership is incapable of making a decision that the PARTY BOSSES approve of?

IS IT TRUE that one of the positive attributes of a primary is to let the people VET the candidates?…that if there is one lesson that SW Indiana and especially the City of Evansville should have learned by now is that the people appointed by Democrats in power don’t know as much about VETTING as the Russians knew about democracy prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall?…that if one of the three candidates has a real problem that will throw the election like a BIMBO ERUPTION or DRUNKEN DRIVING, or even A SHOPLIFTING ARREST that the knucklehead Party Bosses have just hidden it until next summer?…that the Republican candidate will find any Herman Cain moments that this band of three may have?…that if the Democratic Central Committee wanted to anoint the Republican nominee for the 8th District Congressional seat that discarding the possibility of a primary is the perfect way to guarantee a Republican Victory?…that the Democrat organization in SW Indiana is disintegrating right before our eyes?…that yes they control the Evansville City Council but so what?…that ruling over the Evansville City Council has become a position akin to being “LORD OF THE FLIES”?… that this just amplifies the status of laughing stock of the State of Indiana that seems to be enjoyed by the Democrats of SW Indiana?


  1. Thank you for making my day. May the implosion of the Democratic Party in Vanderburgh proceed at all due haste! It is obvious that they are in a hurry to destroy themselves.

    • I would not describe holding eight out of nine city council seats as “destroying themselves”.

      Waiting for the democrats to “self-destruct” is no substitute for the sort of proactive program that the republicans should be deploying.


      • Normally I would agree Press….but in this case we have Doc Adams, Al Lindsey, and Brinkerhoff-Riley which all will become wild cards, of course if the lone Republican playes his cards right with the other three we can keep the sock-puppets in check, they still have a majority but then there is John Friend’s new found direction which is yet again another wild card, of course this is just my opinion.

        First council meeting of 2012 should be a hoot! 😉


  2. Over four (4) years, the City and its appointed ERC have succeeded in only overpaying Mr. Dunn for a parking lot next to the decaying historic McCurdy hotel. A middle school junior achievement club would have done a better job with the McCurdy than the City/ERC. Gross incompetence and the ERC members should resign so that Mayor Winnecke can jump start the McCurdy project, which is a huge embarrassment to our fine City.

  3. LOL…as a good friend of mine is fond of saying you only get to choose who your going to vote for, not choose your candidate. Someone else will decide for you who will run and your left with trying to choose or figure out who is the lesser evil……and we wonder why voter apathy exists?

    I like how the C&P/Democrats spun the article saying it was about saving money. 😉


    • Oh….and in the article on the C&P the democrats candidates all agreed to support whoever was the winner! Talk about building party unity!


      • Right there with you on all points. I really like and respect Chairman Long. I was an intern during Crooks’ final session in the Indiana House and thought he was a great representative! I really wanted my opportunity to vote for him! Though it is true that forgoing the primary will save a lot of money for the candidate, I am not a fan of this decision. AT ALL!

        • Does the party leadership really expect the rank and file to keep supporting them with their donations if they are not allowed any input into the candidate selection process?


          • Typical democrat point of view….they know what is best for their followers. 😉


  4. Take McCurdy Hotel, second word, get rid of the ‘t’ and rearrange, and you are left with McCurdy Hole. Why disparage Mr. McCurdy, who in his day had a showpiece hotel ? Get rid of the first word, and all you are left with is Hole (as in money).

  5. It’s not the Rick Davis effect. Remember when Evan Bayh announced he was retiring the day before the deadline for filing for the primary so the nominee was chosen by the state committee? It’s an (anti) Democratic Hoosier tradition.

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